Hi! Welcome to the White Girl Games! These are my first games so no hate please ;-; 


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  • Reservations last 24 hours
  • Four tributes each


Some crazy white girl took hold of Panem as president and decided to start the Hunger Games again. 


President White Girl decided only girls are allowed in these Games. More importantly, sterotypical white girls. The games will still have 26 tributes though (including Capitol)


There is only one breed of Muttation in these games. The Muttations are robotic-like boyband members and rappers who woo white girls in and then murder them.


The Arena will consist of two parts: a forest where all the muttations hang out and a jungle that offers a lot of shelter but may appear too frightening for the white girl.

The Cornucopia will be filled with UGG boots, Starbucks gift cards, iPhones pre-downloaded with Instagram, etc. 


Female- Flavia Heart  User: Joan
Female-  Fairy Luck  User: Nick
District 1
Female- Ameriele Joseph  User: Panda

Female- Elise Laverte  User: Wes

District 2

Female- Reya Isolfa  User: Kaeghan
Female- Viola Galdy  User: Kaeghan
District 3
Female- Petra Mines   User: Joan
Female- Quirina Rock  User: Panda
District 4
Female- Clarissa Ens   User: Blake
Female- Kaori Yasu  User: Wes
District 5
Female- Aurora Kylma  User: Wes
Female- Dahlia Hill  User: Kaeghan
District 6
Female- Lara Khloros  User: Joan
Female- Naamah Silver  User: Panda
District 7
Female- Kylynn Cloud  User: Panda
Female- Yasmin Veleno  User: Wes
District 8
Female- Chakra Fatalis  User: Joan
Female- Lyra Pluto  User: Nick
District 9
Female- Amor Rune  User: Nick
Female- Lylia Grainseed  User: Eli
District 10
Female- Spritinkle Bubbles  User: Aspen
Female- Drifloon Mc'Carthy  User: Jinx
District 11
Female- Melly Reesha  User: Kaeghan
Female- Duskull Mc'Carthy  User: Jinx
District 12
Female- Courtney Johnson  User: Jennifer Lawrence (original)
Female- Zara Orestin  User: Eli

The Reapings

Flavia Heart's P.O.V

I felt fingers brush my face. I opened one eye sleepily and there he was. My uncle. My nightmare. 

"It's reaping day," he purrs, looking into my eyes. My lip quivers as I get up out of my bed. My hand automatically flies to my stomach, and I have a terrible flashback of a few nights ago. I was beginning to paint myself the texture of the sky. I was so caught up in my work, trying to match every detail. Then, he appeared. And now I'm pregnant. I stared blankly at the wall, before snapping out of it. I put on my Reaping outfit, and went to the Reaping, as if in a trance. 

In a way, it was sort of a relief to go to the Reapings. It was the one place my uncle couldn't be with me, as I was sorted into the 17 year old girl group after my finger was pricked.

Our Reaper came on stage, flourishing a huge scarlet fan and swatting it over her face seductively. She showed us the same video ALWAYS shown every year. "Now, ladies first... oh wait! Only ladies are going to be in this year's games," she smiled. There was a collective gasp, but our Reaper seemed to take no notice. She closed her eyes and pulled a paper slip out of the bowl. "Fairy Luck! Fairy Luck, please!" she called out. 

Everyone started whispering when they heard that name. I heard one of the whispers; "It's her! The loopy one who believes in magic!" a girl called out, snickering. 

A girl with pink and black hair quietly walked to the stage, mumbling something and staring at the ground. Our Reaper completely ignored her and reached in the bowl for another name. 

"Flavia Heart!"

Elise Laverte's P.O.V

I woke up, eager to get to the Reaping for my last Reaping day. I quickly got dressed, but slowed down to brush my long hair and smile at myself in the mirror. 

Finally, I was ready. I had decided to volunteer. I had been training nearly all of my life to be in the Hunger Games. I never miss a target. And when I won, imagine all that money! Then my boyfriend wouldn't have to work anymore for our daughter. Our daughter...

I clutched the little silver bracelet my daughter had given it, staring at it lovingly. A voice rang out across the Reaping area. 

"Good morning, District One!" our Reaper smiled. "Good morning!" we called back. "You look like a banana!" I shouted to her, grinning. Everyone started to laugh at her. Or were they laughing at me? No, they must be laughing at her. In all honestly, she did look like a banana. Our Reaper was dressed head-to-toe in yellow, topping her yellow gown off with a pointed yellow hat. Before I had time to dwell on the thought, our flustered Reaper began read off a name quickly. "I volunteer!" I screamed. The Reaper tried to hide her scowl. I smiled sweetly at her. 

"Your name?" she asked. "What?" I replied. "What is your name!?" she asked again, agitated. "Oh!" I exclaimed. "Elise Laverte!" I cried out. I heard some guys whistling in the crowd. Speaking of guys, I waited for the Reaper to call the guy name. 

"Ameriele Joseph!"

What!? Another girl!?

Viola Galdy's P.O.V

I woke up, smiling. Reaping Day, my favorite day of the year. I allowed myself an evil smirk. I'm always acting as if I'm sweet to my "fans" (who admire my fighting skills) and adults, but that's not the real me. Not. even. close. I didn't want to be late for the Reapings, so I stopped smirking and went to them. The finger prick didn't bother me at all. 

"Hellllooooo, District 2!" our Reaper grinned. District 2 cheered back in response. "Let's have a winner this year!" he smiled to the crowd. "We already have a winner every year!" someone called back, causing a new burst of cheering. "Then, let's see who will be Reaped to win!" he laughed. 

"Vioollaaaa Galdy!" he shouted out at the crowd. I opened my mouth to volunteer when I realized my name had been called. I ran to the stage before anyone could volunteer for me. I grinned and waved sweetly at the crowd, blowing kisses to some of the guys. I was so caught up in my little act, I nearly didn't catch the next name. 

"Reyyyaaaa Isolfa!" our Reaper exclaimed. He always rolled out random words, for dramatic effect. A pretty girl sashayed up to the stage. All I was thinking was:

I'm going to beat you. 

Quirina Rock's P.O.V

"Reaping Day," my mother said, sipping coffee casually. "Hmm?" I said, just waking up. "Reaping Day! A wonderful, magical day and oppurtunity to..." I tuned my mother out. She was a victor, and apparently really liked Reaping Day. I didn't really care. "Yeah, I know what Reaping Day is, mom," I replied, with a flat tone. 

"Good! Now let's get ready for it," she smiled. Mom began to walk to my closet to pick out an outfit when my three brothers and my sister ran into my room. "It's Reaping Day! It's Reaping Dayyyyy!" they sang and chanted. I shot them a look, and they fell quiet. I used to beat up my classmates, and they knew I would have no trouble beating up them. 

Mom smiled at her "little darlings" and told them to go ask our butler to make them breakfast. "Now, this is the outfit I wore to my Reaping Day," mother smiled. "My good luck dress!" she added. "And getting Reaped is suuccchhh good luck," I muttered sarcastically under my breath. Mom seemed to hear it, and shot me a look. "I'll let you gt changed then," she smiled, and left. 

I rolled my eyes and got dressed. "Let's go!" my sister shouted enthusiastically. "Reaping Day! It's Reaping Dayyyy! Reaping, reaping, reaping daaaayyyyyy!" the singing started up again. Ugh. This was going to be a long, long day.

Finally, we arrived at the Reaping area. Our Reaper wasted no time with introductions. "Petra Mines," he called out. A girl with dark brown hair and green eyes walked up to the stage. She looked innocent enough, but the glare in her eyes was similar to the ones I saw on bloodthirsty Careers while watching games. Our Reaper called another name. I sighed, exasperated. Someone pushed me. "Your name was called," she whispered. I scowled and pushed her to the ground, resisting the urge to shout at her. 

"Your District Three tributes, Petra Mines and Quirina Rock!"

Clarissa Ens' P.O.V

My life flashed before my eyes. I was screaming and crying. His arms wrapped around me, and he muttered things comfortingly. I woke up with a shake. Only a dream... only a dream. A dream with Shuppet in it. I usually only had these kind of dreams when I feared for my life... oh, no. It was Reaping day. I had totally forgotten!

Hurrying to get to the Reaping area, I arrived in a huff. I was very late. Our Reaper was about to call the first girl's name. I got my finger pricked and rushed into the area for 14 year old girls. The Reaper called out a name when a shrill voice screeched, "I volunteer!" It was Kaori Yasu. I knew her, but barely. She was always so kind to everyone.

I felt a wave of relief. I was safe! Or so I thought. "Clarissa..." the Reaper paused. "Ens," she finished, as if my last name was hard to say. I was completely shocked. No, no, no, no, no this COULD NOT be happening. "Stupid girl," my Reaper mocked me. "Haven't you heard? President White Girl commands only females will be particapating in these games," she informed me. 

"This can not be!" a male voice cried out. I turned my head.. it was Shuppet. The Peacekeepers began to drag me to the stage. "I love you! Clarissa, I love you! You have to come home! You have to! You have to come home to me!" Shuppet cried desperately.

Dahlia Hill's P.O.V

The Reaping. Hmm... 

I had mixed feelings on the Reaping. I knew it would crush my family if I was Reaped- but see, that's why it was good. My family would do anything to keep me out of harm's way. And that is why I ran away, shortly, in the first place. 

If I hadn't run away, I wouldn't have had the best night of my life. Who knew jumping off buildings could be so fun!?

"Dahlia Hill,"

Woah. What?! That was me... how long had I been zoned out? My parents were screaming and crying. I needed to comfort them. "You'll never survive!" my mom wailed. Gee, thanks mom. That bursts my confidence. 

"It's fine," I assured her. I hesitated, but finally decided: I needed to tell them. I began my story. My Dad gasped in all the right places, and my mom's expression was pure shock, with a little anger. I didn't completely stop their tears, but they seemed better. My brother gave me a grim nod, and I walked up to the stage.

I accepted this. Did they?

Lara Khloros' P.O.V

I pushed my glasses up to my nose. Did I really sleep in them tonight? Ugh. I thought I was smarter than that. Luckily, I was smart enough to remember one thing: It was Reaping day.

My parents were busy working on some big engineer project or something, and I was alone. I lazily got up and half-heartedly tried to control my wavy hair, to no avail. I needed to make breakfast. I smiled slightly, remembering trying to convince the man selling our food to give it to us for a lower price. 

Let's face it: my family isn't rich. Almost nobody in District 6 is... but we make do. Or at least, make do. I took a bite of my food, and started going down to the Reaping area. Not the plain, boring way everybody takes. The way that runs through some allies and such. 

"Hello District Six." Our Reaper greated us. "It's the Hunger Games. Yay." she cheered sarcastically. "Let's reap the 'lucky' tributes," she tries to smile. "Lara," she reads, then pauses, probably trying to pronounce my last name. "Khl...khlo..kloro..s," she stutters out. 

I walk up to the stage, my mind blank. I just close my eyes, and listen. 

"Naamah Silvers," my Reaper screeches flatly. Before I have any time to react, our Reaper holds up my hand and Naamah's hand and announces:

"Your District Six Tributes!" 

Kylynn Cloud's P.O.V

"Hey Kylynn!" he smiled softly at me. "Hi," I smiled back at him, bashfully. A little 'mew' and the thump of my dog's tail woke me up. My three favorite things were all staring down at me on my least favorite day: Reaping day. But I tried not the focus on that. Valentine, my brother, gave me a little hug. 

I needed it. It was hard to stay strong- especially today. "Don't worry Kylynn. You won't get Reaped. You'll just come home to me, and we'll play in the trees with Kitty and Puppy," he smiled. I sniffled. "What about you? You put your name in... how many times did you put your name in for tesserae?" I asked, tears welling in my eyes. 

"Hush, now. It doesn't matter," he assured me. "Now." he started. "Let's get you ready for Reaping," he smiled again. He put me in my favorite green overalls with a little yellow blouse under it. I smiled a little. I loved this outfit. 

We walked down to the Reaping. "Kylynn Cloud," a voice boomed out. Oh... no. What? This was too sudden. Had I heard right?

I burst into tears, sobbing. Peacekeepers heaved me up to the stage. Our Reaper started to call out the next name when a voice rang out. "I VOLUNTEER!" Valentine shouted. 

The Reaper heaved a huge sigh. "Only ze girls in zese Games," he repeated, as if reading from a book. "I'm sorry Kylynn! I tried to protect you! You can do this! You can-" Valentine screeched. His screams stopped to a muffled sound, and a Peacekeeper pulled out a gun. No. Not Valentine! My dog started barking menacingly, as if to protect Valentine. The Peacekeeper turned his gun on my dog and shot it in the skull. 

No. No. No. 

I didn't even here the other name, as everything went black.

Lyra Pluto's P.O.V

"Steffie?" I called out into the darkness. Oh. How could I forget? Her husband died. She was taking the month off. The day I needed her most... she wasn't here. I got dressed myself: tying up my brown hair in a ponytail and putting on a dark blue shirt with a headband to match. I put on a little necklace, too, barely noticable. 

I walked to the Reaping's. It was close enough to my house. I felt sorry for the girl already up there, but honestly, she looked like she could handle herself. 

I waited for the boy's name patiently. I hoped he'd be an anti-career. Seeing an Anti-Career win would really lift my spirits these days. Though, I'd never be an anti-career if I were in the Games. But this year I wouldn't have to worry about it. The girl was already called. And hey, she looked quite capable of being a victor!

I know I'm just being an optimist, but not being Reaped is like getting a present. I couldn't wait to get home and finish that piano compitsition I was writing. Turns out I'd never get the chance.

"Lyra Pluto!"

I froze. What? Maybe there was some other Lyra Pluto in the crowd. Two people with make-up walked up and embraced me. I can't believe I almost didn't recognize them... they were my parents. 

They had to go soon, of course, but my Mom (The Roll) whispered something to me:

Everyone makes mistakes, but our mistakes are going to hurt people

Lylia Grainseed's P.O.V

"Wake up, lazy!" I joked, shoving my old dog back and forth. He stared at me with his natrually droopy eyes. "I remember when I used to race you," I mused. My dog was much too old to race now. I suppose I could get him to move if I tried. 

"Cooommeee oonnnnnn!" I comanded him with a hint of a whiney voice. My dog set his head down on the floor. I scowled. "I'll get you to move someday, you old mutt," I muttered to him.

I was brushing my hair when my dog whimpered. "What is it?" I sighed. He just stared at me. Suddenly, something clicked; it was Reaping day. "Oh yeahhh," I smiled crookedly. "Let's race there!" I suggested perkily. My dog let out what seemed to be a groan. 

"Oh, come on! For old times' sake?" I begged. My dog stood up slowly and started trotting half-heartedly. We were going to be late if her kept this up. "Lazy mutt. I won't give you table scraps anymore!" I threatened. He yelped and started waddling towards my Reaping area. "You win!" I grinned. "Go home, the Reapings are about to start," I instructed him. 

My dog gave me what looked like an eye roll and started waddling back home. "Good boy!" I called after him. I got my finger pricked and walked into the crowd of 13 year old girls. 

There was a grim looking girl next to me. "Hi! You look grim today! Why do you look so grim? I know it's Reaping Day but you probably won't get called! Oh wait you must've taken the tesserae! Wow! How many times is your name in there!? I took some tesserae, too, but you really shouldn't worry! You get some great food! My dog really appreciates me getting tesserae. I think he'd starve without it! How terrible would that be?" I rambled on and on. 

Suddenly, the girl turned swiftly to me. "Shut up! I don't care about your dog! My name is in there 24 times. I have two brothers and two sisters and my grandma to supply for. So, if that answers your question, this is why I'm grim!" she shouted at me. Her eyes began to water.

The Reaper read off a name, and the girl next to me froze. She began to walk towards the stage slowly. "I volunteer!" I squeaked out, before I knew what I was doing. The girl turned to me with a shocked look. She started slowly walking off the stage as I walked up to it. 

"Take care of your brothers and sisters," I whispered to her. "And don't be so grim. Smiling is good for you," I advised. The girl looked geniunely touched. "Well, look at this! We have a volunteer!" exclaimed my Reaper. I started to say my name. "Look- she has two different colored eyes!" my Reaper taunted me. "You wouldn't even be considered pretty in the Capitol," he scoffed. The girl I volunteered for pushed her way onto the stage and slapped the Reaper.

"You cruel, evil, disgusting little-" she started. A Peacekeeper shot her in the stomach. Blood bloomed like a flower around her shirt. "Thank you..." she whispered to me, choking up blood. I didn't hear the name of the other tribute as she came up to the stage. I bent down to the girl and wrapped my jacket around her. A Peacekeeper sent a gloved fist to my face. I staggered back, and blacked out to the sound of people laughing at me. 

Spritinkle Bubbles' P.O.V

There was a flash of a camera. Reaping Day selfie! I uploaded it to Instagram and smiled. Was my makeup right? I pulled out my makeup workbook and scribbled a note. "Not to self... darker lipstick," I read out loud. 

"Sprite, darling!" my father called out. I kissed his cheek lightly. "I have prepared you a Reaping Dress! It is gorgeous," he smiled. "Oh thank you," I smiled politely. I gasped when I saw the frock. It was a shiny, silky red with gold fringes outlining each part of the fabric. I changed into it immeaditly. 

"Now, go! To the Reapings!" my dad hurried me. "What about breakfast?" I asked. "Go now! You have to start showing off your dress!" my dad commanded. He did have a point. I ran to the Reaping. I strutted into the group of 18 year-olds. Some glared at me, but who cares? I know I'm fabulous!

Suddenly, I heard a name. Oh! The Reapings had already started! Some rude girl pushed me. "Hey! This is expensive material!" I snapped at her. "Your name's been called, prescious," she glared at me. I sashayed up to the stage. Some person started clapping. Then the entire area was clapping. 

Were they... happy I was Reaped? No.. couldn't be! They must be clapping at my outfit. I started striking a few poses and the applause died quickly.

"Drifloon Mc'Carthy!"

A girl with a purple hood stalked up to the stage. As if her outfit weren't bad enough, she wasn't wearing any makeup! I began to give her some friendly tips, but she gave me a glare that made me shut my mouth. 

Her eyes were white...

Duskull Mc'Carthy's P.O.V

The sounds of crying began to haunt my dream. Some people might consider this a nightmare, but to me it was a dream. The steady beat of sobs was like music. I smiled. This was so soothing. But then I remembered my sister. I screamed in rage. No, Duskull, think. Think of tears.

I grinned to myself, remembering the moment a child had broken a rule at school and I'd smack her down. I had  never heard such loud sobs. Maybe there would be crying people at Reaping Day. I certainly hoped so. I pulled my dark hood over my head and walked to the Reaping, feeling pretty good.

I froze. Our Reaper was familar. Too familar. I suddenly remembered him from the day I was taken to the Capitol to get "checked". I hated the Capitol. Hated. They tore me away from my sister!

I remembered when they threw me in with the rest of the people from District 11. They all treated me like a reject. Even now, standing with the rest of the fourteen year old girls, a circle of distance formed around me.

Suddenly, my least favorite sound filled me head: laughter. I turned around. No one was laughing. No one else heard it. A girl walked up on stage. I ignored her. I couldn't take this. The last thing I heard was

"I volunteer!"

And the sound came from me. 

Zara Orestin's P.O.V

I was up bright and early. Reaping Day. Everyone tried to make it sound so great. I could only imagine all the riches. I sighed, popping a berry in my mouth. The berry I had stolen last night. A girl like me needed all that money, living in the poorest part of District 12 and all. 

But getting Reaped... it sounded terrible. I had watched countless times as the District 12 tributes got murdered brutally. Though, if I did get Reaped, I was at least a little bit confident in my skills. 

Oh, Zara I thought to myself. You should try and be bubbly today, of all days! 

I'm usually cheerful. Really, I am. Enough thinking. I needed to get ready for Reaping day. I smiled at my Reaping Day outfit: all green. Green is my favorite color. That's good. I'm glad my favorite color is the color I use to do camouflage. 

I've been so wound up in my thoughts! I have to get to the Reaping. 

"Zara Orestin." an impatient voice called out.

T-this was all so sudden! What?! Calm down Zara, calm down I willed myself in thought. My next thought was Through all of this, I must smile.

And as I shoke hands with the other girl Reaped, I did what I thought was impossible: I smiled on Reaping Day.

The Games

Ameriele Joseph's P.O.V

As my tube rises, I come into view with the arena. There is a dense, green jungle on oen half of the arena, and what seems to be a forest on the other. Right in the middle of those two places is the Cornucopia. I try to ignore the sounds around me, and search the Cornucopia for throwing knives. I am not prepared for what I see:

The first thing I notice are the UGG boots, all in different colors. Purple, black, orange, red, white and tan. I have to admit that tan pair is pretty cute. Next is a huge stack of iPhones. And finally, there's Starbucks giftcards piled on top of each other and a few actual Starbucks coffees. I am not sure what I can go for here, but finally I decide on a Starbucks gift card- and those tan UGGs. 

One girl must've seen me staring at those UGG boots because she started screaming. "Those UGG boots are mine! MINE!" 

I stare at her quizzically. She points to the tan pair of boots I was planning on getting. I started boiling inside, but I didn't reply. The girl watches the clock anxiously. About two seconds left. I turn my attention back to the Cornucopia when I hear a loud cannon. BOOM! The girl who wanted those UGG boots had tried to grab them early, but instead she got blown to bits. 

If only she could've waited two more seconds. The countdown was finished. I ran for those UGGs

Reya Isolfa's P.O.V

I sprinted for the Cornucopia. Most people seemed to be mad because there were no knives or something, but I personally thought this was the best selection of all. I decided to go for an iPhone. I reached for one when I felt a hand. "This is my iPhone, sista!" a girl growled at me. "I grabbed it first!" I retorted. "But I need it for Instagram selfies!" the girl whined. "When I'm done with you, you won't want to take selfies anymore," I threatened. "Why?" the girl asked. "What's your name?" I asked, ignoring the question. 

"Spritinkle Bubbles," she answered slowly. "My instagram name is heyyy_its_sprite, follow me!" she added. I ignored the last part of her sentence. "Spritinkle Bubbles, you won't want to take selfies because your face is going to be so messed up the world will cower in fear of ever seeing you again," I growled to her. 

"Sheesh!" the girl said, dropping the iPhone. She grabbed a pair of red UGG boots and I watched her slowly creep up on a girl from 12. The girl seemed to be frantically searching the Cornucopia for something. Spritinkle raised an UGG boot over the girl's head, paused for an evil smile, and jammed it over her head with all her strength. The girl whipped around, holding the back of her head. Turning around was a bad choice. She got whacked in the face again. Spritinkle began frantically pounding on the girl until her body went limp. BOOM!

"Wow, nice job," I smiled. "Thank you," Spritinkle thanked me with a little bow. "That was too good of a job," I murmured. Spritinkle's smile faded. "We can't have threats like that in the Game," I purred. Spritinkle's face turned white. I grabbed her UGG boots and stuffed her face in them, counting the seconds till she suffocated. BOOM!

Good thing these UGG boots were red, or they'd be bloodstained. 

Petra Mine's P.O.V

I knew what I was going to get: an iPhone. Not because I was one of those selfie obessed girls- because I needed what was inside the phone. Wires, electrical supplies, all that stuff. And I would take that phone apart and break it apart, and I'd have all the things I need. For good measure, I should grab three. I ran for the Cornucopia when I saw a Starbucks gift card swing past my head. The girl from one had thrown it (I think her name was Ameriele), and hit some girl with white skin who seemed to be from the Capitol. 

I didn't here the girl's cannon, and I saw the one girl run into a pale girl from seven. Soon, another girl from six joined them. Finally, I saw my District Partner join the little group. I didn't waste any more time staring. I grabbed my things, and I ran for the forest.

Kaori Yasu's P.O.V

No throwing knives.. hmm.. 

I needed to find something I could use as one. I looked around when I saw Ameriele, from One, using a Starbucks giftcard as a sort of throwing knife. She targeted a girl from the Capitol with white skin and red hair. The giftcard hit the girl's face, leaving a cut. It didn't kill her, of course. Maybe I could finish her off. 

Suddenly, the wind was knocked out of me. A strong looking girl stood over me. I remembered her from eight. "Hi," I muttered, standing up. "Ah, ah, ah, no," the girl said, pushing me down and pinning me. "Let me go!" I struggled under her grip. "I didn't pin the little fish just to let it slip away," the girl growled. "My name is Kaori. Not 'little fish'," I informed her, struggling again under her grip. 

"Little fish can't survive out of water for long," the girl reminded me. "You can't kill me. You have no weapons," I murmured. "Are you sure about that?" the eight girl snickered. I stayed silent. She raised her fist her applied a sharp punch to my side. "That's just a warm up," she informed me. The girl started punching my feet furiously, then working her way up to my legs, then to my gut, then to my neck, and finally to my face.

I started coughing up blood. Everything seemed so fuzzy. I saw the girl leave, but that was the last thing I saw. BOOM!

Fairy Luck's P.O.V

What do I do? Everything was so confusing. I decided going to the Cornucopia wouldn't be safe. Going to any normal Hunger Games Cornucopia isn't safe, but this one was filled with angry white girls fighting over coffee and iPhones. 

You wouldn't expect much blood from a Hunger Games with no weapons, but this was exactly that: bloody. In fact, my Capitol partner (Flavia?) was lying on the ground, blood oozing from her face slowly. Her white skin looked even paler. "Fa-Fairy!" she called to me. I shouldn't go over there... I shouldn't go over there. "Fairy please!" she cried. I walked over to her slowly. I knew I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help it. "Get this giftcard out of my cheek," she pleaded. "Uh... ok," I murmured, placing my hands awkwardly on the part of the Starbucks giftcard sticking out.

"Do it quickly," Flavia pleaded, shutting her eyes. I closed mine, too, and pulled it out in one swift jerk. Flavia yelped and put a hand to her face. "It's still bleeding," I muttered. I ran to the Cornucopia, and grabbed a Pumpkin Spice. Not to drink it, though it did smell heavenly, but to pull off the cardboard/paper-like cup holder thingy and use it as a bandage on Flavia. "Here," I said, applying it to her face. "Drink this," I smiled crookedly, handing her the Pumpkin Spice.

Flavia inhaled and grinned. She must've thought it smelled as good as I thought it had smelled. Flavia took a sip, but stopped mid-sip. 

"Urm... when I finish this Pumpkin Spice, are you going to kill me?" she asked nervously.

Maybe this was Flavia's odd way of asking for an alliance. I.. I shouldn't trust her. But I did. 

"I'm not going to kill you," 

Aurora Kylma's P.O.V

Very funny Capitol, haha. I'm laughing now. Haha. 

What happened to the weapons? The supplies? The food and water? All there was was giftcards, boots, iPhones and some coffee. I was better off without all of these. 

And with that thought, I decided not to run towards the Cornucopia. I would go to the Jungle instead. I didn't need any of this crap. I could make my own katana! 

I made a beeline for the Jungle, but I couldn't stop my hands from grabbing a warm Pumpkin Spice. Finally, I entered the foliage of the Jungle. And I was sure I'd made the right decision. 

The jungle had a crystal clear little lake at the center of it. Fish swam in the pond. They'd make a good dinner... if I could ever get to making that katana. A large palm tree with red blossoms loomed over the lake, bulging with exotic-looking fruit. Speaking of refreshments, I realized how thirsty and hungry I was. I took a swig of the Pumpkin Spice. Hey, this wasn't half bad!

Enough distractions. I needed my katana. I realized how hard this would be to make. What could I even do to make it? Everything seemed hopeless. I spotted something on the undergrowth of the jungle. A stick... or a snake?

I reached down to pick it up when it moved. "Not a stick! Not a stick!" I screeched. I ran and grabbed my Pumpkin Spice. I poured it out on the snake and it recoiled and stopped moving. I poked it with my foot. Dead. Phew.

I realized something: sticks! I grabbed as many as I could, breaking them into the right length. That took about a half hour. Then, I need to sharpen the sticks. I grabbed a rock and sharpened them for an hour and a half. They had to be very sharp to serve as a weapon.

I grabbed a vine and and tied the sticks together tightly. I was nearly finished. But my weapon lacked something...

I ran to the dead snake and stuck my makeshift katana into the roof of his mouth, around his fangs. This was venom. Not even normal venom, mutt venom. 

Now, I have something everybody doesn't: a weapon. And I'm the biggest threat in the arena. 

Naahmah Silver's P.O.V

"Alright, come on. We're heading to the Forest," Quirina snapped impatiently. Kylynn looked up at my with wide eyes, filled with fear. I smiled down at her, giving her a little hug. "Why would we go there?" Ameriele asked skeptically. "Because I said so!" Quirina growled. 

It looked like Quirina was the leader of this alliance. I was hoping we'd go to the Jungle- there must be a lot of vegetation for me to eat. I didn't want to sound rude, though. Only mean people sound rude. I can not be a mean person. 

At least Quirina allowed me to run from the Bloodbath. I wondered if the other's grabbed anything. I knew Kylynn didn't because she was with me the whole time. Quirina seemed to have grabbed nothing, either, but Ameriele had some giftcards and a pair of tan UGG boots. They may seem like useless weapons, but I saw Ameriele throwing that giftcard at someone's face with enough force to draw blood. And Reya Isolfa, a District 2 girl, had suffocated someone with UGG boots. 

Ameriele wasn't snobby or mean, but she could stand up for herself. She looked like she had something to say to Quirina, but kept her mouth shut.

Quirina led us off to the forest.

Yasmin Veleno's P.O.V

I sipped my Starbucks, smiling happily. The Bloodbath was easy. I grabbed something, and ran. Where was I now?

I was obviously not in the Forest; so I must be in the Jungle. I could tell immeaditly I wasn't the only one...

I needed a kill. It was that simple. But my normal method of seducing men wouldn't work in an arena with all girls. Unless... I seduced a girl instead. Eh. Why not? 

I made my way through the thick outer foliage. There, I found what I was looking for: footsteps. I followed them when I saw the back of a girl with gorgeous long blonde hair. She was doing something with some vines. She was holding... what was that? Was it a stick? 

"A stick isn't going to hurt anybody little girl," I murmured. She whipped her head around. Her beautiful eyes flickered with interest when they saw me. I knew romantic interest when I saw it. In fact, I saw it tons of times with the boys back home. I also remember the cold, dead eyes that would stare at me. They didn't bother me. Maybe I would see that look again when I was done with this girl.

I turned up my flirtatious meter, doing all the tricks I know. Soon, I had the girl eating out of the palm of my hand. Then, I began the real work. The girl stared at me. Her green eyes nearly matched my hair. They were gorgeous. I wondered how they would look when I finished this girl off. 

I would never get the chance. Something pierced my hand. It was painful, but I laughed. "I told you that stick wouldn't hurt anybody," I smirked. "That's what you think. That 'stick' is a katana, and it's tips are covered in mutt snake venom." she said, begining to smirk as mine faded. My smirk was not the only thing that faded.

The life in my eyes faded, as well. BOOM!

Chakra Fatalis' P.O.V

A cannon sounded. It didn't scare me. I'd heard one before... right after the death of my first victim. A huge hovercraft came over to the Jungle side. Was there a tribute in the Jungle? I do remember I saw the back of a girl with long blonde hair run in there. And a girl with green hair. One of them could've killed the other, or maybe there was some mutt in the Jungle. The mutt one seemed more likely.  I could deal with a human, like I dealt with little fish. I don't know what I would do against a mutt, though. So, I headed to the forest. I heard soft sobbing sounds, and I crept deeper into the heart of the forest. A larger girl was comfortingly patting a smaller girl. From... Seven? This seemed like the girl was pulling a Johanna Mason on me. Even her alliance was fooled. I knew better than to mess with her, but as for the other girls...

I saw the girl from one as the biggest target. Even she looked sweet, though. Aren't people from District One stuck up jerks? I hoped the girl wouldn't live long enough for me the find out. I stepped into the clearing. The African-American girl's eyes widened. She turned to the small seven girl. "Kylynn, go hide! Go!" she screeched.

The little girl, Kylynn, ran to a tree. I began to realize she wasn't a threat. I should take her out. My eyes searched for her in the tree, but it was impossible to see her. I'd have to climb up the tree. I grabbed hold of one of the sturdy branches... or what I thought was sturdy. I fell when I was about four feet up from the ground. The little girl had managed to climb to the top because she was so, well, little. I wasn't fat, but I was pure muscle.

I landed on my back, knocking the wind out of me. As I fell, leaves whipped my face, leaving small red marks. The District 3 girl snorted in her sleep, turning over. She opened one eye sleepily. "What do you want?! I asked you to let me sleep," she yawned. Then, the girl spotted me, her eyes narrowing. I pushed myself up, ready to face her, but she slapped me back down to the ground. 

I snarled, got up one more time, and charged for the 3 girl. A giftcard whizzed past my head. The District One girl stood, staring at me. I glared at her, and ran... not away, but towards her. I applied a sharp punch to her neck. She crumpled into a heap on the floor. Not dead.. yet. I heard a cry from the tree. The Kylynn girl! I knew how to lure her out. I punched the District One girl's body, yet again. Kylynn let out another yelp.

Every time I laid a fist on the District One girl, it was as if it hurt Kylynn more than the girl herself. 

I had found Kylynn's weakness. And I was most definetely using it to my advantage. I followed the sound of her voice, and grabbed her in my strong arms, fleeing from the part of the forest the rest of her alliance was in. 

Now, I had set the bait. Let's see who would come and take it. 

Amor Rune's P.O.V

I stood between the line where the forest was, and where the Jungle was. It was a small strip of land, not concealed by anything, but if I was alert... I could survive. There were no mutts, and if I needed anything from the Cornucopia, I was free to get it. I could run quickly in case I needed anything.. or to get away from something.

This arena was... boring. The Capitol must want some sort of bloodshed. I needed to be alert. The Jungle seemed to offer some short of shelter that would be nice. It was hard to abandon my little strip of land, but I would stay at the outer edge of the Jungle, just in case I needed to go back to the Cornucopia and get something. 

I saw something, and had a flashback of Elidore's house. Snake skin. I started sweating and breathing shallowly.  I ran. I ran from that snake, even if it was only skin. I didn't know where I was now. It seemed to be a forest. Suddenly, something emerged from the bushes. It was... a guy? As soon as he opened his mouth to talk, I recognized his voice from Elidore's TV. Justin something was his name, I believe.

"If I was your boyfriend..." he began singing. He took a step towards me. "Never let you go..." he grabbed me in a a tight grip. I struggled and sent my fist to his gut... it was hard metal. I clutched my fist in pain. What was I going to do..?

I thought quickly, and planted a soft kiss on the robot's lips. Wow... I just had my first kiss with a robot mutt. He paused in his song. The soft singing voice (though not nessecarily great sounding) turned mechanical and screechy.

"Can... not... computute... emotion......" the voice spoke, in different pitches. The life from the mutt's eyes faded and, with an explosion of pixels, the Justin Bieber look faded, until the thing was just a hunk of metal. Let's stay out of the forest from now on..

Drifloon Mc'Carthy's P.O.V

The night fell, sucking the peaceful blue out of the sky quickly. I waited for the antem to play, but my ears were greeted with something quite different.

"Omg, look at me, Instagram selfie!

Pumpkin Spice, Starbucks nice

Ugg Boots in 80 degrees!"

I sighed. These Games were a joke. What really was the point of them? Just something for the Capitol's entertainment, like always, but they had to make it this overdone? I looked up at the faces in the sky.

The girl from District 2 was first. Violin or something. I suppose she was a threat. That's one tribute done, 23 to go.

Next, the 4 girl. Two big threats- gone! 22 now. 

Yasmin Veleno was next. I remembered her by her striking green hair. I thought she would've lasted longer. Oh well. 20.

A giant clown's face appeared on the sky. What person could afford that much makeup? I checked her District- 10. 19 left.

And the 12 girl. That wasn't a surprise. Eighteen tributes left. Somehow, that seemed like too much. I wondered if I could somehow lower that number. So, I decided to go tribute hunting.

I knew the Forest looked like a safe place. People would certainly go there, rather than the Jungle. Maybe I'd even find a child... or two..

I searched the forest, looking for any sign of people. I saw a place where a sloppy camp had been set up, though I knew no people were coming back. 

Suddenly, I swore I felt someone watching me. A pair of dark eyes blending against the night. 

Suddenly, a dart of blonde hair jumped for me. I hissed inhumanly, but stopped. No.. was it... Duskull?

I pushed her off me. She stared at my face, not even realizing it was me. "You won't beat me," she said, lunging again. 

"I'm the older sister. I always beat you," I grunted, pushing her off me. Duskull stopped and stared at me. Tears started welling up in her eyes.

"Oh my god. It's you," she whispered, her voice cracking. I tried not to start crying, looking at what my sister had become.

"What did they do to us?" I asked her. 

"They made me what I truly am; a monster."

Melly's P.O.V

I tried to sleep, fearing the sound of my own breath. It was so dark. I was all alone.

It wasn't like I hadn't experienced the feeling of being alone before. When my sister died, I felt alone and miserable. 

When my mother died... when she passed, I felt more alone then I'd ever felt. I clutched the necklace my mother made me, fighting back tears. I needed to avoid the Cornucopia as best I could; I am sure that whatever Careers were in these games would come back. Though there wasn't anything useful here.

Maybe... maybe they wouldn't. Maybe I'd be safe. There really was nothing that valuble here. I snuck around, and found a little white paper cup. I held it in my small hands. It was still warm.

I sniffed it cautiously. I hadn't smelled anything like it before in my life. It smelled even better than the pumpkins a family close to me grew. I couldn't help myself; just a little sip.

My eyes popped open. Any sleepiness that had cast it's spell on them drained away. The liquid poured over my throat. It was delicous. I tried another. There were towers of them, what did I have to lose?

I gulped down one after another. I started bouncing around quickly. What was there to lose now!? I felt on top of the world!

I could run a million miles around the arena. Why not?! I screamed in joy, running straight for the forest, laughing. I stopped. The effects were wearing off. I started panting, feeling like I wanted to crash to the ground all of a sudden.

Death Chart

Placing Victim Killer Method
24th Viola Galdy N/A Fell off platform
23rd Courtney Johnson Sprintinkle Bubbles UGG boots
22th Spritinkle Bubbles Reya Isolfa

Suffocation by UGG boots

21st Kaori Yasu Chakra Fatalis Beaten to death
20th Yasmin Veleno Aurora Kylma Poison Katana

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