• Toast baby02

    Okay so i don't seem to see any logic in this.  If you're making a movie at least make it true to the book :(

     FLAW #1) Prim's cat Buttercup in the original books he is a mucky yellow color. In The Hunger Games Buttercup is a black and white cat like.... 

    FLAW #2) When they made the whole trading at the Hob scene. WHY MUST YOU NOT INCLUDE MADGES STRAWBERRY SCENE AND MADGE GIVES KATNISS THE PIN NOT GREAST SAE *angry huff*

    FLAW #3) In The Hunger Games when Caeser Flickerman interviews Katniss, AFTER THE FLAMES GO UP when she sits down a piece of her hair is out. Next .2 seconds later its tucked back while both of Katniss's hands are folded.

    FLAW #4) The small wound on Peeta's left eyebrow changes throughout the film of The Hunger Games.

    FLAW #5) …

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