Can you guys tell me what you think of my first fanfic?

Fanfic ~ through Foxface's eyes. ~

Part one.

the plate starts lifting me up and all i can think about is my grandmother, sitting at home in district 5, all alone, about to watch me go into the arena and to almost certain death. I try to remember everything my mentor had said about staying alive. i can hear her from this morning saying: "Just get away from the cornucopia, it will be tempting, but don't. and stay hidden, i don't know what the arena will be, but don't start a fire, no matter what. That's what killed my best friend over 10 years ago..." Just as my plate reaches the top I hear the legendary: "Ladies and gentlemen, let the seventy-forth Hunger Games begin!"

.Part 2.

For the next 60 seconds I stand on my plate, not daring to shift even a little bit as I take in my surroundings. Right in front of me is the cornucopia filled with life giving supplies that could mean the difference of life and death. But i'm not too interested in them, I'm too busy looking at the steep drop on the other side of the cornucopia. It would be a big gamble to go down there, it could hold anything from a vast ocean, to a desert. But the other side of me holds a forest that could have anything in it. in between them is a giant lake, but coming from the power district i can't swim. at all. But the forest looks inviting... *BOOM* The game has started.

. Part 3.

I run to the forest on instinct and just keep running. I don't look back to see if anyone is there or how many are dead. I just keep going. Awhile later, i hear the cannons start, the blood bath must of stopped now, and i quietly count them. *boom* one, *boom* two, *boom* three... *boom* eleven in all. I wonder if Cammy made it through the blood bath, i hope he made it through the blood bath, but maybe it's better if he didn't make it through the blood bath. but he is all i have left from home now. Ok. stop it. stop thinking about him, i tell myself. I need to focus and find some food and water.

.Part 4.

It's a good night. I found a river with a berry bush next to it and i'm going to see if i can get my hands on any food the careers have tomorrow morning after some sleep...

.Part 5.

I wake to the sound of the anthem being played and i look up into the 'sky' to see the 11 dead tributes faces staring down at me... no... it can't be... no... Cammy can't be dead... He was so nice, no one would dare hurt him back home... but i guess here it's different... If only i could do something back to the careers that have obviously murdered him...

do i see smoke a little distance off? from a fire? *BOOM* That was probably the idiot that started the fire...

.Part 6.

I awake to a beautiful morning, but it still feels sinister... although i am covered by giant elephant ears leaves and other shrubs and about as hidden as you can get, it still does. I hear a twig brake, and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The careers, they can't see me, but i feel like i'm out in the open waving a flag saying im here. They go past me any way. Thats strange... i was expecting the careers to join together, but the district 12 boy? why is he there... did he convice them somehow to join them?! Well, that wasn't very smart, he'll probably get a knife in the back from the district 2 girl. I've watched her in training. She never misses.

.Part 7.

I decide to get up after the careers have past, that i will check the cornucopia to see if they left their supplies there. I take the same route i took to get here, as i do not want to take any risks of getting lost. *snap*

.Part 8.

I quickly hide, i don't want to have to fight anyone. But it's onlythe boy from district 10, the one with the limp. He seems to have a lot of food in is small pack that he carries... If only I could get some of it without him noticing... So when he stops at the river and gets water, I quickly, but quietly, sneak up behind him and grab a little bit from here, alittle bit from there, but not enough that he will know someone took some. As he starts to turn around, I hurry back behind, to the safety of trees. I eat and drink most of what I have and then continue, back to the cornucopia.

.Part 9.

When I get there, I find a nice hiding place where I will be able to see, but not be seen. I crawl through the undergrowth until i am right on the edge of the field. I see a pyrimid of supplies just sitting out in the open, with only one boy sitting there with a spear... That can't be right... there must be more to this. The careers wouldn't just leave their life giving supplies out in the open.... unless it's boobytraped.

.Part 10.

The anthum has just finished. no deaths today. I wonder what the game makers will do to speed up the game... I'm going to go further into the forest and see if i find anyone with resources. I'm lacking food now and I'm starting to feel the effects of hunger.

.Part 11.

I follow the girl from district 11,but its really dark tonight so it's hard to keep track of her and i only eat what she eats and i gather any berries that the small girl drops. i didn't expect that girl to be able to jump from tree to tree! She's almost flying. When she stops to rest i fall asleep at the bottom of the tree, hidden. I awake to stinging eyes.

.part 12.

I run for dear life, i run to the river and splash through that, making my shirt wet so i can have some protection from the wall of fire. i see the careers breafly and i hide. They seem to running from fire balls. I run alittle further and then realise the fire has stopped, I go all the way to my hiding place at the cornucopia. I slump down under a tree and fall into a long sleep...

.part 13.

I awake to the sound of screaming and a faint buzz. Thats strange, that sounds like a tracter jacker attack... I see the careers and the district 12 boy all running towards to lake with a swarm of tracker jackers chasing them. I notice that they stay well clear of the supplies when they run... I wonder what they put there...

.Part 14.

Over the next few days I watch the careers and their camp. The district boy has left them and is still alive somehow. On the 3rd day, after all the careers had finally become awake I understood. I had overheard them talking about it.

district 2 boy: Don't get the apples, if you drop one, we all get blown up.

district 1 boy:but i'm so hungry. and i remember where to step and not step, its only step on the untouched ground, dont step on the groud thats been put back in.

district 2 boy: so? you could drop an apple!

district 2 girl: cato, relax, marvel and the supplies will be fine.

district 2 boy: ok. but only for you

So they took the bombs and reactivated them... clever. But now i know where i can and can't stand...

.Part 15.

I decide now is the time to try running out and getting food. The careers have just left to 'attend' to someone who lit a fire quite close and have left the boy with the spear again. So, i go, i run out and jump from spot to spot. A jump, but i fall forward and i let out a small squeal, waiting for the world around me to explode. but it doesn't. I get up and keep moving. I stay mostly to one side so that the boy doesn't see me and i take alittle bit from here, alittle bit from there, then i do the same dance like pattern and i'm gone. But just in case they get back and notice, I keep running.

.Part 16.

I hear a huge BOOM, but i keep running until i find a nice hollow tree thats well hidden and i stay there. But i get hungry and decide to go check the careers supplies again. When I get there I get a nice suprise, i walk out into the middle of the rubble and start laughing. I actually have a chance now! Cammy has been revenged. I can actually win now that it's fair. I can still bring pride back to my district. I find a pot and a blade in the rubble and i go back to my hollow tree. When the anthum begins i am half asleep. But i notice there has been only one death today. The boy that was guarding the supplies is dead.

.Part 17.

It's late afternoon now. I hear a cannon go off and then a few minutes later another goes off. thats strange, there must of been a fight and they both died...

.Part 18.

That night, after the sky shows the district one boy and the girl from 11 that could almost fly, there is an announcement. Both tributes from a district can win. But Cammy is dead. so i'm still on my own... *snap* A stick brakes and i know someone is there. It's the district 2 tributes. They seem to be walking hand in hand and talking. But i don't hear much over the sound of my heart beating. I can't die now. Not now that i finally have a chance! But they just walk by, not even looking at anything but each other.

.Part 19.

It's afew days later now... And i'm waiting inside the cornucopia, i've been waiting here ever since claudius templesmith announced the feast, just waiting for the table to come, so that i can grab my bag and leave. Just as the sun rises, the table comes up and just as it clicks into place i sprint out, only grabing my bag, and run to a space in the forest where i don't see anyone hiding, waiting to run over. Just as i reach the trees, i see the district 12 girl, the girl on fire or whatever her name was. The district 2 girl comes out of the trees near to her with knives in her hand. I keep running and waiting for the cannon, but it doesnt come. I get all the way back to my hollow tree and then i hear a cannon sound. it must of been the girl tribute from district 12, i wonder where the boy was... I havent seen him since he left the careers...

.Part 20.

The sky above me lights up with the district 2 girls face. i can't help but feel hopeful that i could win this. theres only one career left after all. I think of home, my grandmother... she must be worried sick. expecting me to drop dead at any second...

.Part 21.

It's been storming for afew days now. I'm cold, im hungry and i just finished the last of the bread from my few sponsers. What is i starve to death like my mother? she died because of the lack of food in the arena and no one had sponserd her. The rain is leaking through, into my hollow tree.

.Part 22.

The rain stops very suddenly. Very gamemaker like. Just as i am about to climb out i see cato walking past my tree. He looks lost, sad, angry. He keeps muttering things like, we could of both gone home, had a family maybe, stayed together. I almost feel sorry for him. almost. he killed Cammy. my one friend. The sweet boy who never had enough. But he looks like he is in so much pain that he would either embrace death if attacked him, or he would be a loonatic. I think option B. Once he is out of sight, i carefully climb out. It's alot easier now... i must of lost even more wieght while i was waiting for the rain to stop... The first place i go to is the river and i fill the pot with fresh water and eat some berries that th irl from 11 had been eating. Thats when i hear them.

.Part 23.

It's the two from district 12. The girl on fire... but what about him? he had been on fire too... but he is almost stomping through the forest. The girl looks very irratated at him, not loving in the least. I knew they had faked their romance. After another minute of this they finally split up. I follow the boy to a bush full of berries where he strips it of its berries. I wait for him to leave, then i quickly run in and take alittle bit of cheese and a hand full of berries. I run back to the safty of trees. I sit on a fallen log and eat the cheese first. savoring every bite. I then move onto the berries. they didn't look that familiar, but if they were going to eat them, it should be safe for me to eat. I put back my head and tip them all into my mouth.

.Part 24.

Thats strange... I feel weird. It couldn't have been the berries... i only just ate them, they wont even be in my stomach yet! oh no... they can't be nightlock, can they? no... no, i can't die! i have to win! for cammy, for my grandmother, for my mother

A second later a cannon fires through the arena.

What do you guys think of my first fanfic? :D see how i put some clato in it ;)

Tobi99 11:35, May 7, 2012 (UTC)

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