Since the main page for my games is glitching, I'll write the ending here until I can work out the glitch. Then I'll move the ending to the main page. Hope you enjoy!

Day 5, Part 3: On The Horizon

Continued from Primrose Axe's point of view. To read the first part of Day 5 Part 3 click on the link above.

The blast hits us, and we start flipping in mid air. Our hovercraft ahs caught on fire, and the ground is coming up fast.

"Lukel! We're going down fast!" I shout into the radio.

"Can you stay up a bit longer?"

"No! All our engines are down, We have to make a crash landing!"

He's silent for a second. "Okay. Alice can distract them for a bit, try to land in that field over there." About ten kilometers from here is a vast field of wheat, a good landing spot.

The Capitol is gaining on us, and we have no time to loose. I take a deep breath, and angle the hovercraft that's going 200 kilometers an hour down towards a wheat field, hoping that we will not die.


I fire the machine guns and shoot arrows, hoping to distract the three remaining hovercrafts. Luckily none of them notice Malco's hovercraft going down.

"Alice, do you have the weapon ready!?" shouts Lukel.

"Almost, just give me a few minutes!" I reply.

Using the cables, wires, tools, gunpowder, and other knick knacks in the back, I have created a makeshift bomb, with more than enough power to knock out all three hovercrafts. If it even detonates.

"I'll get us a few more miles away, then you can fire fire it!"

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