Hello! First of all, let me apologise for my lack of updating on all of my Games and Mentor Games and such. I usually start so full of motivation, and it gradually drains until there is nothing at all. 

Think of this as my motivational project. I'm going to make a very short and easy Games, with only 12 tributes. Once I finish this, I think I'll feel I can actually finish things, and then I am going to renew the Mentor Games and hopefully be able to finish stuff in the future.

Alright, now here are the rules!


  • There are only twelve tributes, one from each District, six girls and six boys. Since there is such a small amount of tributes, one per person. Please check the number of girls who have been entered if you would like to enter a woman, and the males if you would like to enter a male. If there are already six girls, then your tribute will not be accepted.
  • No reservations. I want these to be really quick, and I'm eager about starting soon, just to show myself I can actually finish things
  • This is going to go by very fast, so I assure you I'll finish these. Promise. So, stay active!
  • If you're entering tributes, please make sure to include:








  • You can add more if you like, but these are the basics, in no specific order. Backstories are a definite plus, but please, not too lengthy. If you have a tribute with potentional that isn't long-winded, that's what I'm looking for. 
  • Have fun! 


Name Age District Status
Sydney Zaelia 15 One
Flee Inscissors 13 Two
Allium Arcson 17 Three
Mitchel Salmon 17 Four
Pompey Wattson 18 Five
Train McBridge 15 Six
Bee Clio 13 Seven
Brandon Ivey 15 Eight
Spectre Shadow 17 Nine 
Belinda Wren 18 Ten
Artemis Moonsliver 13 Eleven
Phaedra "Fay" Matton 14 Twelve

Training Scores

Name Age District Score




Careers; Flee Inscissors (2), Mitchel Salmon (4), 

Loners; Phaedra "Fay" Matton (12), Sydney Zaelia (1), Allium Arcson (3), Train McBridge (6), Belinda Wren (10), 

Death Chart

Name Age District Placing Cause of Death


(Lunaii Gallery, please include a RL or Lunaii)

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