I'll be doing a short fanfiction/timeline piece about how Panem was originally formed.

May 2, 2011; Islamabad, Pakistan:

A group of US Navy Seals breaks into the compound in wich Osama bin Laden is hidding in. They catch and kill him. Al-Qaeda swear revenge.

May 5, 2011; Kabul, Afghanistan:

Remaining Al-Qaeda leaders meet up with Illuminati leaders and begin a plot of terrorism against the US and Europe involving nuclear weapons.

June 23, 2011; Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho, USA

Illuminati members kidnap three scientists who specializes in nuclear physics, and force them to reveal blueprints for nuclear weapons.

September 11, 2011; Ground Zero, New York City, New York, USA

On the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, terrorists shoot down 26 people at ground zero, including a british ambassador. Britan sends in 30,000 troops into the middle-east in the war against terrorism. The US sends in another 60,000 troops. Allies from around the world also send in troops. They crack down on terrorists and kill many of them. Al-Qaeda is nearly defeated, but the plot of bombing the US still remains.

April 2, 2012; London, England

After nearly a year of preparation, Al-Qaeda decides to drop the nuclear bomb on London. It kills 92% of London's population, and sends radiation into the air. They three more, smaller bombs on Paris, Berlin, and Rome.

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