• Titus54

    this is the 73rd hnger games 

    the gamemakers have just diclared the beginnig of the games i know that i would never win lot of districts envy district 7 since we know how to handle axes but guess what i don't know how to use it the only thing district 7 have over the other district and i fail at it

    great this is what i was waiting for my entire life me and austin and scarlet and janie and carlton and marina already have a plan and we are ready

    this is exiting i can't wait till this count down end it seems that the arena is some sort of a rocky terrain with a green meadow and big lake at the center

    oh my god this is what i worked for for years been here wining bringing pride to my district and accomplishing wealth and fame this is what i am exp…

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  • Titus54

    foxface the untold story

    October 27, 2013 by Titus54

    i wake up it's 5am in district 5 my little sister and my mother are asleep my father must be at the power plant he started to work really really hard since the paiment had become even worst i hate how the capitol do this i mean it expoil our hardworck while they enjoy that lexurious life of them while we have to suffer eryone thinks that district 5 is the brightest district in panem but that's is because of the cemicals that poisoun our air and they think we are richer than the other districts because we have very low tessera but that's because we have a very low population since tto he conditions are verry low so i wear my shoes and i brade my hair it's brading is a little bit difficult but then my sister evangelin is uo she is 17 and she …

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  • Titus54

    the 58th hunger games

    October 18, 2013 by Titus54
    • this year the arena is going to be a vast jungle near a shore with a volcano in the middle of it the cornocopia is a golden  horn shaped place that will be transformed into random places and it will be filled with dangerous muttations

    district 1:

                                  age: 16

                                  training score 9

                                age : 17

                                 raining score 10


                                   age 17

                                   training score 10

                                 age : 18

                                 training score 11

                                   age 14

                                   training score 8

                                  age 16


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