Hey guys! This is my first ever hunger games! This is going to be partly a sorta fanfic, but with your tributes roleplay too, don't worry! I will reveal the arena when the games begin :) I will only need tributes. If your tributes name in the chart is crossed out: name it means they are dead. If your tributes name is in bold: name, it means you were the victor! ​


Name Gender Age District Ability weakness anything else
Ares West boy 16 1 spears, smart, edible food unknown token: wooden statue
Amy Sparks girl 16 1 inteligent, spear, sword edible plants token: silver star pendant
Tom Stone boy 13 2

climbing, swords/spear, hand to hand

fear token: wristband
Lola Adams girl 16 2 hunting, hand to hand, throwing swords/ knives unknown token: silver braclet
Rick Danay boy 17 3 knives, parkour open areas unknown
Cathlene Copper girl 15 3

traps, logical, knife throwing

scared of blood, isnt very strong unknown
Josh boy 18 4 swimmer, fast, smart, sword, knives cocky, heights, trust token: fish hook (taken, reason: weapon)
Zara Lancaster girl 17 4 intelegent, swimming, edible food, knives doesn't adapt well, cocky career
Argo Garcia boy 18 5 Sword, leading, lock picking angered easily killed parents, self centered, brave
Evelynn Garcia girl 17 5

hunter, bows+ arrows

doesn't like being away from brother(above) brave,mean+ rude to those that don't allie with her.

Benjamin Woodrew

boy 17 6 sword, throwing axes/knives unknown in love with lynnie
Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows girl 16 6 knives, agility, strong, hunter blood and killing very prepared, in love with ben
Brad James boy 13 7 sneaky, edible food, spear strength unknown
Jackie Donnavose girl 16 7 bow + arrows naive shy
Jose Parr boy 12 8 distancerunning, most weapons not fast runner, hights makes friends fast
Luna Snare girl 15 8 killing, hiding unknown sly, elusive and nice
Forrest Hart boy 13 9 strong, climing, camoflauge loud, can't swim very sly, small
Scarlet Rose girl 17 9 fast, knife throwing not strong, claustrophobic devine looks, make people in love with her
Tristan James boy 13 10 sneaky, fast, spear, plants hand to hand combat only a few friends, quiet
Sanne Smiths girl 16 10 climing, poison, controling animals unknown shes sweet, caring and clever
Mann Ossoro boy 13 11 bow + arrows, knife throwing

slow, swimming entomophobic

ninja fighting moves, can dodge well
Lena Bow girl 15 11 hand to hand, sword unknown unpredictable
Malik boy 18


running, stealth, climbing trusts easily, pain loves beautiful girls, token: guitar pin
Yasmine Haken girl 15 12 communicating with birds, Hiding, Spying unknown sweet, caring, sly


The arena this year, it will be a field with many hills, holes and ditches, but beautiful. Blue skies, bright green fields with only afew trees. Flowers everywhere in and around the cornucopia.There is a single ring of trees

around the cornucopia and flowers. A giant river runs through the middle. The cornucopia only contains what seems like live chickens... But these are not ordinary chickens. These are mutts. If you kill it, it c

Tobi99 1st hunger games arena

an contain anything in a pouch it has inside it. (be careful though, they can bite with venom, some have venom, some dont. And the flesh inside can be poisonus) So may the odds be ever in your favor! (Right) A brief picture of the arena with a key

The second Arena(Day four)

Tobi99 1st hunger games arena 2

The second arena(Day four)

The cornucopia is on the only hill and the tall grass surrounds the outer edges. There is now only a single salt water pond to the right of the cornucopia and plain, grass land everywhere else. This will be the arena until a lone victor remains...

But after the hunger games, capitol citizens will be welcome to go see both arenas! In the first month after it finishes, it will be half-price!

Task 1: Training

We now have all 24 tributes!! :) Congratulations!

Your first task is to send in what you do for the private session with the gamemaker, I will post your score in the chart. When you have all done that, I will do the first day. If you wish, you can send in what you want your tribute to do on the first day.

If you don't post it by Friday 11th *HK time, +8 hours* you will get a 1 or 2 and the games will start anyway


District 1

girl 8

boy 10

district 2

girl 9

boy 10

District 3

girl 4

boy 7

district 4

girl 10

boy 9

District 5

girl 10

boy 10

district 6

girl 10

boy 11

District 7

girl 9

boy 7

district 8

girl 8

boy 4

District 9

girl 7

boy 7

district 10

girl 2

boy 7

District 11

girl 1

boy 9

district 12

girl 1

boy 7

The Games Begin... DAY ONE

The Gong sounds and the tributes rush off their plates. Most tributes are quite shocked to see the chickens and no supplies. Claudius Templesmiths’ voice booms around the arena and says: “Hello tributes! As you can see there are no supplies, only chickens! But these are no ordinary chickens! These are Mutts! They have no organs, only a sack with some kind of weapon or supplies. Be careful though, they can bite” As soon as the announcement it over, Lola(2) grabs Evelynn(5) and brakes her neck in one smooth movement. The rest soon catch on. Ben(6) grabs a large chicken and twists it’s neck off to get a bulging backpack. He grabs a knife that was next to the pack and slashes Luna(8), but she doesn’t die. She grabs the knife off him and tries to kill him. Ben(6) grabs Lynnies(6) hand and runs away with her, past the trees. Luna(8) goes back to the fight and kills Tristan(10). Zara(4) and josh(4) both run into the cornucopia and start ripping chickens apart looking for their weapon of choice. Josh(4) soon finds a sword and sets off. Zara(4) finds some knives and passes one out to Lola(2) who kills Rick(3) with one swipe.

Yasmine(12) runs without getting anything. She disappears behind the trees. She is closely followed by Sanne(10) who has a grim smile on her face. Only she realised that the flowers perfume was poisonous. (This technique was used later in the second quarter quell)

Brad(7) gets lucky and finds a spear. He runs out of the cornucopia area and alins himself with Jose(8) and Mann(11). They set up camp next to the river, knowing it was very deep and hard to swim across.

Other deaths at the blood bath were: Cathlene(3), Tom(2), Lena(11), scarlet(9) and Jackie(7)

The gamemakers were quite happy with the bloodbath. Only one chicken was left. It had run to the river and the game makers put it on the other side. This chicken contained something that would lead to a lot of deaths…


The careers(Ares(1) Amy(1) Lola(2) Josh(4) and zara(4) have finished sorting supplies and have left to hunt. Zara(4) seems to be a little bit sickly and is coughing quite a lot. No one can figure out what happened to her. They come across Mann(11), Brad(7) and Jose(8) first. Jose(8) is taken by surprise by a axe in the neck. *BOOM* His cannon sounds. Brad(7) and Mann(11) are quicker. Brad(7) throws his spear at Zara(4), who is to sickly to dodge.*BOOM*. Mann(11) tries jumping into the lake and starts swimming away. He forgets he can’t swim well and starts drowning. Josh(4) swims out to Mann(11) and starts hacking away at the drowning boy, putting him out of his misery. *BOOM*.

Ben(6) and Lynnie(6) wake to the three cannons. They decide to move. They find a shallower part of the river and walk across. They hide in the high grass and look through their pack. Ben(6) finds one pair of night-vision glasses, a sleeping bag, a packet of dried fruit and meat and a slingshot full of sharp stones. Ben(6) is bitten by a snake shortly later. It is unknown whether the snake was poisonous or not…

Malik(12) finds himself a small ditch that he thinks he could hide in. He covers it with leaves and uses his knife (he got at the cornucopia) to cut down a small nightlock berry bushand place it over his ditch. At least if I die, the murderer may eat one…

Luna(8) is spying on Sanne(10) and Yasmin(12) who are whistling with the mockingjays. They both have no weapons, but Luna(8) is still in pain from the slash over her back. She follows them for an hour and then when they stop to rest, she attacks. She cuts Sanne(10) and kills Yasmine(12).

Forrest(9) had also gone to the other side of the lake by the shallow part and was heading towards the high grass area, By tomorrow he would be dangerously close to the lovers…

Everyone not mentioned is doing fine and not dead.


{C}The remaining careers: Ares(1), Amy(1), Lola(2) and Josh(4) are combing the fields in search of tributes. They come across a berry bush, that just so happens to have Malik(12) hiding beneath it. Amy(1) almost falls into the ditch while trying to stuff herself with berries. She ignores Ares(1) pleads for her to stop and that she’s eating nightlock. She falls down, dying, and Ares(1) clutches her, because he doesn’t want to lose his best friend from district 1. She hands him her locket and tells him that one of them was going to die anyway and to keep her locket safe.*BOOM*. Josh(4) and Lola(2) comfort him. Malik(12) hears every word. He now knows Ares(1) weakness…

Argo(5) sneaks back to the cornucopia and see’s that the careers had left a sword behind in the cornucopia. What luck, he thinks. Brad(7) comes up behind him and asks from the trees for an alliance. Argo(5) accepts. They both sit in the cornucopia, resting and eating the careers leftover food. An hour later they start coughing and feeling woozy…

Sanne(10) is hiding in a small cave trying to stop the bleeding from her leg, when a chicken comes running past her cave. She quickly grabs it and cuts it’s head off with her knife. Inside she finds a box. a simple, plain box. Luna(8) is watching her and is confused by the box. Sanne(10) decides to open the box to see what’s inside. The moment she opens the box, all kinds of mutts (trackerjackers, wolf mutts, scorpion mutts, vulture mutts, snake mutts, lion mutts etc) come climbing out and growing in size. Sannes(10) screams are heard throughout the arena. *A cannon sounds*.

Ben(6) and Lynnie(6) are sitting together and trying to heal Bens(6) leg from the bite. when they hear the scream. Forrest(9) was only a few meters away in the tall grass. The game makers are disappointed for a moment and then they remember about the mutt box. “Hello tributes! Now this is what we like to call…*pause for effect*… The Pandora’s Box Challenge! A box has been opened by a tribute and this will last until further notice. And as my friend Effie likes to say: May the odds be ever in your favour!”


So far, the mutts had only killed Sanne(10). Luna(8) had had enough sense to run and hide, but no without a trackerjacker sting. She was lying in a clump of tall weeds at the river. But she was slowly dying of hunger. If she doesn’t eat anything soon, she was going to starve. But at the moment she was having terrible hallucinations.

Brad(7) and Argo(5) were getting worse. A Lion mutt stalks them from behind the trees. They decide to get out of the cornucopia area. Argo(5) is too busy thinking about his lost sister and walks right into the Lion mutt. There is a big fight. Brad(7) loses consciousness at the cornucopia from the flowers deadly perfume. Argo(5) also starts getting really woozy and falls, cutting the mutts head off in the process. Another lion mutt comes up behind the dead one and kills Argo(5). *BOOM* The mutt mistakes Brad(7) to be dead and leaves him.

Ares(1), Lola(2) and Josh(4) decide to split up and hopefully kill some mutts. Lola(2) comes across Malik(12) getting out of his ditch to adjust the bush and she is about to kill him, when he asks for an alliance. Lola(2) accepts, knowing that she will probably kill him in the next few days. But she can’t help but notice the way he looks at her and smiles and she feels guilty.

Josh(4) swims across the river, but is attacked by shark mutts. He gets cut across the leg, but survives and sits beneath a tree, when a sponsor sends him medicine.

Ares(1) goes to the cornucopia, not seeingBrad(7). He sidesteps the sleeping lion mutt and gets a coil of wire. Ares(1) has a plan…

Forrest(9) hears a snake mutt approaching and runs out of the tall grass, knowing he would be doomed if he stayed in there. He runs out and into a wall of fog. He is instantly knocked unconscious.

Ben(6) and Lynnie(6) try to run from the approaching fog but are too slow. They too fall unconscious.

The arena is then changed and the mutts gone. The cornucopia is now on the only hill and the tall grass surrounds the outer edges. There is now only a single salt water pond to the right of the cornucopia and plain, grass land everywhere else.

The tributes awake just at sunset. Except for Argo(5) who is slowly dying.

“Congratulations tributes! Welcome to stage two of the games! A NEW arena! I would also like to tell you that there shall be a feast tomorrow at dawn! You might also have realised we took all your weapons and supplies! Come get better ones as well as food and water! The feast will be taken away at noon, so be quick! May the odds be ever in your favour!”

Oh well, thinks Ares(1), my plan will probably work better in this new arena….

The gamemakers are annoyed that only one tribute died from the pandoras box, so they decide to have a feast ;)

{C}'HELLO, ok, so now you have to tell me whether your tribute will go to the'feast or not, and if so, what strategy J I will be writing it tomorrow, so if you don’t send it, I will make it up, and you might die >:)


Ok guys, I’m going to do a before the feast for everyone then in the feast J

Malik(12) and Lola(2) are planning to go to the feast. They have a plan that they think is foolproof. Malik(12) keeps saying cheesy pick up lines and lame jokes and Lola(2) thinks he is kind cute in a pathetic way. She keeps telling herself that she needs to focus. There is only one victor after all… She has to tell herself repeatedly. She hopes someone else will kill him at the feast, then she wouldn’t have to worry about him.

Luna(8) is planning on going into the feast for food and water, and to kill some tributes. She had been waiting for the feast to be announced since the beginning. It was her favourite part of the games.

Ben(6) and Lynnie(6) are hiding out in the tall grass again. But they are in need of water… Ben(6) cannot run on his leg where the bite was. He fears that because of his burden, he might not be able to save Lynnie(6) if he had to.


Forrest(9) is hiding in a clump of trees at the bottom of the hill. He will be waiting here for tributes that are going to the feast…

Brad(7) is hiding in a tree next to the cornucopia. The feast is already there but it wasn’t dawn yet… He jumps out of his tree and starts running at the same time as Ares(1). Ares(1) gets there before him and throws a spear at Brads(7) heart. *BOOM*

Josh(4) doesn’t want to wait any longer. He sprints out from behind the cornucopia and grabs the sword at the same time as Ares(1). They struggle for a minute and then a knife goes through Joshs(4) head. *BOOM* Ares(1) staggers back from surprise and a knife goes whizzing past where his head had just been. He turns around to see Malik(12) falling down next to the trees. Ares(1) gets the sword and smiles. This will be almost too easy… he thinks.

Ares(1) comes running towards him with a sword in his hand and only just avoids Lola(2), who had been throwing the knives. But that had been her last one. With an evil grin he brought the sword down towards her head and it landed right on target. With a scream she died and her cannon sounded.

Malik(12) is left alone as Ares(1) thinks him to be dead. Malik(12) crawls into the trees and starts crying. He surprised himself by crying. He should have saved her. Well, one of us would have died anyway. He thinks, trying to cheer himself up. *BOOM* another cannon sounds, who could that have possibly been…

After the Feast

Ares(1) is hiding out next to the pond. He has put the wire all around it and he is just waiting for someone to come along, so he can kill them… He had already grabbed a spear and the wire from the feast. He had watched as Luna(8) had died from lack of food and water next to the pond. She hadn't even made it to the feast. Her cannon had sounded not five minutes after Lolas(2) had.

Ben(6) and Lynnie(6) quickly run out to the pond to get some water. Lynnie(6) trips on the wire and Ares(1) comes running out to throw the spear at her. Ben(6) jumps in front of her and receives the spear in his stomach. Ares(1) runs off to get more weapons from the feast.

Lynnie(6) lies him down and starts crying. Ben(6) reaches up and wipes a tear from her eyes. “You have to win now. I couldn’t let him kill you.” He tells her. Lynnie(6) whispers “But I,I can’t live without you. I love you.” Ben(6) holds her hand and his whisper is barely audible. He says: “I love you too Lynnie”. For the short remainder of his life, he lies next to Lynnie(6), holding her in his arms until he passes. A cannon sounds throughout the arena, but Lynnie(6) doesn’t hear it. All she sees and hears is Ben(6) saving her from the spear. She kisses him on the cheek, says one last chocked good bye and she runs off, without looking back to see the hovercraft take him away.


Day 6 ~ The Victor

Malik(12) is mourning the loss of Lola(2) and is walking just inside the tall grass area. He see’s Lynnie(6). He doesn’t kill her though. He can’t help feeling sad for her. This beautiful girl, just sitting there, sobbing with her back to him. Malik(12) had seen her district partner in the sky last night. He says loudly to her: “Hey, pretty district 6 girl, don’t cry, we can be allies” It’s the last thing he ever says. She turns around with eyes that seem to have dancing fire in them and throws her knife at him. Hitting him squarely between the eyes. An undignified scream pierces the arena.*BOOM*

Lynnie(6) feels no emotion after killing this innocent boy. She just looks at him, then get’s up and walks away, so that the hover craft can take him away. She could kill anyone now and not feel a single thing. She braves running through the plain of grass and up the only hill to the cornucopia. She finds 3 throwing knives and sits down at the mouth of the cornucopia. Waiting.

Forrest(9) sees the hovercraft collect the district 12 boy, it’s very close to him, only Forrest(9) is almost right at the end of the arena. He can’t help thinking that he might get home… There are only three of them left.

That’s when a huge tidal wave comes in from every angle of the arena. It washes through the high grass and another comes behind it, going further in than the last.

Forrest(9) tries running, but is pulled into the brutal current. He tries resurfacing, but the second wave pushes him back under. The last image in his mind is of a small girl running through a field of grain. His cannon sounds, but it cannot be heard over the third wave crashing into the pond.

Ares(1) is still by the pond, so he makes it up the hill just as the third wave crashes down over the pond. He hides in the trees, knowing that at least one other tribute was up on the hill. It was the only hill and the highest point in the arena. He was safe and that the games were almost over. That’s when Ares(1) realises that the games are only really just beginning. The tidal waves were just to get the final three to the hill for the finale. He clutches his sword and slowly, cautiously creeps towards the edge of the trees and to the cornucopia.

The fun was about to begin...

The final battle

Lynnie(6) sees Ares(1) a fraction of a second before He sees her. She throws one of her knives and it scratches his left arm. Too bad he’s right handed thinks Lynnie(6). Ares(1) runs at her and swings his sword around at her. She jumps and it slashes her calf. She swings out with her knife, but Ares(1) ducks. He thrusts the sword at her stomach, but she jumps back. She notices right away that the sword is not his best weapon. Her cold, hard eyes stare into his.

Ares(1) sees a spear lying on the ground near the trees and runs over to it, but not without a stab in the calf from a knife. He almost trips. He gets the spear and turns around to see Lynnie(6) slowly walking towards him. He is speechless. She looked almost like an angel with a hint of fierce devil in her eyes. The knives in her hands looked ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Lynnie(6) throws the three knives. The first one misses by an inch. The second slashes his chin and the third hits his side. He immediately pulls the knife from himself. Lynnie(6) starts running back to the cornucopia to get more knives. He grabs the spear and throws it at her. It misses her completely. He starts feeling light headed… But he gets up and picks up the sword and runs towards her. She dodges, but it cuts off a lot of her hair. She kicks him in the stomach and he falls. His sword falls to the ground, too far for Ares(1) to reach.

Lynnie(6) steps over him and looks down at him. “This is for Ben.” She stomps on his head and slits his throat. *BOOM*. She walks away just as the faces of the dead come into the sky. That’s when she realises. Lynnie(6) had won! She was the first ever victor of the Hunger games!


place Tribute name
(day one)
24 Evelynn(5)
23 Tristan(10)
22 Rick(3)
21 Cathlene(3)
20 Tom(2)
19 Lena(11)
18 Scarlet(9)
17 Jackie(7)
(Day two)
16 Jose(8)






(Day three)
12 Amy(1)
11 Sanne(10)
(Day four)
10 Argo(5)
(Day five)
9 Brad(7)
8 Josh(4)
7 Lola(2)
6 Luna(8)
5 Ben(6)
(Day six)
4 Malik(12)
3 Forrest(9)
2 (runner up) Ares(1)
VICTOR Lynnie(6)

The Victor Interview

Ladys, gentlemen and districts, i present: Charlie Templesmith!

Charlie: Thank you! Thank you! Now i think that was the best games yet! (gettit, its the first games ;))

  • Audience laughs*

Charlie: Now! Lets welcome the first ever victor of the hunger games!!

  • audience cheers*
  • Lynnie walks out wearing a beatiful dress that flows around her, but looks like armor. Her make up makes her look fierce.*

Charlie: So lynnie! What a great suprise it is to see you again! Well of course, I thought you were going to win anyway!

  • audience laughs*

Lynnie: *attemps smile* What a pleasure it is to still be breathing Charlie! But of course, I wish Ben could still be sitting here with me, insted he's probably back in our district already... *a tear rolls down her cheek*

Charlie: Well, that was his last wish, for you to be here with us today. Now, let watch the recap of the most amazing hunger games yet!!

(The recap)

Charlie: Now, that really was charming! *wipes his eyes on a hankerchief* Lynnie, I have to say, you really are one amazing girl.

Lynnie: *barely wispers* thank you.

Charlie: Ladies, gentlemen and districts, I am proud to present... THE FIRST EVER VICTOR OF THE FIRST ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES!!!

  • Audience goes wild*


Lynnie sits in her house alone in the victors village looking out of the window to the snow coved streets where Bens small cousins run. They don't understand how in short week one of them might be reaped. It will be only their first year though. Hopefully they wont go. A single tear falls down her face and onto the photo of her and Ben from the day before their reaping about one year ago. This will be Lynnies first year as a mentor. She tries to forget about the hunger games, but it's a year later and she still wakes up sobbing alone in her bed from nightmares of the games. She relives Bens final hours, the final battle, the bloodbath, the mutts, the fog and has watched Ben be reaped at least twenty times at night. She scared to close her eyes in case she wakes up in the arena again. Lynnie's mother tries hard to bring her daughter back from the 'arena' but she knows Lynnie will probably never come back. Last night Lynnie's mother had seen Lynnie crying and hysterically trying to stay awake and yelling for Ben to stay with her.

Ok guys, thats it! :D Check out my new games! But i always check back at this page if you comment anything (:

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