Okay, so you all know how after the Nemesis Games I said I was done writting Games, right? Well, literally right after I said that an AMAZING idea for a new Games popped into my head and I was like "Really, brain? You couldn't have given me this idea before I said I was done?"

Anyways, hopefully I'll be able to start them sometime soon (possibly writting with another User) But the problem is I need to finish them by the summer, since my family is gone for most of it. (And we all know how bad I am with writting inside a time limit). Hopefully I'll have more details soon!

(Tiki tooki (talk) 22:11, April 16, 2013 (UTC))

BTW, I am NOT taking any reservations of any kind yet, because these Games will be... well, let's just say you probably haven't seen anything like them ever before!

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