Hey guys! This is my third games! My first was normal, then i did a resurrection games, and now, another normal one! I will reveal the arena when all the tributes are in :) I will only need tributes. Does anyone want me to write a training session writin as well? If you guys want, I will add the training in!

Rules and such

  • If your tributes name in the chart is crossed out: name it means they are dead. If your tributes name is in bold: name, it means you were the victor! ​
  • This year, I will have two victors!!
  • I make my games in a pattern: normal, resurrection, normal, resurrection ect (If you dont understand here are my past games in order of when they were made: !,
  • You are the tribute (sorta), so no sponsor gifts >:D *evil laugh*
  • there will be 24 tributes as ussual, although, in one of my next games i shall make it more >:D
  • hi. ok, this rule is pointless.
  • No, your tribute will not be admitted if you say something like: "District 5 girl on my page" and they must have all of them, except for extra ;)


You may submit up to two tributes, they have to be quite new at the least.










Bloodbath plan/ stratedgy for the games:


District Name age strength weakness



Plan Extra
1 Boy Aurum Livingstone 16 Running, Combat, Climbing, Charming, Extremely bow+arrows and knives swimming Charming,Funnt and Flirty, green eyes, bronzy blonde hair Grab a bow/knife and don't attack unless confronted, team with the careers parents = past victors, trained his whole life for the games,hisolder brother came 2nd, he swore he would win for his family
1 Girl Gem Arose 17 blow gun, sword, hand to hand, plants, quick, smart makingweapons short temper, swimming blonde, blue eyes, freckles, sweet and shy career, bloodbath Father is mean. ;)
2 boy Matthew Alexander 17 many weapons, makes armour.... (not sure about that last one...) selfish, childish brown hair+ eyes, 6'3, not easy to be around bloodbath, leave the careers near end careerr
2 girl Talia Crossier 17 sword, seduction ;) Asthema, long- range fights long brown hair, blue eyes, average height Careers trained whole life, career
3 boy Corey Hicks 18 strong, fast, climming, hunter easily angered 6'11, long brown hair, hazel/green eyes, nice smile, friendly grab a sword and get out. kill the careers huge. volunteered
3 girl Aria Camelliston 16 bow+arrows, seduction, aim, swimming, strength heights, family hurt, claustophobic brown/blonde/copper hair, blue eyes, thin, tanned kill careers one by one career(sort of)
4 boy Nicholas Davenport 17 hand to hand, sword, mace, trident, plant identification, strong gets mad easily Spiky blonde hair, handsome, tall, muscular. Ruthless. large backpack, trident, mace and sword, career. Career
4 girl Thalia Combe 16 knife throwing, bow, speed, seduction temper long bown hair, blue eyes, white skin, sweet, sarcastic career, bloodbath career
5 boy Randy Hill 14 strong, fast, bow, throwing knives, axe trips easily 6"1, blonde, blue eyes, nice, freckles join careers, then kill them scared easily
5 girl Detria Glace 14 throwing knives, sneaking, stealing, hiding, smart hates people watching her, doesnt make friends autism, grey eyes, dark hair, pale skin outskirts she might have one ally, only one.
6 boy Louise Woodrew 15 Throwing knives, sword, pear axe traumer. blonde, amber eyes, tan, 6"5, brutal, nice, friendly grab a weapon and pack and run brother of the past victors that died in the games, ben
6 girl Lyndsay Willis 15 knife throwing, running, phisical climbing, blind in one eye long, brown hair,blue eyes (one is glass), bright freckles, very skinny. looks very quiet and shy, but really is a ruthless killer. outskirts, kill anyone thats near her, kills allies when they sleep. lost her left eye in an accident, crushed on alot...
7 boy Atlas Dunnin 16 hand to hand, axe, throwing knives swimming black hair, green eyes (like harry potter) strong join the careers crush on Aurora (district partner) career
7 girl Aurora Wilde 12 dainty, quick and agile. blowgun. medicine identification identify edible food, wit, camoflague. frial, not trusting Long dark hair, teal eyes, pale, 5'0 avoid bloodbath, alone, maybe join an alliance and when her alliance member's guards are down- kill. token: a silver moon necklace (metal)
8 boy David Weaver 15 sword, mace, trident, hunting loud blonde, blue eyes run in, kill some tributes, get out none
8 girl Sophie Sage 15 blow gun, knife, gymnastics, flexible like crazy anger, mean, pressuree yellow eyes, red hair, skinny, triple jointed grab a bag and a blow gun, shoot from top of cornucopia none.
9 boy Finn Mackenzie 16 fast, strong, bow clumsy, not stealthy brown hair, blue eyes, tan get an ally, get a bag, get out finn is gay, he will say so in the games...?
9 girl Candice Bolt 15 knife throwing, smart,sneaky close combat red hair, green eyes, gentle, kind, caring No plan. (Will probs die) none
10 boy Christian Lorne 16 strength, resourceful, he knows many edible itemssnares. sneaky and sly. not trusting Blonde, muscular, 5'11, mysterious(like thresh) go alone-bloodbath, survive on his own. none
10 girl Serina Frostsword 15 crossbow, quick, sneaking and stealing, handles pain strength, trust blonde, dark blue eyes, skiny, no fear, cold hearted run, get stuff, go back later for crosbow has had worse, so is ready for the games
11 boy Cap Hatfield 18 camo, edible, long distance weapons patience, blind in lefft eye cocky, blonde, blue eye, firm build win, get a bow or axe atbloodbath none
11 girl Anya Micangel 17 Bow+arrows, running, stealth, knives doesnt like killing likable, funny, sweet, blonde, blue eyes outskirts, then run and hide. none
12 boy Austin Lawrence 16 strong, spear, knives broken pinky... i'm changing that to broken arm >:D fun, brown hair, blue eyes no plan(will probs die) Ally with district partner
12 girl Dawn Angelfrost 16 stealthy, blow gun, bows+arrows, used to hunger, can find food not strong, frail, small stawberry blonde hair, pale white skin, red eyes, 4"8 grab and run, never career shows no emotion...


Now! you must comment with what you will do in the group and private training! You will automaticaly get an extra point in the training score if you do!

Day one


I walk into the lift with Randy(5). He seemed to be keeping his distance from me. Everyone did. They all thought that I was completely crazy. I just kept quiet and looked out the glass. The Capitol amazed me when I first got here, it still does. It's sad that it will be the last place I see before my death, apart from the arena of course. As the doors open, I realise that I don't want to die this way. I have to win. I walk into the training room and my heart sinks. Most people look beautiful. They will get all the sponsors. They almost all look like they have blonde hair and blue eyes...


Atala tells us all the usual things she tells the tributes, but I'm not really listening. In my head I'm evaluating all the other tributes. The girl from 7 looks very frail, she'll be easy pickings at the bloodbath, the girl from 8 almost scares me. She looks as if she is triple jointed, almost like cat. That will be my nickname for her, Catgirl. Just like that comic I saw in the museum from before the apocalypse. I grin at Thalia, she seems to almost read my mind. We could almost be twins. Apart from our looks of course. Randy(5) doesn’t look to bad. I might ask him to join us. The girl from 3 looks nice. She is very seductive. One of the boys, I think he’s from 12, has a broken hand. He will be one of the first to go. I almost don’t hear Atala release us until Thalia nudges me. We join the rest of the careers going to the sword station. Nice. Now I can show how good I am.


I flatten my hair and try to make my face look nice in a mirror at the camouflage station. The girl from 7 seems to be trying hard not to laugh at me. She will die first. I purse my lips. I use alittle berry juice I find at the edible items as a sort of lip gloss. I feel like that girl from an old show, whats its name? Oh, yes, Pretty little liars. She even has the same first name. And I am about to do some serious lying...


The girl from 3 comes over to us at the bow and arrows station. She says her name is Aria and we introduce ourselves as well: Aurum, Gem, Matthew, Talia, Nicholas, Thalia and of course, me. But I don't like this girl... She is practically throwing herself at Nicholas and Aurum, but keeping a distance from Matthew. I don't blame her for that. He's not easy to talk to, or be around. The faster he dies, the better. I come back to reality just as Aria(3) shoots an arrow. Bullseye. Not bad. She could be useful, but she better stay away from Nicholas(4). He will be mine. I decide to use my power of sudectiveness to get him on my side, but just as I'm about to do this, Arias(3) lips started puffing up. She shreeks loudly and a berry falls out of her hands. I pick it up. Nightlock. The stupid girl must of used it as a type of lipstick. I learnt about lipstick here at the capitol. Well, anyway, Aria(3) see's my expresion and glares as she falls down twitching as a medical team arrive. They take her out of the room. The berries didn't go past her mouth, but they were obsorbed into her dry lips. What. an. idiot. But after her shooting, I don't think anyone else will side with me on ditching and killing her in the arena. I think we have both found ourselves an enemy for the games...


I am alittle shaken up by Aria(3) getting taken out, but it also shows that she had a weakness. Corey(10) tried to alline with me, but I'm not to bothered with allies, so I said no. I wish I could show off at the cross bow station, but my mentor told me to just stick to the survival stations and seem like an amatur. So far no one has gone to the cross bow station and I'm just itching to go try it out. Besides, I want to get used to it right? I decide to give in. I walk towards the cross bow and pick it up. When no one is watching, I aim and fire. It misses by about half a meter. I just need to get the feel of this. After about 5 attempts, I am back to my standards. I start almost showing off because I have missed it so much. I turn finish shooting about three arrows at once and I suddenly realise the training center is silent. I turn around to see almost everyone staring at me. Well fudge. Thats the stratedgy gone.

Sophie Sage(8)

{C}I walk over and stand next to David. I know David doesn't want me...I mean, who does? Maybe Matthew from- no wait. He's a career. Christan from 10? I don't know...I should try David. I scuffle my feet a bit and look down. "Hey, David?" David whips his head around the same time I look up. We are nose-to-nose and to make it worse, I sneeze. He stands back and laughs. "Now, what do you want?" he says, throwing a trident at a dummy, hitting pretty close to the center. "Umm, do you want to be allies?" David throws another trident. "Umm, ok. But just until the final ten. Then we have to split up. I don't want to be the one that kills you." I pick a throwing axe up, I know have absolutely no experience with throwing axes but I can't help my self. How hard could it be? I aim for the dummy's leg. It's the easist. Right in the middle of my throw, I sneeze. Again, but this time, it's ten times louder. Everybody looks at me and then the target. Ohmigosh. Bullseye. In the neck. I smile.I began talking to the Careers who seem to like me. They ask me to join their allience, but I say no. I don't sneeze anymore, but I remember the strange way I threw the axe. I throw more, all of them hitting were I want them to. I've just found a new talent. I walk over to another station and practice my blowgun skills. Then I look around I find an open space at the back out the training room. Now is a time to practice my hand-to-hand combat/dancing/gymnastics. Of course I can only do this to music. I decide to sing Hips Don't Lie by Shakira (yes, I don't care if she is hundreds of years in the past)

Detria Glace(5)

I look around. My mentor said that I should try to learn about edible plants and animals. I look around and walk over the station with the plants. There are 4 other tributes there but they ignore me. They don't know that i'm autistic and i'm I like that. In district 5 they all knew. Everybody back home stared at me. I sit next to short girl with blond hair and weird red. The trainer comes over to and puts three kind of berries on the table. They all look the same. The trainer starts to instruct but without looking at me ones. Then one of the other tributes calls for help and the trainer leafs before even getting to the middle of the instruction. I am left clueless. I look at the three berries. Fudge. I look to the girl next to me. She has three green berries. She takes one of the berries up, rolls it between her fingers and mash it. Then she eats it. She looks up at me. I look down. "Need help?" she ask me. "Emmm..." I am not really sure I should reveal that I don't really that much about berries. But without help I can't learn it and the trainer dosen't back. "Yes" I mutter "Well, I'm Dawn.The edible berries usually has soft "skin" that will burst open if you press just a little. The posionous berries have usually bloodred or light purple inside . I roll one of the berries between my fingers and put a little preure it burst open. It's inside is dark purple almost black. I look at her. "So this berry would be edible?". She nods. I look at her. Can I thrust her or does she want me to look a fool in front of the gamemakers? I take an antidote from the shevel ready to use it I feel any diffrent. I put them in my mouth. They taste very...delisious, actually. I check the other berries. "Both are posionous, right?" I ask. "Right" she says. "You do know you just gave an opponent and advantage right?". "Well, maybe we don't need to opponents" she says. It takes me a second to figure out that she want to ally. Does she wanna ally... with me? "I know you are austistic" she says whispering. "But really who is most crazy, a girl who dosen't like when others look at her or a girl who volunteers for a game where it is kill or be killed?". It is the fact she knew I was austistic and still wanted to ally with me that make me say: "Okay, let's ally"

OK. I'm getting bored of writing the training sesion... So lets go to the scores!


Name District Score
Aurum 1 10
Gem 1 9
Matthew 2 7
Talia 2 9
Corey 3 8
Aria 3 10
Nicholas 4 11
Thalia 4 10
Randy 5 7
Detria 5 5
Louise 6 4
Lyndsay 6 5
Atlas 7 9
Aurora 7 4
David 8 3
Sophie 8 7
Finn 9 6
Candice 9 5
Christian 10 2
Serina 10 8
Cap 11 5
Anya 11 4
Austin 12 6
Dawn 12 7

Ok, these are mostly random by the way :3 The games will start soon!!


Allys What they have What they need Where they are

gem(1), Matthew(2),

Talia(2), Nicholas(4),

Food, water,

weapon, first aid

Detria(5), Dawn(12) first aid, water food dead forest

Finn (9),Aria (3),

food water, weapon stall
Serina (10), Anya(11) food, water, weapon stall
Thalia(4), Sophie(8) weapon, food water hall of mirrors
Corey(3) food, water, weapon hall of mirrors
Aurora(7) food, water weapon dead forest

If your tribute is in an alliance that i havent writen down, please comment below with a new comment, thanx!! :) ~T



Second annual Hunger games arena
It's.... wait for it... An abandoned carnival!! With zombie clowns and all! Just look at the picture, but as you can see, the fence has alot of weak spots to get into the dead forest. There is not alot of water. The cornucopia is in the marry go round that moves at random times and when it does... it goes fast.

Let the second annual hunger games begin!!

Lyndsay(6) and David(8) both launch themselves off their plates. A second too soon. BOOM. The explosion also kills Candice(9) who is standing between them as well. Finn(9) stumbles off his plate from the blast, but he is not killed.

Talia(2) is not befuddled by the explosions, she is off her plate within the second the games begin. She sprints neck and neck with Gem(1), Thalia(4) and Corey(3) to the cornucopia. Corey(3) grabs a sword and a bottle of water and runs into the giant circus tent. As soon as she jumps onto the merry-go-round, Thalia(4) tackles her and tries strangling her with her own hands. Talia(2) get’s hold of her hair and yanks. Thalia(4) screams in rage and loosens her hold. Talia(2) takes the time to bite Thalia(4)s hand and get up. Talia(2) grabs the nearest weapon: a sword. She swings it out and catches Thalia(4)’s eye. Thalia(4) screams and Sophie(8) trips over her. Luckily Sophie(8) lands on a backpack and doesn’t get hurt. She looks mercifully and Thalia(4) and Thalia(4) takes pity. Thalia(4) ducks as Talia(2) swings again. Thalia(4) grabs Sophie(8) and the bag and drags them away, towards the hall of mirrors and clowns.

Gem(1) is confused, but not for long, she realises what happened and stays away from Talia(2). She grabs another sword and half heartedly spears it through Dawn(12)s leg who collapses to the ground clutching a bow and a shaft of arrows. Detria(5) freaks out and grabs an instant relief and backpack with first aid. She holds up Dawn(12) and runs towards the entrance trying to get her to take some of the instant relief.

Austin(12) is just getting out of his shock when Cap(11) knocks into his arm. Austin(12) asks for an alliance and Cap(11) agrees. They run to the merry-go-round/cornucopia together. Just as they step onto it, music starts. Everyone in or around it suddenly stops. It starts spinning. Faster and faster. Every child clings onto it, frightened that they will fly off. Cap(11) suddenly flies off and crashes in a heap on the track of a rollercoaster. He falls off the track and onto the floor with a sickening crunch and blood trickles down his shirt. Austin(12) feels sick and almost lets go. As suddenly as it started it stops.

Aurum(1) stumbles off the merry-go-round, but recovers quickly. He grabs a knife and thrusts it into Austin(12)s chest. Austin(12) falls to the ground as Aurum(1) pulls the knife out. Randy(5) grabs a spear and kills Atlas(7), who was taking longer to get up. Everyone else ran away.

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, 6 in all died at the bloodbath. Quite disappionting for the capitol...


The remaining careers, Aurum(1), Gem(1), Matthew(2), Talia(2) and Nicholas(4) get most of the supplies that had flown away, leaving behind only things they don’t need. As night begins to fall, they decide to set up camp in the circus tent.

Detria(5) has dragged Dawn(12) up, deep into the forest and has just managed to get her to take the instant relief as they hear something approaching. The air seems to grow cold and foggy around them and a low moan and a step and a drag approaches them. Dawn(12) clutches Detria(5) and they try to run, but immediately it is apparent that Dawn(12) can’t run, she is still suffering a bit and is limping. Detria(5) notices that Dawn(12) has stopped and is silently screaming in horror at something behind her. Detria(5) thinks that her Dawn(12)s leg is just playing up and is hurting her, but then the smell of rotting flesh and powder reach her nose and an arm grabs her leg. Detria(5) falls to the ground stunned.

End of day one.

Day two

Finn(9) wakes to find Aria(3) sneaking away from their camp, an ring toss stall, in a hurried rush. “W-where are you going?” Aria looks back at him guiltily. She decides to tell him of her plan to go and kill the careers by joining them and then killing them in their sleep. Finn(9) decides this is a good plan and tells her that they will go later in the day, after the careers had woken up and actually killed someone, so that they won’t be as blood thirty. They spend the morning eating a large rat Finn(9) had hit on the head with a rock, but it is hard to quench the thirst they both share.

Detria(5) awakes from a disturbed dream and into a nightmare of sorts. Dawn(12) is lying in a scary looking pool of blood. Dawn(12) moans and rolls over to reveal teeth marks around her hip. Detria(5) sits up to a terrible headache and feels a bump on her forehead. She gets medical supplies for Dawn(12) and fixes her up. She then props Dawn(12) up against the remains of a twisted elm tree and wakes her. Detria(5) demands Dawn(12) to tell her what happened. Dawn(12)s eyes flutter and she begins to tell her about the attack. The mutt had been a very creepy looking clown that had its left leg twisted the wrong way, so it had to drag it and it was missing flesh in part of its stomach and arms. It had extremely long fingernails that were extremely sharp and teeth that a vampire would have been proud of. Dawn(12) had watched it grab Detria(5) and pull her towards it, where Detria(5)had hit her head on a sharp rock and fell unconscious. It was about to bite Detria(5) when Dawn(12) had thrown herself over Detra(5) and received the bite. Dawn(12) had then grabbed a nearby root and hit the mutt across the face, but just as Dawn(12) had hit it, a few shrill notes rang out and he ran away! “The notes sounded like a song actually” Dawn(12) tells Detria(5).

Corey(3) is walking through the hall of mirrors when suddenly he comes across Christian(10). He gets his knife out of his backpack and approaches him cautiously. Christian(10) seems to be sleeping, until he jumps up with a spear. Corey(3) puts his hands up and asks for an alliance. Christian(10) agrees and puts his spear down, inviting him to join him, where he was having soup. When Christian(10) turns his back on Corey(3) he receives a knife in the neck. His cannon sounds and he falls into the soup. Corey(3) Takes the body out and throws him as far as possible. He then sits down and eats.

Randy(5) walks on top of a rollercoaster. No one can get me up here… He thinks. That’s when the careers spot him. Aurum(1), Gem(1), Matthew(2), Talia(2) and Nicholas(4) break into a run and reach the bottom at the same time he starts climbing up the side of a loop-de-loop.

That’s when Gem(1) see’s the rollercoaster car next to them, she gets an idea. She tells the others that they can send one or two of them in the car to kill Randy(5), the rest of them would only have to help push the car a little bit to get it moving. Aurum(1) and Talia(2)get in the front car. Gem(1), Matt(2) and Nicholas(4) push it until it starts moving. It gathers speed and approaches the loop. Randy(5) spots them and trips on the top. He starts sliding down the side of it. Finaly he loses his grip and plummets at least 10meters down and crunches in almost the exact spot that Cap(11) had. His cannon sounds.

Aurum(1) looks at the body surprised. Talia(2) realises that they are going to crash at the loop and jumps off. She sprains her ankle on a patch of grass. Aurum(1) doesn’t notice or react fast enough. He gets stuck and the car goes half way up and then falls. It lands on Aurum(1) who dies immediately. Gem(1) can’t believe her plan worked so well. She just got two out of the way and now Talia(2) is also injured. Too bad it had to be Aurum(1) though…

Louise(6) is crawling through the main tent to where the careers left their stack of supplies. However, there are already people going through it! He finds Serina(10) and Anya(11) already there. Serina(10) catches his eye just as he throws an axe at them. She jumps out of the way, but still receives a small cut on her arm. She loads her crossbow and aims. Then everything fades. The last thing Louise(6) sees is Serina(10) and Anya(11) running away through a rip in the tent in the north.

end of day two

Day Three

Sophie(8) wakes up to a musical tune from outside the hall of mirrors, in between the main gate, main tent and the hall of mirrors. Sophie(8) wakes up Thalia(4) who hold up her throwing knives defensively and almost cuts Sophies(8) hand off. Thalia(4) pears through a gap in the wall to see a sight that makes the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. An ice cream truck, that plays very eerie music. The high pitched sound echoes throughout the park and into the dead forest. They decide that it might have food, so they creep out of the hall of mirrors through a large gap at the bottom of the wall. A very large rodent would fit through it comfortably. Sophie(8) scrambles out first and slowly approaches the truck. As she gets close the music stops. Thalia(4) holds her back. “This doesn’t feel right…” At that very second a poisonous dart lodges itself in Thalia(4)s back and she falls over, dead. Boom.

Sophie(8) clutches three throwing knives looking around for the murderer. Aurora(7) comes running out from behind a pile of concrete and shoots a dart at Sophie(8) but misses. Aurora(7) shoots another and Sophie(8) has to go all matrix style and does a sort of back flip. Sophie(8) then runs towards the stalls where Aurora(7) sets up one last shot, when she is hit by the truck and falls over. Sophie(8) runs back into the hall of mirrors and starts shaking from all that had just happened.

to be continued...

Death Chart

Dont kill me if i kill your tribute :3

Place Name/district Day died
24 Lyndsay(6) Day one
23 David(8)
22 Candice(9)
21 Cap(11)
20 Austin(12)
19 Atlas(7)


Day two
17 Randy(5)
16 Aurum(1)
15 Louise(6)
14 Thalia(4) Day three

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