Ok, so you all probably know how i was away for a while, well i'm back, with a new games!Hello and welcome to my first ever christmas games!! Basically, I had this idea for a secret christmas based games that happens in the Capitol every year. My idea is that every year, the capitol takes 20 children from any of the districts and forces them to compete in a Hunger Games for the capitols entertainment for christmas. A few children win these games however and are given the privilige to become Capitol citizens. The arena, mutts etc are all christmas related and take only five days. It will be shown from the different POVs like I usually do. (will take about 10 days as I will post 1 day in the arena every second day of  our time)

This pagent shall be hereby known as "The 5 days of Games". 

(this will be mostly like a fanfic, but if you have any suggestions, comment :))


Tributes - CLOSED

20 tributes will be needed, all I need is




5.weaknesses and advantages (pros and cons about them)

They can be from any district!

Name District Age Pros Cons Gender
Tinder Jackson 10 16 great climber,  very fast runner, tossing things around, so throwing axes, knives, spears and hammers  swim,  doesn't cope well when in a large group. f
Apocoli Razor  2 17  fast runner, an outstanding killer. shows no fear, never lets someone out of her hands. natural with axes, deals with situations very well. climbing,  isn't a fast thinker, and it usually takes her some time to come up with an amazing plan. f

Alica Redburn

3 14 Good at hiding, very good with technology. Scared of big animals, hides away from life f
 Drachma Dornus 9 14

Kama, Sickle, smart, strategic. pretty strong, weapons from his home.  amazing runner,

caves, flustered, make bad moves. climbing, average at swimming, Arachnaphobia

Jana Homer 7


throwing axes tree chopping/ climbing trees? f
Merk Necks 11 14

Throwing knives,  make own medicine, climb trees

Can't kill 12 year olds, Hand to Hand Combat m

Aidan Demilisk 

12 14 pickace, mace,can climb trees  swimming, physical strength. m

Irina Formein 

1 16 She's good with bow and arrows, axes, and plant identification, strength, hunting, speed f
Amber Bridges 3 unknown stealing, sword, electocuting arrogant, full of herself f

Kronicy Hayes

3 12 sword, any thing sharp, Fast  cant kill, terrified easily m

Raven Mockingjay (original last name...)

2 16 fast, killer, cold hearted spagbol, climbing m
Eva Rhode 1 18 plans ahead, very strong swim, slow f
Mauve Callahan 3 15 creative, running, smart very weak f
Bruce Foster 1 14 axe, fast, smart water, climbing m
Georgia Westlake 2 17 strong, fast, cunning water, touch f

Maya Stone

2 12 Clever, adorable, swim, climb, killer Slow,weak f

Dane OpaRaynam

(i wonder where that name came from...)

12 14 healing, mining, axe clmbing, big kids m

Selene Davae

3 15 traps, eyesight, camo, dagger physical, weak, swimming, climbing f
Divergent Hai 13 18

Knives, Swords Healing, Flexiblity, Hiding

Swimming, Climbing, Camoflauge f
Daniel Oakman 10 unknown unknown unknown m


Hey guys, I forgot that I didnt post the arena yet, so anyway, sorry and here you go! 

the picture wont load for some reason... :/ so um... you'll see, hopefully...

The Games

Day one

(begining teaser)

Selene Davae smells the arena before she sees it. The smell is almost overpowering as she inhales it. The smell of Christmas is everywhere, ginger bread baking, peppermint candy canes, and fresh snow. “Well at least I get to see snow before I die.” Selene whispers with a sad smile on her face. Then the tube opens out and she gets the first look at the arena.

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