i wake up it's 5am in district 5 my little sister and my mother are asleep my father must be at the power plant he started to work really really hard since the paiment had become even worst i hate how the capitol do this i mean it expoil our hardworck while they enjoy that lexurious life of them while we have to suffer eryone thinks that district 5 is the brightest district in panem but that's is because of the cemicals that poisoun our air and they think we are richer than the other districts because we have very low tessera but that's because we have a very low population since tto he conditions are verry low so i wear my shoes and i brade my hair it's brading is a little bit difficult but then my sister evangelin is uo she is 17 and she is very sick we had to worck very hard to give her a medicin but the conditions in district five are harch and unforgiving and the paiment is very low. she braids my hair and we hug i go out to worck she is at the window saying  goodbye but before i continue walking i see my house a very little wooden cabin with bird houses surrounding it and the primroses that my mother planted i go to the factory and start worcking i am a system analyser even though i am 15 years old i need to worck cause the capitol is forcing all of the citizens to worck i salute all of my friends .after 2 hours of worcking all of the worckers between 12 and 18 are beign dragged outside it is the reaping of the 74th hunger games and in one second the esckort says my name i feel like am going to vomit but i gain my strenght and i walk to the stage me and my district partner shake and bstupid eign transforted to the capitole our stylist makes us wear some stupid costumes that representes solar power  and after president snow says his stupid speech about onner and sacrifice we are transforted to our floor and we find a big feast my partner start eating like a pig but i can't even think of eating i go to the bedroom and try to go to  sleep but i can't i just think about my family my mother and father my dear sister and my friends i propobly won't see them again it is day 2 and we go to the training center i go to the plant matching session i managed to fininch it in 2 minutes the other two days i spent them perfecting my knife fighting skills and analise the competition the carrers are strong as usual the boy from 11 is a real big guy and the boy from 12 looks like a carrere not like a guy from a poor district and the girl from 12 she looks like a major threat to me. it is day 4 the private training session day i am really good with a knife but i made i strategy of making my self look weak so i won't bring so many attention to my self and i have a score of 5 .it is the interview my interview was so fast and i think it went pretty well but it seems like the tributes from 12 have a love story so cute but i think that there strategy is to make themselves look more desierable.

it is the begining of the games i managed to flee the cornocopia fast but with no supplies it is okay at least am alive for the day it is only day one and 13 tributes are alredy dead i make a camp up in the trees i spent the next 7 days stealing food but my supplies are begane to shrink so i head to the carrers camp and i quickly find out the way throught the boobie traps i got a bag of apples and a knife i then hear an explosion the carrers supplies are destroyed yes now i have a fighting chance it is day 10 there is a feast i go and bring my bag it seems like no body else is here my bag have low supplies i am starving it is day 18 i fallow the boy from 12 and i steel some of his berries i can't tell what are they am too hungry to think i eat them but then i have blurry vision i barely  can breath i fall to the ground and i see my life in front of me my family my friends all of them pass through my eyes boom am dead

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