So I am following the trend and making an RP games, but these will not be like the others C:


  • So I hate godmodding very much and you only get one warning for godmodding before death. If you have no idea what godmodding is, I shall demonstrate:

Rachel (idk I like that name): Rachel kills all the tributes and wins

So obviously you can't do that. I will decide if a weapon injures, kills, or does not affect the tribute you target. Ex:

Rachel: Rachel aims and throws a knife at Mr. Moose.

Me: The knife strikes Mr. Moose's head, and kills him. BOOM!

  • Cursing is allowed, but don't get crazy with it mkay


If you were to fly overhead of the arena, you would see it looks like a giant opened book. There is an extravagent stone castle in the center of the arena. The Cornucopia is in the castle, right at the entrance. There is a giant moat protecting the castle. The water is filled with crocodile mutts that will eat humans alive. They are only located in the water at the moat. 

There are three main castles all over the arena. The one in the center is one of them, the biggest, and the next one is a high tower (like the one in Rapunzel's story) with vines weaving up of it. It has a stack of useful items in it, mostly medical kits. Sometimes, you will find the dragon mutt there. 

The last castle is right next to the forcefield. It offers the most lavish rooms, and shelter. In fact, there is an old butler waiting to serve you and many guards to protect you. The problem is, the most dangerous mutt of them all resides in the forest next to it... the Big Bad Wolf mutt. 


These are the Mutts in my Games duh

  • Crocodile Mutts- these mutts reside in the Cornucopia Castle. They have deadly teeth, but cannot leave the water of the moat
  • Dragon Mutt- the dragon mutt is huge, and will not attack you unless you mess with him. He is very deadly, and the largest mutt of all of them. He flies all over the place, but you are most likely to find him at the Rapunzel Castle
  • Big Bad Wolf- the Big Bad Wolf is a merciless wolf, residing in numbers in the forest next to the Guarded Castle. Most dangerous mutt in the games

Template (thx Summer)







District User
District One- Female Jade
District One- Male Blake/Gamzee
District Two- Female Kacey
District Two- Male Kaeghan
District Three- Male Joan
District Three- Male

Colin I think XD

District Four- Female Liza
District Four- Male Zach
District Five- Female Mia
District Five- Male Gruff 
District Six- Female Summer
District Six- Male Eli
District Seven- Male Mist
District Seven- Male Jay
District Eight- Female Andy c:
District Eight- Male Wikia C
District Nine- Female Lexi
District Nine- Male World
District Ten- Female Tara?
District Ten- Male Bryan
District Eleven- Female Lexi
District Eleven- Male Den
District Twelve- Female Claudia
District Twelve- Male Wes yay


Item Who Has It
Morning Star (3) Summer
Sleeping Bag (5)
Throwing Knives (7) Andy, Kacey
Throwing Axes (5) Jay, Mist, Claudia
Bow with 15 arrows (3) Liza, Den, Tara, Lexi
Normal Knives (13) Tara, Kaeghan, Gamzee, World
Backpacks (31)

Jay, Andy, Liza, Lexi,

Colin, Tara, Den, Kacey, Mist, World

Kittens (14. Their names are:

  • Matilda - deceased
  • Sunny- owned by Jade
  • Lucifer- owned by Liza
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy - Owned by Andy
  • Mr. Snuggly- Owned by Mist
  • Lord Tubbington- Owned by Jay
  • Banana- Owned by Jade
  • Moon Moon- Owned by Blake
  • Marie- deceased
  • Potato- Owned by Colin
  • FurryBall of Fury- owned by Liza
  • Catie- 
  • Puffy- Owned by Mist
  • Mr. Squishy- owned by Jade
  • Sir Fluffington -Owned by Colin
Metal Claws (2) Jade
Spears (5)
Jokerkind strife (1) Gamzee
Trident (4)
Kitten food packs (14) Liza, Tara, Andy, Lexi, Summer
Milk (14) Lexi, Tara, Summer

Death chart

Placing Victim Killer
24th Wes Tribute Plates
23rd Wikia C Tara
22nd Eli Liza
21st Lexi Jay
20th Bryan Tara
19th Mia Joan
18th World Kaeghan
17th Joan ;-; Mist
16th Zach Unknown
15th Gruff Unknown
14th Claudia Unknown
13th Kacey Kaeghan
12th Tara Blake
11th Kaeghan Mist
10th Den Mist
9th C-Colin ;-; Big Bad Kaeghaannnn
8th Andy :c Jay
7th Jade </3 Liza o.o XD
6th Lex finally Group Effort
5th Andy Mist (wow 4th kill clap)
4th Mist Group Effort -Liza Summer-
3rd Blake  bad gurl Catie

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