Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to The Redemption Games! These will be a special games, where all the tributes that are competing suffered a loss in a previous games. Now, many of you have victors, but you also have tributes, who have come so close to winning, but then failed. Or you've had tributes who were expected to win, and then suffered heartbreaking defeat early on, or have had tributes that suffer grevious injuries, emotional and physical, but just can't pull off the victory. In the these games, you will have a chance to redeem those tributes, in one of the most exciting, thrilling, biggest FanFiction Hunger Games of all time. These are not a regular games.

These are The Redemption Games.



1. You can enter one of your own tributes, and they DO NOT have to be from the same district. I would actually prefer if they weren't from the same district.

2. You tributes have to fit the criteria above, and CAN NOT have won a games in the past. To enter, Give me the regular info, and the games where they have suffered some sort of loss. (See intro for more detail).

3. Reservations last for 48 hours, and you can not reserve two tributes from the same districts.

4. There do not have to be two tributes from each districts, as there might not be many tributes from certain districts that fit the criteria. For example, there could be three tributes from district 1 (A district where tributes commonly come in secong or third), and only one from 12 (Where the tributes don't usually make it far, and usually aren't that strong). But, there has to be atleast one tribute from each district, and a maximum of three, possibly 4. I want to keep the male/female ratio fairly even.

5. District 13 and the Capitol are included, but do not neccesarily have to have tributes if there aren't any that fit the criteria.

6. Because of rules #4 and #5, there can be any amount of tributes, from 22 to 30, as long as they fit the criteria.

7. You can enter other user's tributes, but only if they are currently active. I will notify them that their tributes are in the games.

8. Along with the games, I will will include training, chariot rides, interviews, final 8 interviews, the victor's interview, and the victory tour. I will not include reapings, as these are not a normal games.

9. The tributes will, in the games, remember their previous games. They are in a way "resurrected" to compete in these games.

10. Each tribute will start off with $100 CDN. (I'm too lazy to add all the eztra 0's for the thousands in the tribute chart, so I'll just do $100, so the weapons and suplies will be very cheap. Choose what you want your tributes to have, and I'll decide the price.

I know this is complicated, so if you have any questions, just ask me!

Tribute Chart

Name District" Age Gender Training Score Sponsor Money Kills Finish User
Natalie Cambell+ 1 18 Female 9 $100 None 8th Tevinh
Iridessa Black 1 16 Female 7 $100 None 25th PurplexMuffin
Lukel Darker 2 17 Male 8 $74 None 1st Fantasyfilm99
Chlorine Nikelon' 2 16 Female 6 $100 None 17th TotalDramaRox97
Trina Smith 2 18 Female 7 $77 None 12th Brony12
Seamus Fanson 3 Male 7 $100 None 22nd Algernon, the mustache man
Alice Wonder' 3 12 Female 6 $60 Iridessa 1st Kenzen11
Scorpius Flame+ 4 15 Male 9 $100 None 7th,, Jabberjay78
Aquamarine Summerton+ 4 16 Female 10 $100 None 23rd Brony12
Hail Monei 4 16 Female 5 $93 None 14th Fantasyfilm99
Malco Crest+ 5 14 Male 8 $100 Aquamarine, Chlorine 4th Skybender101
Illegal Drugs^ 6 ? Male 3 $100 None 21st EffieLuna
Maple Green' 6 16 Female 8 $84 Ash 11th Nate777
Zebrawood Biceps 7 18 Male 9 $80 None 18th EffieLuna
Primrose Axe 7 14 Female 9 $80 Maple 1st EffieLuna
Chisel Jaws'+ 8 16 Male 11 $87 None 9th Kenzen11
Amethyst Bane+ 8 17 Female 10 $100 Dare, Trina 7th,, Tommyboy97
Gemma Stork 9 16 Female 4 $100 None 20th PurplexMuffin
Satan Lockwood 10 16 Male 10 $82 Hail 10th Anon...
Jay Sparrow+ 11 15 Female 8 $76 None 7th,, Anon...
Ash Burn 11 15 Male 7 $100 Beauty 15th Mockingjay5
Dare Ward' 12 18 Male 9 $100 Seamus 16th Brony12
Beauty Swann 12 15 Female 6 $100 None 24th Anon...
Tiffany Red+ 13 18 Female 11 $100 Octavio, Zebrawood 13th IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
Octavio Greenich Capitol 17 Male 6 $100 Illegal, Gemma, 19th I Want Seddie 2 Happen98769

"Rows may be deleted if the number of tributes from districts is not met.

'Originally from another district.

^Tribute died of injuries later on.

+Tribute was killed by Gamemakers, traps, arena, mutts, or sacrificed themselves to save their family.

,,3 tributes finished in 7th

Bold- Survivor.

The Reapings The reapings started off normally except for one thing. The two giant glass balls in each of the districts were replaced with a large TV screen. The crowds were puzzled, and then an image came on the screens.

"Hello, citizens of Panem," says a grave voice, coming from a blury image of a perosn on the screen. "I know you were all expecting a regular Hunger Games this year, but we've had a change of plans. Instead of a regular games, we will be using pre-selected tributes from past games this year. It will be very painfull for the family's of those tributes! Would the following tributes please come to the stage."

The voice says the names of 25 tributes from all the Districts and the Capitol. Those tributes are handcuffed and dragged to the various stages throughout the districts. Most of the people are relieved that their family is not in danger, but for a select few, they will have to endure the pain of sending loved ones off to be slaughtered. Again.

Chariot Rides

The crowd is silent, awaiting the tributes. They have seen these tributes in action before, and can not wait for them to start again. The first chariot comes out, and the crowd roars. What will undeniably be one of the biggest games in history, the Redemption Games, have begun.

Because some districts only have one tribute, I will be combining some district chariot rides.

District 1

Iridessa and Natilie are dressed like queens, with robes made of jewels, and crowns on their heads. They both have maniacal smiles on their faces, both eager to get back into the arena and start killing people. The crowd loves the costumes, but are a bit terrified by their expresions.

District 2

Lukel, Chlorine, and Trina are dressed in the standard peace keeper's uniform, with rather bored expressions on their faces. The crowd has seen this countless tiomes before, and boos them.

District 3

Semus and Alice are dressed in lights kind of like you see on billboards. The capitol bbos them, as they have seen this before. But then, the lights start to get brighter until they reach their peak and the crowd has to look away to avoid getting blind. When the light dies down, the tributes have disapeared. The crowd starts applauding, amazed at this trick.

District 4

Scorpius, Aqua, and Hail are dressed as sharks in teh begginning, but thewn their costumes begin to morphe into different sea creatures, from sharks to sea anenomes and squid. The crowd gets on their feet for this one.

District 6

Illegal and Maple are dressed as ninjas for this ride, with the the head bands and the swords and throwing stars. Illegal just sits around doing nothing, but Maple is on her feet, slicing up dummies on the chariot and dancing around. They love her but Illegal... not so much.

District 7

Zebra and Primrose are dressed like loggers, but they don't actually do anything until three minutes in. All of a sudden, saws seem to come from nowhere within their costumes. They each have five table saws on them that come half way through their costume, and appear to be slicing them into confetti, but they are somehow unharmed. They then walk up to a number of trees on their chariot, stand up against them, and the slice them down in a fraction of a second. They then start doing cartwheels and destroy anything on their chariot. The crowd absolutely loves them, and gives a standing ovation.

District 8

Amethyst and Chisle are dressed completely in hundreds ribbons and confetti, and they are blowing around at leats ten feet off their bodies. A fan on the chariot blows them around, and makes them look quite spectacular. The crowd likes this one until the tributes get tripped up by the ribbons and start flopping around like bafoons!

District 10

Satan is all alone for this one, but he prefers it that way. He is dressed as farmer at first, chewing on some hay, when all of a sudden he is surrounded in smoke. When it clears, it reveals him as a demon-like farmer. His clothes are the same, but his facial features look like something you'd see in a horror movie. The crowd turns away in fear, but can't deny that that was a stunning performance.

District 11

Jay and Ash are dressed up as fruits, Ash as an orange, and Jay as an apple. They are just rolling around laughing, and the crowd isn't that impressed at the ride. They like the tributes themselves though, and they show great promise.

District 12

Dare and Beauty are dressed literally as sticks of dynamite. The fuse burns down and they explode, giving the front row some rather painful burns. The tributes are revealed standing there and waving to the crowd, trying to play nice to the people they hate.

Districts 5 & 9

Malco and Gemma are dressed as Greek and Roman warrior respectfully. The begin to battle, Malco with a trident and a net and aromor, Gemma with a sword. The crowd knows it's fake, but the tributes make it look quite real.

District 13 & Capitol

Tiffany is dressed like a SWAT member, and Octavio like a handsome prince. The crowd immediatly falls in love with Octavio, and likes Tiffany too when she starts shooting a beebee gun into the crowd. Both tributes are good, and even Octavio, as shallow as he is, can be a killer.


Day 1

Training starts off normal. All the tributes have done this before. But an hour in, the gamemakers arrive, along with some unexpected guests.

All the victors of the tribute's games are present at the training. Most of the tributes just ignore them, but a few start cursing, and some have to be held back to stop them from running up to the victors, to either try to strangle them, give them a hug, or just talk. Once the tributes calm down, the victors make their way intot he training area. Again, most just ignore them and go off to training, but some stay to, well, greet them.

Natalie Cambell makes a beeline towards Albany, looks at him, and then punches him in the face, breaking his nose. A gamemaker drags her away, and takes Albany to the hospital wing. Amethyst goes up to Whimzi, and they say their greetings, kind of akwardly. Primrose also starts talking, and the three stay together for a while.

Satan goes up to Spring Howards, and Spring has a face full of sorrow.

"I never should have let you go. It's my fault you died, and now you're back here again," she whispers.

"Don't be an idiot. It's the Hunger Games. And just 'cause I'm here again doesn't mean I'll die."

"Everyone here is a psycopath! How can you not die? You'll be a huge target!"

"I don't know. But I'll try hard to win. For you," he replies.

Meanwhile, Jay and Ash from 11 have allied, and so have Primrose, Amethyst, Scorpius, and Zebrawood, and the career pack is beingformed. All the tributes from the career district have allied except for Scorpius, Natalie, who wants to go solo, and Trina. The careers have also added Tiffany from 13. Alice is working on Satan, trying to form an alliance. She reminds him of Abigail, and eventually he accepts.

Malco and Gemma form a shaky alliance, and reject Illegal when he asks to be included. Beauty and Chisel stay together the entire day, focusing on swordplay and knives. They have a mutual agreement to stay together. They take in Semus, and together they form a threesome alliance. Everyone else goes solo. Dare is thinking about possibly joining up with Trina, but doesn't get the chance to talk with her. The alliances mostly stay together in training, working on improving their combat skills.

Day 2

For day 2, most of the tributes go solo, trying to work on their individual skills. The few exceptions are Satan and Alice, and Jay and Ash. Chisel works on survival skills, and Amethyst tries to learn more about the careers so she has a better chance at fighting them.She's still kinda caught up in that "Anti-Career" thing. Zebrawood spends about 5 minutes at each station, trying to learn as much as he can before heading nto the arena. Trina and Dare try to form an alliance, but Dare accidently offends her, and they walk off alone.

Scorpius tries to improve his gladiator style of fighting (trident and a net) and works on hunting. Octavio tries to appear weak, but concealing a great fighter and a mad killer.

Gemma is working on axes and spears, and Natalie is working on knives, and trying to get under the skin of as many other tributes as she can. The tributes leave satisfied, hungry for revenge, and eager to show their skills to the gamemakers tomorrow.

Training Scores

See the "Tribute Chart" above for training scores.


Caeser Flickerman is sitting in his chair, hair painted blinding white, waiting for the first tribute. The interviews will be a little different this year, with sometimes more than one tribute up on the stage at once.

Natalie comes up on the stage, looking rather grumpy and snapping at caeser.

"I dunno, i just wanna kill people," is her standard response. The crowd admires her training score, but isn't too fond of her personality.

Iridessa is a lot nicer, and smiles and waves to the crowd.

"It's so great to be back here again! I can't wait to get into that arena!" she says, her smile loking a bit fake.

Lukel Darker is indeed very dark and mysterious in the interview, not saying much at all.

Trina and Chlorine come on together, and even thogh they are not allies, try to get along. It doesn't work, and at the buzzer, the girls are trying to strangle each other.

Seamus talks about his strengths and his strategy in the arena, which is to run away from the cornucopia, hide behind some rocks or something near the cornucopia, and take whatever is left at the end.

Alice talks up Satan, and how the two have connected really well. Satan can't help but smile.

The D4 tributes come up together. Scorpius says how grateful he is to the Capitol, obviously trying to win sponsors. Hail taks about her experices here, and how she plans on winning these games at all costs. Aqua says she's out for revenge against quite a few of the tributes, and wants the Capitol to help her get it.

Malco and Gemma get called up together, and talk about their alliance.

"So Gemma, how do you think this alliance will hold up against the bigger alliances in these games?"

"We just have to trust eachother to do the right thing, and stick together no matter what. I fwe die, we die together" she says. The Capitol loves these two.

Illegal is up next, and is extremely irritated. He gives Caeser cold looks all the time, and the Capitol doesn't really like him much.

Maple says she wants to go completely solo, and doesn't want to team up with anybody. The Capitol is still unsure about her.

Zebra and Primrose get called up, and talk about how they want to pummel the careers. They start making exremely rude comments, and you can hear the indignant shouts of the careers from behind the stage.

Amethyst follows the same line, but is more respectful towards the careers. She talks about her alliances strategies untilt he buzzer rings.

Chisel says he is excited to work with Beauty, and together they would be an amazing pair. That with his great score, he is a Capitol favourite.

Satan talks about how he and Abigail have bonded, and how she reminds him of Abigail. He says that they'll do amazing together, and that no one stands a chance against the pair of them.

Jay jokes around with Caeser, and the Capitol immediatly likes her. She goes three minutes over when she tells a joke about her and Ash in training, a broken iPod, a bottle of tartar sauce, and a sword (long story) that cracks the audience up.

Ash is a bit more serious, and talks about him and Jay's strategies. The Capitol likes the tribbs from 11 especially.

Dare talks about how he was gonna team up with someone, he doesn't say who, and then says he decided against it. Rather boring, and it doesn't take a guenius to figure out he meant Trina.

Beauty praises Chisel, and says he's the best friend she ever had. She chokes up at this point, and has to leave the stage.

Tiffany id dead serious, and says she's gonna win this for everyone who has ever suffered in the games, and for everyone back in 13. The Capitol admires her determination.

Octavio says that even with his low score, he will do well in these games. He says that he has some hidden talents, and that they should watch him closely.

Final 8 Interviews



This year, the arena will be different every day.

It will start off as a forest in the winter, but the next day the pine trees could be replaced with cactuses, palm trees, boulders, lakes, even building. And the wheather will change as well. It could go from blazing heat to hurricane-force winds in a few hours. The landscape, wheather, everything will be different each day. The general shape of the arena, a six-sided star, will stay the same, and so will the cornucopia and a few other major landmarks, but everything else will be constantly changing. For more details, see The first paragraph on Day 1.

I will reveal the arena after the interviews are completed.


The only mutt this year is a Komodo Dragon that stands on it's hind legs. It's limbs are more humanoid which makes it very fast, and it is shaped kind of like a velociraptor from Jurassic Park. It's bite is deadly, and it has an incredible sense of smell that allows it to smell things with in a 200 yard radius. It attacks any human in sight.

The Twist

"In that village are your families. And they. Are. Dying. You have twenty-four hours." To add extra drama this year, the tribute's families have been placed in the arena, their memories washed, not remembering the tributes. They are near the edge of the arena, all together in a little village with huts, constantly being attacked by mutts. Claudius will reveal this to the tributes on Day 2 and will give them a choice: continue on with the games and try to be the last one standing and leave their families do die at the Capitol's hand after the games, or to sacrifice themselves and have no chance at surving so their family so they can go home, get their memories back, and live on. Again, the tributes have no idea what is going on, but when they find out, they will have to band together to find a way to protect their loved ones without dying, or leave them to perish.

The Games

Day 1: The Beginning Of The End


"Let the Redemption Games begin!"

The tributes rise up on their platforms, into the arena. Some are dreading the sound of the gong, others anticipating it. The cornucopia is on a very small, round plateau about 200 metres wide. It is about 40 metres high, and slopes down steeply into a forest beyond the circle of tributes. The only other ways out is are four rope bridges placed evenly by the tributes that lead down safely into the arena. The tributes are spread farther apart this year, each about 75 meters away from the cornucopia. The tributes tense, awaiting the gong that never seems to ring. When it finally does, all hell breaks loose.


I'm cursing under my breath at the sight of the arena. Now how am I suppost to carry out my strategy? there's no where to hide near the cornucopia. I decide to bag my stratey, and rush to the cornucopia. I grab two plastic bags, and a machete and then leave down the steep slope.


I immediatly spot Alice and I make a beeline towards her. Another tribute is advancing towards her with a sword in hand. I am not going to let her die like Abigail. I grab a knife and prepare to attack, but she handles it herself. She slices at Chlorine from 2 with an axe, and she falls down, as good as dead.

The rest of the careers see us, and I think now is a good time to take off. We run towards the nearest bridge, only to be ambushed by Malco from 5, who slices at my hand.


Me, Amethyst, Scorpius, and Zebrawood rush towards eachother, and each grab what we can. We try to sneak down the hill, but the careers see us and two of them, Aqua and Lukel, run after us.

"You guys go, I'll hold 'em off!" shouts Zebra, already running back up the hill.

"Zebra no! We're faster than them ,lets just run!" I shout back.

"No, let him go. He's a better fighter than those two, he can take them," says Amethyst, with a little doubt in her voice.

Zebra rushes up the hill, sword in hand, but the rest of the career pack has joined them, preparing to kill him, and before we can run back after him, they have pulled him out of view.


We captured the guy from 7, and we have him surrounded.

"Lets just kill him quickly and get back to the corncopia!" growls Chlorine.

"No. Lets take him with us, mabye ransom him off. He could be useful," says Tiffany in such a commanding voice, nobody argues.

"Alright, now lets get back to the cornucopia! Quickly, the other sare gettng away!" shouts Chlorine.


I wait around my plate, watching for prey. When Illegal from 6 comes towards me, I pull out a hatchet from my shirt, and throw it at him, point blank. It hits him in the stomach, and he goes down. He isn't dead yet, and he starts crawling away towards an empty bridge. He'll be dead in an hour max, so I let him go.

I grab a pack of meat, a water bottle, and take off across a bridge.


I grab a spear and stand back, surveying the sceen. To my shock, I see Ash from 11 Beauty, my district partner, in the neck. I want to go in and save her, but I know she is already gone. Chisel pulls her away from the cornucopia, and stays with her until he's sure she's dead, then he runs off with almost nothing.

Trina comes up to me, and asks for an alliance. I had originally wanted to go solo, but I realize it would be way smater to team up with her. We take off down the hill.


Me and Gemma team up, but we're having trouble with the careers. Luckily only two of them bother with us, Lukel and Aquamarine. The rest are aready going down the hill. I notice Chlorine fighting with Jay, but I can't worry about that now. Me and Gemma arm ourselves, and charge the the careers. We have the upper hand with more weapons, and we back them up onto the bridge. Aquamarine gets a lucky strike, and puts a gash in Gemma's left thigh. She goes down, and Lukel comes in for the kill. I have to sve her, and I do the only thing I can. I cut the ropes suspending the bridge, but it doesn't fall Lukel is getting closer to Gema, but is still on the bridge. I plunge my sword into one of the planks, and that does it. It gives a mighty groan, and it topples, sending me, Lukel, and Aquamarine tumbling to the ground a hundred and fifty feet bellow.


Me and Satan have gottn off the bridge, and are in the area. It's cold, at leats -10 celsius. A parachute comes down containing a jacket. I wrap it around Satan, tear off part of the sleeve, and use it as a bandage. He should be fine, but we're both tired and wounded, not to mention hungry. We're under a snow-capped tree not far from the bridge, when we hear a groaning sound. It's the rope bridge, and it's coming down. One of the tributes must have cut it loose! I get Satan out of the way as quick as possible, norrowly avoiding a shard of wood. Satan gets up and runs to the wreckage, looking for tributes. I see the body of one tribute, but I can't ell which. Another one runs off, obscured by the dust and wood. I see a blood trail leading in the other direction.


Me and Dare are well into the arena by now, and we can see another tribute, the guy from 3, in the distance. We run up to him. He has a mechete in hand, and slices at me, I dodge it, and Dare puts a spear in him, and I finish him off with a knife. We take his supplies and continue on.


I've run into the careers, and I ask if they want to be allies. They agree immediatly, probably because of my 11 in training. It's me, Natalie, Hail, and Tiffany. Chlorine from 2 joins us, disapointed since she didn't get to kill Jay, but her disapointment disappears when they see Lukel running up to them, wincing as he limped.

"Malco- he- he cut the bridge. Sent him and me and- and Aquamarine down the hill. Aqua's dead. Malco barely survived, same with me."

"Wait. what about his ally, Jennifer or Gemal or something?" asks Hail.

"Not sure. We wounded her pretty badly, but she may have survived," replies Lukel. He sees Chisel for the first time. "What's he doing here?" he aks.

"He got an eleven in training. He's pretty good, we'll keep him."

"What about Zebra over here?" he asks, pointing to the unconcious boy.

"We'll keep him, but for a different reason. Mabye we can ransom him off to his allies or something. We didn't get much at the cornucopia," replies Tiffany.

"Okay, but how-"

"Enough questions!" I interupt. "Let's go before someone finds us!"


Me and Jay were the last ones to leave the cornucopia, so we're loaded. We're camping right by the cornucopia hill when the canons start going off. Five of them. Not many at all. The faces then light up in the sky. Iridessa from 1, good, never liked her. Seamus from 3, Aquamarine from 4, Illegal from 6, and Beauty from 12. Five dead on Day 1, twenty of the most dangerous tributes of all time left to go. To be continued...

Day 2: Revelation


The tributes are still rather close to eachother, except for Trina and Dare, and the alliance consisting of Amethyst, Primrose, Scorpius, and Zebrawood. They are far into the arena, but the rest are still close to Cornucopia Hill. The tributes prepare themselves for a day of bloodshed, but something much bigger, even crueler, is about to be revealed. The trumpets sound, followed by the voice of Claudius Templesmith.

"Good morning, top twenty! I have a little surprise for you today," he begins. "If you choose so, you may go to the very edge of the arena, where you will find a village. In that village, are some people that you know."

"In that village are your families, and they are dying."

" You may go to the village, and if you survive the mutts, you may offer yourself to save your family, just yourfamily, so they can go home. If you do not do this, at the end of the games, the remaining families will die. If at least one tribute does not arrive there in twenty four hours, they will all die. Their memories have been washed completely, and they will only come back once you make the ultimate sacrifice. Good luck, and may the odds beever in your favour."

Stunned silence fills the arena.


The first thing I noticed was the weather.

Yesterday it had been freezing, and the parka I found at the cornucopia kept me relatively warm, but today all the snow had melted, and somehow, many of the pine trees had been replaced with maples and biches. The tepurature is at least 35 degrees celsius, and me and Ash are both sweating like crazy.

We decide to look for victims, and split up for a while so we can cover twice the ground. We've been searching for about an hour staying within about 100 yards of eachother, when I hear Ash scream. I rush to his aid, And I find him with cuts all over.

"What happened?!" I ask him, panicking.

"A mutt! This huge lizard thing just rushed at me and started clawing at me! I stabbed it and it ran away, but he'll be back soon. Lets get out of here!" he screams.

We run at full speed for ten minutes, but it looks like the thing has caught up to us. Not the one that attacked Jay, but a baby, by the looks of it. It approaches us, about 4 feet tall, standing on it's hind legs. It looks like a blend of a velociraptor and a Komodo Dragon. It pounces on me, and I behead it, but not before it gives me a decent sized bite in the arm. It's extremly painfull, and I figure it must be poisonous. We don't stop running though, and we eventually reach a clearing.

In it are a bunch of huts, and people all around. Some of the huts look rather burnt, and many of the people are wounded. We realize that things are going to get a lot harder from here.

We're reached the village.


You'd think Satan didn't even hear the announcement.

Right after it was done, Satan shrugged and fell asleep. I shook him awake quickly.

"Satan! We need to go! Didn't you hear Claudius? Our families are in danger!" I scream at him.

"I don't have any family," He says blankly.

"Okay, but what about my family?"

We don't even know where to look. And I'm sure someone will find the place, so we have a while to rescue them. That is if you're sure you want to sacrifice yourself for them," he replies.

I want to say I'm sure, that I want them to go home safe, but I can't. It's just to overwhelming, and I can't get a straight line of thought.

"Fine. We'll stay put today and rest, but tomorrow we're going," I say in a commanding voice.

Satan yawns and says "okay" and then falls back to sleep.


Our decision is unanimous. We'll go to the village slowly, hoping to run into tributes (Particularly the careers) along the way. None of us are quite sure what to do when we get their.

We make camp after about five miles of hiking. We're all in good shape, so it doesn't take long. I sit down with Amethyst by our campfire.

"Hey. How's it going?" I say to her, which sounds kind lame considering the circumstances.

She ignores my question, and then asks me one herself.

"So what are you gonna do when we get there?" she asks, refering to the village with our families in it.

"I don't know. There must be some way we can rescue them, and ourselves. Nothing's inpossible," I reply.

"Yeah, keep dreaming. Unless we have extremely rich sponsors that'll send us some nukes a helicopter, some grenade launchers, and a way out of the arena, It's as good as impossible."

"There's got to be some way out of the arena other than dying or winning, either scenario would get our families killed" I say, lowering my voice so that any microphones or cameras around won't be able to catch that.

"You might be right..." she replies, but I can tell she's only saying that to get me to shut up so she can have some time to think.


Me and Gemma race through the forest, wanting desparatley to reach the village. We hear the sound of footsteps behind us, but we don't look back. Gemma trips on a root, and I make a U-turn back to her. It's too late though. Octavio, the Capitol boy, jumps on her, and puts a knife in her back. I'm frozen in fear, and he rushes me too. I brace myself for death, but as he's running towards me, another tribute comes out of no where, and gives Octavio a tackle that would have gotten her kicked out of the NFL. It's Tiffany from 13, and she slits his throat.

She turns on me, and I draw my sword and charge. The rest of the careers are right behind her, and I don't have time to think it through. I slash at hwer legs, but she jumps in time. I punch her in the gut, and she is startled. I don't hesitate. I sprint off through the forest in the direction we were going, hoping to reach the village by evening.


Me and the rest of the careers run up to try to catch up to the commando girl from 13, including Zebra, who has given up trying to escape. We find her standing over two dead tributes as the cannons sound.

I gulp. After her 11 in training, and already several kills, she is very dangerous. I think we all know that we'll have to kill her at some point, she's just too strong. But none of us want to risk a mutiny.

"Lets keep going," she says briefly, and she takes off with the rest of the careers struggling to keep up with her.


We're following the footprints of Jay and Ash from 11, hoping that they lead to the village. The rest of the carrers see me as their leader, and I'm eager to take up that role. I told them we're going there because the village will atract others too, people we can kill. But none of the careers seem eager to rescue their families, except mabye Lukel, who's looked depressed ever since the announcement.

I'm going there for a different reason. I'm gonna sacrifice myself for my family, my mom and my brothers. I can'tlet them die. It goes against everything I've learned in 13, it goes against my nature. Never leave anyone behind. I haven't told the rest of the careers that yet. I don't want them to see me as weak, but when the time comes, they'll find out.


Well, we've reached the village, and we've camped about 50 yards away from the clearing with all the huts. We're all armed, and we've lit a campfire, hoping to attract the careers. I'm on guard when I see another tribute sitting under a tree. It's getting dark out, and I can't see their face. I approach with an axe in hand, and say "Hey there."

The tribute I now recognize as Malco, jumps up with a sword and prepares to strike.

"Whoa there, truce!" I yell. He lowers his sword. "Hey, weren't you with Gemma?" I ask.

"I was," he confirmed. "That idiot from the Capitol killed her. She's stronger than she looks, or at least was, until the careers finished her."

"Well" I continue. "You wanna be allies? We could use another good fighter," I ask.

"Sure, why not. I take it you're still with Amethyst and Scorpius?"

"Yep. Come on, I'll take you to our camp."

We run back to our camp, just in time to see Natalie form 1 run out of the trees from the other side of the camp and start attacking my allies.


Day 3 has just begun, and the careers have found Amethyst's alliance, and Natalie is the first to attack. No one even notices Gemma's and Octavio's faces light up in the sky. Jay and Ash are running to the sound of fighting, as are Satan and Alice, and Maple. Dare and Trina are the only ones not going into the fight, but they are approaching slowly, and will in the end, be in the fight. All the tributes, villagers, and many of the Komodo Mutts are in one place, and that can mean only one thing.


To be continued...

Day 3: A War To End All Wars


Me and Scorpius wake up to the sound of a tribute crashing into the camp. We both draw our weapons, and burst outside. Primrose and another tribute who I don't recognize are right behind us. The rest of the careers areive, and all of them attack except for Tiffany and Lukel, who stand back, both looking unsure of what to do. Tiffany whispers something to Lukel, and they take off towards the village, taking Zebrawood with them.


We're running towards the fighting, and we only stop when Alice recieves a sword, a katana. She unties it from the parachute, and we keep going. We run until we reach the fighting. It's a large clearing, not the village, but close to it. It looks like a fight between the careers and the anti-careers, with a number of other tributes beginning to join in. I pull out an axe and a whip, and charge.


Tiffany and Lukel are rushing towards the village, taking Zebra with them.

"Why are we running!?" shouts Lukel. "The fight's back there!"

"To split them up. They saw us with him, and I bet at least one of them will follow us. You're armed right?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Then lets keep going," replies Tiffany.

Tiffany felt guilty, because she knows she should stay back there, and fight with her allies. But in truth, she's running away to avoid the fight. She's seen enough bloodshed, enough death. She wants out, and she was running to the village to sacrifice herself.

Jay and Ash are sprinting with weapons in hand, closely followed by mutts. Jay is beginning to feel the effects of the poison, and is slowing down. She bravely continues on though, until they reach the battle. Jay recieves a syringe and realizes it's for the poison. She quickly jabs it into her shoulder, and continues on.

Primrose takes off to find her district partner, while Scorpius, Amethyst, and Malco prepare to do battle with the careers. Amethyst charges Natalie, while Scorpius and Malco go up against Chlorine and Hail. Chisel goes to meet Jay and Ash, and Trina and Dare are quickly approaching.

Primrose eventually catches up, and Tiffany and Lukel have Zebrawood in an armlock, with a knife to his throat.

"Come any closer," warns Lukel, sounding out of breath, "And the boy dies."

Primrose halts, and races to come up with a plan. The careers can't kill him without Primrose attacking, and Primrose can't attack without killing Zebra. Both parties are waiting for the other to make a move, when two parachutes drop, one to Primrose, and one to Zebra, landing by his feet.

He doesn't hesitate. Lukel is so stunned he can't hold him back, and he breaks free. The two grab their axes, and attack. Zebra attacks Tiffany, and Primrose charges Lukel. Lukel swings his sword, and it catches on her axe. They pull free, and Primrose throws the axe, misses, and then dives to avoid the slash of the sword.

Zebra swings the axe, and misses Tiffany's head by a hair. He is unbalanced, and Tiffany doesn't hesitate. She takes a knife, and plunges it into Zebrawood's chest. He stumbles and falls against a tree. Primrose is engulfed with rage, and kicks Lukel away, and throws her axe with all he rmight at Tiffany. It catches her arm, and she cries out in pain and rus for the village.

She lets her go for now, and rushes to her dying district partner. She doesn't bother trying to tell him it's okay, that he'll pull through. He's not an idiot. She holds his hand until the cannon sounds, and runs back to the others.

Back at the camp, It's complete chaos. Lukel and Primrose are back, and Jay and Ash don't seem to be on anyone's side. It's a three way battle, and in the middle of it are Amethyst and Natalie.

They both have swords, and both are experts. They are swinging like lunatics, both wanting to slay the other. They only pause when they hear a cannon, but ge right back at it. Scorpius is in hand-to-hand combat with Chisel, and Chisel has him in a headock and is about to choke him to death when Jay comes in and hits him on the head with a tree branch. He stumbles, but quickly regains balance. The three eye eachother, and Jay attacks Scorpius for no apparant reason. They are fighting spear-to-spear, when the wind rappidly picks up. It starts as little more than a gust, but within minutes it becomes hurricane-force winds. The tributes stop fighting, and just try to stay on their feet. In the confussion, Malco accidently slits Chlorine's throat, sending her down. The winds are so strong that they manage to drag her body away.


Me and Dare are struggling towards the battle, fighting the wind. We've figured out the secret of the arena. Each day represents a certain season, the first, winter. Then summer, and now autumn. I guess that means tomorrow will be a peaceful springtime, but with our luck, It'll be a monsson or something. All of a sudden, the wind halts, and we both stumble forward, and rush to the fight. It's an all out battle, with several tributes already dead or wounded. I charge at Scorpius, and Dare goes for Amethyst. She can't see me, and I'm about to slice her head off when the wind starts up again.

"Great. Just my luck," I think to myself as I'm struggling to stand. Primrose doesn't even notice me, and runs with the wind on her back, out of my reach. A cloud of dust sprays in my face, and I go to the ground. The wind blows me away from the action, and right before I black out, I see a sword slashing towards Dare.


I'm fighting with the guy from 12, and he's good.

He's already got me on my arm, and is winning thr battle. His ally, Trina, is nowhere to be seen. For all I know, she's already dead, her cannon lost in the chaos. I loose my concentration, and he makes a quick stab right to my stomach. He makes contact, but luckily It's not deep. I crumple to the ground, and he tries to finish me off. I grab a knife on the ground, and barely block it with the hilt. He's surprised to find me still alive, and I don't hesitate. I grab his sword, turn it towards him and stab him in the heart. I stumble away towards the woods alone, clutchng my wound.


Luckily, the wind is on my side, and I mae it to the battle quickly. It's like sharks atracted to blood, almost every tribute is here. I spot Ash from 11 all alone, and I rush towards him. He draws his sword, but I'm quicker. I knock it aside, and he is forced to run into the wind. He struggles forward with me on his tail. We're both going as slow as turtles, and then I have an idea. With a lot of effort, I bend down, pick up a rock, and throw it at him. The wind prevents it from going fast, but it's enought to knock him off his feet, right into my waiting sword.


The wind is blowing in all directions, as if the clearing is surrounded with super-powerul fans. Everyone is disoriented, and the fighting has pretty much stopped, and people are just trying to stay on their feet. Jay and Trina are nowhere to be seen, and Amethyst has fled. Primrose and Scorpius are trying to stay together, and the remaining careers are getting ready to leave. I have the wind on my back so I get to the careers in no time. I then recieve a sledgehammer from the sponsors. Natalie, Lukel, me, and Hail are the only ones left. No one realy knows where Tiffany is, but we can't exactly go look for her.


Me and the careers are getting ready to leave, picking up as many spare weapons as we can, which is almost impossible to do without getting thrown around like confetti. Satan and Alice are still here, and Satan is coming at us, with a sword he just recieved from sponsors. On that topic, I recieved a knife, and Lukel soem body armor, which makes me kind of jealous. Satan is running towards us, and I charge with a knife and a shield. He cracks his whip, and gets my shoulder. He slashes his sword, and I deflect it with a shield. He uses his whip, and slashes his sword at the same time, and I can't deflect both. His sword hits my shin, and I go down. I'm on the ground, barely breathing. I feal a searing pain in my neck as everything goes black.


The battle has had a devestating effect on all the tributes. Only one alliance was left unscathed, which was the Alice/Satan alliance. Amethyst and Trina are both alone because of injuries. Primrose, Scorpius, and Malco are staying together, looking for Amethyst. The careers are together, but all wounded. Maple is alone, looking for a possible ally. Jay is also alone. Tiffany racing towards the village, still unsure of what to do.

The rest of Day 3 goes without any further contact between the tributes. People spend it trying to recover from the battle. Tiffany camps by the village, still unsure of what she is going to do. There's tension in the air, and the tributes know that the end is coming. Many tributes are already desperatly thinking of ways to bust out of the arena, with their families. To do this, they must band together. They must forget old rivalries, and work together to find a way out. If they do not, the lives of nearly a hundred innocent people will be in the hands of the Capitol. The games are coming to an end, but really, they have just begun.

Let The Redemption Games begin, for real.

To be continued...

Day 4: United We Stand, Apart We Fall


I'm at the village, and I've made my decision. I search the countless huts, looking around for my family. The villagers don't give me any funny looks, and don't look confused when they see me. They act like I'm suppost to be here.

When I find them, they are all huddled in one of the smaller huts. I race up to them and try to get their attention.

"Okay, I'm gonna get you out of here," I say, getting to the point. My mother looks confused when I say this.

"Get us out of here?" she asks. "Why? We're quite happy here, It's a great place, if you don't count the beasts that live in the woods. Who are you anyways?"

Anxiety turns to despair as I realize that they don't know me.

"Mom! It's me, Tiffany! We need to get you back to District Thirteen Don't you recognize me!?"

"Who's Tiffany? District Thirteen? What is that, a code word?" she asks.

I am about to break down when I remember Claudius's words. They will only get their memories back once you make the ultimate sacrifice. I know what I have to do.

I walk to teh middle of the small village, and shout for all the cameras to see and hear, "I SACRIFICE MYSELF FOR MY FAMILY!"

Nothing happens at first, but eventually, a hovercraft materializes, and picks up my family with a tractor beam. I brace myself for a gunshot, a whip, and sword, something that will take my life. Nothing happens. I sigh with relief. Mabye this was just a test to see who had the courage! I run back into the woods in high spirits. I walk for about ten minutes when I hear a strange whistling sound. I look to the sky, and I see a bird coming towards me. When it gets closer, I realize it's not a bird. It's a missile.

I start to run, but I know I will not outrun it. I stop, and wait for the mssile to come closer. At the last second, I dive to the side, but the missile makes a compete 180. It must be heat-seeking! My last thought before it hits before my feet is, Oh crud!


A huge explosion jolts me out of my slumber.

I'm pretty sure everyone in a 3-mile radius heard it, but none of the careers know what it is. There's usually no explosives at the cornucopia, and if there was, I'm pretty sure they'd have been used already. It must be the gamemakers, and chances are someone's dead. Mabye they killed off a tribute just to show that they can, to keep us meek and scared. That could be it, becasue ever since the battle, Lukel's been brainstorming ideas of how to bust out of the arena, which wouldn't go down well with the Capitol. We've told him he's crazy, but he must be pretty tight with his family, because he hasn't stopped thinking. I'm wondering if some of the other tributes are having similar thoughts. It's possible, with thirteen (or more likely twelve after the explosion), of the most dangerous tributes ever all in one arena, you can only expect the unexpected.


I'm running away from the battle when I hear the explosion. I can tell it came from the village by using Cornucopia Hill in the distance as a landmark. It confuses me at first, since I should be on the other side of the arena by now. That's when I realize I've been going in circles. I curse under my breath, but just then, I hear a rustle from the bushes behind me. I draw my sword, but with the stab wound I'm in no condition to fight, and rain has begun to fall heavily, which makes it that more difficult. I only have one choice.

"Who's there?" I ask, trying not to sound afraid.

I keep my sword drawn as a tribute comes out of the bush. It's Jay from 11, and she approaches me with a knife in hand.

"You're name's Amethyst, right?" she asks me.

"Yeah. Hey, weren't you allied with your district partner?"

She looks at the ground. "Yeah. He- he died in the battle. Didn't you see his face in the sky last night?"

"Umm- no. I didn't really pay attention to that," I reply.

She notices my wound, and stares at it. "Oh. I see why. Who gave you that?" she asks.

"Dare from 12. I think he's dead. So, you wanna be allies? Mabye we can find the Anti-Careers again, and hook up with them," I suggest.

"Yeah sure. I don't want to be in these games alone," she replies.

We sit down in a small cave on the side of a large boulder. It's pouring now, and we've decided to stay put until it lets up. Judging by the way the first three days have gone by, that could take a while.


Me and Satan are doing well, as neithe rof us have sustained major injuries. We keep on hiking, but we're both tired. The only plus is that neither of the other tributes are doing well either, from what I saw at the battle, so we don't have to worry about attack. We keep our weapons dawn though. You can never be too careful in the arena.


I'm sitting in my own tent, trying to figure out a way. Everyone else thinks I'm crazy, they say there's no way out other than dying and being put in a coffin, or winning. Either way, my family will die. Already at least twelve familis are doomed, some of them because of my allies. They don't seem to understand that by killing a tribute, they also kill off many more people, children, the elderly, people who have lives, friends and loved ones back home.

As I'm having these thoughts, an idea pops into my head. I grin. It's almost suicidal, but It's an idea. I face my allies and tell them my plan.

Thats why I've pledged to myself not to kill anyone in these games, but devote my time to trying to bust out, and rescue not just myself, but the dozens, if not hundreds of others in this arena.


I force myself to keep moving, even though I'm exhausted. I recieve a medical kit, which I use to treat my numerous wounds. I go towards the village, thinking that all the other tributes will be moving away from it. I reach the village. It's on the opposite side of the battle scene, and I can just make out the clearingthrough the trees. I sit down and try to take shelter under a huge tree from the oncoming rain.


We're aming our way towards the village, hoping to find Amethyst. We have a crude plan on how to get out, the idea was started by Amethyst, and when we lost her, the rest of us built on it. But we need more people. This isn't possible without more tributes, and right now, there's only one other large alliance we can turn to for help.

The careers.


"You're saying we work with Primrose's alliance? Are you crazy!?"

My cheeks are burning as I tell the careers my idea, speaking in a whisper so the microphones can't pick up our conversation.

"It's the only way. I'm not just a fighter, I have a good mind too. There's just no other conceivable way to do it," I reply.

Natalie thinks about for a second. Chisel stands in the corner of our small clearing, looking grave.

"I have to admit, It's a good idea. But way too dangerous. It could get us all killed. Remember, there are cameras everywhere, and no way to shut them down. If the gamemakers see us, we're dead!" reasons Natalie

"Mabye that Alice chick from 3 can help us with shutting down the cameras. She knows a lot about electronics."

"So now we need to work with the anti-careers, an alliance with some of our worst enemies, a nerd from 3, and a psycopath from 10!?" Even if we can all find eachother, we won't be able to do anything without tearing eachother up!" she says.

"Unless you want almost a hundred innocent people to die, then yes, we'll have to work with them."

She takes a deep breath, and says, "Okay. We can try. I'll help you, but still don't think It'll work. Chisel, what do you think?"

"I'm game. I still hate the anti-careers, but I agree, there's no other way. I'm not particualrly fond of my family, but I still don't want to see dozens of other families die. I'm not that cruel," he replies.

"Alright then. Let's go."


I'm still not sure of what I'm gonna do. I received a sponsor gift an hour ago containing an axe. Great timing. Couldn't have givven it to me before the battle, huh?

Anyways, I'm having conflicting emotions. Part of me wants to go on with the games, and block all thoughts of my family. But part of me wants to do it. I can't just let them die. Even if the Capitol lets my father live, he won't last a week after this experience. And my friends, Linda and Able. They live with us, but would they be here? They're not technically my family.

In the end, I decide to look for an ally, mabye Satan and Alice. Satan will probably want to kill me on sight, but Alice seems to calm him down a bit. I'm near the battle clearing, so I run over there, and follow what I think are Alice's small footprints.


We see smoke in the distance, and presume it's the careers. Who else would be stupid enough to light a fire in such a small arena. Primrose argues that it may be a trap, but I doubt it. Possibly it's a beacon, and they want to ally with us too. It's unlikely, but nothing's impossible in the arena. We decide to go to the source of the smoke. We load up our gear and head out.


The careers have found us, and we draw our weapons, preparing for a battle. We are shocked when the careers want to ally with us so they can break out of the arena. They're talking in whispers so the microphones can't hear them. Talk about being paranoid. I'm about to slit Chisel's throat when Alice steps between us.

"Come on Satan. If they're planning to get everyone out of here, we have to help. I'm not letting my family die."

"Alice. It's the careers. If we go with them, they'll backstab us in seconds. And besides, it's not possible to get out of the arena. Please don't go," I reply

"You don't know that. It could very well be possible. And I'm going. You can stay behind if you want, but I'm not abandoning the families."

Anger boils in me. "Fine. You go and waste your life. I'm not helping you." And with that, I pick up my stuff, and storm away.


The rain has let up somewhat, so we make a break for it, and try to cover as much ground as possible before it starts pouring again. We ran for about a mile beforeit starts again, and we take shelter under a tree. We're there for about 30 minutes when we see someone emerge from the bushes in front of us. We stand up slowly, and we recognize the tribute as Trina. She looks at me, confused, and doesn't recognize me. She recognizes Amethyst though. She killed her ally, Dare, and the second she lays eyes on her, she draws a sword and charges.


We all ran to the place where we saw the smoke, and as we predicted, it's the careers. Neither of us attack, and we realize we've both been looking for eachother, both devising plans to break out. No fighting starts, but almost everyone is glaring murderously at someone else.

Great. How are we suppost to ally without backstabbing eachother? Mabye this wasn't such a great idea after all...

"So. I take it you guys want to help us with our little plan?" says Natalie, putting on a wide, and clearly fake smile.

Primrose gives a curt nod. I can tell that if hundreds of lives weren't on the line, half of us would already be dead. I decide to try to break the ice.

"I take it your alliance has a plan?" I ask.

"Yeah. And I bet it's a whole lot better than yours, you little son of a b***h!" shouts Chisel.

"Oh yeah? Why don't you just-"

"Guys, will you all just shut up!" shouts, to my surprise, Lukel. "If this is gonna work, we have to get along. So both of you back off and try to calm down so we can both share our ideas."

It's kind of strange, what Lukel's doing. I always though he was a lunatic, but I guess even the worst of us can change.


The girl from 2 charges me, and I'm totally unprepared. I guess I should have expected it, as I did kill her ally. I had been planning to try to ally with her, but I see now that's not possible. I grab the spear from Jay's hand, and make a quick strike. She's angry and careless, and I hit her on the first strike. She falls to the ground, crying in pain.

I'm starring at her srumpled form when I realize what I've done. I haven't just killed a tribute, but an entire family with her. Sorrow washes through me.

She's still alive, and screaming. For some reason she's still alive, and I decide to put her out of her misery. I give a hit on the head, and she is silent.

Jay seems unconcerned, but she obviously hasn't come to the same sonclusion as me. I turn to her, trying to hold back tears.

"Come on. Let's go find the anti-careers."


The sun is setting, and the rain has started to go away. Nothing major happens that night. The careers and anti-careers have shared their plans (which will be revealed on Day 5), and are preparing the assault. The other tributes are drawing near, and they will face a choice: Join the wider alliance, and have a chance at escape, or continue on their path, and remain as the Capitol's puppets. Only the strongest will survive, and on Day 5, the tributes will face a new enemy, more dangerous than any tribute.

The Capitol itself.

Day 5, Part 1: Never Give Up Hope


The sun is rising, and I groggily get out of my tent. Our plan will take place today, and we all know it will be our last in the arena. The tension from our meeting last night has not eased, and everyone has weapons drawn, eyeing eachotehr suspiciously. If we didn't share a common goal, fighting would have broken out long ago. Alice is sitting in her tent, apparently devising a plan that will shut down all the cameras. I'm not sure how that's possible, but she is from 3, and she's been studying stuff like this her whole life.


After hours alone in a tent, we're ready.

I've told the others my part of the plan, and they seem to like it.

Now, to get the cameras to shut down, we need an electrical current to pass through the area. We've decided to set up a make-shift lightning rod on one of the tallest trees, close to what we think is the center of the arena. The rod is made out of a pile of long spears tied together, so that it stretches over 20 meters above the forest. Last night would have been the best time to set it up, because of the rain and the possibility of lightning, but the clouds are still there, just as dark as last night, except without the rain. Chisel has been elected to set the lightning rod, along with the cables we found in the wreckage of one of the bridges. We've dimantled the cables on one other bridge, and also set it up so the current from any lighting that strikes the rod will travel through it, and hopefully interfere the camera's electrical signals, but leave most of the people unharmed, except for those very close to the rod. The rest of us have taken refuge on Cornucopia Hill until the current has passed through the area. After that's done with, we'll run to the village, and break out of this godforsaken arena.


We see some people on Cornucopia Hill, and we run like there's no tomorrow, which might very well be true. We're at the base of the hill when someone runs by us, barely glancing at us. It's Chisel from 8, and he's with the careers. We realize it's not the anti careers, and we run back. But then another figure streaks past us, Malco, whose with the anti-careers. He's chasing after Chisel, but not looking like he wants to kill him. More like he's tired and fell behind, and trying to keep up.

Why are the anti-careers and the careers in the same place, and not tearing eachother's throat's out? We continue to climb, utterly confused.


I hike through the woods, alone for the first time in these games.

Alice made a stupid decision. Enough said. There just wasn't any way to get out of this arena except winning, and by rebelling against the Capitol itself, she probably just destroyed any chances she had at winning. I tried to feel guilty about leaving her, but it just wouldn't come. I know I made the right decision, that I'm doing the right thing. Atleast I try to reasure myself that I did. But what about the families? I have no family of my own, but almost every other tribute does. Would I have made Alice's choice if I had loved ones in danger? I don't know. I've never loved anyone, and no one's loved me back.


I'm running at full speed, knowing that every minute I take to set things up, the smaller chance we have of actually getting a lightning strike. Malco is following me, saying I might need help.

"It might take more than one person to set it up. You don't have time to run back if it does," he says to me,

"Fine. But if you fall behind on the way back and get fried, not my fault."

We reach the designated tree, and we begin to climb. I wish Primrose from 7 had come, she would be better at this than me. But no matter. Me and malco finally get to the top, and begin attaching the rod.

It turns out he was right, it'll take two people to balance the rod while the other nails it into the tree. Once it's secure, we take the cables from the bridges, tie them to the tree, and unrole them and take them to the ground. The cables are long enough that we can wrap them around about a third of the village, close enough to kill the cameras signal, but far away enough to keep the people alive. Hopefully. I stuff what's left over from the rod in my backpack, and we take off, wanting to get as far away from the tree as possible. We're about halfway there when my hair starts standing up. It feels like it's getting sucked up by a vacuum, but I know what it really is. My eyes widen, and I run. The bolt strikes fifteen seconds after I take off, and I realize what's attracting it. The left over rod in my backpack! I open it as I'm running, but it caught on something. Malco realizes what's happening, and he rushes over. My hair stands up again, and we bolt, the lightning striking about 20 meters away. We can see the hill now, and the others are on the edge of the cliff. They see another bolt strike, this one closer, and they throw down a rope.

"Get rid of the backpack Chisel! It's attracting the lightning!" shouts Natalie. I can't though. The lightning is striking faster now, and I already have burns just from being close to it. I fI stop to take it off, the bolt will get me before I can take off again. I continue running. Another bolt strikes at my side, throwing me to the ground, dazed. Malco rushes to my aid, and starts cutting off the straps. Our hair starts rising again, and I throw the backpack, and just as it leaves my hand, a seering light blinds me, and I crumple to the ground.


Chisel threw the backpack, but he still got hit. I can't tell if he's dead, any cannons would have been lost in the thunder. I drag him up the hill, using the rope the other threw to us. We get to the top, and I collapse on the ground. The others rush to Chisel, but I'm watching the tree in the distance. I feel a tingle up my spine, and another bolt hits, larger than any I've ever seen, and turns everything around the tree into an inferno. The light is so bright that I only open my eyes a minute later. The areas where we layed the cables are also on fire, so that means they did their job well. The electricity had traveled up here so we could barely feel it, but if we could feel it here, miles away, then I'm sure the cameras are toast. You can't see the village from here, so there's no way of knowing if they're alive. The ground is still wet from yesterday's rainfall, so the fire dies quickly.

My attention turns to Chisel. He has bad burns on the arm that threw the backpack. He's not breathing, and his fingers have gone cold. Scorpius begins to perform CPR to try to get him breathing again. After ten minutes, he begins to breath. First with small gasps, but after an hour he's breathing fine. He's still to weak to stand, so we debate on what to do next.

"I'll just slow you down, just leave me here, I'll be fine," he suggests. As soon as he says the word "fine" his eyes begin to close, and he has to lie back down.

"You know you're not fine, and we're not leaving you here," replies Primrose firmly.

"How about this. We'll take him with us, and drop him off ina sheltered area with some food and weapons." I say.

No one really likes this idea, but It's the best we've got, so we waste no more time. We collect our stuff and head out towards the village., Where we will either emerge victorious, or not at all.

Day 5, Part 2: The Sacrifices


We follow them at a distance, still trying to figure out what is going on. What are they doing? Have they been hijacked by the Capitol's mutts? Are they somehow boycotting the games? We don't know. It looks like they are looking for someone,as they stop and become very quiet whenever a bush rustles or something. They've been hiking for about an hour when Scorpius whispers something the group. All at once they take off, and we try to keep up with them, but eventually we fall behind.


I can see some footprints in the mud, and we follow them. They are still fresh, so whoever was here can't be far ahead. We're all dreading what has to happen next, but there's no way around it. We have to sacrifice a tribute for our plan to work. And our plan is this:

After we track down our tribute, we plan to kill him or her in a designated clearing close to the village. Now, when the lightning killed the camera's signal, it also killed the signal of the tracker in our arm, that also doubles as a heart beat tracker, that tells the gamemakers when a tribute has died. Since neither of these work, they have sent hovercrafts into the air to monitor the games until they can fix the signals. We've seen them from time to time, and every time we take cover. They obviously know something is up, and we don't want them to find us. Anyways, since the heart beat tracker isn't working, we can fight the tribute, and fake our deaths, or atleast one of us can. The next part is crude, but should be effective. Alice has studied hovercrafts for years, and she knows that they're only piloted by one or two people in the games. If we can get aboard the hovercraft alive, we can hijack it, and use it to rescue the tributes. Three of the large hovercrafts should be able to fit the entire village if we squeeze, and hopefully, we will be able to fly out of the arena. The only things we have to watch out for are the Capitol's missiles, but we'll only need to worry about them if they find out before we get the hovercraft. They also have other hovercrafts out there, but with a bit of luck, and a lot of skill, we should be able to escape this place before tomorrow morning.


I can hear tributes behind me, and I break into a run. I can hear multiple voices, and I know I'm being hunted.

"I am not going to loose again. Not when I'm this close. I have to do this, for my family. For District Six."

The voices are beginning to fade, and I think I've lost them when I reach a small clearing. I'm about to run into the trees behind it when three tributes jump out of the bushes. I make a right turn, only to be trapped by another tribute. Within seconds, I am surrounded.

I pull out a sword. I am not going down without a fight. Lukel steps towards me, and draws his sword. A duel then. I make the first strike. I wasn't even aiming to injure, just to get him off balance to give me an edge, but my sword makes contact with his arm. He backs away. I make another strike, and this time he deflects it, but barely. I grin. After I finish him off, I can take care of the rest. I slash, and he blocks it, and returns with a strike of his own, which I parie. My past experience with the games keeps me alive, and I can feel him loosing ground. I make a quick stab, and thats all it takes to crumple him to the ground. I am about to finish him off, when I hear a voice. "Wait." It's Primrose, the girl from 7. And she has a bow in hand, aiming at me.

"I'm sorry Maple. I don't want to have to do this. I promise we'll get your family out." I start backing away, and trip over Lukel. She see's the look of terror on my face and falters. I am frozen in fear, and when she pulls herself together again, she releases the arrow.


I'm trying to stop a smile from appearing on my face. My allies know I'm faking for any cameras they have in the sky, but they're prettending they think I'm dead. Amethyst (Who met up with us and Jay, and had been briefed about the mission) kneels by me, and starts "crying". She takes a knife, and stabs herself where she has a little patch of amour. She crumples down beside me, and we wait for the hovercrafts to pick us up.

When they come, neither of us move a muscle. But then something happens we aren't prepared for. It lands next to us, and two uniformed guards with machine guns jump out and walk towards us.

One of them walks towards Amethyst, and kneels beside her. She has the sense to remain still, and luckily, the guard doesn't check her pulse. He gives a thumbs up to one of the hovercrafts, and it's metal claws pick her up.

The next one takes one look at Maple, and she gives a thumbs up. The crouches down beside me, and I can feel her breath in my face. Every muscle in my body wants to scream and run, but i stay still. An eternity later, she gives the thumbs up, and the great metal claws come down, and get a grip on me, and then pull me up. Just before I enter the hovercraft, I see the two heavily armeed guards climbing a ladder, getting onto my hovercraft.


I'm holding my breath as the two get loaded onto the hovercrafts.

The guards that pick them up aren't peacekeepers. They're part of a group of elite soldiers that make up the President's personal guard force. It was sheer luck that they didn't check their pulses. If they did, chances are we'd all be dead by now.

By now Amethyst would have started the hijacking, but I'm not sure what Lukel's going to do, with two armed soldiers on board. I'm praying they can somehow pull it off and make it to the village, because if they don't, we're all doomed.


Lukel is on the other ship, wit the guards, but I can't worry about that now. I waste no time. Once I'm alone in the cargo hold, I get up, and slowly open the door to the control room.

There are two people at the controls, neither of them armed. I grab a hammer off the wall, and brain the co-pilot. He goes down, and the piolt turns around. His astonishment turns to anger as he punches me in the face. He pounces on me, and I barely dodge his tackle. I rush to the controls, and smash the radio to prevent any distress calls. I tur back to the pilot, and bash him in the stomach. Both are unconcious now, and I don'y kniw what to do with them.

I see a role of ductape by the control panel, and I smile.


The rest of us sprint to the village as fast as we cn. We have a spot in mind on the edge of the village where we plan to gather the families. A hovercraft passes over us, but we can't tell if it's Lukel's or Amethyst's ot the Capitol's.

Once we arive, we waste no time. We know the families are deatly afraid of the Komodo Mutts, so we start screaming stuff like "The mutts are coming! Run to the edge of the village!" That gets them moving alright. Almost all of the villagers are running to the edge when the first gunshots ring out.


The two guards are in the cockpit, still armed. I grab Maple's sword from her hand, and stand by the door, ready to attack if they come in. It takes half an hour, but they finally do come into the cargo hold. They have guns, and all I have is a sword. The woman comes in first, and I don't hesitate. I knock the gun from her hand, and punch her in the gut. The man rushes in, and fires. I hit the ground, but a bullet grazes my foot. I stab him in the heart, and he goes down. The woman bodychecks me, and I crash into the wall, dazed. I slice at her leg, and she falters. I run to the door, and she picks up her gun. My shoulder goes numb, and I know I've been hit. I lock the door, and run to the control panel in the cockpit, and behead the pilot. I look out the window, and We're not in the arena.

I curse under my breath. I should have acted sooner, before we left the arena! I look around for a GPS, and I find it in the corner. I find the arena on it, and it's about a 20 minute flight. I'm about to punch in the co-ordinates into the autopilot, but then I stop and think.

Why risk my life for the other tributes? What have they ever done for me?

I have complete conrol over the hovercraft. I could fly back to Two, sneak in, change my name, and live happily for the rest of my life. I could leave my allies, and survive.

"No. Not today. They're counting on me, and I won't let them down."

And with that, I type in the co-ordinates, and I start flying back to the place we all want to get out of.


A hovercraft has appeared over the village, and a dozen peacekeepers parachute out, guns in hand. We keep on running to the rendezvous point, the peacekeepers in pursuit. We grab throwing knives, arrows, slingshots, anything we can that might help us. We try to arm the villagers, but more than half are still unarmed. The peacekeepers fire, and we duck behind huts and tents. To my right, a villager goes down, and another tribute is wounded by gunfire. Primrose takes down a peacekeeper with arrows, but the others keep on coming. It is now total chaos. More peacekeepers come out of the woods, and we are running out of weapons. Another hevercraft comes out of nowwhere, and fires at the peacekeepers. It's either Amethyst or Lukel, but where is the other one?


I hear gunshots from the village, and it's at that moment I realize that the greater alliance had gone through with their plan.

I race over there with a sword and a whip in hand, preparing for a fight. When I get there, it's more than just a fight. it's a full scale battle, that makes the one we had earlier in the games look like a water balloon fight. Almost a hundred people, tributes and their families alike, are battling at least thirty peacekeepers. Some grab guns from the ones they have killed, and return fire. Others charge in with swords and spears, others are trying to just get out of the village. Three small hovercrafts are chasing a larger one, trying to gun it down. Several huts are on fire, and half a dozen people are already dead, many others wounded.

I see Alice in the center of the village, holding off a peacekeeper. She has knocked his gun away, and is trying to stab him with a sword. The peacekeeper continues to dodge her strikes, and runs to his gun. In a split second, I think back to Abigail, and how she was slaughtered, not five yards away from me. I will not let that happen again. I sprint forward, using every ounce of my energy, and as he pulls the trigger, and leap in front of Alice.


It's a full-scale war, and I can barely even keep track of all the tributes. As far as I can tell, no one has died yet but I might be wrong. We have picked up a few guns from fallen peacekeepers, and are returning fire. Then I see someone bound out of the bushes on the far side of the village, dressed in armour, with a sword and shield in hand. The person's identity blows me away.

It's Chisel.

He runs up and starts battling the peacekeepers. He's hopelessly outnumbered, and it's only the bulletproof armour that's keeping him alive. He can't go on forever, and eventually one of the peacekeepers shoots him in a chink, and I expect him to go down, but he keeps fighting. He takes two more bullets, one to the arm and one to the leg, but he continues on. He slays ten peacekeepers before he takes a bullet to the cheek. He tries to stand up, but he crumples to the ground. He still won't die, and the peacekeepers have to shoot him over and over again before he finally goes down for good.

His sacrifice has given s time, and we begin to surge forward, all of us as one.

Day 5, Part 3: On The Horizon


Amethyst's hovercraft has landed, and another one is coming into view, hopefully Lukel's. We start loading the villagers in. There's not enough room, not nearly, but Lukel's hovercraft is drawing nearer. Amethyst runs out, looking panicked.

"There's three more hovercrafts coming in from the east! We need to get out of here now!" she screams.

"We need to wait for Lukel's hovercraft!" I shout back, running towards her.

Another volley of gunshots sends us to the ground. Natalie and Malco run into the battle, along with two dozen villagers. The peacekeeper's have replenished themselves after Chisel's last stand, and they are stronger than ever. Just as the two groups meet in battle, Lukel's hovercraft materializes over us, and lands next to Amethyst's. The hovercrafts are ready to be loaded.


Most of them start backing up and running for the hovercrafts, but a few stay and try to hold off the peacekeepers, including Natalie. An enemy hovercraft materializes over us, and everyone with guns start to fire. It's a large hovercraft, and it takes dozens of hits to take it down. It crash lands near us, and me and Alice rush towards it.

"Is it usable? Can we fly it?" I ask Alice, looking at the hovercraft's crumpled front.

"Yes. Probably. Mabye, but It'll be slow," she replies.

"Lets find out."

Me and Alice jump in the cockpit, and push the pilot, who has died of gunshot wounds, out of the way. I start it up, and it seems to work. Like Alice said, it's slow, but it gets up in teh air. Peacekeeper's bullet's shatter the windows, but we make it back to the others alive, and land it.


it takes some convincing to get the villagers into the hovercrafts, but they oblige. Almost everyone is aboard, except for a few who have decided to stay behind and hold the enemy off.

"Alright! Lukel, you and Alice take the Capitol's ship. Primrose and Malco will take the other one, and everyone else, follow me to that one," I say.

"What about Natalie! We can't just leave her!" shouts Scorpius.

"It's too late for her, but we can still live, now everyone to your hovercrafts!"

Everyone rushes to their respective hovercrafts, and teh minuye we start our engines, the fleet of at least ten Capitol combat hovercrafts appears on the horizon.


The hovercrafts have taken off, but I can't worry about that now. They'll come back for the rest of us when the fighting ends. If we're still alive.

I do all I can to help the villagers, but the peacekeepers just keep on coming, from where, I don't know. Somewhere in the forest probably. Dozens of bodies litter teh ground, and wreckage is all around us. The villagers fight on bravely, trying to protect themselves and their families, but they just can't fight against teh Capitol.

They seem to listen to the tributes though, and I start shouting, trying to get their attention above the sounds of the battle.

"FALL BACK EVERYONE, FALL BACK! TO THE WOODS! COME ON, TO THE WOODS!" The majority listen to me, and we run like the wind. The peacekeepers try to catch up, but with the combimned weight of their weaponss and armour, they fall behind. They try to gun us down, and a few of the villagers go down.

We've reached teh woods now, and we are still running. As far as I can tell, we've given the peacekeepers the slip, but they continue to fire into the woods, blindly.

"HIT THE DIRT!" One of the villagers screams. And I'm glad he did, because bullets begin to ricochet off the trees and rocks, and I'd be dead if I didn't get down.

The bullets stop, and the remainder of us keep on going. In the istance I hear a faint boom. My eyes widen as I realize what the sound was.

It was the sound of a missile being launched.

All we can do is keep on running, but we're slowing now, and even if we were at top speed, we couldn't hope to outrun a missile.

"Everyone, split up!" I shout.

It's too late. The missile strikes 30 yeards to my left, and the sheer force of the explosion blows me away. Literally. I get thrown 15 feet, and I stand up dazed.

Three more are launched, and I'm runing away, frantically. We have all split up, and I sometimes I catch glimpses of villagers runing through the trees. I hear the missiles strike, and the wails of the injured. I can't go back for them now, I have to keep going. When I can't go any longer, I dive into a thick bush and hide.

I'm thinking that mabye I've gotten away when another missile appears over my head, and crashes into a tree in front of me, turning my world into an inferno.


The Capitol's hovercraft's are shooting everything at us, from bullets to missiles, to flaming arrows. The hovercratf's laser guidance defense system deflects and destroys the missiled, but the bullets hammer us.

"Cover Lukel's ship, it's slower than ours and it's defenses are failing," I say over the portable radio.

"Got it." replies Malco. His hovercraft swerves infront of Lukel's, taking some of the bullets.

"We're outside of the arena, now what?" asks Lukel.

"We need to loose these guys before we do anuthing else." I reply.

There are at least five hovercrafts on us, and they are slowly gaining, and our defenses are failing.

"We have to strike back. Lukel, Primrose, what weapons do you guys have?"

"We have machine guns on ours, but no bombs," replies Lukel. "Alice is working on something in the back, some kind of explosive."

"We have two low-grade explosives on board," says Primrose. "That's it."

Just then, our hovercraft swerves off course, and gives a jerk. I check the control pannel, and despair seeps through me. We've been hit too many times, and our shields are down.


Jay's hovercraft is faltering.

"Jay, what's going on in there!?" I shout into the radio.

"Our shields are down, so is one of our engines! We can't stay up much longer!"

"Just hold on! We'll distract the Capitol's ships, you try to stay up!"

Our ship turns around, so we're even with the capitol's ships.

"Primrose, use the bombs! Throw them, now!" I shout to Primrose in the cargo hold. She loads it into a cannon, and fires. The explosion that follows knocks our hovercraft off balance. The bomb hit one of them, and the explosion took out a second one too. Our other two hovercrafts move away.

Our victory is short lived, because at that moment, another hovercraft releases a heat seeking missile, straight at us.


I rush to the controls, and move us to top speed.

"You can't outrun it! You need to land!" shouts Alice through the radio.

"If we land they'll just bomb us! We need to keep going.

Scorpius comes on the radio. "One of us needs to take the missile."

Silence fills the radio.

"We'll take it," Scorpius continues. "We have the least amount of people on board, we'll do it."

"No! I won't let you! There's got to be another way!" I shout at him, tears filling my eyes.

"It's the only way Primrose. We have to." It's Amethyst talking this time. We're flying side by side, and I can see her in the cockpit. Our eyes lock for the last time, right before she takes the wheel and swerves their hovercraft behind ours, and takes the full force of the Capitol's missile.

The blast hits us, and we start flipping in mid air. Our hovercraft ahs caught on fire, and the ground is coming up fast.

"Lukel! We're going down fast!" I shout into the radio.

"Can you stay up a bit longer?"

"No! All our engines are down, We have to make a crash landing!"

He's silent for a second. "Okay. Alice can distract them for a bit, try to land in that field over there." About ten kilometers from here is a vast field of wheat, a good landing spot.

The Capitol is gaining on us, and we have no time to loose. I take a deep breath, and angle the hovercraft that's going 200 kilometers an hour down towards a wheat field, hoping that we will not die.


I fire the machine guns and shoot arrows, hoping to distract the three remaining hovercrafts. Luckily none of them notice Malco's hovercraft going down.

"Alice, do you have the weapon ready!?" shouts Lukel.

"Almost, just give me a few minutes!" I reply.

Using the cables, wires, tools, gunpowder, and other knick knacks in the back, I have created a makeshift bomb, with more than enough power to knock out all three hovercrafts. If it even detonates.

"I'll get us a few more miles away, then you can fire fire it!"

This is followed by a bang that rattles my eardrums.

"We've been hit! You have to fire it now!" comes Lukel's shout from the front.

"But it's not ready yet!"


The hovercrafts have surrounded us now, and I know they mean to destroy us, and now. I haven't set the timer on the bomb, and I have no way of knowing if it'll blow up or not.

"You have nothing to loose."

I load it into the cannon. I aim at the nearest hovercraft, and close my eyes. I pull the trigger.

The second I do, we rocket up into the sky, trying to get out of the bomb's range. It lands on the wing of one of them, and sits there. One second, two seconds, three seconds-


The explosion is collosal, easily ten times as powerful as any of the explosions before. It was ment to feed off of the fuel in the hovercrafts, so they are disitengrated instantly.

"We did it!" I shout to Lukel, overcome with joy.

We had done the impossible. We had escaped the cursed arena, with many of the tribute's loved ones, and survived. As for what happened to Primrose and Malco, we may never know.

It's early morning now, and the sun is coming up over the mountains in the distance, creating a beautiful sunrise.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" I ask Lukel.

He smiles. "It is."

People usually think of him as a killer, a cruel person. But mabye this was a turning point. Behind the muscle, I saw something else. A kind person, who has endured so much cruelty, and had become an outcast, so he masks his kind personality with anger that builds and builds. But now, mabye he can change. We can all change if we believe we can.

I smile. Mabye this is destiny. A chance for renewel, a chance to start something new.


(2 Years Later)



Amazing is the word I use to describe what we have built.

After the crash, the survivors traveled into the forest. Hundreds of kilometers away from any civilization, we began to work on a settlement. We had built it to resemble the Districts, and even with very limited materials, it is beautiful. Buildings in built on top of the trees tower above the ground. Our headquarters is on a small hill we found with a three story house on top. By a lake we have built cabins and tents for everyone, and this is only the start. We plan to build much, much more in the years to come. We are all happy, except for one thing.

Malco didn't survive the crash.

He had died on impact, his head hitting the control pannel and breaking his neck. It had been devestating, but we had pulled through and continued on.

The familie's memories have slowly come back. It turned out it was more of a psycological trance thing than a hijacking, and within two months, the memories had come back.

We built memorials for the tributes that had died, and we did what we could to honour their memories. We had only lived because of them, and through everything we go through, we will never, ever forget their sacrfices.

Thank you for reading!

-Tiki tooki


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