I'll be doing sort of an "IQ quiz" to see how much you know about the HG series! There will be different categories of questions such as "from the book", "In your opinion", "numbers", and "fill in the blank" (I'll explain more about the categories later.)


You only get one chance at the quiz, so do it carefully. You have to be logged on to take the quiz.

Please do not cheat, but if you look at the books to cheat, you're not doing yourself any favor, you're just cheating yourself, and your IQ result won't be accurate.

The IQ result will be on a scale of 1 to 12 with possible decimals.

When you're finished the quiz, right down the answers on the comments with the question number and the answer (which will be out of 3-5) like so:


1: b

2: c

3: c

4: e

5: a

For the "Fill In The Blank" questions, just right down the question number and your answer.

More than one answer may be acceptable.

From The Book

In Your Opinion (IYO)


Fill in the blank

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