• I live in District half-potter (FAYZ)
  • I was born on June 25
  • My occupation is Victor
  • I am girl
  • Tobi99

    Ok, so you all probably know how i was away for a while, well i'm back, with a new games!Hello and welcome to my first ever christmas games!! Basically, I had this idea for a secret christmas based games that happens in the Capitol every year. My idea is that every year, the capitol takes 20 children from any of the districts and forces them to compete in a Hunger Games for the capitols entertainment for christmas. A few children win these games however and are given the privilige to become Capitol citizens. The arena, mutts etc are all christmas related and take only five days. It will be shown from the different POVs like I usually do. (will take about 10 days as I will post 1 day in the arena every second day of  our time)

    This pagent sh…

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  • Tobi99

    The Potter Games

    June 8, 2012 by Tobi99

    I just had the most amazing idea!! I shall combine my two favorite fandoms into one mega awesomely fantastic games!! I call it: The Potter Games! This is just an experiment, as i seriously just had the idea like a minute ago, although it's probably been done before XD.

    Ok, so it's pretty simple, one witch and one wizard from the ages of 12-18 from each of the 12 districts of Panem are reaped to compete in The Potter Games. Its pretty much the same, except this is the future wizarding world.

    Voldemort won the battle against Harry and so Harry Potter died along with all his friends(weap weap), Vouldy then lived into the post apocaliptic world known as Panem, after watching the muggles make the hunger games and enjoying himself watching the mug…

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  • Tobi99

    Hey guys! This is my third games! My first was normal, then i did a resurrection games, and now, another normal one! I will reveal the arena when all the tributes are in :) I will only need tributes. Does anyone want me to write a training session writin as well? If you guys want, I will add the training in!

    • If your tributes name in the chart is crossed out: name it means they are dead. If your tributes name is in bold: name, it means you were the victor! ​
    • This year, I will have two victors!!
    • I make my games in a pattern: normal, resurrection, normal, resurrection ect (If you dont understand here are my past games in order of when they were made: !,
    • You are the tribute (sorta), so no sponsor gifts >:D *evil laugh*
    • there will be 24 tributes as ussu…

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  • Tobi99

    Ok, so remember these games, the paper fortune teller?

    Well I've made one to find out who you would be Panem!

    It's simple, first, you pick your favorite ship, then your favorite district(or capitol), and finally, choose again, and tada! It tells you who you could be!

    Finnick and Annie

    Gale and Katniss

    Katniss and Peeta

    Cato and Clove

    If you picked Cato and clove or gale katniss, choose from capitol, 1, 11 or 7

    If you picked Katniss and peeta or Finnick and Annie, choose from 2, 4, 12 or 13

    If you picked 1, 11, 13, capitol or 7, choose from either 2, 4, 12 or 13

    If you picked 2, 4 or 12, choose from capitol, 1, 11 or 7

    Capitol: You are a game maker.

    District 1: You are a career.

    District 2: You are a victor.

    District 4: You are a... OMG, LOOK. FINNICK OD…

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  • Tobi99

    Can you guys tell me what you think of my first fanfic?

    Fanfic ~ through Foxface's eyes. ~

    Part one.

    the plate starts lifting me up and all i can think about is my grandmother, sitting at home in district 5, all alone, about to watch me go into the arena and to almost certain death. I try to remember everything my mentor had said about staying alive. i can hear her from this morning saying: "Just get away from the cornucopia, it will be tempting, but don't. and stay hidden, i don't know what the arena will be, but don't start a fire, no matter what. That's what killed my best friend over 10 years ago..." Just as my plate reaches the top I hear the legendary: "Ladies and gentlemen, let the seventy-forth Hunger Games begin!"

    .Part 2.

    For the next…

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