So, my White Girl Games were kind of a flop. I didn't update much and kinda had no idea what was going on. This time, I feel more experienced, so I'll be making a new Game. Feel free to join!

This is not a Quell, so there will be 26 tributes, as I am including D13. I will be doing training scores :D


  • Please don't whine if your tribute dies. There can't be a Games if everyone lives :P
  • Reservations last 24 hours
  • You may have up to four spots
  • Be active, please!
  • I will finish these- promise.
  • Have funnn

Tribute Template

Note: Please make sure all this information is used in the tribute you enter, if you don't use the template.





Personality (this is needed for how I write in your tribute's P.O.V):

Appearance (Lunaii):




Alliances (Careers, Anti-Careers, Private Alliance, Loner): 

Backstory (this will increase your tribute's chances of winning):


District Name Gender Age User
1 Alric Gould Male 18 Colin
1 Trinity Mace Female 17 Eli
2 Lucus Mines Male 18 Summer
2 Annabeth Elosegui Female 16 Eli
3 Jrue Maclin Male 17 World
3 Phobe Kressila Female 16 Colin
4 Shuppet Jorrvaskr Male 14 Blake
4 Narissa Dorian Female 17 Liza
5 Falk Avian  Male 13 Yoonie
5 Nichole Peyton Female 15 Nlby001
6 Buck Rockwell Male 16 Eli
6 Loreli Hayes Female 16 Summer
7 Jayson Huff Male 17 Nlby001
7 Jennifer Woods Female 18 Justin
8 Burgundy Anthrocloth Male 16 Eli
8 Pharmacy Rivera Female 16 Erlendo
9 Jake Price Male 16 Justin
9 Juline Cenia Female 17 Summer
10 Carson Johansen Male 16 RossInSA
10 Raven  Smith Female 18 Taraaa
11 Seraphina Oaks Female 15 Pippycat
11 Landon Hawke Male 17 Wikia Contributor A
12 Beemo Xra Female 14 Rebekah
12 Nathaniel Chip Male 18 Ccmoco5
13 Odin Amarth Male 18 Icanhasnofriends
13 Tsubaki Kasugano Female 14 Erlend


Careers- Buck Rockwell, Trinity Mace, Annabeth Elosegui (leader), Odin Amarth, Juline Cenia, Lucas Mines, Jennifer Woods, Pharmacy Rivera

Anti-Careers- Loreli Hayes (leader), Nichole Peyton, Tsubaki (winkwink) Kasugano, Nathaniel Chip, Jake Price, Seraphina Oaks, Raven Smith

Requesting Alliance- Jrue Maclin (3)

Loners- Jayson Huff, Shuppet Jorrvaskr

Private Alliance A- Carson Johansen, Falk Avian 

Private Alliance B- Jrue Maclin, Narissa Dorian

Death Chart

Name Placing Cause of Death District Killer


Narissa Dorian's P.O.V

I cannot explain the fear I felt at the Reaping. I was thinking.. hoping.. at least some Career would volunteer for me. After I'd disabled those other two, though... 

These Games were a punishment. The one time I'd resorted to violence was out of anger for those squirrels. The Careers weren't starving; they had food on the table, and were killing these innocent creatures for fun. These innocent creatures with a family. Unlike me.

I was from District Four and I was going soon. Going to the private trainings. It struck me that I didn't know what to do.

As I was contemplating it, my name was called. I tried to keep a cool head. I would decide want to do once inside the room. 

I thought a minute. Should I showcase my strengths? I thought back to the last time I had done that. And it landed me in this hell. So.. I would risk it and not have to face Careers again. Not immediately, anyway. 

I started trotting over to the supply rack, and "accidentally" knocked it over. "Omigosh I am SOOOOOOOO sorry!" I turned to the Gamemakers, speaking in an accent even I found annoying. I scrambled to pick the weapons back up, and purposely slipped on something. 

I grabbed a bow up off the floor. I aimed for a dummy, and didn't even hit it. The Gamemaker even rolled his eyes. I went over to retrieve my arrow, and kicked over the dummy, letting it fall on top of me. I even made a scene, pretending to struggle to heave the thing off of myself. I missed a few more times with the arrow, and went over to the string station. 

I started to weave normally, but then practiced my confused face. By the end of the session, I was tangled in string. I started to untangle myself, but the Gamemaker held up a hand. 

"I have seen enough; you're dismissed, Narissa."

Loreli Hayes' P.O.V

All of it I had watched through wide eyes. The different faces, happy, proud, smirking. Then the sad ones. I had registered them in my brain, engraved them there like all the memories that were sure to come soon. How long had I been waiting? Long enough, I decided. Almost an.. infinity. The word meant something, as if it had shifted and changed into something more powerful than the word itself. A symbol, maybe. An idea. That is what I would do to make my impact! I took a deep breath. I had thought of the idea not a moment too soon. “Loreli Hayes, District Six.” I took a deep breath.

Save the best for last was the phrase, right? So, I went with things as planned- for now. Taking the crossbow in my hand, I set up a row of dummies. My finger’s brushed the trigger, but I didn’t shoot yet. I made sure that everything was steady. Finally, I let the bolt fly.

Inhaling sharply, I saw it only nick the side of the dummy’s face. The Gamemaker gave me a look, raising an eyebrow to indicate “You have anything better, sweetie?” It was only the first shot. It didn’t define me. I threw in a friendly wink to better my chances. Please don’t get over-stressed, I prayed to myself. I needed to be focused in this, not irritated.   With that, I loaded another bolt.

I hit the target. I had done it! I let a smile sneak past my lips, and the Gamemaker almost looked proud of me. I gave him a wider smile. With more confidence now, I paraded around the room like a solider with my crossbow sending bolts everywhere. Once I had enough 'dead' dummies, I set down the bow. The Gamemaker looked confused, as if he thought I was ending my session. 

I started arranging the dummies in a pattern. I had planned to shoot the Gamemaker in a weak spot in the forcefield.. but watching him gape at the pattern was the twist I needed.

Silently, I walked away, leaving the Gamemaker with his own little... infinity. 

Burgundy Anthrocloth's P.O.V

You can tell a lot about a person from their eyes. Mine were blank now; they revealed nothing. Just like I wanted it. The Gamemakers looked.. pleased? This discouraged me. No Gamemaker should be pleased with another's performance. Then again, after me, the look wouldn't be there long. Fear would be permanent in their eyes after me.

I picked up a weight first; simple enough. The Gamemaker looked neutral. Nearing boredness- but not yet. I flung the weight accross the room with a little effort. Constantly checking. I was constantly checking his expression. 

I couldn't rush it but... but something had to fill the time that would earn me a high score. Something.. anything.. The sword. 

I grabbed it. I couldn't keep the devious smile off of my face. I wasn't even looking for a clean cut; I wasn't even looking. I slashed violently at the dummies, brutally tearing them up. Once I was done with my massacre, I checked again. He was on the verge of fear. It pleased me how easily I could recognize the fear about to spill. 

Now... what to do to set it off?

There was one dummy left unaffected from my crazed sword swinging. And I approached it, slowly, and seized it. And ripped it's head off slowly with my hands, turning and twisting. Holding the head, I made a beeline for the door.

Just as I reached it, I turned around, checked the Gamemaker's expression, and tossed the head over my shoulder. Fear. 

Seraphina Oaks' P.O.V

It was amusing how sterotypical the Gamemakers could be. If you were from District 11, you weren't going to be brutal or good whatsoever; and that was that. 

However sterotypical that was, it was pleasing to me now. The shocked silence that awaited me after my brutal performance would be quite the reward. I was better than anyone. Better than those from 2, or 1, or 4. I remember that, once, in my past life, I had been from 2. 

I shook the thought; I could never go back there. But I could still show my skill from when I trained there. It had been awhile ago... but I had to try. In fact, I'd do more than try. I would earn the highest score of these peasants. I would win!

With confidence, I strode in as soon as I heard my name. Get ready for a show Gamemakers. 

I grabbed a sword, not bothering with introductions. I knew no one had attempted one on one fighting with the moving dummies- yet. I flipped the switch on the wooden sword dummy, and it slowly started cranking up, moving towards me on wheels. The dummy made a jerky movement with his sword, which I blocked easily, thrusting to stab him with speed I didn't even know I had posession of. 

I quickly tried the disarming movement, which didn't work. The dummy gave another sloppy stab, which I dodged. The Gamemaker looked at me, with a soundless sigh seemingly forming on his lips. I bit my lip. It was right for him to be bored after so many performances, but wasn't I doing a good job?

I saw the difficulty meter on the side of the dummy's head- turned to a one. I advanced on the dummy, blocking his stabs, and kicked him on his back, changing the difficulty up to a seven. 

The dummy was much quicker and harder to defeat. I had to hold my sword in two hands while blocking his quick lunges. Finally, I seized the moment, sticking my sword under the dummy's "neck." Then, applying as much force as I could muster, I wiped the dummy's head clean off. The Gamemaker looked impressed. 

I then set up the normal dummies and made rows of them. Grinning from the adrenaline of the fight, I held my sword out and ran through them, slicing each dummy in half as I weaved through the rows. The Gamemaker looked even more impressed, and I could detect a little surprise.

I gave him an odd grin, adding sinister bits to it that would be sure to scare him. "Thank you," I smiled, curtsied, and ran out with the grin still stuck on my face. 

Beat that, Careers. 

Training Scores

District Name Gender Training Score User
1 Alric Gould Male 7 Colin
1 Trinity Mace Female 8 Eli
2 Lucus Mines Male 9 Summer
2 Annabeth Elosegui Female 9 Eli
3 Jrue Maclin Male 6 World
3 Phobe Kressila Female 7 Colin
4 Shuppet Jorrvaskr Male 10 Blake
4 Narissa Dorian Female 4 Liza
5 Falk Avian  Male 7 Yoonie
5 Nichole Peyton Female 6 Nlby001
6 Buck Rockwell Male 9 Eli
6 Loreli Hayes Female 10 Summer
7 Jayson Huff Male 8 Nlby001
7 Jennifer Woods Female 6 Justin
8 Burgundy Anthrocloth Male 10 Eli
8 Pharmacy Rivera Female 7 Erlendo
9 Jake Price Male 7 Justin
9 Juline Cenia Female 10 Summer
10 Carson Johansen Male 8 RossInSA
10 Raven  Smith Female 10 Taraaa
11 Seraphina Oaks Female 11 Pippycat
11 Landon Hawke Male 1 Wikia Contributor A
12 Beemo Xra Female 7 Rebekah
12 Nathaniel Chip Male 5 Ccmoco5
13 Odin Amarth Male 9 Icanhasnofriends
13 Tsubaki Kasugano Female 6 Erlend

The Games

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