ok....Clove1001,Effie and I threw around the idea that we have a squad that stops flaming.....

What do YOU think?

Can someone ask the admins? I kinda don't know how, and if multiple people proposed it, they would more likely accept it probably.


there will be multiple users, not one

it will help admins by being a helper, but admins will still be above the squad


EVERY SINGLE user here would have to agree that they want the DS. If they didn't, the DS would'nt really have any power over that user. Admins, for example, have the power to block users, so possible vandals and rule breakers know they should listen. The DS would have nothing but other user's willingness to listen to them; which, in my opinion, might go away if they think the DS is taking the other user's side in a fight. Instead of the DS it should be a Drama pledge that every user can take up. A pledge to not start drama or fuel it with nasty comments.

I like the idea, but the problem is that I don't think anyone, especially including me, could be what it would require. Think about it, anyone who is on it would have to be completely un-baised and impartial. The user would have to have no grudges with any user on the site, even if they're really small, and would never be able to take

sides. Considering that most of us are teenagers or close to teenagers, I don't think anyone would be able to

control themselves if they or their friends were insulted. I think they'd just get caught in the moment and comment before thinking.

- necterine411

This idea is pretty good, would you figure out who gets to be in it? I think someone who was more or less neutral in most wars. and was NEVER blocked for anything-Anna-Athena

the point is to stop the constant drama and make this wiki a happier place.-Clove1001

This is a good idea, I know I don't get involved in fights and stuff because I'm busy and sick of it, but whoever you choose is going to have to be careful not to hurt someone's feelings. In my opinion, I think whoever it is needs to be an older user, I am not proposing myself but I will step up if need be, but it should be someone who has experience and who can say things in a way that won't hurt anyone.-Firecatcher3


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