Hello, all! I have discovered I am horrible at finishing Games- but somehow, I pull through with RPs and I think that it will be fun to do a mentor games! I don't usually see a lot of these around anymore, so why don't we review the rules and such?

Note: This is not OC! You mentor, sponsor, write interviews for, design outfits for, give advice to- all that- for a tribute from the actual HG books. Please don't enter your own tributes. 

Rules and stuff

  • Each user can comment, and they will be assigned one tribute (randomly) to mentor and take care of. If you don't get the tribute you want, don't be sad- it will be great to take on the experience of mentoring a tribute. 
  • Each user gets $500 to use for sponsoring their tribute. You can earn more if you achieve certain things, like having the best Tribute Parade outfit, or best Interview, or earning the top ten. 
  • Alliances are allowed. The main alliances will be Careers, and Anti-Careers. You can set up any private alliances you would like. 
  • Be active! Your tribute will not make it far if you aren't, and you only get one shot. 
  • For now, like stated before, one tribute per user. This number may raise if spots are slow. 
  • There are no named D9 tributes, so they will not be included.
  • No whining if you don't like who you have. I'm sorry!!
  • As said above, THIS IS ALL RANDOM, you cannot call dibs on tributes! I will usually be nice and let you have who you want, but no calling dibs. Whatsoever. Those who call dibs will not get who they want. 

Please join! I feel like this will be very fun, and it would make my day if you just left a lil' comment down below to join c:


Name District User Sponsor Money Needs
President Coriolanus Snow  Capitol ConspiracyKiller825 $500  N/A
Seneca Crane Capitol Lexi $500 N/A
Effie Trinket Capitol Amina  $500 N/A
Cinna Capitol HaraiGoshi345 $500 N/A
Glimmer District 1 Person/Ladysi <3 $500
Marvel District 1 Nlby001 $500 N/A
Cashmere District 1 Bee $500 N/A
Gloss District 1 TehBlueMonster $500 N/A
Cato District 2 Icanhasnofriends $500 N/A
Clove District 2 Blake $500 N/A
Brutus District 2 Eli $500 N/A
Enobaria District 2 LeJabberjay $500 N/A
Beetee District 3 Nlby001 $500 N/A
Wiress District 3 MyWorld $500 N/A
Mags District 4 Nick $500 N/A
Finnick Odair District 4 Vinny $500 N/A
Annie Cresta District 4 Liza $500 N/A
Foxface  District 5 Pippycat $500 N/A
Male Morphling District 6 Lexi $500 N/A
Female Morphling District 6 Nick $500 N/A
Titus District 6 Thereal opian $500 N/A
Blight District 7 Acuteblondegirl $500 N/A
Johanna Mason District 7 Tara $500 N/A
Bonnie District 8 Bekah $500 N/A
Twill District 8 Xbilliex $500 N/A
Woof District 8 Luke  $500 N/A
Cecelia District 8 World $500 N/A
Dalton District 10 11Seven Wonders11 $500 N/A
Rue District 11 Bekah $500 N/A
Thresh District 11 PumPumPumpkin :3 $500 N/A
Chaff District 11 ConspiracyKiller825 $500 N/A
Seeder District 11 WeirdTributes $500 N/A
Maysilee Donner District 12 Ladysi/Person $500 N/A
Madge Undersee District 12 Tara $500 N/A
Gale Hawthorne  District 12 Amina $500 N/A
Peeta Mellark District 12 Eli $500 N/A
Katniss Everdeen  District 12 Blake $500 N/A

Training Scores

Name District User Training Score
President Coriolanus Snow  Capitol N/A N/A
Seneca Crane Capitol N/A N/A
Effie Trinket Capitol N/A N/A
Cinna Capitol N/A N/A
Glimmer District 1 N/A N/A
Marvel District 1 N/A N/A
Cashmere District 1 N/A N/A
Gloss District 1 N/A N/A
Cato District 2 N/A N/A
Clove District 2 N/A N/A
Brutus District 2 N/A N/A
Enobaria District 2 N/A N/A
Beetee District 3 N/A N/A
Wiress District 3 N/A N/A
Mags District 4 N/A N/A
Finnick Odair District 4 N/A N/A
Annie Cresta District 4 N/A N/A
Foxface  District 5 N/A N/A
Male Morphling District 6 N/A N/A
Female Morphling District 6 N/A N/A
Titus District 6 N/A N/A
Blight District 7 N/A N/A
Johanna Mason District 7 N/A N/A
Bonnie District 8 N/A N/A
Twill District 8 N/A N/A
Woof District 8 N/A N/A
Cecelia District 8 N/A N/A
Dalton District 10 N/A N/A
Rue District 11 N/A N/A
Thresh District 11 N/A N/A
Chaff District 11 N/A N/A
Seeder District 11 N/A N/A
Maysilee Donner District 12 N/A N/A
Madge Undersee District 12 N/A N/A
Gale Hawethorne  District 12 N/A N/A
Peeta Mellark District 12 N/A N/A
Katniss Everdeen  District 12 N/A N/A

Sponsoring Items

Item Cost Who Has It
Awl $100
Axe $150
Arrows (15) $85
Warm Blanket $65
Blowgun $125
Bow $150
Bread $50
Burn Cream $125
Canteen (with fresh water) $100
Camo Paints $100
Darts (for blowgun, 12) $65
Dried Meat $75
Dried Fruit $75
Instant Relief $400
Knife $75
Mace $125
Matches $85
Net (for traps or fishing) $125
Painkiller $75
Raft $250
Rope $25
Soup $75
Spear $125
Sword $125
Trident $275
Water $100
Crossbow $155
Bolts $45


The tributes will start in a normal, forest-like area. The Cornucopia, though, will be nowhere in sight. As the tributes come to the edge of the forest, in the distance, they will see a golden and gilmmering speck in the distance- the Cornucopia, stashed with things, on it's on little island. 

Of course, for killing, weapons are needed- and the Capitol wants killing. So, 10 rafts will be hidden through the arena and the rest can be sponsored. 

The forest is very normal, with tall trees and green grass.

Death Chart

Placing Name District Cause of Death Killer

Tribute Parade


The Capitol audience is buzzing; everyone has come to see the important Capitol figures in a new light. The Capitol outfits do not fail to impress. All except for one. Standing, stonefaced, on a chariot as naked as he is... is President Coriolanus Snow. Not even making an effort to hide himself, Snow stands there, looking over the audience in disgust. There are audible gasps and disgusted looks. This man was once in charge of Panem!

Just as Snow's chariot passes, another comes, just as bad. There is Seneca Crane, as nude as the former president. Groans fill the audience as Seneca blushes an incredible shade of scarlet, and trying to duck behind the chariot. Annoyed mumbles slowly die down as another chariot passes. This one is much better than the rest. 

The past Escort, Effie Trinket, comes out on a chariot. In that moment, she had the crowd's attention. Any displeausure had vanished from the people as they stared at Effie's dress. There is a clean-cut beauty to it, and it is nothing incredibly unreasonable. When people gazed at Effie, her snow-colored makeup drew their attention. Another gorgeous touch, notes the crowd, was the bright red lipstick. But though the makeup is impressive, this is not the best part. Effie is draped in a Victorian-style pink dress, complete with a corset, making her look as if she is somewhat royal. Her hair is done up in a classical beehive-like design, powdered light pink. She does not fail to impress, and respectful silence and clapping follows her awe-striking appearance.

The fourth and last Capitol tribute was once a stylist himself, and the crowd hopes that this tribute's designs will be as good as his were. It is none other than Cinna. Right as he emerges on his chariot, the audience is captivated. They cheer wildly at the nicely blended colors, making Cinna look as beautiful as a rainbow. The clothes certainly impress, but the hair seems to not be a favorite in the crowds, making the outfit somewhat less serious. Cinna's stylist, though, has not failed to capture the audience twice. What really excites them is the exquisite feather coat. The fashion experts in the crowd recognize it as silk, and it was the perfect material to give the outfit a glossy sort of look. Turning to look at his leggings, the crowd sees it is more and more colors. Just as they are getting tired of it, they look down to see refreshing white shoes. Most of the audience loves Cinna's outfit, but some are doubting it. Many cheers and whoops follow his appearance, though, and he cannot help but smile.

District 1

Ah, the Capitol's pride and joy! After the.. interesting.. Capitol designs, the crowd is excited to see some clothing. Coming out smiling is Glimmer, and the her infectious smile quickly catches on. Catching the eyes are first are the sparkling diamonds, and the crowd claps loudly when they spot it, the women particularly. The dress Glimmer is wearing is spectacular, hands down. She is as beautiful as a rose, which is what her dress is made out of! The roses have been carefully weaved into the fabric, and they look delicate and gorgeous. Glimmer is radiant. Adding to the outfit is her obvious self-confidence. Leaning over, a young man in the crowd whispers to his friend, "Her self confidence is evident. Girls like that are always more attractive." Glimmer gets a the audience smiling, and much applause. 

Sadly, the excitement of the crowd is dropped as quickly as it came. Though not as bad as Snow or Seneca, Marvel's nudenss fails to impress. He tries to mimic confidence, puffing out his chest as if this was all planned. The audience begins to laugh bitterly. No applause follows. People will certainly be scoffing about this later tonight. 

Anything would be better than Marvel's appearance. But Cashmere's outfit is better than just better. A golden dress flows in the wind, and the men cannot help but stare. All eyes are on her dress. The audience gasps in delight as the sparkling golden folds reflect different colors on them, dimly. A chic bun does not fail to impress the crowd, and a splash of golden sparkles help the outfit earn more applause. The critics in the audience smile at the smart choice to add black so the gold isn't overpowering. Overall, this was a Capitol-worthy ensemble and it is certainly a crowd favorite!

Why must all men be naked? The crowd turns away as soon as they see Gloss, completely unclothed. Grumbling, the crowd has really had it. A lively young girl starts a train of "boo"s and Gloss is almost twitching with anger and embarrassment. 

District 2

Boos are even louder for the next tribute, Cato. If the Capitol audience sees one more person unclothed, they will snap. Shouts of "Get off of the stage!" and "Your stylist is an idiot!" fill the air, as Cato slaps a signature smirk on his face, trying to draw away from everything else.

Finally, someone with clothes on! Well, not exactly clothes, but armor. Clove owns the stage. She looks fierce, and ready to win. As silence falls, her face breaks out in a confident smirk and a deafening round of cheers come next. The outfit is a shining, silver armor set. Clove is certainly a Capitol favorite. 

Coming out on top of the world is Brutus. An amazing set of iron-like armor is put on Brutus, and if the crowd squints, they can see Roman carvings, indicating it is ancient Rome themed. Just this is enough to get the audience excited, but the stylist is not done yet. Brutus lifts his hand, and makes the motion of pressing a button. Slowly, things begin to shift and change until Brutus is now in a stone-looking tuxedo! He fastens his tie smugly, taking off his helmet, and flinging it into the crowd, causing shrieks of happiness. The cheers for Brutus are too many to count. 

Clove looks like a little kid compared to Enobaria, now. The definition of intimidating is her outfit. She's modeling a full set of shimmering golden armor, splashed with small spikes which complete the outfit. Enobaria curls her sparkling golden nails around in not paticular way, looking so sure of herself. The crowd loves it. Her hair is streaked with gold as well, and she looks as if she's been in a battle. It isn't hard to tell... she won. 

District 3

Beetee glances wistfully out at the crowd, his glasses perched on his nose. He is standing, his muscles very stiff. Luckily, the crowd does not boo at him too loudly, as he has trained an odd stare at the audience, purposely trying to distract for his naked body. 

Wiress tries to copy his actions, and the two look like quite the pair. Somehow, they have found a way to make the nakedness more symbolic than just.. nakedness. They capture the audience, all with their eyes. This is skill on the tribute's part, not the stylists. 

District 4

After the District 3 display, the audience has settled down. It will be hard to get the crowd on their feet again, but District 4 should not fail to impress. 

The sweet lady, Mags, is almost immeaditely recognized. Her outfit is beautiful. The front of her long, sea-blue dress is cut off in the front, making it normal length. But the back ends in a long trail, resembling the mist of a sea. As the audience pays more attention, they can see bubbles flowing from the dress! Many seashells are worked into the dress, and it is absolutely stunning. Her long braid, filled with seaweed, perfectly compliments the outfit. She is as amazing as the ocean blue. Mags' soft smile is a nice touch, but it isn't the thing that raises the crowd. She does, however, get many looks of respect. 

As soon as the sparkling eyes of Finnick Odair are visible, the crowd perks up. The women in the audience scream as soon as they see his outfit, and the crowd is out of the trance. They are wild, especially the females. A large t-shirt, made of what seems to be frozen water, reaches all the way to the end of Finnick's stomach. But what really rouses the crowd is the transparency of the outfit, showing Finnick's nude body, much to the pleasure of some. Water droplets jump out at the crowd, and everyone screams in happiness, having the time of their lives. Finnick's body draws more attention than his crown, of course, but those who bothered to look can see how much effort was put into it. A dark blue crown made to look simple has exquisite gold carvings, and sparkling red rubies and gorgeous sapphires. The women let out a shriek again, this one mixed with excitement and fear. His underwear is literally shining, which draws attention to his expertly weaved light-blue net bottoms. Finnick winks at the crowd and the screaming and swooning is overwhelming. Suddenly, everything goes quiet. There is the sound of a small explosion, and minutes after, Finnick is dressed in the former President's suit.. with a white rose he slowly drops to the ground. But as soon as he smiles, the crowd screams again, and the meaning is camoflaugued. A crowd favorite, by far. And maybe a District favorite... 

As the cheering quiets down, Annie appears. Whispers begin to start in the crowd. A young girl who was sitting next to her mother leans over to whisper in her mother's ears, "She's the insane one, isn't she?" and her mother gives a slow nod. The whispers suddenly change once Annie's full body comes into view. And everyone now whispers about the wonderous designs of Annie's stylist. Annie is draped in a sleeveless, light blue-green dress, going past her legs to form a trail. "Oohs" and "Aahs" arrive when people catch sight of the array of pearls at the end of the dress. The colors go together nicely, from golds to peach and peach to violet. Shells are also a nice touch, bringing out Annie's beauty in a new and pretty way. What the crowd really enjoys is the streak of blue in Annie's hair, going perfectly against her red hair. Though Annie is though of as the "insane" one, people's opinions are now changing. She is beautiful. Though makeup is artifical beauty, it only increases the gorgeousness of Annie. Luckily, the makeup is only just a little, just a splash. A very smart choice, blue-green eyeshadow, defines Annie's eyes well. Blush brings out colors in Annie's pale skin and eyes and hair perfectly. Her lips are also a tad darker. Annie looks so different tonight, so much more defined. And every man in the crowd belongs to her, after this performance. The cheers are deafening. 

District 5

It seems it will be hard to match Annie's stylist's attention to detail, but Foxface goes above and beyond in the best display District 5 has ever had, by far. At first, the outfit looks... plain. Boring. A simple light dark dress with a somewhat loose, flowing skirt. The top is minorly impressive, though. Looking sort of tight, but flaring out at the elbows, it does give a nice touch to the outfit. Foxface has light silver eyeshadow on, and some gorgeously done silver lips. But silver makeup is not enough to make the crowd burst into cheers. What happens next is. Starting at the sleeve of the dress, a small spark of light begins to curve down through the whole dress, lighting it up in a spectacular fashion. Even if that is enough to get the crowd whooping, which it is, the dress glows brighter.. and brighter.. until it looks as if Foxface has collected a million stars and sewn them into her dress. Her curly pigtails bounce as she waves to the crowd, who screams in awe and appreciation, all trying to get her attention. Foxface is a star. Literally. 

District 6

The audience screams "Boo"s at the Male Morphling as loud as they cheered for Foxface (very loudly). He is, as expected, unclothed and the Capitol is furious. The Male Morphlings chariot appears to speed up a bit, as he quickly gets out of the limelight.

As the crowd has slipped into annoyance, it will be hard to get them out of it. The Female Morphling fails to impress and raise the crowd out of anger. She is wearing a plain gray shift and gray pants, both loose. Stuffed on her head at an odd angle is a wrinkled conductor hat. She holds a whistle in one hand, and morphling in the other. The crowd begins to boo, but the drunk female just smiles and chugs down her morphling. 

Titus arrives, in an outfit similar to the Female Morphling's, though it is much better and more detailed. Draped in overalls dusted with coal powder, Titus also has a model train hung around his neck. The crowd thinks this is just decoration, but Titus reaches down to press a button and the train lights up as steam starts pouring from it. The train makes its way around Titus' body, and the crowd loves it, but they are still a tad annoyed from the two experiances previously. Though the train is the most impressive, the crowd does notice Titus' shovel and his conductor's hat. As Titus sees the crowd with a still unpleased look, he thinks quickly. Reaching into the train, he pulls out a miniature person figurine. Tooting the whistle of the train with a menacing look, he crunches the figurines head off. Everyone in the audience remembers how Titus won his Games, and they burst into frightened cheers. Titus looks smug. 

District 7

Right as the crowd is happy, another naked man comes along to ruin it. This one isn't quite as bad, though. Wearing a toolbelt positioned just right, Blight comes out with only a hatchet to cover himself. It is a stupid, but modest, way to deal with the situation and some members of the crowd laugh at it. Blight looks relaxed. now that people understood his little joke. 

Yet another nude tribute struts out on her chariot. But this one commands the stage. Johanna. She stands there, tall and fierce looking, giving the crowd a smug look. Her hair is pulled into a high ponytail with some sparkling highlights, and some of the men begin to stare at her. "What? I didn't want to be a tree this year?" Johanna remarked, causing laughs in the audience. District 7's chariot rides are over, both tributes naked, and yet an incredibly entertaining experience for all. 

District 8

As the chuckling from the audience quiets, gasps arise. Who is onstage? Bonnie looks so incredibly different, unrecognizeable. The first thing that makes Bonnie look so different is her eye color, something that gives off a blue glow. The Capitol squeals in delight as they recall that one of the stylists in the Capitol had created the striking crystal-like contacts. Bonnie's dress also gives off a crystal glow, in the top part, that is. Her hair also has a glowing crystal blue bow, and she's wearing matching flats. Suddenly, at the press of what looked like an unimportant button, shades of blue fabric topple out from the sleeves of Bonnie's top. The Capitol starts to catch on, and takes notice of another button that Bonnie pushes on the skirt of her dress. Her lovely cupcake skirt, complete with shapes made of fabric at its bottom part, begins to spin. It looks as if the fabric is really doing something! The Capitol realizes after a minute of gaping that is a well-done animation. Polite cheers dominate the audience, and Bonnie does an adorable bow. 

Next out comes Twill. The outfit is not outrageous at first. She's just wearing black; a black leather jacket (over her black blouse), black jeans and a black cap (which is flat) on her head, her hair tied into a bun. She is also wearing black knee-length leather boots that can only be described as sexy. As the audience's eyes travel up Twill's body, they notice the black leather gloves, and something a little more eye catching. A Mockingjay necklace. Some of the Capitol audience sinks into an uneasy silence. Others study Twill's expression, and gasp at her face. Quickly, they realize that the realistic cuts and bruises that are scattered around her face are makeup. Some notice what it stands for, and they also grow silent. As soon as the crowd realizes that everything is fake, the makeup is gone. Not gone, really, but healed. Twill throws off her jacket and cap. The crowd gasps as a long, pure, white gown that something may where to bed replaces Twill's black outfit. Twill's long hair cascades down her back in soft tumbles. The audience notices a glowing halo that has been attached by a headband. The necklace Twill was wearing also begins to change. "I pray it will go away. That rebel will be stomped out by the Capitol," speaks a grave woman to her husband. The necklace only changes from gold to white, though. The silence grows... but so does the awe. Large, white wings spread out from the dress on Twill's body, and her makeup becomes a silvery white. Her boots extend into heels. White heels. Twill begins to talk, and everyone can hear her, due to the silence. "Numerous children have died because of this cruel affair," she says harshly. Looking to the sky, in a merciful and soft voice, she says, "I will be their advocate. I will be their angel." After this statement, the Capitol goes completely wild. There are screams or cheers and everyone surges together. A rebellion has been sparked in the Capitol. Just a small spark, though. But it will grow. And it's burning flames will consume all of the Capitol.

After a good thirty minutes, or longer, the crowd has.. settled down, a little. Woof prances out in a dark brown onesie, covered in dogs. He gives a kindly smile, but the outfit is really ridiculous. The crowd laughs uneasily, but their minds are elsewhere. What will become of the rebel? What do the other Capitolians think of her? Woof's chariot slowly bumps out of sight. 

Cecelia's chariot pulls into view, and the crowd is still unnerved. There's nothing wrong with her dress, but it doesn't snap the audience out of their state of mind. She's wearing a simple dress, filled with patchwork shapes, such as circles and squares. The design is not very elaborate, like many of the Capitolians love, but the red and green and blue shapes do (in a way) represent District 8. The audience claps politely. 

District 10

All chariot rides have been plummeting downhill since District 8. And, of course, someone else shows up naked. It's Dalton, who's wearing only a cowboy's hat. Though this wouldn't seem to please the Capitol, it does snap them out of the worry and fear at the rebel. Somehow, everyone grumbling and booing together takes their minds off the fear. Of course, the crowd isn't giving Dalton any points for that. 

District 11

Since Dalton's chariot ride, the crowd has settled back into the normal stature. They are stress-free, as of now, which makes it much easier for them to enjoy the adorable Rue! Though the outfit seems not to have much meaning at first glance, those who look carefully will see the way that it represents the District. Rue's hair has been slightly straightened and now looks more wavy than curly. In one large wave in her hair, sparkles of green, orange and purple are sprinkled on the wave. "Mommy! That is the color of the plum I had for breakfast!" a little boy squeaks to his mother. She nods, and begins to realizes the colors symbolize fruits. The orange is, well, an orange. The green is a Green Apple, and the purple is a plum. She remembers that District 11 is centered on agriculture, and realizes that these colors actually represent the district. The colors are also all over Rue's body. A beautiful princess-like purple dress, covered in golden sparkles, is fitted perfectly to match Rue's petite figure. On the back of it are soft and delicate-looking brown wings, which slowly flap back and forth, sending more shiny sparkles everywhere. Some land on the fake fruit that is tied to the wings. The crowd's interest in the gold is renewed when small 3D images of golden fruit start appearing. Swirling sparkles and golden flats complete the gorgeous outfit. In one word, the outfit can be described as... sparkly. The audience bursts into cheers. 

Thresh's chariot comes into view soon, and some of the audience smiles at his fancy appearance, complete with bowties and a pumping tophat. The crown jewel of this fancy outfit is the unique vermillion tuxedo Thresh is wearing. Though the outfit may lack detail, the Capitol is all about crazy colors, and Thresh gets a nice amount of applause from the vermillion-lovers. 

Next comes District 11's older veterans, starting with Chaff. Paying tribute to the younger District 11 members, Chaff is wearing a version of the crowns Rue and Thresh wore, though they are now decorated with roses. Chaff is wearing next to no makeup, unlike some of the other extravagent displays, and has on some plain, black dress pants and a button-down black shirt, complete with dress shoes that are also black. But, there is more to his outfit. It appears as if he is wearing an array of fruits and berries, rolling around his body. Suddenly, a smiles breaks out and he cheers, raising his arms to the crowd, and they stare in awe at the large pieces of ribbon on his arms, dripping like drapes. Inspired by his enthusiam, the crowd cheers. 

District 12


Crowd Favorites

1st place- $95- N/A

2nd place- $70- N/A

3rd place- $50- N/A

4th place- $25- N/A



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