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  • Toast With The Most


    So, I'm going to my state's capital to do some work, present a bill, etc. and I am going to be inactive for around 3 days 

    do you miss me already? c:

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  • Toast With The Most

    Hello! First of all, let me apologise for my lack of updating on all of my Games and Mentor Games and such. I usually start so full of motivation, and it gradually drains until there is nothing at all. 

    Think of this as my motivational project. I'm going to make a very short and easy Games, with only 12 tributes. Once I finish this, I think I'll feel I can actually finish things, and then I am going to renew the Mentor Games and hopefully be able to finish stuff in the future.

    Alright, now here are the rules!

    • There are only twelve tributes, one from each District, six girls and six boys. Since there is such a small amount of tributes, one per person. Please check the number of girls who have been entered if you would like to enter a woman, an…

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  • Toast With The Most


    June 6, 2014 by Toast With The Most

    Hey! Just wanted to let everyone know, I am going to be inactive for about a week (starting today) because of a trip to Virginia I have to take. So, I won't be able to update my mentor games or give advice, etc.

    Okk bye

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  • Toast With The Most

    Hello, all! I have discovered I am horrible at finishing Games- but somehow, I pull through with RPs and I think that it will be fun to do a mentor games! I don't usually see a lot of these around anymore, so why don't we review the rules and such?

    Note: This is not OC! You mentor, sponsor, write interviews for, design outfits for, give advice to- all that- for a tribute from the actual HG books. Please don't enter your own tributes. 

    • Each user can comment, and they will be assigned one tribute (randomly) to mentor and take care of. If you don't get the tribute you want, don't be sad- it will be great to take on the experience of mentoring a tribute. 
    • Each user gets $500 to use for sponsoring their tribute. You can earn more if you achieve ce…

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  • Toast With The Most

    someone can delete this, sorry for the trouble

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