Welcome to Tiki tooki's first ever Tribute Awards! On this blog, you will enter your three favourite tributes and see them go head-to-head with others, and see which tribute is the greatest tribute of all time! This is not a Hunger Games, more like a vote to see which tribute the wiki`s users like best!


Entering Tributes:

-You may enter up to three of your own tributes.

-You may enter up to two tributes that belong to users that are currently innactive.

-The tributes DO NOT have to be from the same district. There can be as many people from as many districts as needed.

-I need 34-40 tributes

-They have to have been in at least one games.

-Please enter the info you would enter on any normal games, along with the description of their past games.

-I will later be doing awards such as "Coolest Name" and "Most Intriguing History" and stuff like that. You will vote, and the tribute with the most votes wins.


-There will be 10 groups of 4 in the beggining. I will randomly assort the tributes into those groups. I will start with the first group, and ask the owners to explain why you should vote for their tributes. After that you will vote once on each group for the tribute you like best, and which argumant by the user you liked best. The tribute with the most votes gets a bye to the next round. I will decide on the other two. At the end of Round 1, there will be 30 left. Then, you will vote for two wild cards to come back so there are 32 tributes left.

-For Round two, the tributes will be facing off against one other. Again, the owners will state their arguements on why their tributes should go on, and this time I will decide so at the end of Round 2, there will be 16 left.

-Round 3 will be the same as Round 1 except there will be 4 groups of 4. The same procedure will be followed, except only two from each group will go on.

-Round 4 will have the same procedure as Round 2, with 4 eliminated and 4 going on.

-Round 5 will have one final chance for the users to voice their oppinions. There will then be a vote, and I will choose the final victor based on the vote, your opinions, and my own personal opinion.

The Tributes

Tribute Name Gender Age District Award Number User
Talon Faust M 17 10 Firecatcher3
Kedzie Woods F 15 10 Firecatcher3
Erin Willow F 14 5 Firecatcher3
Scorpius Flame M 15 4 Jabberjay78
Kohl Cyphers M 15 12 Jabberjay78
Twinkle Night F 15 5 Jabberjay78
Ograssu Crasser M 16 7 TotalDramaRox97
Mareas Corriente F ? 4 TotalDramaRox97
Sparkle Hinsy ? ? 1 TotalDramaRox97
Zed Sypol M 16 10 Fantasyfilm99
Nyenth Sane F 15 2 Fantasyfilm99
Lukel Darker M 17 2 Fantasyfilm99
Yabbah Dabbah M 16 7 Anon...
Zoe Harrison F 13 7 Anon...
Ion M 13 3 Morgan Silve
Electrica F 13 3 Morgan Silve
Lewis Clark M 13 5 Morgan Silve
Natalie Cambell F 18 1 Tevinh
Daniel Zlevor M 18 7 Leshawna333
Spring Howards F 12 9 Brony12
Paige Bennet F 15 7 DistrictTributexD
Trystan Forde M 18 2 DistrictTributexD
Amethyst Bane F 17 8 Tommboy97
Ronda Grouge F 16 4 Brony12
Satan Lockwood M 16 10 Anon...
Jay Sparrow F 15 11 Anon...
Selia Hawthorn F 13 2 Rueflower
Marcan Collcoin M 15 2 Rueflower
Primrose Axe F 14 7 EffieLuna
Albany York M 12 6 InsertRandomnessHere
Bradley Ward M 12 2 Fantasyfilm99
Sliver Alden M 18 2 Tomboy97
Whimzi Electrelle F 13 3 IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
Aquamarine Summerton F 16 4 Brony12
Gemma Stork F 16 1 PurplexMuffin
River Rhodes M 17 6 Wolverine1717
Sutton Yates F 16 6 Wolverine1717
Julia Maganese F 15 5 EffieLuna
Rufus Mendal M 17 8 Hungergames fan girl
Kyler Quist M 16 ?" Firecatcher3
Quinna Archipelago' F 13 12 Tiki tooki
Ridge Hillsong' M 15 12 Tiki tooki
Aydan Monarcha' M 12 7 Tiki tooki

'Only entered in minor awards.

"No fixed District

Final Positions: GS- Group Stage, R32- Round of 32, QF- Quarter Finals, SF- Semi-Finals, F- Finalist

Finishes: B- Finished top of votong, bye to next round, QLF- Qualified, DQ- Disqualified, E- Eliminated, WC- Wild Card

Best Overall Tribute Award (CANCELED!!!)

Round 1

Group A

Tribute User Finish
Kedzie Woods Firecathcer3 E
Scorpius Flame Jabberjay78 B
Sarkle Hinsy TotalDramaRox97 QLF
Bradley Ward Fantasyfilm99 QLF

Who Do You Think Should Move On From Group A?

Kedzie (6 votes)

Scorpius (8 votes)

Sparkle (2 votes)

Bradley (5 votes)

Group B

Tribute User Finish
Satan Lockwood Anon... QLF
Lewis Clark Morgan Silve E
Aquamarine Summerton Brony12 B
Rufus Mendal Hungergames fan girl QLF

Who Do You Think Should Move On From Group B?

Satan (7 votes

Lewis (0 votes)

Aquamarine (8 votes)

Rufus (1 vote)

Group C

Tribute User Finish
Paige Bennet DistrictTributexD QLF
Selia Hawthorn Rueflower E
Twinkle Night Jabberjay78 QLF
Lukel Darker Fantasyfilm99 QLF

Who Do You Think Should Move On From Group C?

Paige (5 votes)

Selia (3 votes)

Twinkle (4 votes)

Lukel (5 votes)

Group D

Tribute User Finish
Daniel Zlevor Leshawna333 E
Amethyst Bane Tomboy99 QLF
Erin Willow Firecatcher3 B
River Rhodes Wolverine1717 QLF

Who Do You Think Should Move On From Group D

Daniel (0 votes)

Amethyst (9 votes)

Erin (11 votes)

River (2 votes)

Group E

Tribute User Finish
Ion Morgan Silve E
Julia Maganese EffieLuna B
Marreas Corriente TotalDramaRox97 QLF
Whimzi Electrelle IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769 QLF

Who Do You Think Should Move On From Group E?

Ion (1 vote)

Julia (7 votes)

Marreas (3 votes)

Whimzi (4 votes)

Group F

Tribute User Finish
Primrose Axe EffieLuna
Kyler Quist Firecatcher3
Zoe Harrison Anon...
Ograssu Crasser TotalDramaRox97

Group G

Tribute User Finish
Nyenth Sane Fantasyfilm99
Cole Cyphers Jabberjay78
Trysten Forde DistrictTributexD
Ronda Grouge Brony12

Group H

Tribute User Finish

Group I

Tribute User Finish

Group J

Tribute User Finish

Round 2

Example: C1- F2- First placed tribute in Group C vs. second placed tribute in Group F

A1-F1 (1)

A2-F2 (2)

A3-F3 (3)

B1-G3 (4)

B2-G1 (5)

B3-G2 (6)

C1-H2 (7)

C2-H3 (8)

C3-H1 (9)

D1-I1 (10)

D2-I2 (11)

D3-13 (12)

E1-J2 (13)

E2-WC1 (14)

E3-WC2 (15)

J1-J3 (16)

Round 3

Group K (1,2,15,16)

Group L (3,4,13,14)

Group M (5,6,9,12)

Group N (7,8,10,11)

Round 4

Round 5

1. Coolest Tribute Name Award

2. Most Intiguing History Award

3. Most Powerful Tribute Award

4. Most Influecial Tribute Award

5. Best Antagonist Award

6. Best Protagonist Award

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