Okay, so you all know that the Hunger Games Movie is coming out soon. Usually in movies, they get the composer to write some songs, and then they get the permission from different artists to use their songs (You probably already know that.) I was thinking about what songs would go well with it, and I think that some of the songs in the album "X&Y" by Coldplay would go well with it. What songs do you think would go well with the HGM? Post your ideas bellow and see what others think!

Bold: songs that would go good with the HGM.

"Square One"

"What If"

"White Shadows"

"Fix You"



"Speed of Sound"

"A Message"


"The Hardest Part"

"Swallowed in the Sea" (I think this would be a great song to play after Finnick's death in Mockingjay.)

"Twisted Logic"

"'Til Kingdom Come"

I also think that "Heart Of Courage" and "Love & Loss" by Two Steps From Hell would go amazing with some of the action scenes.

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