Ok, so pretty much, I had this idea where i will bring back anyone that died in the hunger games and they will be put into a new hunger games, hence the name: The Resurrection Games. You will sign up and then when I have enough, you will randomly get a character. It will be training, followed by interviews, followed by the games!! :D

You will be in charge of any parachutes they receve and will control what they do in a situation (mostly, I have to add some things)

This will sorta be alittle bit like the mentor games :P

And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Tributes and Users

Character User
cato Los95361
seeder Justafox
Rue Polinarose
foxface srish3211
mags Dahir56
wiress Annamisasa
cecelia Cloveismywife
titus (no, he wont eat anyone) Brynn1999
cashmere Italicos
maysilee glimmerandsparkle
gloss Shadow Seer
glimmer QuinnQuinn
blight Theworldscolliding
Marvel FinnickMellark
female morphling Trackstar
male morphling 50thGamesFTW
Brutus Tothedoom
Peeta FHT
Shadow Seer

Hey guys! i fixed the commenting problem! *croud cheers*


OK. So heres where all the training things will happen. You have to submit what you do in training and I will post your scores here :) Your tribute has to be able to do those things though. for example: rue cannot throw spears from across the room and hit bullseye. You have until Sunday the 13th, Hong Kong Time (+8hours) (2 hours before australia, to give you a hint of when hk time is) May the odds be ever in your favor! :) ¬T


cato 1
seeder 2
Rue 6
foxface 9
clove 8
mags 6
wiress 11
cecelia 3
titus 9
cashmere 8
maysilee 1
gloss 7
glimmer 1
blight 6
Marvel 1
female morphling 9
male morphling 1
Brutus 8
Peeta 7


OK, hey guys! it's interview timmeee :D After at least 15 interviews are submitted, The games shall begin!! Read the comments for any updates from me :) Also, for the interview you have to answer this question:

Ceasar: Tell me about your reaping.


Caesar : Tell me about your reaping

Foxface : It was....not my idea of fun. When my name was announced, I was sooo happy, but my parents and family looked as if I was on my deathbed. Which I probably am, but that kind of logic won't help will it? I mean, I've been waiting for ages for my chance to get into the Games. And then my family spoils it by being so sad. But I still love them!! (blows kiss to crowd) I hope that reaches District 5!


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Cecelia: When my name was called for the third time, I felt like just giving up right then and there. But then I looked into my childrens' eyes and saw the confidence they had in me. They knew I could make it back again. I climbed up the stage with my kids hanging onto my arms and legs. I hugged them one last time and said, "Mommy will be back soon". I pray to God that I am right. I need to see my kids and feel their hugs again before I die.


Ceaser: So Gloss, Tell me about your reaping.

Gloss: Well Ceaser, I wasn't reaped myself. I volunteered. I have been born for this. My sister agreed as we both volunteered immeditatly. It wasn't hard either. I knew then and know now that this will be my year to win. To join the many of victors in the victors village in my district. This is what I was meant to do. I've been training all my life. I'm ready.


Ceaser: Please tell me about the reapings

Brutus: Well we were all waiting when the girl volunteered, they called the boys name, it was Atlall Jerry. Poor kid he started to cry, he was halfway up when I yelled out I vollunteer. He looked at me and said "Thank you". I gave him this reply "Grow some balls and man up." He just cried more when i calmly walked up.


Ceaser: Please tell me about the reaping.

Cato:When I saw how much of a weakling the tribute I HAD to volunteer.*Flashes a cocky face*


Caesar: Please tell me about the reaping.

Clove: When i saw a unprapred girl and volunteers I was not in the mood so i kicked the girl and done!

Female Morphling

Ceaser: Tell me about your reaping.

Female Morphling: Like usual in District 6 it was pretty much of a day of saddness. Even though when my name was called I whimpered, When I saw the person who was reaped with me... Then she smiles.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Seeder: Well, as always we were all standing at the square. Everyone was afraid, children cried. Teenagers laughed. And adults answered with silence. When my name was called, I walked to the stage. And I only heard the birds, flying away.


Caesar: Tell me about your reaping.

Blight. Well first the hand went in and then my name was read and here I am :P.


Caesar: Tell me about the reaping

Wiress: Well at first I was a bit...scared. And then my name was called and walked to the stage. Then i looked at some of the winners from my district. One of the girls haved her third child two weeks ago. Then I felt a strange kind of...happiness...because I wasn't a mother or a wife who had to go in the arena. It was


Ceasar: Tell me about your reaping.

Cashmere:Do you really need to ask?Well, the first time I joined the Hunger Games I volunteered but then I was killed.Then there's this,The Resurrection Games,I felt lucky to be resurrected again but this time I did not volunteer instead I waited for my name to be called.


Ceaser: Tell me about the reaping.

Rue: I was reaped on a warm, sunny day. I was wearing a long white dress with blue ribbons in my hair and on my dress. Claso, the escort was wearing a black wig and had her skin dyed black. When I was called up, my sisters, Mimosa and Sakura started crying, and Holly tried to volunteer, even thought She's 4.


Caesar: So, Titus, tell me about your reaping.

Titus: Oh, nothing special. I was the only person to voulenteer, and my girlfriend was so upset... her parents had to drag her away. *tisk* Anyways, I was hanging out with her and her best friend was reaped, so I voulenteerd. She screamed at me not to, but, I'm pretty stoubborn, and I voulenteered anyways. I remember she was pleading the Peacekeepers to let her voulenteer, but the girl's time had already passed. (To the camera) I love you Serena! When I get back, can you wear that beautiful silver dress? I love you soooooo much! I promise I will make it back, no matter what It takes. :) *smiles*


Ceasar: Tell me about your reaping.

Well I was upset that I was reaped, but Katniss told me I had to win so now I have to do it for her

Male Morphling

Male morphing

Ceaser: tell me about your reaping

Male morphing : ai was in the reaping stands, waiting to get reaped. Then they called my name.

The Arena

Arena for the resurction games
This year the tributes will be put into a dirt ground arena. It has only one giant holo tree that is giant with many branches and many people could hide there without finding each other. There is a river that flows through it. But this river is not water, but LAVA >:D There is only one point in the arena where you can get water. That is a small pond positioned almost all around it surounded by th lava river(look at map, i'm not good at explaining), unless you have a spile at the tree. There are two bridges, how ever, that alow you to cross the river, but be careful, these bridges might not be so safe *wink wink*. There are also stepping stones and rocks in one point of the river that you can pass through to get to the pond. These stepping stones might not be as easy to pass through as they sound though. There is a hill, past the river, but it is not very high. There is a little bit of vegitation up there however, that tributes might need. There is almost nothing living in this arena. But who said mutts had to be living?

May the odds be ever in your favor

THE GAMES~ The first day

The tributes are in the tubes.

Cato smells sulphur and peeks over the top of the rising platform. He is momentarily stunned. He has never seen a scarier arena in all the years he had watched. In front of him was the cornucopia, it glowed a soft gold in the darkness. The river that ran through the arena was not water! He had only seen it once on his broken TV, in the 69th hunger games. It was lava!

Foxface is almost delighted by the arena. All the different hiding places! The hill behind the river and cornucopia was riddled with caves and places to hide! The floor of the arena, starting 100meters in every direction of the cornucopia is uneven and there are patches of tall grass, dead shrubs and a few dead trees, there are ditches and holes.

Rue looks over to peeta and see’s him shaking. She wished she could help him, but she was almost hyperventilating herself. She doesn’t like the look of this arena, except for the giant tree behind her. That was about the size of 10 trees together and had so many branches and different fruits and leaves sticking out in every direction. She would go there and stay within the bark and find a hiding place.

The male morphling and female morphling are trying to reach each other, but their hands can’t reach.

Clove looks at the supplies trying to find the knives. The best, most dangerous looking ones are inside the cornucopia. It’s good thing I’m a fast runner thinks Clove.

Mags looks at the nearest bridge. It looked sturdy enough, although, knowing there is some kind of red liquid under it and this is the hunger games, it will probably have some kind of trap in or on it, where as the rocks and stones in the lava keep bobbing in and out of the river and you know they will be dangerous. But on the other side of the river, past the rocks is a small pond, by the looks of it, it will be the only water source. Apart from hidden pools… *BOOM*

Cashmere is almost pushed off her plate by the sound of the blast. About 5 plates away from her, the female morphling is blown to bits. She had fallen off her plate. Idiot, she shouldn’t have tried to hold hands with the male morphling, thinks cashmere. She smirks at gloss and glimmer. She then hears Claudius templesmiths voice boom throughout the arena:

And with that, let the resurrection games BEGIN!! “

Titus and Brutus get to the cornucopia at the same time and grin at each other. “Allies.” They both say. They both grab a sword and swing out at peeta who ducks just in time. Titus throws an axe at Seeder. Her cannon sounds.

Wiress runs to get a spool of wire, but is surrounded by cato, marvel, glimmer and Brutus. She gets a stray knife from the floor and lunges at marvel. His cannon sounds. Glimmer immediately screams with rage and plunges her knife into Wiress. They leave her, thinking she is dead.

The male morphling snatches a backpack and sprints around the cornucopia and towards the first bridge. Gloss sprints after him clutching two knives.

Titus falls to his knees. Clove had struck him just as he was about to throw a spear at maysilee. The spear misses her by a meter. Maysilee see’s Clove and runs away from her. Clove sniggers at titus. She never said allies.

Rue quickly runs in and gets a bag and sprints to the tree. She climbs to the top easily. She watches the rest of the bloodbath from there.

Rue see’s peeta run from the bloodbath and towards her. Rue considers taking him on as an ally. She never knew him, but katniss did. She is just about to call to him when she notices blight chasing him with three throwing knives. But Peeta quickly shakes him off his trail but hiding in a ditch that is concealed by a nightlock bush.

Where is everyone?

Cecelia runs into the tree and is on the opposite side to rue.

The career group (Cato, Glimmer, Brutus, Clove, cashmere) are at the cornucopia, getting ready to go hunting for the other tributes, They have just left the pile of supplies in the cornucopia.

Peeta is hiding in a ditch somewhere near the tree and cornucopia.

Foxface is hiding near the steppingstones, working out the pattern of them.

The male morphling is near the bridge closest to the cornucopia.

Gloss is chasing the male morphling.

Mags is making her way to the other bridge, on the far side.

Blight is searching for Peeta, near the tree, but heading away from him and towards the river.

Maysilee is in the tree.

Wiress's position is unknown.

Day two

Maysilee is carefully scaling the tree. In one hand she holds a blow gun. She has some generous sponsors. She is carefully scanning the tree when she spots a boot. She immediately gets her blowgun ready. It is Cecelia. She cautiously creeps closer. That’s when she notices that Maysilee has someone next to her. Rue has her arm around Cecelia while Cecelia cries. Cecelia is holding her token: a locket with a picture of her family. Maysilee pity’s her. She puts her blowgun down and climbs up a few branches to get to them. They welcome her with open arms. Together they find a hollow part of the tree where a small pool of water is. It is well hidden. They decide to stay there.

It’s a good thing I found the perfect hiding place, thinks Wiress. It was dark, very, very dark. But that also meant that she was hidden completely. Her wound on her calf had healed with some medicine she had got. Wiress feels as if she is the safest person in the games. She has food, water, weapons and medicine!

The male morphling has seen gloss and is starting to get anxious. He grips his knife with one hand, and his bag with the other. He is almost at the bridge now. He speeds up and reaches the bridge after a few hours.

Gloss thinks that the male morphling hasn’t seen him. After I kill him, I will go back and join the careers, this is an easy kill, thinks Gloss He has been getting closer and closer to him. Just as the male morphling reaches the bridge, gloss jumps up behind him and lunges forward, trying to stab the male morphling. But m.m was expecting him and jumps out of the way. Gloss chases him to the middle of the bridge when suddenly, bars come flying out of the ground on each side of the bridge. They have no choice but to fight until only one of them was alive… Gloss grins and starts walking towards the male morphling.

Meanwhile, Mags is still walking. Mags hasn’t realised that she was walking in a circle and was near the tree. She comes across a bush of nightlock. Just as she goes to pick some up to use as bait, peeta jumps out and stabs her. He doesn’t realise who she was until her cannon sounds.

No… no, please, no, I can’t have killed mags! Poor, sweet mags… That’s when peeta decides to commit suicide. He starts striping the bush of its berries when Blight finally arrives welding a new sword he had received from his sponsors. Peeta kneels on the ground waiting for death, but it doesn’t come.

Blight has noticed something behind peeta… something big… He starts running in the opposite direction and towards the second bridge. Peeta gets up and turns around. It’s the careers. They all have full armour on and have deadly silver weapons. Peeta suddenly decides to live and runs after Blight. Blight looks longingly at the tree. He was going to go meet Cecelia after killing peeta... Suddenly Blight trips over an old tree root and is spread eagle over the floor. Peeta leaves him, but picks up the sword.

The careers are surrounding Blight within 10minutes. They make his death long and painful. Cecelia witnesses this from the tree. She gets even more upset. Rue and Maysilee try cheering her up, but fail.

Foxface is still trying to work out the pattern, but she will know by tomorrow. So far she knows that they all bob down at different times, but in a very obvious pattern. Foxface is getting very thirsty now though.

The bridge then turns into a square. The male morphling and Gloss circle one another, trying to think of how to get each other. So far Gloss had a few scratches and a long gash over his back, but the male morphling was losing blood quickly from a gaping hole in his stomach. Gloss lashes out, but is met with a stab in the arm. The male morphling was a better fighter than he thought…

The male morphling starts getting tired. He had not rested for 2days and had already been short on sleep before the games began. He then lunges forward, but Gloss isn’t there! He had sidestepped him. The wall then suddenly moves and the male morphling goes plummeting into the river of lava.

Gloss grimly watches the male morphling screaming and sizzling until he sinks beneath the lava and a cannon goes off. Gloss tries walking back to the cornucopia, but the bars are still there. He realises that he is being forced into the hill side. Well, at least he can get to the pond now…

Where is everyone?

The career group (Cato, Glimmer, Brutus, Clove, cashmere) are hunting for the other tributes

Peeta is camping out in another ditch he found, in the morning he will continue to the other bridge.

Foxface is hiding near the steppingstones, working out the pattern of them.

Maysilee is in the tree with rue and Cecelia.

Wiress's position is unknown.

Gloss is heading towards the pond of water.

Day three

The careers decide to go back to camp after killing Blight. But Glimmer doesn’t like how close Cato and Clove have been getting. Why do they always snuggle in under the same blanket at night? Cato only has eyes for her. It’s disgusting that Cato would choose that poor excuse for a girl over me. I mean, I’m everything Cato could want, right? She decides to do something about it. Just before the sun rises, Glimmer approaches Clove and Cato. She raises a knife, about to kill them both. The first ray of light glimmers on the knife as she plunges it down.

Foxface gathers her small stash of food and makes her final preparations. Today was the day. It was time to get across the stepping stones. Just as the sun shows it to be mid day, foxface darts out of her hiding place and across, to the river. The careers are returning to their camp and spot her. They start running after her; she was no match for their speed or strength. Just as foxface makes it to the river, the careers: Glimmer, Brutus and Cashmere, catch up to her. She jumps onto the first rock and then into a space free of rocks, with lava, but a rock bobs up to the surface just as she lands, she only gets a small burn on her left pinkie. Foxface continues like this for the next five minutes. Cashmere tries to copy foxface and starts jumping. Foxface grins a sly grin and lets Cashmere catch up to her. Just as Cashmere grins, she pushes Cashmeres rock away from her and it unseats her. She falls, in almost slow motion into the bubbling, red liquid. There is a final shriek and a cannon goes off. The last thought Cashmere has is that she should have listened to her mentor person thingy.

Cato supports Clove into a small cave like place they found at the bottom of the tree. They had awoken to an obviously jealous Glimmer trying to stab us! Clove had only just got away in time, but still received a small jab in the arm. He feared she might not get out alive. Although, it was lucky they were such light sleepers. Cato picks up his sword, the only thing he had managed to get before they had to run. Clove had grabbed several throwing knives as well, so they both had weapons, but not food. Cato leaves clove in the cave, asleep, while he went to climb the tree in search of food. He had wanted them to go to the tree first, but Glimmer had a thing about tracker jackers…

Rue, Cecelia and Maysilee were doing the usual things, when they came across a tracker jacker nest for the first time in the games. They all backed away. But about five minute later, cato arrives.

Maysilee see’s Cato a split second before he sees them. She fires a dart at him, but it gets caught in a branch. Cato grins, his sword can get them, but the girls can’t get him. They realise this to and run away, they don’t realise, but they are heading back towards the tracker jacker nest. They decide to split up. Rue goes up and at the last minute, Maysilee goes with her, but Cecelia goes strait. Cecelia runs strait into the rest. She hits the nest and an angry swarm of tracker jackers arise. Her screams and cannon are heard throughout the arena. Cato, which had been following her, runs back to the cave. He manages to get his shirt over the entrance to stop the tracker jackers, but he still received a sting below his knee.

Gloss hears the scream from the tree and instantly hides. But he realises that the scream came from the far side of the tree. Gloss’s supplies are starting to run low. The only berries he had found were nightlock and he was not eating them. He is almost apon the pond when he spots foxface drinking. He grabs his knife and slowly approaches. Foxface sees him and quickly runs back over the river and to safety. Oh well… At least I have water…

Foxface runs past her hiding place and creeps up to the cornucopia, time to get some food…

Peeta approaches the second bridge, being extra cautious. This bridge seemed safe enough even though it’s made of rope and planks of wood… He decides to run across. He runs quickly and only stops when he gets to the other side. Strangely enough, he finds a machete just lying on the rock. He picks it up and cuts the rope, making the bridge fall. Peeta walks on, heading towards the hill.

Wiress is starting to get depressed, sitting there all day. She had all the supplies she could want. But the darkness was terrible. She had sat there with a knife for almost three days now. That’s when the light streams in through a gap in the ‘wall’. The shocked face of foxface looks at her, but for less than ten seconds, as a knife pierces foxface, in between her eyes. A cannon sounds for the third time that day. Wiress quickly closes the hole and starts cleaning her knife. 10 down… 8 to go…

have you guessed where wiress is hiding yet ;)

Day Four

Wiress peers out through a small gap and see’s the river of red liquid and the giant tree. She spots a small girl, with dark curly hair, big dark eyes and dark skin, sitting on a branch right at the top, swinging her legs over the side. Next to her is an older girl, Maysilee, i think her name is. Then she sees the girls’ eyes widen with surprise and fall… all the way down. Her cannon silences the crunch of her falling on the floor. Wiress looks at the girl before the hovercraft takes her; she has a knife in her back. At the top of the tree, with a grim smile on her face and about a dozen knives in her hands, was the district 2 girl, what was her name? Cove, Clover? Ah that’s right, Clove. The other girl, Rue had run off.

Glimmer and Brutus have decided to go to the other side of the river. So they head out to the first bridge, unaware of what will happen…

Peeta is at the top of the hill, overlooking the arena. He can see almost every tribute from there, as the hill has a special part to it. It makes him able to see into every hiding place, and make it look like they are standing on plain ground, or, just easy to see. He see’s Gloss sitting near the pond with a large knife in his hand. Peeta decides to just stay up there for now...

Glimmer walks onto the bridge first, holding a small knife. She is closely followed by Brutus, who is holding a large axe. Glimmer realised what had happened about a split second before brutus and started slashing away at him. She didn’t get far, however, as Brutus swung the axe at her head and picked her up. She was no match for his strength and he threw her off the bridge and into the lava, where her suffering ended.

The game makers and the capitol are starting to get bored… They decide that it’s time for a feast! Claudius Templesmiths voice booms around the arena: “Congratulations final seven! We have decided it’s time for a feast!! It shall be held on a table that will surround the pond. It starts at sunrise and It shall end at noon! The table will be laden with food, water, weapons and supplies! SO don’t be late! Thank you, and may the odds be ever in your favour!”

Where is everyone?

Cato and clove are together in the tree, searching for little rue

Wiress is unknown

Brutus is approaching the pond

Gloss is by the pond

Peeta is at the hill

Rue is at the top of the tree, hiding from clove and cato

Day Five

The sun is about to rise. Gloss has positioned himself right next to the pond, ready to run out when the time comes. Brutus is hiding behind a dead tree, ready to run out when the table came. Peeta is hiding in the water, pulling what he calls a foxface. Rue is still in the tree, trying to avoid Cato and Clove. Cato and Clove are hunting rue in the tree. Wiress is still in her hiding place, but not for long…

Just as the first rays of light shine off the cornucopia, the floor opens to reveal a table of food, water and weapons. But something’s not right… four boxes are starting to shudder and shake… But only peeta notices this. Brutus sprints out to the table and grabs a large spiked mace. He swings it around waiting for a tribute to come and accidentally hits Gloss, who gets knocked out. Brutus panic’s and just grabs an apple and a loaf of bread. He runs out and up the hill where he watches the remainder of the feast.

Peeta tries to get out of the pond before something happens, but just as he thinks this, the boxes lids burst off. A mutt jumps out of each box to attack.

To Peetas right, a giant wolf mutt appears, very like the ones that were in his year. To his left is a vulture mutt, behind him is a load of piranha mutts that jump into the pond and in front of him is a giraffe mutt. The vulture leaves him for someone or something that is on the ground a few steps from the table. But he doesn’t see where any of the other mutts go, because at that very moment, the piranhas reach him. His false leg is chewed off and then his other is ripped off. He has a slow and painful death. Eventually two cannons sound. Peeta and Gloss had both finally died, after being almost completely eaten by mutts.

Rue is feeling a little sick. She had seen the vulture eat the district one tribute, Gloss. She had caught a glance of Cato about half an hour ago, and did not want to meet him. She carefully climbs down to a hollow part in the tree where she pukes up her breakfast. How can the capitol watch that and enjoy it? They are truly sick people. Rue thinks. She is just about to get up and move on when her blood splatters onto the bottom of her hiding place. She had been too loud and payed the price dearly. Cato had found her.

Cato looks down at the little girl, lying in her own pool of blood and almost pity’s her, but she was always going to have to die for him to win. He returns to Clove, but she’s not in the cave. He starts panicking, he remembers last time they were separated… He didn’t want to lose her again. He would never admit it, but he loved her. He wouldn’t last without her, losing her once was hard, but if he lost her again, he’d surly go insane… *boom* was that her? Oh no, I have to find her…

Clove is at the top of the tree, watching the table disappear from the arena. It was picked up by a hovercraft this time, and followed by two bodies. She then hears another cannon, that’s four deaths in a day… I wonder who died this time… Please not Cato, please don’t be Cato that’s dead… Clove see’s a hovercraft lift up a huge tribute from over at the hill. She watches as a vulture mutt flies away from Brutus. It had obviously killed him.

Clove then climbs down the tree and meets Cato at the bottom. Cato then almost crushes her in a surprise embrace. He then let her go and starts muttering about how worried he was. Clove just leaps into his arms and kisses him right on the lips. Cato is surprised. They vow to never be separated again.

Wiress is starting to get bored and she knows her time in her safe haven will be limited. Wiress picks up an apple from the interior of the supply pyramid in the cornucopia and starts to run through her fingers of who was out. Female morphling, Seeder, Marvel, Titus, Mags, Blight, Male morphling, Cashmere, Cecelia, Foxface, Maysilee, Glimmer, Peeta, Gloss, Rue and Brutus were all gone. That only left Cato, Clove and her… That’s when it hits her. It was the final three… Let the real games begin…

Where are they all? (recap)

Clove and Cato are climbing out of the tree, preparing for the final battle, knowing only one of them can win

Wiress is getting ready to leave her hiding place (inside the supply pyramid in the cornucopia.)

Day Six (the first death)

Wiress digs her way out of the pile. She takes a small pack, 3 knives and one bow with 7 arrows. I will never have to see this place again by the end of today... I will be free of it, one way or another. Wiress decides to sit on top of the cornucopia. This way she will be able to shoot Cato and Clove and not the other way round. As she scales the cornucopia, she realises how dark the sky is today. The river of that red substance is starting to shrink down and is almost completely drained. Somewhere off in the distance, near the tree she thinks, a loud scream can be heard…

Cato has been scratched by the vulture like mutt across his right shoulder. Clove throws one of her precious knives at it and the mutt is hit in the chest. What happens next is to revolting for words… After clove gets her knife back, she checks on Cato. His shoulder doesn’t look too good and he is right handed! Clove doesn’t say anything, but she knows that he probably won’t make it now…

Just before they set out to the cornucopia, they decide to split up. Cato just watches as Clove walks away, towards the cornucopia. If only we could both leave here together… Then everything would be perfect… He walks in a different direction, but still going towards the cornucopia.

Clove can almost see the cornucopia now. She sees nothing but the soft golden glow coming off it in the mid morning light. How beautiful it would look if I weren’t here to kill the other two tributes left standing. Clove didn’t even know who, apart from Cato, the other tribute was. All she could hope for was someone weak that had just hidden the whole game… Then it would be quick and hello district 2. She could almost smell the stone quarries and the look of fear and sadness on the faces of young men and women training to be peace keepers. District, sweet district… Clove almost misses the giant mutt approaching her. At first Clove doesn’t even know what it is. It has weird spots on it and an incredibly long neck. It looked a bit like a tall horse with a strange neck and pattern… It ran at her with sharp teeth, about five cm and razar sharp. Its neck turned around and was very flexible. Clove felt the blood drain out of her face.

Cato crept to the edge of the plain where the cornucopia was. He could see something pocking out of the top of the cornucopia, but was unsure of what it was… He decided to bolt out. About half way through, about three arrows came shooting out at him, but they all missed. He looked around for the mystery shooter and was rewarded with the sight of some hair poking out from the top of the cornucopia. With an evil grin he ran towards Wiress with his sword ready to deliver the blow. But he found it was hard to lift it. The vulture mutt had injected some kind of poison into his shoulder when it had attacked…

Wiress takes advantage of his momentary surprise. She shoots a well aimed arrow at his head, but it hits near his throat instead. She curses under her breath. Only one arrow was left. Even though Cato is weakened, he runs at her. She whispers a quick prayer and shoots her last arrow. She immediately knows it will miss. Until he jumps into its way, thinking he was jumping out of its way. It hits him in the temple. He falls down in pain. The last thought he ever has is: At least this time it will be slightly less painful…

Part 2: The final Battle

Clove receives a sponsor gift at that very moment. Six more knives! I have some nice sponsors! She uses one of her old ones to bring the mutt down. She cuts off it’s neck with one swipe. Just as she turns around to face the cornucopia, she hears a roar. She stops, turns… And screams. The mutt’s head had been replaced by 50 heads! She drops everything but the knives and sprints to the cornucopia. Hopefully I can get somewhere safe there…

Wiress has just climbed down from the cornucopia when she see’s Clove. It’s too late to climb back up. She grabs for an arrow, but there aren’t any! She runs to where Cato lay only a minute ago and gets one of her arrows that missed. With her only shot, she aims at Clove… but wait! What’s this here? She’s not running towards me… “WHAT THE FUDGE IS THAT?!” Wiress blurts out.

Clove ignores her and keeps running. She aims one of her precious knives at Wiress preparing to strike. Wiress sees this and aims an arrow at her. They both miss. Clove is obviously getting too tired. Suddenly, Wiress tries to run in the opposite direction. But she stops short. They are surrounded by different types of mutts, in a sort of ring. They don’t get closer and don’t back away. This can only mean one thing… Clove thinks.

Wiress stops running. She finds two arrows lying near her feet. She smiles and picks them up. As she positions the first one, she realises that clove had used most of her knives against the mutt… she only had two left and was tired. Wiress could still win this! She starts running, pulls the bow and releases. The arrow finds its mark on Clove. But Clove hasn’t died yet…

Clove throws one of her knives in a last attempt. The arrow pierces her just as she lets go. The knife also buries itself into Wiress.

They both collapse to the ground. Now it’s simply a waiting game. Who will give in first? How hungry are they to live? A cannon sounds.

All I can think as I see the hover craft is: I am alive…

Then I pass out again. Who do you think won? I will post the winner tomorrow!!

Death Chart

Place Tribute

Female morphling

18 seeder
17 Marvel
16 Titus


14 Blight
13 Male morphling
12 cashmere
11 Cecelia
10 foxface
9 Maysilee
8 Glimmer
7 Peeta
6 Gloss
5 Rue
4 Brutus
3 Cato
2 wiress

The Victor

She sits alone in her room, her stylsts will be there in about half an hour. She remembers the whole crazy games. There was only one person she wanted with her. The victor remembers almost passing out on the way up to the hovercraft. She looked down at the pitiful girl lying on the floor in a pool of blood. It was a shame Wiress had to die... She was clever. But at least I, Clove am still alive.

One year Later

Clove wakes up from a nightmare. She is panting heavily. She had watched the resurrection games again in her dreams for the millionth time. How many times had she watched the little district 11 girl plummet from the tree with her, cloves, own knife in her back? Seen Wiress bled-white upon the floor, hopelessly lying there dead in the pool of blood like a dropped rag doll? Watched the female morphling explode into a million tiny pieces? It seemed like everyone she had ever killed was haunting her, waiting 'till she broke. Clove looks out her window to see the first rays of sun light streaming into district 2 from behind the mountains. Already children were out, but not many. Today was reaping day. It was on this day last year that she had been reaped along with Cato. He had told me later, in the tower that he had volunteered only because I had been reaped, so that he could save me. At least he didn't die in vain...She feels a single tear runs down her face as she remembers his mangled body being lifted up into the sky by the hover craft. She slowly prepares for the reaping, today she will begin mentoring the next two unfortunate tributes. Although, they will probably be careers... Hopefully it wont be too bad.

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