Now, you all know about my recent Redemption Games I did in September. They were by far my favourite games, and you're all saying they were great, but I want to know EXACTLY what you liked about them. So just copy and paste the rating system below onto the comments, and rate the categories out of 10, with decimals if you would like!

Rating (Out of 10)

Page Format: /10

Writting Format (POV's, past/present tense, 1st/2rd person, ect.): /10

Spelling, Punctuation, ect: /10

Pre- Games: /10

Beginning (Day 1): /10

The Games (Days 2-4): /10

Ending (Day 5): /10

Choice Of Victors: /10

Portraying Characters: /10

Originality, Quality of Writting, ect: /10

Twist: /10

Total: /110

What was your favourite part?:

What was your least favourite part?:

What letter grade would you give these games? (A-F, with pluses and minuses):

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