this is the 73rd hnger games 


DISTRICT            GENDER       AGE       DISTRICT        GENDER            AGE

1 - AUSTIN                M             18         1- SCARLET          F                 16

2- HANSON               M             18          2- JANIE              F                  17

3- NOAH                   M             16         3- AMBER            F                   15

4- CARLTON            M             18         4-MARINA            F                   17

5- MAX                     M             17        5- SARAH            F                    16      

6- JAMESON           M              16        6-JENNIFER        F                    17

7-OAKLY                M               17        7-JUNIPER          F                    15

8-SLICANE             M               14        8- CASHMERE    F                     14

9-JAKESON           M                15        9- JASEMINE      F                     14

10-ZANE                M                18        10- RINA            F                      15

11- HARLEY          M                16        11-CAROL         F                      14

12-SAMOIL           M                 14       12- SHARONE     F                      16

day 1 : the bloodbath


the gamemakers have just diclared the beginnig of the games i know that i would never win lot of districts envy district 7 since we know how to handle axes but guess what i don't know how to use it the only thing district 7 have over the other district and i fail at it


great this is what i was waiting for my entire life me and austin and scarlet and janie and carlton and marina already have a plan and we are ready


this is exiting i can't wait till this count down end it seems that the arena is some sort of a rocky terrain with a green meadow and big lake at the center


oh my god this is what i worked for for years been here wining bringing pride to my district and accomplishing wealth and fame this is what i am expecting to do


the gong rang i go straight to the center of the cornocopia it seems that amber and zane are ahead  there is a dagger on the floor i tackle zane and stab him to death boom alright my first kill


wow janie is a professional at this but i need to focus there is a spear on the floor i grab and throw it on that girl carol boom her partner is with her what a fatal mistake i grab my spear and slash his throat boom


me silkane amber and jackson made an alliance since we are the youngest all of ran from the bloodbath but it seems that amber is attacked by jameson


oh gosh no i won't die today there is an axe on the floor i grab and i slice jameson's leg then i chop his head off and run


oh the deaths samoil have ran away good i didn't want the little guy to die i spot a small sword on the floor and i grab it i triped jasemine and slashed her stomach boom she is dead i grab a bag but that noah kid want's it too so i slice his leg then i slit his throat with my sword boom


that sharon is good mm mabe too good i go to her and punch her in the face i see a kukri so i stab her to death boom i spot max he is attacking me i block his attack with my hand and i kill him i see jennifer runing away but i won't let her i warned austin from this and he will take care of it


i see jennifer fleeing but i won't allow it a grab a spear and i slash her leg then i impale her boom


i see oakly is in the cornocopia i attack him and bump his head into a creat i grab his axe and chop his head off boom  i spot  rina playing dead but she moves her foot a little bit so i jump on her and stab her to death now she can play dead as long as she wants 


no everyone is either dead or ran away i didn't get the chance to kill anybody well am going to regroup with the others and then lets hunt down some tributes 


we barely ran away alright silkane managed to have two spears from the bloodbath and amber got a pack of throwing knives and a combat axe and me and jackson got backpacks alright we will split the loots i got a score of 9 and my odds were 11-1 after i demonstrated my skill with throwing knives so ihave those silkane and jackson have the spears and amber got the axe when we open the backpacs i found two bottles filled with water four loafs of bread a dagger a medicine and a pack of berries jackson had a pack of apples and three bottles of water and ropes and a sleeping bag that extends to at least 8 foot and a can of soop amber takes the daggers which is not that worst idea since she shot three holographic targets with one shot  so we rest for the nigh


i kept runing away for hours so i decided to stop i hunt down a rabbit and two birds i make a fire and i eat i can't believe that the only thing i got was this stupid dagger i spotted a bag of throwing axes at the cornocopia but i was too scared to take them well i think i will need to make some kills and steal some resorces soon 


fuh...fuh...fuh i can't believe i survived but am sad for max he was a promising victor he got a score of 10 and the odds of 5-1 well it seems that scores aren't everything i got a bacpack filled with food and a sword good i am very good with them well it's night time i climed a tree and the pictures of the deceased tributes show up

1- district 10 : zane

2- district 11: carol

3-district 11 : harley 

4-district 6 : jameson

5- district 9 : jasemine 

6- district 3: noah

7-district 12 : sharon

8-district 5 : max

9-district 6 :jennifer

10-district 7: oackly

11- district 10: rina

day 2 : the hunt down


day two it's timme to get to buisness me and the others head to the lake silcane said he knows how to fish and he does he hunts about 15 fishes jackson build a fire and we eat we start to make a plan depending on what are the remaining tributes lets see it is the four of us that girl sarah from 5 and that girl juniper from 7 there is also hanson and jennie and austin and scarlet and carlton and marina from 1    2 and 4 and casmere silkane's partner we make our plane amber said that if she can get coverage she can plant electric traps around the careers camp we agree and we start working me and jackson protect amber and silcane will warne us if the careers approached 


me and the others start hunting we hear the sound of two female tributes fighting so we go to investigate it's that juniper girl trying ti kill cashmere we attack both of them ran in different directions and we split me and austin and marina follow casmere and scarlet hanson jennie follow jun


oh no they are after me think juniper think alright i got a pck of throwing axes from cashmere when i attacked her so i hid under a rock for protection and i attacked i throw an axe and it finds its way to scarlet's chest killing her then i attack hanson i injure his leg than i stap two times in the abdomen with my dagger then i final blow of my axe to his heart jennie is going to revenge since she and marina are no doubt the strongest in the career pack i run


oh no they are going to kill me i must hurry these careers are deadly  but because they are well fed there entire life they are slow i kept runing and runing until silcane confronted me his allies heard me so they came but jackson tells them not to hurt me he is my best friend but then the careers see us and attack 


the careers arrived great that cashmere is nothing but trouble but now we must focus i grab my spear and throw it at austin boom his dead yes my first kill is a career i attack carlton but i only injure his arm and leg i see him swinging an axe at my neck boom am dead


jackson no ! i will avenge you my friend i attack carlton but he blocks my attack with his axe he wings it at my neck just like he did to jackson but fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me so i dodge it and i lodge my spear into his lung but he is wearing some sort of body armor he puches me away and throw his axe at cashmere i step into the way an next thing i know i am in the ground with an axe at my chest i see cashmere and tell her how i realy felt about her and wished that we met at other curcomstances and i whispered into her ear and beged her to win boom am dead 


no silcane stay with me amber puches and say it's too late if i only had the chance to tell him that i liked him too don't worry silcane your life won't go for nothing i take my bow and arrow and shoot that damn carlton in his head boom he is dead i see marina attacking samoil and pins him to the ground she punches him in the face several times then she grabs her spear and sticks it to his heart boom his dead and the  next thing i know me and amber are runing to the camp she and her decaesed allies made


i reached to our camp and i see that kid jackson and silcane and samoil and austin and carlton all dead i talk to marina and ask what on earth happened she replied that they got into a battle with another alliance but two girls managed to escape well it's okay me and marina were already planing to kill the others when there isn't that much tributes left i mean after all we are the strongest careers


carlton .. carlton ..carlton you always rushed in without thinking well i won't be worrying about you anymore me and jennie rest and it's already night time we sit and see the pictures of the fallen tributes

1-district 1 : scarlet

2-district 2 : hanson 

3-district 1 : austin 

4- district 9 : jackson

5- DISTRICT 8 : silcane

6-district 4 : carlton

7-district 12 : samoil

DAY 3 : the break


boy oh boy i can't believe that i reached the top 6 without having to make a single kill my mentor was when she said sarah these tributes are stupid and dim-witted they will kill them selves which will only makes your chances at wining heigher if you play these games in the right way you will find yourself at the top 2 and need to only kill one person i walk and walk then i feel hungry my mentore also telled me to train at throwing knives station since they are deadly at distance and that she herself won her games by using so i grab one and i kill two squirrles and i make a fire i try not to make it large so the meadow i am in won't burn and make smoke and reveal my location to those darn careers i eat but then i hear a twig break so i assume in the attack position and it is juniper from district 7 she said that she was impressed with my survival skills and my ability to find food and how i can handle a knife she offers to make an alliance with me


i really think that sarah will be a valubale team member and it is great to think that now one of us will sleep knowing that the other is watching for her so we walk into a cliff when i throw a rock and it comes back i think that it is the force field this can only mean we are at the edge of the arena and since careers never leave there supplies near the cornocopia which is in the middle we can sit here without worriying about them


me and cashmere are the only ones in the alliance left am a little bit angry that if she didn't make the careers come to us smoil jackson and silcan are still alive and the careers were going to get killed but i will repress my feelings and protect her to honor silcane's soul and i promise that cashmere won't come out from the arena as a body but as a victor even if it means me getting killed i mean am dead anyway since there was some sort of a plague in district 3 although it didn't take many lives but it infected some people and it usually kills them within 300 days and i was infected by it 297 days ago so by the sisxth day i am dead during my interview ceaser states how am not afraid and thinks that am a brave young women heh bravery has nothing to do with this since am dead wether i like it or not so the games are only speeding the process me and cashmere are in the  lake and i start looking at the sky and think 


amber seems to be a little bit sad i hope it isn't because of me i ask her why but she replies that she wants to be alone so i give her the privacy she wants and i go to the lake and think how silcane and i never had a chance to be together and how i probably will folow him but i will always be chearful and never look to the bad side i won't think of the worst case senario i will win these games for silcane death isn't my answer so i gain confedience again and it seems to be sunset so me and amber camp for the night and i hope for everything to end tomorrow

DAY 4 : the family


i came out of the tent and i yawn and stretch my arms and legs and i go infront of the wall of the cornocopia and i think how my family is most likely seeing this and don't care if i win only wanting me to get home safe sight i have my mother a loving women who after my father died in the oceans of ditrict 4 started to do the role of the house keep and work everyday in oder to put food in the table lot of districts envy district 4 because it's wealthy and life is easy out there but they know nothing unless you have a very good job and the payment is good you will suffer i remember the time when my mom got into some trouble after i stole a loaf of bread fo my toddler sister who was starving to death and how she got her sallery cut to have and i also remeber my brother he is only ten and instead of playing like the other kids he trains all day to learn how to kill other people in the training academy lot of career districts sees the hunger games as a honor but i secretly hated them my entire kids how the capitol takes 24 children from their homes and famelies and forces them to kill one another how disgusting how we suffer and the live the sweet life of luxury and it seems that jennie woke up

jennie :

i was only pretending to sleep and i heard marina showing her haterd to these games and how the capitol is evil and i can't say i disagree with her i mean instead of enjoying my time i need to prepare for these games the capitole doesn't know this but most of district 2 citizens hate the capitole and that they regret that they stood in the capitol's side during the dark days we district 2 tributes are known for our brutality and cold ruthless temper but what they don't know is that our blood thirst and our brutality come from our hate to the capitol we suffer in hunger and poverty been forced to work at young ages while they don't do anything but enjoy the things we made i wish we have the chance to rebel again i don't want to see other kids kiil eahother and get fooled to think that wining the games is a honor i hat this i wish for all of this to end but i don't want to get soft right now i need to get up and win this game and show the capitol that they don't own me or my life 

juniper :

last night i slept very well they didn't show any holographic pictures of the falles tributes so this definatly means that there was no kill yesterday i also note that there isn't a single live male so the victore of this hunger games will be a girl and that girl will be me i won't let any one tell me the opposite i won't die i know that my mom and dad are worryied sick about me seeing there young doghter that they raised going into  a deadly game will if you hear this mom and dad i will win i will come out victorious you will see me again so i sat on a tree stomp and i look into my tribute token a silver necklace with the picture of me and my family and i see my todler sister she is only three years old and she is pretty attached to me she always hugs when i come home from school and always kisses me on my cheek i think how she is probably out there waithing for her big sister to show up and sings to her until she falls asleep i looke behind and it seems that sarah woke up well it's about time it's already noon 


''yawning yesterday i slap like a baby i woke up and it's noon wow i must have been really tired  an that's obvious snics before i met juniper and formed my alliance with her i never slept i was too afraid to i didn't want to get killed by the careers i want to see my falmily again i want to see my mom again she is definatly outthere worried about her only child never returning the child she raised and loved and cared immensely  about well i will win mom you don't have to be worried cause i won't let feel anymore pain i will win to honor my dad's soul i remeber how he was cheerfull and never show exhausting even though he worked hard to feed me and mom i remember the day he died like it was yesterday he seemed worried and when i asked him he why he just told me that it's time for school but i knew there was something not right so i ditched school and came back home and when i arrived i saw peacekeepers everywhere beating him up and one of them pulled a sword and stabbed him in his heart he died before hitting the ground later i remebered him bringing me a huge cacke for my birthday i knew that we couldn't afford it he must have stole it from the food supply and died because of me well dad mark my words i will win this


wow sarah seems pumped so me and her went to find some food since our resources began to shrink so we went to find something to eat so i went hunting and she went looking for berries and when it was almost sunset she did not return so i came looking for her and when i did i found her hiding in the career camp what is she doing trying to get herself killed she seem to target a bag of oranges maybe she didn't find any edibal fruit but it doesn't worth getting her self killed she runs up to the supplies although she ran fast she hardly made a sound and managed to get the food and returned i was mad and happy at the same time so we return to our camp and eat


it is almost nightfall amber said that if we hid for the rest of the games we will be okay well i wouldn't argue with that so i sat on a rock loocked at the sky as the night comes and think of my family watching me know my family isn't big it's just me and my dad and my older sister living in a small house and when i asked amber about her family she said that she had a farther and twin brothers when i asked her about her mom she said that she was a victim to plague of some sort i didn't understand and we returned to our camp and slept

day 5 : the feast and the finale


i woke up in the morning to the sound of the gamemakers said that a feast will take place at the cornocopia they must haven't seen any action lately well it have been two days without any blood shed so i wake cashmere up and we continue to hear the news 


oh no the gamemakers sai that there will bags with our district number on it that will contain the thing we desperatly need and if they don't get there by  an hour they will send wild mutts after those who failed to arrive at the place the feat will take place in


good jennie andi have control over the cornocopia and when the others arrive we will hide and take them down so i hide bhind a rock on the left side and jennie hide in the weat field on the easter side and we wait till the others arrive and begin the massacar


okay no time to waste me and juniper head to the cornocopia it was a little vit hard do to the fact that we are at the edge of the arena but we managed to get there in time and we wait the girl from 3 and the girl from 8 are already there i can see marina and jennie hiding the are most likely there since the places they are hiding in are the closest to the cornocopia and if anybody was going for there bags they will take them out


wow it have been 15 minutes and no one went for it's bag maybe they are afraid from getting killed but then i see the girl from 3 heding to the cornocopia so i attack 


heh idiot am only a distraction cashmere will slip and take our bags so i fight with the career she is quit strong she managed to quickly gain the upper hand and strangeled me and hit my head against a rock but i had a knife so i stabbed her in the lung so she backed away in pain as i prepare to kill her cashmere already took our bags  and the girl from 7 and 5 came in and marina attacks them no time to get distracted i attack jennie and stab her in the heart boom she is dead


no! am the only career left but i will be strong i attack the girl from 7 and throw a knife into her leg but the girl from 5 coms and tries to kill so i grab my spear and throw it at her boom she is a goner so i get into a fight with the girl from 3 the one who killed jennie she attacks me with a bow and arraow she gets me in my arm but i take the pain she shoots three more arrows but i easely dodge them she must be still dessy from that hit she took on her head


marina attacks me and pins me to the ground and i see her murderous look her right hand strangles me and her left hand hold a knife and she stabs me i feel the pain from the stab and i look to the sky and i think sorry dad sorry brothers i won't come home anymore as she leaves me i start to see light and say to myself sorry silcane i tried i realy did   boom am dead


i took my bag poor sarah i wish she escaped well i promise you sarah that i will win and go to your family and tell them how much you were a good friend to me i will as i escape the girl from 8 cashmere has a bow it seems that she and amber used the same weapon she aims at me and i close my eyes sorry sarah but when hear her shoot but she doesn't shoot me she soots marina who was going to attack me boom marina died i was going to thank her but she suddenly collapsed in the ground when i check she suffered a stab in the lung a stab that could only be caused by marina's knife she must have been injured when she tried to escape the feast she looks at me and says in a whispur as she dies silcane i immediately know that she meant her district  partner she then stops breathin boom she is dead .

as i look at the open field i hear the voice of the gamemaker says ladies and gentelmen i present to you the winner of the 73rd hunger games from district 7 JUNIPER

i fall to the ground i can't believe this am the winner as the hovercraft comes to take me i scream up my lungs and say MOM ,DAD;MY SISTER AND SARAH I WON YOU GUYS I WON FOR YOU

                                                 THE END .


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