Hello! This is my second hunger games, and it will be a quarter quell. I'll post the theme, arena, and twist soon.

Tribute Chart

District Name Gender Age Relation Training Score Sponsor Money Finish Kills User
1 Revenge Sasalot Male 18 Cousins 9 $1000 22nd None Fidofiderson
1 Lucy Fighter Female 18 Cousins 7 $1000 17th None Fidofiderson
2 Razor Raptor Male 15 Cousins 6 $725 7th None SerpentKing999
2 Spirit Velocity Female 14 Cousins 10 $800 4th

Snow, Gray, Lark, Marko",

Razor, Celeste

3 Damien O'Niel Male 15 Cousins 8 $1000 Victor Dave HungerGamesFan
3 Celeste Carver Female 16 Cousins 3 $1000 5th Lewis HungerGamesFan
4 Dondo Grouge Male 16 Siblings 7 $800 14th Lillith Brony12
4 Ronda Grouge^ Female 18 Siblings 7 $800 8th None Brony12
5 Lewis Clark Male 13 Siblings 4 $900 6th Marko" Morgan Silve
5 Jazz Clark Female 12 Siblings 6 $825 15th None Morgan Silve
6 Talon Jones Male 18 Cousins 8 $1000 24th None Kelfaless
6 Pren Jackson^ Female 13 Cousins 5 $1000 10th Fred Kelfaless
7 Marko Flame Male 15 Cousins 6 $1000 9th Deedee, Jazz, Peter Mockingjay5
7 Snow Timber Female 16 Cousins 9 $1000 23rd Talon Mockingjay5
8 Nylon Denim Male 13 Siblings 7 $850 Victor None Anon...
8 Silk Denim Female 14 Siblings 6 $1000 20th None Anon...
9 Gray Shadows Male 17 Cousins 5 $1000 16th Lucy Firecatcher3
9 Lark Tinder Female 13 Cousins 6 $1000 11th Silk Firecatcher3
10 Fred Taff Male 15 Cousins 5 $1000 13th None Tacosalad1127
10 Lillith Lylac Female 12 Cousins 7 $1000 18th None Werebeast1
11 Dave Strider Male 13 Siblings 3 $1000 21st None InsertRandomnessHere
11 Rose Lalonde Female 16 Siblings 10 $1000 Victor Revenge, Dondo InsertRandomnessHere
12 Peter Cramer Male 18 Siblings 4 $1000 12th None Panther12
12 Deedee Cramer Female 18 Siblings 6 $1000 19th None Panther12

"- More than one tribute helped kill him/her.

^- Tribute killed by gamemakers.

Italic- Users still in contention by final 8.

Bold- Victor.


Just tell me what you want your tribute to have, and I'll buy it for you. Each tribute starts off with $1000. The prices will go up the longer the games go. Also, you can switch your money from one tribute to another. For example, if your female tribute is your favourite, you can give your male tribute's money to her. But, say she dies, you CAN NOT swap your money back over. It's a gamble that you're taking, so be careful.

Chariot Rides

District 1

Revenge and Lucy are dressed completely in clothes made of diamond, because they have a machine in 1 that can turn graphite to diamonds. They are not real diamonds of course, but they look very close. Light reflects off them at all angles, nearly blinding the crowd. They have huge (And rather fake) smiles on their faces, and are waving cheerfully to the crowd.

District 2

Razor and Spirit are dressed as samauri warriors. They have chain-mail armour, huge swords, leather boots, and an iron helmet. The armour was made to make them look a foot taller and 50 pounds heavier than they actually are. The crowd cheers. District 2 is always a favourite, and they love the originallity.

District 3

Damien and Celeste are dressed as giant iPods, as 3's industry is making electronics. They can scrole down the playlist on their costumes, and then it plays music for the audience. The tributes don't exactly look atractive in the costumes, but the crowd loves the playlist idea, and the originality of the costumes.

District 4

Dondo and Ronda are dressed as pirates. They look very realistic too. They have long sabres and fake peg leags. Dondo has some artificial stuble on his chin, and Ronda has her hair in one long pony tail. Their teeth have been painted the colour of their throats, so from a distance it looks like they are toothless. Their chariot has an unloaded cannon on it, and they shoot at the crowd, waving and laghing.

District 5

Lewis and Jazz are dressed like scientists. Their chariot is full of beakers and chemicals. They have lab coats and safety goggles on. Then, they each take a beaker. Lewis pours his into Jazz's. Suddenly, it expoldes into a green smoke. Once it clears, the crowd looks for ther chariot. It has dissapeared. The crowd likes it, and slowly begins to cheer.

District 6

Talon and Pren are dressed in normal clothes. Their chariot is just wooden. There is nothing special about it until the tributes each take a pill and swallow it. Suddenly, the pills light up in their stomachs and begin changing colours from the inside out. The tributes are living rainbows! The crowd screams. This is one of the most original ones yet.

District 7

Snow and Marko are dressed in suits made of bark. It doesn't sound that great, but the stylist has made patterns in the bark that make it look like they are in regular clothes. It has all the regular folds, and even makes it look like they have things like bracelets and shoe laces. the crowd likes it very much.

District 8

Nylon and Silk are in a chariot made out of soft silk and velvet in every colour. They are both in PJ's, Silk's are made out of silk, and Nylon's out of nylon. The crowd loves this unique chariot ride, and so do the tributes, who are waving hapily to the crowd.

District 9

Gray and Lark are dressed in huge bomb suits. Their chariot is a tank with missile launchers and automatic machine guns. The crowd likes it, even if it's not the most appealing costume ever. The tributes are waving and probably smiling (You can't see their faces well in the masks).

District 10

Fred and Lillith are dressed as chickens. The crowd laughs at this, very ammused. The tributes are dancing around, having a great time. To make it even funnier, they start pooping out little fake eggs! The crowd is cheering and laughing at the same time, loving the show they're giving.

District 11

Dave and Rose are dressed as fruits. Dave as a pear, and Rose as a cherry. They are scented too. You can actually smell the cherry and the pear. The tributes look nervous, and rarely look at the crowd The crowd laughs at this. Not the most originall costume, but still good.

District 12

Deedee and Peter are dressed in the coal miner's outfits again. But it's not the costume that the crowd likes. The tributes are acting all wild, doing cartwheels and summersaults, waving and smiling at the crowd the whole time. The crowd likes the performance.

Quarter Quell Twist

On the 275th Hunger Games, to remind the rebels that even united they can not succeed, all the tributes must be related. From each district, the tributes must be siblings or cousins. Any child that doesn't have a living relative in the age group is exempted from the reaping. The tributes do not have to have the same last name, just be related.


The arena is octagonal. This year, it is a volcanic wasteland. On each of the eight corners of the arena is a huge volcano. Inside the arena are lava pits, piles of rocks that explode on contact and thousands of geysers that can shoot out boiling water, sulfuric acid, lava, toxic fumes, hot blood, ash, and if you're lucky, cold drinkable water mixed with minerals that strengthen you. In two parts of the arena there are forests of trees that have been burnt by lava, so there are no leaves on them. Under the center volcano is a network of tunnels. There are dozens of chambers inside that contain supplies. In one giant chamber is a lake with an island in the center. On the island are weapons such as guns, chainsaws, and grenades. The only way to get there is to swim, but when someone enters the water, a giant wirlpool sucks them up and kills them.

The Games

Day 1

The cornucopia is in the forest of dead trees on the eastern side of the arena. The tributes rise up into the arena, and Claudius Templesmith begind to announce.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let the two-hundred and seventy-fifth Hunger Games begin!"

After sixty secongds, the gong sounds. Peter and Deedee from 12 run away immediatly. The careers begin to assemble. In the group are districts 1, 2, and 4, along with Rose, Talon, and Nylon. Marko and Snow alliy and decide to take their chances. Jazz and Lewis, a pair of siblings also risk it. Damien, Celeste, and Fred have also allied, and are standing back, watching the acction.

Marko and Snow rush in, and Snow takes a spear and throws it at Talon. It skewers his lungs, killing him. Spirit pulls out the spear, also pulling out chunks of flesh with it. She stabs at Snow, hitting her arm. She then takes a knife, and slits her throat open.

Jazz and Lewis sneak in, and grab supplies but no weapons. Dondo from 4 notices them, and throws a knife which hits Jazz's thigh, but doesn't take her down.

The careers take off, all except for Razor. He is staring in horror at Snow's body. He can't believe what his cousin, his friend, has done.

"Razor, are you coming or not?" shouts Lucy.

With a shake of his head, Razor runs off alone.

Rose looks back at her cousin, Dave, who is gathering supplies at the cornucopia. Damien and Celeste are sneaking up on him.

"I can't let him die", she thinks.

And with that, she too abbandons the group, but not before stabbing Revenge in the heart.

Lillith runs up to Fred, Celeste, and Damien.

"Hey, can I join?" she asks.

"Yeah, come on," replies Fred. "but right now, let's go take down this guy over there," pointing to Dave.

Rose sprints back.

"DAVE WATCH OUT!" she screams.

It's too late. The other group reaches him first, and Damien beheads him with a sword. He sees Rose, and turns toward her. Terrified, she runs to Lark and Gray, hoping for mercy.

"Alliance?" she asks, gasping for breath.

"Sure. Let's go." replies Gray.

They head towards Silk, who is armed with a short sword. She whips around, and slashes at Lark, grazing her arm. In retaliation, she slices with her axe, cutting both her legs open. Then she takes out a knife, and begins to cut Silk up, finally stabbing her low in the chest, and finishing her off.

"Wow Lark, I didn't know you could be so vicious." Says Gray.

"Whatever. Lets just get out of here, quickly."

Marko is alone with a few weapons when he runs into Deedee and Peter, just outside the area of burnt trees surrounding the cornucopia.

"Truce?" asks Peter.

"Hmmm, let me think about that. No." He then takes a club, and bashes Deedee's brains in.

"See ya later." He says to Peter, running away.


But Deedee can't hear him. She can't hear annyone. She is dead.

Back at the cornucopia, Pren is gathering supplies, and no one notices. she grins at his good luck. After she gets an assortment of weapons and supplies, she sprints away.

Fred, Lillith, Celeste, and Damien are drawing closer to the careers. When they meet, Dondo charges strait at Lillith. Terrified, she runs away. Dondo closes in on her, and knocks her to the ground. Lillith is crying, begging for mercy.

"Please! Don't hurt me! PLEASE!" She screams

Dondo ignores her, and slices her back open. Lillith screams in pain, sill alive. He walks away, leaving Lillith wailing in pain. The careers run away, as Celeste, Damien, and Fred are coming towards Lillith.

"How bad is her wound?" asks Damien.

Celeste takes off Lillith's shirt, and examines it.

"There's no way we can fix this. She has hours at most," replies Celeste.

Lillith is already nearly unconcious.

"Let's put her out of her misery. Any volunteers?" asks Celeste.

No one puts up their hand.

"Let's just leave her. She's already unconcious, she probably won't deel any more pain," replies Fred.

"Okay then. I guess we'd better get going."

A while later, Lillith's cannon finally sounds, along with six others.

Everybody has cleared away from the cornucopia, and the careers are miles away when the seal appears in the sky.

"Lets see who died today!" says Dondo, sitting down on one of the thousands of geysers.

"DONDO, DON'T SIT ON THAT!" shouts Ronda.

"Why not?" asks Dondo. Just then, a gurgling sound comes from the geyser.

Dondo's eyes widen. He jumps off, but it's too late. A small spurt of lava comes from the geyser, and Dondo gets his behind burnt badly.

The rest of the careers are on the ground, laughing. Dondo turns purple with rage.

"It's NOT funny! I almost died!" He screams.

"Nope. Nothin' funny about that!" says Spirit, trying to keep a strait face.

"Whatever. Lets just see who died," says Dondo. He decides not to sit down on anything else that night.

Day 1 Deaths/Injuries


Talon- speared by Snow.

Snow- throat slit by Spirit.

Revenge- stabbed in the heart by Rose.

Dave- beheaded by Damien.

Silk- stabbed by Lark.

Deedee- hit in the temple by Marko.

Lillith- back sliced open by Dondo.


Jazz- stabbed in the thigh by Dondo.

Dondo- buttox burned by explosive geyser.

Day 2

Marko is all alone, with few supplies. He's taken shelter behind the biggest boulder he can find, since there isn't much concealment anwhere else.

Jazz and Lewis are together, but Jazz is wounded badly. They then recieve a sponsor gift that has medical supplies for Jazz, and 30 knives.

The career group consists of Lucy from 1, Spirit from 2, both from 4, and Nylon from 8. Razor from 2 is by himself. Razor recieves a sword, and Spirit recieves a pair of steel claws.

Pren is by herself with an abbundance of supplies.

The tributes from 9 are allied with Rose from 11.

The tributes from 3 are allied with Fred from 10.

Peter is by himself, mourning his sister.

Jazz and Lewis are nearing Marko's camp. Marko sees them, but decides to hide behind his gigantic boulder. Both are armed. Marko has a sword. They are only a few yards away when Marko jumps from behind the rock. Lewis and Jazz jump back. Lewis throws a spear, but Marko deflects it. Marko charges forward and slices at Jazz's hand, severing it.

"NO! JAZZ!" screams Lewis.

She cries out in pain. Lewis punches Marko, knocking him out cold. Lewis doesn't bother to finish him off, though. He is just intent on getting his sister away, somewhere safe.

He looks around, and sees that at the bottom of a huge geyser, there is a small cave, wich leeds to the maze of underground tunnels beneath the arena. He doesn't hesitate. He drags Jazz into the tunnel. It slopes down, and when they finally reach the bottom, he cllapses in relief. Then he looks around at the catacombs he has just entered, and his jaw drops. The entire cavern is made out of pure diamond.

"Wow... This is amazing! Jazz, look at this!" he says to his sister.

Then he remembers why he is here. Because his sister is wounded, bleeding, and crying.

Gray, Lark, and Rose are hiking up one of the many volcano's. At first it seemed like a good idea, but now the wind is high, and ash is blowing in their faces.

"Why are we wasting our time hiking up a volcano?" Gray demands.

"It was your idea," replies Rose.

"You guys agreed to it!"

"It doesn't matter. Lets just get to that ledge you saw from the ground, and set up camp," said Lark.

"Hey guys. Guys! I see people up on that volcano!" shouts Nylon to the rest of the careers.

"Yeah, I see them too," replies Lucy.

"How many are there?" asks Ronda.

"Probably two or three. Lets get them!" says Spirit.

Gray, Lark, and Rose don't notice the careers until they're only a hundred yards away.

"IT'S THE CAREERS!" shouts Rose. "RUN TO THE TOP!"

They climb as fast as they can, and they are almost at the ledge that Gray spotted when it explodes, sending their only safe haven up in flames, leaving them at the mercy of the careers.

The careers come up like wolves. They are there before the alliance can draw their weapons.

"Rose, Lark, run. I'll hold them off!" shouts Gray.

"No, I'm staying here," says Rose stubbornly.

"Lark and Rose, you have to get out of here!"

"No!" replies Lark

"Run! Now! Please Lark, just get yourself to safety. Please," says Gray.

Lark looks him in the eye, and nods. She and Rose take off. Gray draws his sword and charges strait into the careers. Before they can react, he stabs Lucy in the heart, and knocks Dondo off his balance, and sends him tumbling down the slope. He is about to kill Ronda when Spirit stabs him in the arm and takes him down.

"Guys! Help me carry Gray! We're going to throw him into the crater in the top of the mountain!" she tells them, with a rather scary smile on her face.

Spirit, Ronda, and Nylon carry him up the mountain. They are on the edge of the crater, and bellow is a pit of lava.

"Lets let Gray here go for a swim!" shouts Spirit.

Gray has time for one last thought.

"I hope Rose and Lark know it was worth it," he thinks to himself before Spirit throws him into the lava bellow.

Rose and Lark are sprinting down the mountain at full speed. They get to the bottom, and run into a small patch of burnt trees for cover.

"Do you think Gray survived?" asks Lark.

"I heard two cannons. Sorry Lark, but I doubt it," replies Rose.

Lark closses her eyes for a moment.

"Okay. Okay. What do we do now?"

"Lets make camp somewhere. No use running any more, we're both exhausted," replies Rose.

Peter is walking towards the camp, exhausted, weaponless. He walks up to the two tributes, and asks them for an alliance.

"Yeah, sure, why not? says Rose. "Hey, where's Deedee?"

"She- she- she was killed. By Marko from seven."

"She was your sister, right?" asks Lark.


"I'm- I'm so sorry." replies Lark.

"It's okay, it wasn't your fault," says Peter.

"So who else is dead?" asks Rose.

"I didn't really pay attention to the deaths last night. Anyone you know dead?"

"At least one career. And- and... Gray."

"Looks like we've all lost someone. I just wish-" Peter is cut off by the anthem, then the daily death toll. Lucy from 1, and Gray from 9.

Day 2 Death/Injuries


Lucy- stabbed by Gray.

Gray- thrown in lava pit by Spirit.


Jazz- hand cut by Marko.

Marko- punched by Lewis.

Dondo- fell down mountain slope.

Day 3

The nightmares continue for Nylon.

Ever since he went to sleep last night with the careers near the top of the volcano, nightmares have plauged his sleep. Nightmares of Silk's death, which he didn't witness, but could imagine vividly. Nightmares, of Gray's face right before Spirit tossed him into the volcano. The cruel, uncaring look on Spirit's face. Like she didn't care that he had a cousin, who would be greiving him somewhere in the arena. A family that would not sleep tonight, just like Nylon.

He had thought about telling the rest of the careers, but that would just result in mocking, and possibly abandonment for being weak.

Then again, mabye being abandoned by the careers would be a plus for Nylon.

"No. Don't think like that. You need them. Go with them, and you can win," he thinks to himself.

Then the nightmares of Silk's death come rushing back to him.

"In the morning. I'll decide then," he decides.

He is just about to fall asleep again, when he recieves a silver parachute, containing a giant needle. He puts it in his backpack, just before sleep overcomes him.

The careers wake up, and debate what to do next.

"We need to look for Dondo!" suggests Ronda.

"Who cares about him?" asks Spirit.

"Umm, I do! He's my brother!" shouts Ronda.

"Allright, allright. We'll look for Dondo. Let's go."

They look at the base of the mountain for an hour, when they finally find him. He has a few broken ribs, and a sprained wrist, but luckily the slope he fell down wasn't that steep.

Damien, Celsete, and Fred are in the west side of the arena, on a huge plateau, far away from everyone else. They have no weapons, other than Damien's broken and dull sword, which he broke when he threw it at a large rodent that was passing by.

Pren has a large amount of weapons, and is also on the plateau. Granted, she only got a five in training, but she is in good shape, and is running hard and catching up to the district 3/10 alliance. She is half a mile away when they spot her.

"Hey! Guys! Another tribute!" shouts Celeste.

"Who is that?" asks Fred, squinting at the fast approaching figure.

"Looks like the girl from six. And she's armed," replies Damien.

"Let's run. There's a drop off over there, and it doesn't look too steep. We'll take cover there," suggests Fred.

They start running. They have less supplies than Pren, and are only half a mile away from the drop off when they hear a gurgling sound coming from beneath them. The tributes eyes widen, and start to run the other way. A huge blast comes from behind them, and they look behind them to see a fountain of lava spraying from the ground in front of them. The ground starts to fall away in the lava, and the fountain soon dies down, but the ground in front of them is now one huge lake of lava.

The lava starts flowing towards the drop off, but more just takes it's place. Cracks in the ground start forming, and they spread towards where Celeste, Damien, and Fred are standing.

"RUN!" shouts Fred. But it is too late. The cracks run faster than them. Then, the piece of ground Celeste is on cracks away from the rest, and she starts to float off alone. Straight towards the waterfall of lava.

Damien then jumps onto another chunk os stone, and uses a jagged piece of rock to paddle himself towars his cousin.

"Celeste, jump onto the edge!" screams Damien.

Celeste stands up slowly, and leaps towards the shore, and crumples on the ground. Damien is about to jump too when a small wave of lava splashes up and hits Celeste's hand, burning it beyond repair. He starts to drag her away, back towards Fred.

Back in the underground tunels, Jazz is dying. Her wounds have not healed, and she has bled to death. Lewis stays with his little sister all the way, until the cannons sound.

Razor is all alone, with only the meager supplies he found at the cornucopia. He had hoped to slip into the career crowd, and do as little killing as possible. He had hoped that Spirit was thinking the same thing.

She was not.

When she killed Snow, Razor was stunned. Without thinking, he ran away. Now he was searching for a new ally, someone who could help him take on the other careers, and get Spirit back to him, the way she was before the Capitol twisted her mind and made her into a killing machine.

Pren cursed herself.

She had been so close to finishing off three more tributes, becoming three steps closer to home back in Six. The death of her cousin had barely affected her. He died with the careers, and it was his choise to join them, not hers.

"Oh well. At least one of them got burnt by the lava," she thinks to herself.

Then she got a nice surprise. The three tributes she was chasing were coming towards her, probably hoping for mercy.

"Yeah right. That'll happen."

The three tributes run towards Pren.

"Please let us go Pren! Just this once! We'll owe you one," coaxes Damien.

Pren is about to shut him up withher sword when she stops herself.

"Mabye- mabye if I pretend to have an alliance, I can kill them all! If I try to kill them now, at least one is going to escape."

"Okay, fine. We have an alliance."

Day 3 ends with only one death, Jazz from 5. Her brother is still in the catacombs, alone.

Day 3 Deaths/Injuries


Jazz- died of injuries


Celeste- hand scalded by lava

Day 4

Back in the burnt forest, Lark, Rose, and Peter are about to launch an attack against the careers. Rose has just returned from guard duty.

"Hey guys, I see some black smoke coming froma few miles away. It might be the careers, they're the only ones dumb enough to start a fire in this place. It's got to be over 120 degrees."

"How do you know it's the careers? It might just be one of those geysers, shooting out smoke and ash," replies Peter.

"Mabye, but lets go check it out just in case."

"Sounds good to me," says Lark. "Lets go."

They are advancing slowly, hiding behind any cover they can find. Eventually, they hear voices. Lark recognizes the voice of Spirit from 2.

They are hiding behind a large chunk of rock when they see two silver parachutes dropping to the ground. They hope it is for them, but they realize it's for the careers. The parachutes contain two tridents for Dondo and Ronda.

The group is only a few yards away when they charge. They realize immediatly that they are outnumbered, but they don't retreat. The careers are startled, and they all retreat to grab their weapons. Rose sprints towards Dondo, and slices his back open with a machete. It didn't hit his spinal cord, and he is still alive when his sister throws her trident, aiming for Rose. Rose dives behind Dondo, and half of the trident hits Rose's foot, and half hits Dondo's shoulder. Rose starts limping off, but no one follows her. Dondo's cannon soon follows.

Peter is trying to hold off Dondo, and Lark is running towards Spirit.


"Oh really?" replies Spirit.

Lark charges with a sword in hand. She may have only gotten a 5 in training, but she was still one of, if not the best fighter in the arena.

Spirit picks up a sword laying on the ground.


The two girls charge. Everybody stops fighting. Rose and Peter back up Lark, and Ronda backs up Spirit. Nylon is by the supplies, watching, waiting.

"I can't let Lark die! Not after what happened to her brother!" he thinks to himself.

He flashes back to training, when Lark and Gray had invited him into their group. They had been so kind and patient. They had talked about a possible alliance in the arena, but then Nylon went and joined the careers. The same group whos leader, Spirit, had killed Gray.

"I won't betray them again!"

He looks back to the battle, and Spirit got a lucky strike. She had disarmed Lark, and Lark was running, trying to grab her sword. Spirit was chasing her, about to finish her off.

"NOOO!" screams Nylon. He grabs a shield, and blocks Spirit's strike. This gives Lark time to regroup. Lark looks around at Nylon. He had betrayed the careers.

"Nylon, catch!" shouts Peter, who throws him an axe.

He catches it just in time, because Spirits next strike is aimed at him, and he just manages to block it. Nylon swings with his axe, and skins Spirit's arm. She backs up, and looks murderously at Nylon.

"Next time, punk, I won't go so easy. Next time," she growls. She and Ronda then run off.

The other group, now four strong, take what ever they can carry, and make camp in a small area consisting of thick bushes and trees, the only green area in the arena, other than the burnt forests.

"Thanks Nylon, you really saved my butt there," says Lark, sitting down on a log as night falls.

"No problem."

"Hey, I was wondering. Why exactly did you join the careers?" asks Peter, joining them.

"I don't know. Me and my sister, Silk, had a big fight right before the games. I was angry and I guess I jst wanted to get away from her. It was a stupid move," replies Nylon.

"Why didn't you quit earlier?" asks Lark.

"I was going too, but when I saw that Silk was dead, I thought, mabye these guys could help me get revenge on whoever killed her."

Peter, Rose, and Lark exchange glances. They know that Lark killed her, but they don't tell Nylon that. They didn't want to risk breaking an already tense alliance.

"Well, umm, mabye we can help you catch them. If they're not already dead," lies Rose.

Day 4 ends with one death. Lewis Clark of 5 has come out of the labrynth of tunnels, and is now tracking down Marko. The careers are recovering, and Razor is spying on Lark's camp. Damien's group is drawing nearer to the others, with Pren forming a plot to betray them.

Day 4 Deaths/Injuries


Dondo- killed by Rose


Rose- hit with trident in the foot by Ronda

Spirit- cut with axe by Nylon

Day 5

It is early in the morning at Damien's camp. The only one up is Pren, who has a knife in her hand.

"Soooo... Who to kill?" she ponders.

She decides on Fred. She sneeks up to him, and raises her knife.

"Pren? What are you doing up?"

Pren whips aroung to find Celeste looking at her. Celeste then sees the knife, and screams. Pren stabs Fred in the heart, and runs away, leaving the tributes of three all alone.

Back near the center of the arena, Lewis is tracking Marko, the tribute who killed his sister.

The ground is covered with ash, so it's easy for him to make out Marko's footprints. He follows them until he reaches a steep drop off. At the bottom, There are boulders, geysers, and some bushes, which would give Marko good concealment. He rappels down, and begins searching with only a spear in hand.

He suddenly hears a rustle ina bush behind him. He whips around, expecting to see Marko, but he only sees Peter of 12.

"Why are you here?" asks Lewis.

"Just scouting. I'm with Lark, Rose and Nylon. You?"

"Hunting down Marko, so shut up before he hears us."

"Wait. Marko from Seven? He killed my sister!" replies Peter.

"Me too! Deyja vu much," exclaims Lewis. "Wanna help me find him? We can torture him together, and you get the final kill," says Lewis.

"Yeah sure."

"Alright. I followed his foot prints down here, but over here they just disappear," says Lewis, pointing to a spot on the ground.

"Well mabye he-" Peter is cut off when he sees Marko sprinting from behing a boulder and making a break for it.

"THERE HE IS! GET HIM!" Screams Peter.

The two boys take off in pursuit of Marko. They catch up, and Lewis slashes at his legs, cutting him. He stops, turns around, and swings his sword at Peter. Lewis deflects it with his knife just in time. Marko stabs at Peter, this time finding his target.

"NOOO!" screams Lewis. He throws two knives at Marko. One cuts his forehead, the other hits his ribcage. He stumbles off wounded, but Lewis stays with Peter.

"Peter? Peter! Talk to me man!"

Peter groans, then screams in pain. Lewis tries to cover up the wound with bandages, but it's too late. His cannon sounds. Lewis swears revenge on Marko, and sprints after him.

Damien and Celeste are all by themselves, alone.

"Man, I can't believe we trusted that jerk! She completely blind sided us," says Damien, talking about Pren.

"Yeah. We have to be smarter than that, if one of us is going to win," replies Celeste

"From now on, no more alliances with anyone else."


It is in the evening, and it's starting to get dark out. Lark, Rose, and Nylon are worried about Peter.

"I heard a cannon earlier. Do you think it was his?" aks Rose.

"I don't know, but we have to look for him," replies Lark.

"Should we all go, or just one of us?" asks Nylon.

"I say just one. The other two will stay here, or follow from a distance," says Rose.

"So, who should go?" asks Nylon.

"I'll go," says Lark. "I'm our strongest fighter."

"I wouldn't say the strongest," says Rose. "You're only thirteen."

"I'm still a great fighter."

"Oh, come on! Just because you were able to kill Silk doesn't mean that-" Rose stops mid-sentance, realizing what she just said. They look at Nylon, whos face is pale.

"You killed my sister?" he asks, barely a whisper. The look on his face is horror, fear, and digust all mixed into one.

"Nylon, listen, it wasn't anything personal, she was trying to kill us, and we just had to-"


While all this is going on, Ronda and Spirit are near by, waiting to attack.

"Nylon, please! I- I'd take it back if I could, but now-"

"Shut up Lark, just SHUT UP!" I never want to see you again!" screams Nylon.

He stumbles off, crying. Lark is standing up, begging him to come back. She doesn't even notice Spirit running up to her, and she barely has time to turn around before Spirit stabs her in the back with a sword. Rose screams and runs away.

Spirit pulls out the sword, and speaks to Lark before she dies.

"Whos the better fighter now Lark?" she says, right before the cannon sounds, ending one of the strongest alliances in the games.

None of them know this, but Razor is in the bushes, hiding, watching the whole thing. And once again, he watches his beloved cousin commit murder.

Nylon is stumbling around, bleeding and crying. He climbs up a burnt, blackened tree, and flashes back to Lark's murder.

He has time for one final thought before he blacks out. "She deserved it..."

Day 5 ends with three deaths. Fred, who was betrayed by Pren. Peter, who died fighting Marko. And Lark, who was stabbed to death by Spirit.

Day 5 Deaths/Injuries


Fred- stabbed by Pren

Peter- stabbed by Marko

Lark- stabbed by Spirit


Marko- wounded in the head and chest by Lewis

Day 6

Damien and Celeste are far away from the other tributes, but are slowly walking towards them, back the way they came. have little supplies, and are near starving. When they reach the end of the plateau that they are on, they come to an area filled with geysers that shoot out lava, ash, gases, and acid. They make their way through it slowly, getting burnt and bruised along the way. Near the end of the geyser-filled area, they find a geyser sqirting out water. Both are so thirsty that they lap up as much as they can, not stopping to wonder if the water is poisonous. The water seems to give them new life, and they surge their way through.

When they finally reach the burnt-down forsest, they find Lark's camp in ruins, everything stolen or wrecked, and blood on the ground.

"Someone died here," says Damien.

"No, really?" says Celeste sarcastically.

"Thats not my point. This place gives me the creeps, and whoever killed this person could still be near by. We should get out of here quickly," replies Damien.

"Agreed. Lets go that way, i think I saw a-" Celeste stops midsentance, looking at the trees. "IT'S ANOTHER TRIBUTE, DAMIEN! RIGHT OVER THERE!"

"Where!? I don't see it!"

Just then, Spirit comes rushing out, preparing for another kill. She slashes at Celeste's foot, cutting it. She falls to the ground in agony. Damien rushes in, hip-checking Spirit to the ground. He picks up one of her long knives, and stabs with it, just missing. Spirit rushes over to finish off Celeste, but Damien blocks her.

"NO! NOBODY TOUCHES HER!" he screams at Spirit.

Damien is a year older and much bigger than her, but Spirit holds her ground.

"Oh yeah? Ronda, come out here!" she yells. Ronda comes out of the bushes with a trident. Both careers are armed and deadly but Damien stays where he is.

"You are not. Getting. Past. Me," he says slowly.

Ronda charges. Damien is quick and ducks under her, grabbing one of her knives from her belt. He stabs her in the arm, but she stays standing. Both careers attack at once, and somehow, Damien holds them both off with only knives in hand. He blocks everything they throw at him. He would not let these beasts touch his cousin. He fights them off to the edge of the clearing, unwounded. He throws both knives at once. One hits Spirit's thigh, the other grazes Ronda's forehead. They both make a run for it, which is kind of stupid because Damien is now unarmed. Damien runs back to Celeste, and to his relief, she can stand.

"You- you saved me," says Celeste faintly.

"No, really?" replies Damien, repeating what Celeste had said earlier.

They both grin. They are safe, and now have the weapons and food that Spirit and Ronda dropped.

Pren is tired, hungry, and unarmed except for a knife. She is trying to follow Damien and Celeste, but is falling behind. She is in the geyser section of the arena when she hears a faint gurgling sound. it is coming from one of the volcano's on the edge of the arena. Lava is flowing out of it at incredible speed, and it is rushing straight towards Pren.

She turns and runs, hoping to outrun the flow until it settles down on the floor of the arena. She is still tired, and the lava is gaining. All of a sudden, and geyser explodes right in front of Pren, squirtting out sufuric acid. It hits her face, blinding her instantly and burning her mouth. She wails in pain and drops to her knees. Soon, she is dead from sheer exhaustion, the acid, and the scortching burn of the lava flow, which reaches her soon affter.

Lewis is chasing Marko, and Spirit and Ronda are near by. Marko is slowing down and Lewis, even though he's only 13, is catching up. Marko hides behind a bush, waiting for Lewis, and hoping to tackle him down. Then he hears a voice. It's Ronda, and she and Spirit are right behinde him. he bursts in to the open, and Lewis sees him and throws his sword. At the same time, Spirit throws a knife at Marko. Both weapons hit, and Marko is taken down. Lewis is celebrating his victory when he notices Spirit. He doesn't hesitate. He pulls out the sword from marko's chest and bolts. Spirit and Ronda stay behind and take what they can from Marko's backpack.

Day 6 ends with two deaths.

Day 6 Deaths/Injuries


Pren- killed by sulfuric acid

Marko- killed by Lewis/Spirit


Celeste- cut in the foot by Spirit

Spirit- stabbed in the thigh by Damien

Ronda- cut on the head by Damien

Day 7

Nylon is all alone, depressed.

Ever since he found out that Lark had killed his sister, he had been wandering around, hoping someone would kill him so he didn't have to do it himself. When he finally did see another tribute, Rose, in the distance, it jolted him out of his suicidal state.

"Silk would want me to try and win," he thought to himself.

So he made some changes. He armed himself, and starts looking for another tribute himself, to either ally with or to kill.

Rose is by herself, mourning the death of Lark, when the trumpets sound, and she hears Claudius Templesmith's voice.

"What could this be? A feast?" she wonders.

Then Claudius speaks.

"Congratulations to our final eight tributes! Now, I know many of you were expecting a feast, but instead, I have a little announcement to make. To add to the tension, this year, there can be up to three victors. But, one of them can be from the same District. Thank you, and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Damien and Celeste are crestfallen. Right before Claudius sais that the victors couldn't be from teh same district, they had been celebrating, thinking they could both win.

That would not be the case. At least one, if not both of them would have to die. They decided to get moving, trying to find other tributes to kill, and hoping one of them would survive.

Spirit was also uneasy about the "No victor from the same district" thing. Razor may have been a wus, but he was still her cousin, and he was the only tribute alive she wouldn't kill without hesitation.

"Don't think about that now. Now, you have to about winning. And getting rid of Ronda"

She had been sick of that oaf from 4 since they met, and now it was time to finish her off. She walks up to her tent, sword in hand, but she isn't there.

"She must have been suspecting betrayal and made a run for it. Oh well, I can kill her later."

Ronda did make a break for it and is now running away from Spirit. Eventually, she comes to the entrance to the underground tunnels, and she goes down. She comes to the place where Jazz died, and sees blood on the wall.

"This place gives me the creeps," she thinks to herself.

She continues on until she reaches a giant cavern with a lake in the middle. In the lake in an island. She looks at the island, and her eyes widden.

"Is that... A machine gun?! she says out loud, eyeing the weapon laying on a table on the island. But theres not just a gun.

"A chainsaw! And grenades!" she yells. "I hit the jackpot!"

Her desision is instant. She starts swimming to the island, and when she gets there, she loads herself with deadly weapons.

"Yes! I can't lose with all of this!"

After she's done, she uses the table as a raft, not wanting to get the weapins wet. Just as she hits the water, a whirlpool forms, sucking her to the bottom.

"Arrgh! I should have known it was a trap!"

She starts padling madly to shore, but it's no use. The whirlpool sucks her in and drowns her, and her chances at winning.


Day 7 ends with 1 death. To recap, Razor and Nylon are very near each other, Lewis is being pursued by Spirit, Celeste and Damien are also closing in, and Rose is lurking near by. They are all close, and tomorow, the victors will reveal themselves, and rise above all the others.

Day 7 Deaths/Injuries


Ronda- drowned by whirlpool


Day 8

Lewis is being pursued by Spirit, and they are in the burnt forest. Lewis has finally stopped, and is forced to fight Spirit. Damien, Celeste, and Rose are near by, watching the action.

Both have swords, and Lewis makes the first move, slicing at Spirit's neck. She dodges it, and hits Lewis's sword so hard he drops it. Rose jumps in and starts battling Spirit with knives and a spear. Lewis backs her up.

"You're not getting past me. Not after what you did to Lark," growls Rose.

"Thats what everyone else always says. You know what happens next? I kill them," shoots back Spirit.


They begin to fight, and Razor arives, watching her sister do battle once again.

Rose fights hard, but Spirit disarms her, and has her backed up against a boulder. Spirit takes out a bow and arrow, and aims it at Rose.

While Razor is watching this, his mind is racing.

"I have to save Rose! I can't let Spirit kill again! She's my cousin!" he thinks to himself.

"Who cares! Its you thats important, you need to win, not her!"

He looks at Rose crumpled on teh ground at Spirit's mercy.

"No. As long as I'm alive, Spirit will not kill again."

His decision is instate. Right as Spirit releases the arrow, Razor jumps out in front of Rose, blocking the arrow, taking it in the heart.


Celeste starts to fight Lewis with a knife. She throws one at Lewis, who dodges it. Lewis slices at Celeste hand, cutting it. She looks to Damien for support, but he's styanding back, shaking his head.

"Celeste, come back. You don't need to kill him, right now, we need to take care of Spirit!"

"Right after this!" shouts back Celeste.

Celeste stabs Lewis, and he crumples to the ground, while Celeste delivers the death blow.

"CELESTE, NO! DON'T!" screams Damien. "Don't kill him Celeste!"

Lewis's face is pale, and he's begging for mercy.

"Please Celeste! PLEASE!" he screams.

But its to late. Celeste beheads him. Damiens face goes pale.

"Why would you do that!?" screams Damien. "I said I wanted Spirit dead, not Lewis!"

"Damien, I had too. We need to kill if one of us is going to win." replies Celeste. "Lets go fight Spirit. Chances are one of us will die, and the other can go home," says Celeste.

Damien shakes his head.

"Come on Damien. You know they won't let us both win." and with that, she charges at Spirit, still frozen in shock from killing Razor.

"I can't believe he... he sacrificed himself like that!" thinks Spirit about Razor, mind racing. "Why? He was in the final 8, he could have won!"

"No, stop thinking about him now! He's not important! You're important! You need to win!"

She sees Celeste racing towards her, and that jolts her back into action. She draws her sword and prpeares to fight.

Celeste throws a knife, and hits Spirit in the arm. Spirit stabs Celeste in the foot, so now she has two feet injured by Spirit. Damien is watching in shock behind them. Spirit slashes her in the side, and she crumples down, just like the last time they fought.

Damien's eyes widen, and he's racing towards Celeste, but can't block the final stab by Spirit. Celeste falls to the ground, dead.

Before he knows it, hes attacking Spirit with all his might, pure rage emiting from him, and he vaguely notices Rose and Nylon racing to him to help. Spirit now has two swords and is trying to hold the three off. Just when it looks like Spirit is done, she gets a lucky strike on Nylon, and severs his hand. Amazingly, Nylon keeps on fighting.

Spirit targets Rose next, and gives her a shallow cut in the stomach. She knocks Rose down, and Damien dives in to protect her, thinking of how Razor gave his life to protect her not ten minutes ago.

"You will never get away with this! First Razor, and then Celeste! I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN!" screams Damien.

"We're in the arena you idiot! I can murder all I want!" and with that, she stabs Damien in the heart, and he goes down. She advances on Rose and Nylon.

"They didn't say there has to be three victors. They said it was an option," she thinks to herself.

She is about to kill them when she feels a stabbing pain in her back. She falls to her knees, and turns around. Her last sight is Damien taking off his shirt, smiling at her, pointing to his chest guard that is right over his heart.

"I take it you guys want a threesome victory?" asks Damien, looking at Rose and Nylon.

"Oh yeah. Definitely," says Nylon.

"Agreed," says Rose.

Three hovercrafts then come down from the sky, and take the three victors from that fiery wasteland forever.

Day 8 Deaths/Injuries


Razor- sacrifices himself to save Rose, killed by Spirit

Lewis- beheaded by Celeste

Celeste- stabbed by Spirit

Spirit- backstabbed by Damien


Nylon- hand cut by Spirit

Rose- cut in the chest by Spirit

Damien- bruised badly in teh chest by Spirit

Final 8 Interviews

Spirit Velocity, D2

Our interviewer, a capitol man named Kaven Mocha, starts in 2, with Spirit Velocity's father.

"So, Mr. Velocity, are you surprised about Spirit's actions in the arena?" asks Kaven.

"Yes, actually. At home, she is rarely ever like that. Not that we care, as long as she wins," replies Mr. Velocity.

"Who do you think could be a threat to her?"

"No one at all. She's the best of the best, and she'll be coming home soon."

"Okay sir, thank you for your time. Now, I think its time we move on to our next tribute's family, Razor."

Razor Raptor, D2

The interviewing crew is now at Razor's house, interviewing his mother.

"Mrs. Raptor, what do think about Razor's lack in kills? He is a career and all," asks Kaven.

"I'm ashamed of him. He needs to start killing people, or he'll never make it home," replies Razor's mother

"Who do you think his first kill will be?"

"Don't know, Don't care, as long as he starts kicking some butt out there,"

"Umm, okay, thank you for your time. Now, we really need to get over to 3, so we'd best be off," says Kaven, eager to leave.

Damien O'Niel, D3

They are now interviewing Damien's sisters and mother.

"So, how do you think your brother is doing right now, young lady?" asks Kaven, talking to his youngest sister.

"I don't know, I just want him to win really bad!" says his sister.

"Mrs. O'Niel, what do you think about his alliance with his cousin?"

"I think he did the right thing, I just wish they could both win. They are togther all the time, and I don't think one could live without the other," says Mrs. O'Niel, wipping away tears.

"Thank you, and I hope Damien does well," says Kaven. "Now we need to interview Celeste's family, so good bye!"

Celeste Carver, D3

They are now interviewing Celeste's father.

"Mr. Carver, what do you think of Celeste's performance so far?" he asks.

"Okay I guess. It would be nice to see her more aggresive. Now, I really can't stay long, I'm lait for work. Good bye."

"Umm, okay then, not much out of him. I guess we'll head to 4 then," says Kaven to his camera crew when Celeste's father had left.

Ronda Grouge, D4

They are interviewing Ronda's father.

"So Mr. Grouge, how do you think Ronda's ditching of Spirit will affect her?" asks Kaven, watching the TV at the same time.

"It was a smart move. Like right now, see her on that island! She just picked up a chainsaw! She'll win for sure."

Just then, Ronda gets sucked up into the whirlpool, right in front of every one.

"NOOO!" RONDA!" screams Mr. Grouge. His face goes pale, and he runs away sobbing.

Lewis Clark, D5

They are interviewing Lewis's uncle, and he's doing a lot of talking.

"Lewis is doing fantastic. I think killing Marko is just what he needs to give him an edge and some confidence."

"Are you worried about the fact that he's one of the youngest tributes alive?"

"Not at all. He's amazing, and he will win."

"Okay, a very confident uncle here, but unfortunatley, thats all the time we have. Good bye!" says Kaven.

Nylon Denim, D8

Nylon has no family, so they are interviewing his boss at the factory.

"What are some things Nylon could improve on?" asks Kaven.

"Well, I think he needs to get over his sisters death," she says. "He needs to focus on the future, not the past."

"Will you give him a raise if he gets back?" asks Kaven jokeingly.

"Yeah sure, why not? He deserves it!" she says with a laugh.

"Okay, good luck to Nylon," says Kaven, finishing the interview.

Rose Lalonde, D11

They are now interviewing Rose's widdowed mother.

"So Mrs. Lalonde, do you truly believe that Rose will come home?" asks Kaven.

"Well, its been hard on our family in the past few years... I just recently broke up with my husband, and... I just watched my own son die!" she says with a sob. "But yes, I truly believe, with all my heart, that I will see my daughter again, with my own eyes. Thank you."

The interview ends, and The team heads back to the Capitol. 

Victor's Interview

The crowd cheers as the trio walks up onto the stage. Caeser Flickerman gives them the crowns, each one is platinum with the tributes full name, and District written in cursive. They show the recap of the Games, and the crowd cheers some more. Then the interview begins.

"Okay, lets start with the man of the hour, Damien," says Caeser. "So, what gave you the strength to overcome such an amazing fighter like Spirit?"

"Well, I think our earlier fight had a key role in that, but even more so, she had just killed my cousin, so I new I just had to win. Not just for Celeste though, but for everyone else who suffered at Spirit's hands."

"And how do you feel about killing Dave, now that his sister is also a victor?"

Damien's face twists in pain, and he looks at Rose.

"I'm sorry," he says in a whisper, looking at no one but Rose.

One od Rose's skills was being able to bluff and to call bluffs, and she knew that Damien was sincere. What could she do but forgive him?

"Now Nylon, you're the only one here without any kills. Do you think you got lucky?" asks Caeser.

"Mabye luck played a part, mabye not. But regardless, I'm still here, and that takes at least some skill. So yes and no, I think in some parts I got lucky, but mostly I just made good decisions."

"And Rose. How do you feel about Damien, you now, with your brother and all?"

"I won't say I'm not mad, because I am. But... I have a feeling he really is sorry."

"All three of you, how is life going to be back in the Districts?" asks Caeser.

Nylon answers first.

"I'm just gonna try to lead a normal life, or as normal as possible for a victor."

"Damien? Your thoughts?"

"I'm not sure how life's gonna be without Celeste... I guess she'd want me to enjoy it. Like they say, live life to the fullest," answers Damien.

"And you Rose?"

"I don't know... I'm going to try to mabye get my perents back together. Mabye this could be a new begining for the Lalonde and Strider families," replies Rose.

"Well thank you all for your time. I wish you good luck back home! Good night Panem! This is Caeser Flickerman, signing out."

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