This is a post in memory of everyone who has left. In Mockingjay, they wrote about the dead tributes and what they were like. Please tell me users to add. This will help tell new users about our sense of community.You can leave pictures and memories to fill a section too.You can dedicate a photo to a certain user.-TomGurl22 (talk to me! 05:02, November 24, 2011 (UTC)TomGurl22


ON WIKI OCTOBER, 11 2011- NOVEMBER, 19 2011 150px-3121675

Rose Hathaway

ON WIKI OCTOBER, 15 2011- NOVEMBER, 10 2011 150px-3531487


ON WIKI APRIL, 2 2011- MAY, 28 2011 150px-3523444

Jabberjay 78

ON WIKI JUNE, 26 2011 - OCTOBER, 16 2011

I know Jabberjay78 is up there, but I wanted to give a mini speech

Anyway, Jabberjay, if you are reading this, you are truly missed by me and the whole wiki community. You were a very nice user and friend and pretty cool :) I only just truly got to know you when you left and I really hope your return. It's your choice if you do not, but I loved all the creative games you created and such. So as you can see, I write this mini speech in memory of you :)

Thanks- Skybender101




For all users who left


In Memory

frame| the glowing flower is to remind us there is still hope they will come back

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