Hey Guys and Girls! Welcome to my first Hunger Games. I will not do chariot rides or interviews. I will start right with the games. Two districts per person. This is what you need to sign up. PLEAS POST LUNAIIS ON TALKPAGE

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Skills
  • Weakness
  • Personality
  • History

These games will include kidnapping, betrayal, eruption, love, gore and death lurking at every corner! Pure AWESOMENESS. Killer Walruses, a citadel in the sky, a burning jungle, a red button, a frozen sea, a magic word, a not so bloody bloodbath, a flood of lava, an eerie oasis, a gloomy tower, a duranged tribute, some nasty careers and amazingly awesome action! Get ready for the FIRST. ANNUAL. HUNGER. GAMES!

Tributes :)


Male Tribute

Female Tribute



Everest Breeze, 17 Gemma Stork, 16 Purplexmuffin


Bradley Ward, 12 Sophie Sheard, 13



Bolt Strike, 18 Voltra Star, 13 MnkyGrlsj


Scorpius Flame, 15

Star Sun, 13



Spike Owens, 17

Twinkle Night, 15



Mayme Johnson, 12

Rogue Johnson, 16



John Kale, 17 Violet White, 15 Leshawna333


Colby Button, 17

Chiffon Leek, 13



Markus Brown, 15 Sheila Swift, 17 Skybender101


Hanson Brown, 15 Olivia Stock, 12 MnkyGrlsj


Gabe Millen, 17 Katherine Storm, 17 Purplexmuffin


Chris Humperdink, 16

Rhea Dust, 15


  • Everest Breeze (1)
  • Gemma Stork (1)
  • Bradley Ward (2)
  • Sophie Sheard (2)
  • Bolt Strike (3)
  • Voltra Star (3)
  • Scorpius Flame (4)
  • Star Sun (4)
  • Spikes Owen (5)
  • Twinkle Night (5)
  • Mayme Johnson (6)
  • Rogue Johnson (6)
  • John Kale (7)
  • Violet White (7)
  • Colby Button (8)
  • Chiffon Leek (8)
  • Markus Brown (9)
  • Sheila Swift (9)
  • Hanson Brown (10)
  • Olivia (Livvy) Stock (10)
  • Gabe Millen (11)
  • Katherine Storm (11)
  • Chris Humperdink (12)
  • Rhea Dust (12)


This years arena will be located on a large self sustaining platform in the sky! The Arena will be based off the four elements. The Cornucopia sits in a lush green field with four paths leading off to it. To the north is a frozen sea. Completly barren except polar bear, walrus and whale mutts that break through the ice. Represents water. To the south of the cornucopia is a barren desert. The desert contains large rhino, fox and wild dog mutts. Represents Earth. To the east are towering active volcanoes and a dense jungle. No mutts in this area. Represents fire. To the west is open sky. Large eagle and condor mutts patrol the emptiness. Represents air. A secret word can be said to get to the middle. Something that Templesmith says at the start of the games. In the middle of each section is a safe haven. In the Air section there is a large citadel. In the Water section there is a large fort. In the Earth section there is a oasis. In the fire section there is a large tower on the side of a volcano. When the tributes get down to 5 the volcanoes erupt.

Chariot Rides

District 1

District 1 starts off the Chariot Rides with a bam. Gemma is dressed in a beautiful golden dress that shimmers different colors, dazzling the audience. Everest acompanies her with a simple sleek black tuxedo but he waves with a fire in his eyes. The ladies go crazy.

District 2

Sophie and Bradley are next. The youngest District 2 duo ever they sure don't seem like it. Sophie waves with a malicious grin, wearing a red satin dress and a tiara that has been set aflame. Bradley waves shyly in a crimson tuxedo.

District 3

Bolt and Voltra start with an electrifying costume. Both are wearing tight black spandex. Electric bolts are running up and down the costumes, illuminating the audience's faces with an eerie blue light.

District 4

Star Sun is wearing a elegant aquamarine dress that is made with ruffles so when she moves it looks like waves are splashing on her. Scorpius wears a dark blue tuxedo. He waves confidently but Star waves timidly.

District 5

Next up is Spike and Twinkle. Twinkle is dressed in a bright orange dress that looks like the sun. Spike is wearing black spandex with orange flames sprouting out at random. Twinkle is keeping as far away from Spike as possible.

District 6

The siblings, Mayme and Rogue are dressed in dark green, almost black robes to match their exotic hair color. The two hold hands tightly and both have silent tears running down their faces. They wave but the tears don't stp falling even as their chariot stops and they walk on stage, never letting go of the other's hand.

District 7

John and Violet have quite a peculiar costume. Both are dressed only in flat logs covering The two look rather self conscious and smile meekly. Violet then screams to the audience. " What do I care I'll be dead in a few days anyway!". John looks down akwardly.

District 8

Colby and Chiffon come with a definite pride in the way they wave in smile. Even Chiffon, who is very young for the games smiles with confidence. Chiffon wears a pretty violet dress. Colby is wearing a black tuxedo with a purple tie.

District 9

Markus and Sheila are wearing bright yellow jumpsuits. They are both wearing golden cowns that send beams of light streamong across the audience. Many Capitol citizens start to cry as their lights signal hope even though the two could very well die in the next couple of days.

District 10

Hanson and Olivia's costumes make District 7's outfits look like the average Spiderman and Princess. They are dressed in meat. Thats right every type of meat covers there unmentionables. They look down with shame and don't wave once. No one goes "GAGA" over there costume.

District 11

Gabe and Katherine are dressed in plan white tuxedo and dress covered in wheat. Katherine wears a diadem strewn out of wheat. They look at the crowd with disdan and look on towards the stage without waving. It's there choice and just maybe there downfall.

District 12

Chris and Rhea close the show with suits made purely of coal. However the coals turn red hot and continue to swap from coal to hot coal. Their costume gets a lot of applause. Rhea is holding Chris's hand but seems very reluctant. Chris however looks like he would rather be no where else.

Training Scores

Tribute Score
Everest Breeze 10
Gemma Stork 10
Bradley Ward 7
Sophie Sheard 9
Bolt Strike 8
Voltra Star 5
Scorpius Flame 10
Star Sun 6
Spike Owens 9
Twinkle Night 8
Mayme Johnson 4
Rogue Johnson 6
John Kale 8
Violet White 9
Colby Button 8
Chiffon Leek 6
Markus Brown 8
Sheila Swift 6
Hanson Brown 9
Olivia Stock 8
Gabe Millen 7
Katherine Stork 10
Chris Humperdink 10
Rhea Dust 7


24th: Colby Button (8)- Knife to the head. (Sophie Sheard); Day 1

23rd: Voltra Star (3)- Shot in the neck with arrow. (Gemma Stork); Day 1

22nd: Chris Humperdink (12)- Decapitated. (Markus Brown); Day 1

21st: Gabe Millen (11)- Stabbed in back. (Everest Breeze), Day 1

20th: Bolt Strike (3)- Jumped into the volcano. (Himself/lava); Day 1

19th: Markus Brown (9)- Mauled by Dog Mutts. (Dog Mutts); Day 2

18th: Mayme Johnson (6)- Crushed by polar bear mutt. (Polar Bear mutt); Day 3

17th: Olivia Stock (10)- Polar bear mutt clawed her. (Polar bear mutt/poison from claws); Day 3

16th: Rhea Dust (12)- Rammed by rhino mutt.(Rhino mutt/mutt's horn); Day 3

15th: Bradley Ward (2)- Stabbed in neck. (Star Sun); Day 3

14th: Sheila Swift (9)- Stabbed in head. (Spike Owens); Day 4

13th: Hanson Brown (10)- Ripped in thirds. (Walrus Mutt); Day 4

12th: Rogue Johnson (6)- Drowned. (Water); Day 4

11th: Sophie Sheard (2)- Stabbed through mouth. (Gemma Stork); Day 4

10th: Everest Breeze (1)- Slit throat. (Gemma Stork); Day 4

9th: Chiffon Leek (8)- Pushed of citadel onto forcefield. (Spike Owens/forcefield); Day 5

8th: Spike Owens (5)- Shot in chest with arrow. (Twinkle Night); Day 5

7th: Twinkle Night (5)- Fell into the sky onto forcefield. (Forcefield); Day 5

6th: Violet White (7)- Slit Throat (Gemma Stork); Day 6

5th: John Kale (7)- Melted (Lava Eruption); Day 6

4th: Scorpius Flame (4)- Stabbed through stomach. (Gemma Stork); Day 6

3rd: Katherine Storm (11)- Shot through head. (Gemma Stork); Day 6

2nd: Gemma Stork (1)- Destroyed by lava. (Lava); Day 6




The twenty four tributes circle the cornucopia waiting for the gong to sound. This years Careers include Everest Breeze (1), Gemma Stork (1), Bradley Ward (2), Sophie Sheard (2) and Star Sun (4). Their is a new never heard of alliance this year. The tributes that are fed up with the Hunger Games. They call themselves The Rebellion. It consists of Mayme Johnson (6), Rogue Johnson (6), Colby Button (8), Hanson Brown (10) Olivia Stock (10) and Katherine Storm (11). The twenty four wait for the gong. Claudius Templesmith's voice rains out. "One LUCKY tribute will come out alive. Let the Hunger Games Begin!" The gong sounds.

Colby Button (8), Cornucopia

The gong sounds and I sprint towards the Cornucopia. I see a nice sword laying on the ground. But then the girl from two comes around and chucks a knife at me. In that short time before the knife lodges in my skull I think of the life I lived, the family that loved me, the Alliance I failed. My cannon doesn't go off because there is still fighting at the cornucopia but it doesn't make a difference. I'm gone. Dead.

Katherine Storm (11), Cornucopia

I turn around and realize Colby is no longer following The Rebellion as we run towards the icelands. I then see Colby blood pouring from his forehead, eyes wide open. I start to cry and start to run towards the beyotch Sophie but Hanson grabs me and urges me forward. I reluctantly follow.

Voltra Star (3), Cornucopia

I follow Bolt and John towards the jungle when I hear a whizzing sound. Gemma Stork from one has shot an arrow at me. It flies past me. And then a second. And a third. I run as fast as I can. Bolt and John don't hear me screaming for them. I continue to run and dare not look back. I wonder if Gemma is still shooting at me. My question is answered when an arrow pierces my neck and I fall to the ground in a puddle of blood. Bolt and John don't even notice my life taken away right behind them.

Rhea Dust (12), Cornucopia

As soon as that gong sounded I ran straight for the desert, getting away from Chris as fast as I can. He catches up and pins me to the ground. "Where is my girlfriend going?" he tells me, knife to my throat. I spit in his face. He then says "I told you what the consequences would be for running from me." He pushes the knife harder on my neck but before he breaks skin I hear a funny sound and Chris's head falls and rolls several feet. His bloodied trunk falls on me. Markus Brown from nine stands above me. "Allies?" he says. I tell him yes and we run into the desert, away from all the death but into an even deadlier situation.

Gabe Millen (11), Cornucopia

The other tributes have either run off or have been killed. Only three have been killed so far. I finally realize how you are never ready to see children brutally killed. To the boy from eight who lays on his back with a knife handle protruding out of his head, to the kid from twelve who got decapitated to the pour young girl from three, laying in a puddle of her own blood with an arrow in her neck. I peek my head around the Cornucopia where the four Careers are talking. Wait four Careers. That is when I feel the knife in my back. I land on my back, pushing the knife thorugh my stomach. I die to the face of Everest Breeze, grinning.

Everest Breeze (1), Cornucopia

I walk over to where Gemma, Sophie, Bradley and Star are rummaging through the items in the cornucopia. "What happened?" Gemma asks. I tell her I caught a peeping tom. We discuss what we should do. We decide to check the path to the west. We start to walk down the path. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Four cannons go off. Four. How can only four cannons go off in a "bloodbath"? I was in the back and I wonder why my fellow careers stop. I look up. Right in front of us is an expanse of great azure sky as far as the eye can see. Great birds fly in the sunlight. I then realize the arena must be in the air.

Star Sun (4), Sky Entrance

As we look at the sky in front of us I see a golden shimmer. I take the bonoculars from Bradley and look towards the odd spark of light. I see a magnificent gold citadel floating in the middle of the Sky Area. I tell the others and they take turns looking at the citadel. Sophie thinks a magic word will get them across. Gemma calls her retarded. Sophie pulls out a knife Everest breaks them up. I tell them it must be something that Templesmith said. Everest says LET. Nothing. Gemma says THE. Nothing. Bradley says HUNGER. Nothing. Sophie says GAMES. Nothing. I scream BEGIN!!!! Nothing.

Sheila Swift (9), Jungle

I have made allies with Chiffon Leek from eight. The two of us have covered lots of ground, getting away from the Cornucopia as fast as we can. I decide to hunt while Chiffon builds a fire. I manage to get a rabbit. I take it back to our camp. Chiffon is sitting there, arms tied behind her back and mouth taped. I run at her but am grabbed by a tribute. I don't know who it is since it is dark in the Jungle but I know he is male. He ties me up and walks Chiffon and me farther into the jungle.

John Kale (7), Volcano

Bolt and I have ran through the entire jungle and are currently climbing the mountain to get a view of the arena. Voltage is missing. Bolt thinks she panicked and ran a different way. I think he says that so he doesn't have to come to terms that Voltage was most likely killed in the bloodbath. We get to the top and there is a cave. It is glowing red. We walk in and realize it is a volcano. There is a large bridge leading to a tower in the middle of the lava lake. I realize I will be safe here. Bolt starts crying which shocks me. But what shocks me more is that he starts running and jumps into the lava. His body sets aflame before he goes under. BOOM. The sound of the cannon represents the death of a tribute. But to me it symbolizes the death of a friend.

Twinkle Night (5), Jungle

I have been wandering the jungle for hours when I hear another cannon go off. Five tributes dead. I wonder and hope if one is Spike. I hear rustling in the brush. I ready my bow. Scorpius Falme from four walks out. Career I think to myself. I shoot at him. I miss.

Scorpius Flame (4), Jungle

The girl from five shoots at me but misses by several feet. I tell her to stop and that I am not a Career. I ask her if she wants to be my ally. She is silent for a while but then says yes. The two of us build a fire and make camp.

Hanson Brown (10), Icelands

The Rebellion has set camp on the frozen sea of the icelands. Why we picked this barren place I have no idea but whatever. Colby is dead. he was one of the co creators. Katherine, the other creator is quite distraught. Mayme and Olivia seem to be rather fond of one another. They are off a ways talking. Rogue is very nice and funny and we get along good. The anthem starts to play. Mayme and Olivia run back to our camp. There are only five faces. Bolt Strike and Voltra Star from three, Colby, (Katherine starts to sob quietly) Gabe Millen from eleven which doesn't help Katherine stop crying and Chris Humperdink from twelve. No careers. We all lay down. But none of us will sleep tonight.

End of DAY ONE


Chiffon Leek (8), Jungle

Our kidnapped has dragged me and Sheila through the jungle for the whole night. I still don't know who he is but I am very worried. Why has he kidnapped us? Why didn't he kill me and then kill Sheila when she got back from hunting. The whole situation is very confusing. We stop walking at daybreak. He ties us to opposite sides of a very large tree. He takes off his bandana, covering his face. It is revealed to be Spike Owens from five. His eyes look menacing with a hint of insanity. He mumbles to himself. "Got to go get food for my pretties!" He says with a high, wicked laugh. He walks off into the woods. I feel so vulnerable, tied to a tree. I am constantly alert for signs of another tribute. But I realize it wouldn't make a difference anyway.

Olivia Stock (10), Icelands

The five of us wake up on the cold ice. Katherine decides to go over The Rebellion's plan. She tells us that once we make it to the final six....... She looks down and corrects herself to five. Once we get to the final five we will walk hand and hand to the Cornucopia and tell everybody that we refuse to fight and that all five of us will live. Hanson, Rogue, Mayme and I look at her with admiration. I finally look at my situation as more than just a death sentence. i could get out I think to myself.

Markus Brown (9), Desert

Rhea and I seem to be the only tributes in the Desert. Which is a good thing. Right? We walk together discussing our life back home. I like Rhea. A lot. So I grab her hand while we walk. She blushes but she doesn't pull away. So together we walk up an down the dunes hand and hand.

Gemma Stork (1), Cornucopia/Desert

Us Careers spent the night by the Cornucopia. We decide to go to the desert area to hunt down tributes. We gather as much materials as we can carry from the Conucopia. The five of us walk into the desert. Sophie and Everest try to lead the pack but deep down they know I where the pants and that I control them. When we first get into the desert 5 shapes are seen running at us. They are fox mutts. Regular foxes but they have very large fangs. I manage to shoot two of them before they reach us. One pounces on Star. Sophie stabs it. The other two circle us. One lunges at Everest but he stabs it in the mouth. The last one I manage to shoot. I am so unlucky. I have one good tribute, a sociopathic tween who has a lust to kill and then to other kids that don't even want to kill anybody. This will be a long Game.

Twinkle Night (5), Jungle

Scorpius and I have spent the day sparring. We rest for lunch. After that we climb up into a tree. We discuss our lives back home and get to the subject of our District Partners, Star and Spike. Scorpius had never ever met Star before they were reaped. He tried to convince her to ally with her before the games but she thought sticking with the careers would be safer. I tell him about Spike. I tell him how I hate him. How I want him dead. He seems disturbed by my hatred. I then lean over and kiss him on the cheek. He blushes and we continue to talk like it never happened. Maybe it's just about being in the games because i would never do that in real life. Oh well. We might as well live our lives to the fullest. I kiss him on the lips. My first kiss. I needed that before I died, which sadly, could be any day.

Violet White (7), Jungle

I hate my life. I have spent these two days wandering around a jungle. I don't care who I come across. I will kill them. I will do anything to get back home. I have been stealing food from two allied tributes. The boy from four and the girl from five. I watch them. The boy gets down from the tree they are sitting in and walks off with his bow. Hunting. I nock my bow getting ready to aim when a male tribute jumps on top of her. She screams"SPIKE!". He ties her hands behind her back and tapes her mouth shut. He then walks her off. I get up and steal some food. I hear the boy from four returning so I climb the tree. I ready an arrow and aim when he walks to camp. I lean in too far and fall to the ground. He asks where Twinkle is. I tell him she was kidnapped. I take a chance and ask to be his ally. He tells me yes but we have to look for Twinkle. What have I got myself into?

Rhea Dust (12), Desert

Markus and I look hear barking. Wild Dog Mutts run down the hill at us. I kiss him. The dogs jump on top of us. They are hairless with blind eyes. They sniff at us. They realize Markus is the one with food and they all get on him. I know he can not be saved so I run away. I don't know which sound was worse. The ripping of flesh, the sound of the cannon or Markus screaming my name before he was killed.

Star Sun (4), Desert

The first cannon of the day goes off. It goes off about a mile in front of us. I feel bad for the dead. I am no Career. I have planned to leave them tomorrow night. The anthem sounds and the five of us look to the skies. There is one face, Markus Brown from nine. We settle down for the night. The other Careers are to cocky to keep guard they go right to sleep. Bradley isn't a Career deep down either so we chat all night.

End of DAY TWO


Scorpius Flame (4), Jungle

We have been tracking the kidnapper all morning but haven't found any tracks. I know Twinkle isn't dead because her name wasn't in the sky last night. Violet said she may be getting tortured. That is an even worse idea. The two of us sit down to eat lunch. After lunch the two of us continue to search with no luck.

Rogue Johnson (6), Icelands

We made camp between to large cliffs last night. We plan to stay here again. So Hanson, Katherine and I spar while Olivia and Mayme talk a ways off. We can't see them but we don't think there is anyone following us. We hear a comotion and a scream but the worse sound was the cannon.

Olivia Stock (10), Icelands

It happened so fast, I still haven't taken in whats occured. A polar bear mutt, which looks like a polar bear but twice the size, jumped from a cliff right onto Mayme, killing him instantly, I could hear Katherine, Hanson and Rogue running towards me. The mutt slashes me in the chest with his claws and I fall to the ground. The three come into view. Rouge starts screaming Mayme's name. Katherine manages to shoot it down. They run to me and then see Mayme's mangled, crushed corpse. Rogue must've seen it too because she starts to sob. Katherine and Hanson look at my wounds. Katherine thinks that poison is in the claws. I can feel myself dying. I tell them to get away so I can talk to my family. I tell my father to keep Mr. Piggy and never let him go because he is me now so you will have never lost a family member. "I love...............BOOM.

Rhea Dust (12), Desert

I let him die I think. Markus could have been saved. I am walking aimlessly in the desert. I walk to the top of a dune and then I hear shouting. the five careers are only half a mile behind me. A chase ensues. I run as fast as I can when I see an oasis. I run toward it, the careers right behind me. I get there and stop. There is absolutely no concealment. I hear stomping. A large rhino mutt, pitch black with a pointed horn twice the size. He runs straight at me. The horn impales me. He then bucks up and I fly off into the air. i land in the oasis, staining the water a crimson red. The one place I was going to be safe is the place I was killed. BOOM.

Gemma Stork (1), Oasis

We planned to kill the girl from twelve but it looks like someone did the job for us. Her body has been picked up by a hovercraft. The oasis has been stained blood red. We decide to make camp by it. We look to the sky when we hear the anthem. There are three faces tonight. Mayme Johnson from six, Olivia Stock from ten and Rhea Dust from twelve. Sophie starts to laugh "That Rebellion Alliance looks like its having trouble hehe we all know they will perish!" I agree. The five of us settle down and go to sleep.

Star Sun (4), Oasis

I sit on the edge of the Career camp. I am leaving tonight. I plan to kill Everest before we leave. I think of where I will hide. I think of the citadel in the Sky. I think of what Templesmith said. LUCKY! I realize the magic word is lucky. I grab my knife and walk over to Everest. It is pitch black but I can see his blond hair. I bring my knife down on his neck. The knife enters but something is wrong. The strange gurgling sound is the voice of a boy whose voice has not yet deepened unlike Everest. Horror engulfs me as I realize what I did. I killed Bradley. I run away. Before the three careers realize what has happened and why a cannon has gone off I am far away almost to the Cornucopia. I reach the golden horn when Spike Owens from five grabs me and tapes my mouth shut. My arms are tied behind my back and he leads me into the jungle.



Spike Owens (5), Jungle

I have found another pretty. YES ANOTHER PRETTY. NOW I HAVE FOUR PRETTIES!!!! IF THEY TRY TO ESCAPE I KILL THEM I KILL THEM I KILL THEM. The pretty in front of me is squirming and trying to get away. I hit her over the head and she passes out. I will kill everbody but not my pretties. EARTHQUAKE. COFFEE. TOMATO JUICE. DOORKNOB. PRETTIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Star Sun (4), Jungle

I wake up to see Spike tying me to a tree. I instinctivly kick him in the face. He falls back screaming. I grab a knife and stab him in the leg. I see three other girls tied to the tree, Twinkle from five, Chiffon from eight and Sheila from nine. I quicky untie the three and the four of us start to run. Sheila is grabbed by Spike and stabbed in the head. Her cannon sounds. I tell Twinkle and Chiffon to follow me. We run all the way back to the Cornucopia and head east.

Twinkle Night (5), Sky Bridge

Star leads us to the empty sky area. I ask her how will we get to the citadel. She answers by screaming LUCKY! A rope bridge appears suddenly to the citadel. The three of us cross it. The citadel is huge! It seems to be made of solid gold. We walk inside and it is furnished like a palace would be. We are all eccstatic and run to seperate bedrooms to get some good sleep.

Sophie Sheard (2), Oasis

Bradley is dead and Star is missing. In one night the Career Alliance is down to two. That Star will die a painful death for betraying her alliance. I start to scream at Gemma and Everest. Once again Gemma tries to kill me but Everest stops her. Everest says that maybe this is a good thing. i don't see where he got that but whatever. We have decide to start leaving the desert.

Scorpius Flame (4), Jungle

I am currently hunting. I am hiding in a tree when a nice sized gazelle is in sight. I aim. Violet whispers "You can do this!". All the sudden the branch breaks and Violet and I fall out of the tree. Violet stands up right away but my ankle hurts badly. Violet looks it over and says that I sprained it. We decide to get out of the jungle and hide in the Cornucopia until I heal.

Rogue Johnson (6), Icelands

My sweet brother is dead. I still can't fully

grasp whats happened. It is evening and the three of us our sitting together talking. Then something happens. We hear a cracking noise and it begins. A walrus mutt breaks thorught the ice and both its tusks impale Hanson's shoulders and pulls him into the icy water. His cannon goes off. Then the ice continues to break and I fall in. I desperatly try to find an opening but I cant. As I see the sunset though the ice I know that I was loved. I will be with my brother now.

Katherine Storm (11), Icelands

Hanson is dead. Rogue's cannon has just gone off. The ice continues to break as I run to the Cornucopia. I get to the path and look behind me. The whole sea is visible now, the ice gone. Right where the path leads into the field holding the Cornucopia two barred gates come out of the ground trapping me. What is this I think. I must be the last person from the Icelands so they trap me until the final battle. Well at least I will be guaranteed a little longer.

Chiffon Leek (8), Citadel

We celebrate our hiding place with a nice dinner. We are sitting at an elaborate crafted dining table. The three of us get to know each other. I feel sad that Sheila couldn't be with us. Maybe it's better this way. We get to the topic of Spike. What if he follows us. Star and Twinkle don't think he will check here but I'm not so sure.

Violet White (7), Cornucopia

Scorpius and I reach the cornucopia. We go inside the horn. All sorts of essentials and weapons lie inside. We have a feast. We wait for the anthem to play. Its starts. There are four faces tonight. Bradley Ward from two, Rouge Johnson from six, Sheila Swift from nine and Hanson Brown from ten. The two of us then go to sleep in the Cornucopia.

Gemma Stork (1), Desert

After seeing the faces in the sky I know it is time. The Rebellion is done, only Katherine remains. Sophie is standing there laughing about the deaths of The Rebellion. I punch her in the face and she falls to the ground. She opens her mouth wide to scream but i silence her by driving a sword through her mouth. I pull it out and blood gushes from her mouth staining the sand. Her cannon goes off. Everest is shocked. I tell him there are only ten tributes left and she needed to go. Everest shocks me when he starts to cry. He then tells me that he loves me and what if that happens to me. I am disgusted. I put on my poker face and sit down by him. I wrap my arms around him. I say "I love you". With that I take a dagger and slit his throat. BOOM!



Gemma Stork (1), Cornucopia

I am the last career of these games. Well Star is still alive but not for long I think. Just when I am about to step foot in the Cornucopia field, two barred gates trap me from either side. I start to scream and demand to be released. It is no use. I sit down and fiddle with my knife. This must be something to do with those stupid gamemakers.

John Kale (7), Volcano Tower

I have been hiding out in this tower ever since the game began. I don't plan on leaving either. No harm has come to me and there are only nine tributes left after two cannons went off late last night. I stare at the lava that killed Bolt. His death still saddens me.

Chiffon Leek (8), Citadel

I wake up early in the morning and head out to the side courtyard where I go to the edge of the floating citadel and stare at the clouds. I think of the meaning of life and how easily it can be taken away. All the sudden I am pushed off the citadel and fall into open sky. I scream and scream through the abyss. All the sudden I stop falling and am electrocuted. The electricity surges thorugh me. I have fallen on the force field. BOOM!

Spike Owens (5), Citadel

I followed the pretties to the citadel. I just pushed one off. Her cannon has sounded. I start to look for the blonde and blue-haired pretties. Where are they. I reach the top of the citadel. In the middle there is a large red button. Under the button a sign says "Food Source". I push the button and the citadel starts to shake.

Twinkle Night (5), Citadel

I am awoken by a cannon. I run to Star's room. She has woken up too. The two of us run into Chiffon's room. She is not there. The two of us hear a squeal of laughter above us and the citadel starts to shake. The two of us run up the spiraled staircase to the top. Spike is standing there looking worried. I ready my arrow and shoot him in the chest. He walks backwards and tumbles out the window and plummets to the courtyard stories below. His cannon is drowned out by the shaking citadel. Star and I sprint down to the courtyard, as two hovercrafts pick up the bodies of Spike and Chiffon. We head for the rope bridge. The citadel falls apart and falls into the heavens below. The rope bridge becomes unconnected from the citadel side and swings down toward the opposite cliff. I barely touch Stars hand, reaching for me. I fall. I stop in midair as electricity surge through my body and all goes dark.

Star Sun (4), Sky Entrance

I start to cry as I see Twinkle fall. Her cannon goes off. I climb the bridge like a ladder and get to the top. I walk towards the Cornucopia. Just before the field, two barred gates rise before me, trapping me. I am shocked and know this must be something with the gamemakers. I hear Gemma's voice scream "WHO IS IT?!?" I don't respond. I sit there until night. The anthem plays. There are five faces tonight. Everest Breeze from one, Sophie Sheard from two, Twinkle and Spike from five and Chiffon from eight. So Gemma must've turned on the careers like me!

Katherine Storm (11), Cornucopia

I have been trapped for an entire day. Two other tributes have also been trapped. Gemma from one in the desert and an unknow tribute from the sky area. There are only six tributes left. I know we will be released soon enough and when that time comes its do or die.

Scorpius Flame (4), Cornucopia

Violet and I have been hiding in the Cornucopia for a day. Three tributes seem to have been trapped at the entrances. When they are released we hope they fight each other out. I saw Twinkle's face tonight. I hope her death was quick and painless.



Gemma Stork (1), Cornucopia

We are released this morning. I run out to the Cornucopia. The gates pop back up blocking the exits. I see Star coming from the sky area. I run at her. Someone collides with me. It is Violet and Scorpius from five and four. They draw there swords. Pathetic I think. I take out twin blades and yell "Wanna Play?".

Katherine Storm (11), Cornucopia

Violet, Gemma and Scorpius are dueling. I grab Star and the two of us climb the Cornucopia. We watch from the top of the golden horn. Even with Scorpius and Violet dueling her, Gemma is still advancing. She swipes Violet's sword out of her hands and slits her throat. Blood sprays from Violet's throat and she falls to the ground, in sync with her cannon. Scorpius screams in rage and the two continue to fight in their deadly dance.

John Kale (7), Volcano Tower

I hear the sound of a cannon. Final Five I think. All the sudden the lava surges upward as the volcano erupts. My body distinegrates in the molten hot liquid. My cannon goes off and bits of my body flow down with the lava.

Gemma Stork (1), Cornucopia

Another cannon goes off as the volcano erupts. The lava starts to pour down the hill. Scorpius looks up at it giving me time to plunge the sword into his stomach. He falls to the ground breathing heavily. His cannon goes off with a bang. Now I only have too more to take care of and there to scared to even climb down the Cornucopia. I aim my bow at Katherine first. "THE REBELLIONS OVER!" I release my bow.

Star Sun (4), Cornucopia

The arrow impales Katherine's forehead. her body slides off the Cornucopia. Gemma laughs harshly. She aims her bow at me. All the sudden the lava from the volcano eruption pours out of the jungle area. Gemma screams and runs to the Cornucopia. She tries to climb it but the lava reaches her first. She catches on fire then falls onto the ground. She is then buried in the lava and the final cannon for The First Annual Hunger Games goes off. The whole field is surrounded with lava. The hovercraft picks me up. I, Star Sun of District Four, age 13 am a victor! I survived!

Returning Home

I get off the train and see my family. My mother and baby sister meet me at the train station. They hug me. We just stand there hugging for what seemed like an hour. That night I sleep in my old home. The next morning I am officially welcomed home by the mayor. We throw a party. That night we movie into our new Victor House. After that I go out to District Four's famous lighthouse. I think about Scorpius and Violet who saved me from Gemma. I think of poor Katherine and The Rebellion Alliance. I think of Chiffon, Twinkle and Sheila. I think of Bradley, who I accidently murdered. And I think of all the tributes, even Gemma, Everest and Sophie in a peaceful place. No more grief will happen to them. They are all happy and safe. And as I walk down the boardwalk and the waves crash against the rocks I can't help but crying. I know I am safe. I have a family that loves me. I am home.

The End

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