Like my last blog, MovieReviews98 gave me this idea. I really enjoy reading FanFiction Hunger Games, and even though in my "Top 10 Games from 2009-2012" blog you can vote for different Games and rank them, there's too many for me to do reviews for individual Games. Here, I'm going to write reviews for my favourites, and if you want yours reviewed, comment bellow with a link to the Games! I probably won't be able to do every one, but I'll try to get to each one eventually! Also, please only one Games per User!

(Tiki tooki (talk) 22:11, August 30, 2012 (UTC))

Some Of My Games

Here are some of my own Games that you might be interested in.

16th Hunger Games

These were the first Games I ever wrote. They are written in 3rd person omniscient in present tense (an odd style) but I liked how these turned out. The ending is divided into 3 parts, and the finale is unexpected and heartbreaking. These were also the first ever Games to incorporate tables to show statistics, a trend which almost all Games nowadays use. I loved writting these Games, and I hope you love them too!

The 275th Hunger Games

These Games introduced a new twist, in which the two tributes from each District had to be related. It opened up a whole new world for me to explor, in which siblings and cousins were forced to fight, and sometimes even kill eachother. It has heartwrenching moments and an unexpected end, in which the backstabber gets backstabbed (literally).

The Redemption Games

By far my favourite Games I have ever written, these do not follow the format of any Games in history. These Games started the popular idea of having tributes escape from the arena. In these Games, the tribute's loved ones are at stake. The only way to save them is to bust out of the arena, alone, without any outside help as Katniss did in Catching Fire. If they fail, everyone will die. If they succeed, they will live out the rest of their lives free of the Capitol. In one of the most spectacular Games of all time, the tribtues must do the impossible: they must join together as one, and look death, fear, and suffering in the eye with extreme courage. These Games are fluid, quick paced, excellently written, and intriguing. I hope you enjoy them.

The Pinnacle Games

The format in these Games are completely different from the standard Games. I got so bored with doing the same sort of format that I wanted to try something new. In these Games, the tributes are placed on Mt. Everest, and sorted into teams. The teams are guided by Sherpas, and the first team to make it to the summit wins. These games gets a look at the hardships mountain climbers face, and the desperation faced by the tributes, when only the first to the top survives. These Games were such a success, I am thinking about doing a Pinnacle Games 2, but that is not for sure yet.

The Nemesis Games

One of my best-written Games so far, these Games go deep in to the character's inner emotions and feelings. We see in depth every choice that they make, and the consequences and rewards of their actions. In these Games, I tried to focus not so much on the fight on the outside as opposed to the fight on the inside, as to say, the tribute's fighting themselves on the inside. There is still plenty of action for all you blood-lusters, and I think the chilling and cruel 1-On-1 Rounds prior to the Games really sets the tone. So please read these Games, you will not be dissapointed.

My Favourites

Alright, since all of my Games are so vastly superior to all of you lesser mortal's Games, I won't be including any of my absolute masterpieces. (complete jk, lol). But if you'd like to read some of the ones I've written, I can give you the links to them if you'd like.







I'll give each Games I choose to review a paragraph on what I liked about it, and some healthy advice. I'll also give each Games a percentage for each of the following criteria: Pre-Games (optional), Games, Writting Style, Character Depth/Development, Action Scenes, and Overall Flow.

1. 123rd Hunger Games (AsherMizzou)

These Games were short, but okay all the same. The thing I really like about them was the Reapings. They were very descriptive, and I liked all the District's Reapings, especially the career's, and District's 10 and 11. The Games were a bit too short though, but I think with a little more dialougue and character development, this author defenitely has great potential.

Pre-Games: 86%

Games: 65 %

Writting Style: 72%

Character Depth/Development: 58%

Action Scenes: 80%

Overall Flow: 73%

2. The Alliance Games (Jsm13athome)

I really liked the idea behind these Games, and how the tributes are tied together. I liked the part where Tax and Remus knocked several tributes out, but it didn't really make sense afterwards when they were asked to apologize, and there wasn't really any consequences. As for the interviews, I generally tend to not do them in mine due to their length, and (usually) Insignificance, but I liked how you did yours. The cornucopia scene was very good, with great description of the deaths, even if it was a little hard to follow. The ending was good, and overalll the Games really flowed together nicely, and, even though I don't have the same style of writting, I really liked it. A little more character development would definitely add more flavour to the Games.

Pre-Games: 79%

Games: 86%

Writting Style: 84%

Character Depth/Development: 75%

Action Scenes: 84%

Overall Flow: 85%

3. Mentor Games 2 (Cloveismywife)

I could tell from just after Day 1 that past-tense wasn't for you. I looked up some of your other Games, and I think present-tense just suits you much better. I really enjoyed these Games, and I think it would have been even better to follow them while they were being written, because of the whole Mentor thing, the idea which I loved. The action scenes were good, but lengthening them a bit would really add to the effect. I also noticed that you chose not to have dialougue. I prefer it when Games either have lots of it, or none at all, which you did. I really liked how you made it so exciting even without any dialougue, which is no easy feat. The only drawback to that is that it makes it very hard to get in character development. Overall a great Games, good luck on your 225th Games!

Pre-Games: 82%

Games: 86 %

Writting Style: 84%

Character Depth/Development: 68%

Action Scenes: 79%

Overall Flow: 90%

4. The 54th Hunger Games/The Super Games (ViniciusDeAssis1999)

Well, you didn't prove me wrong. I had high hopes for these Games, and you delivered. I really like your style of writting, and the Games so far are very good. The only qualm I had with the plot is that you used my idea of having 1-On-1 Rounds, but that can be overlooked. With so many tributes, it's hard to get in deep into the character's emotions, but you managed to do it even with only one or two POV's for each character so far, and, if you decide to continue, I can't wait to see what you will do with these.

Pre-Games: 88%

Games: N/A

Writting Style: 90%

Character Depth/Development: 82%

Action Scenes: 86%

Overall Flow: 85%

5. My Fourth Annual Hunger Games (Tommyboy97)

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