Don't judge me ;-;


So I was just chilling, watching the Bachelor with my family, and I thought of this ideaaa

So I should probably explain:

There will be 24 "tributes"/women competeing for the love of our Bachelor, Nicholas (aka Nick).

First Impression Rose

Each round concludes with a rose ceremony. If you get a rose, you are safe. If you don't, you are eliminated.

Each tribute/girl will get to meet the Bachelor, and should try to make a memorable first impression reflecting on their personality. Ex: There was a chemistry teacher on the Bachelor who brought in two test tubes and asked to do an experiment. She then whipped off her glasses and announced. "You know what? Why don't WE just make chemistry?"

If they were from, say, District 4, they could strut in with a bikini on. 


  • Something memorable will help your tribute in these games
  • A lot of people go with the "Wow, I'm so nervous," angle, but this will not appeal to our bachelor

The First Impression Rose means your tribute is safe from elimination. Three of the eliminated tribute's will get P.O.Vs explaining their feelings. You can comment that your tribute walks out with her head held high, not breaking down, or milking up the drama by crying hysterically. 

Backstories are encouraged! I will reference and use them frequently.

This is sort of like the Interview for the Hunger Games. It helps you get sponsors, which, in this case, is a rose. 


  • Please don't whine if your tribute is eliminated. Only your tribute can do that
  • Reservations last 24 hours
  • Links are totes excepted
  • Please be active! Your advice will be used in a lot of this
  • You can join even if you don't like the Bachelor C:

I will update this blog post frequently, so pretty please check it!


I will be throwing in some twists here and there. Say an old ex of your tribute comes onto the show and proclaims his love for you.

You will get to interact with the twists. The more drama your tribute makes, the more likely they will stay on the show. (Producer's words, not mine)


District 1
Reserved for Sammm
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5
District 6
District 7
District 8
District 9
District 10
District 11
District 12

Elimination Chart

Name District Round of Elimination

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