Okay, so my last games weren't the best I've ever done. But my next games are going to be the best yet.

If you're like me, you've had some disapointments in past Hunger Games, where your tributes have come so close to winning, but then failed. In my next games, I'll be taking tributes from past Hunger Games that either went all the way to the end then died, those who were very strong and were expected to go all the way then failed, and the under dogs who came from behind but then died, and make a games where the near-victors of the past can have one more chance at victory. You'll be able to give not only your tributes, but you can suggest other users tribute's who fit the requirements. You'll be able to look through old Hunger Games, and find tributes that need redemption and respect. It will be an amazing show of redeeming and heart breaking, triumphs and failures, the chance for tributes to be once again in the spotlight and avenge their failures once and for all.

Instead of another version of the Hunger Games, this will be called something else. The Redemption Games.

Coming this fall.

Please do not post any reservations or tributes on this blog. This is NOT the actual blog I'll be writing the games on, and these are NOT the official rules. This is just a preview.


-I have decided that I will be doing reapings, training, chariot rides, interviews, the games (obviously) from both 1st and 3rd POV's. After, I will be doing the victor's interview along with the victory tour and an epilouge.

-I have decided that I will start the games in late August to early September, but they may run a bit slowly as this is my first year of high school and I'll have tons of homework.

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