Hey everyone! I know i sed i was gonna take a break from writin Hunger Games but I couldnt resist. These will be a normal Hunger Games with all twelve Districts! U can enter 2 sets of tributes. Tributes from 1, 2 and 4 MUST be Careers. Here is what you need to post!
The Fourth Games











District Male Tribute Female Tribute Creator
1 Panther Doom, 18 Sapphire Moon, 16 Jabberjay78
2 Gregory Krylov, 12 Anna Krylov, 12 Brony12
3 Ron Williams, 15 Tessa Roberts, 14 Kenzen11
4 Surf Blue, 18 Nikki Quahog, 12 EffieLuna
5 Ashes Mackay, 15 De'Nada Dreader, 15 Kenzen11
6 Cocaine Smith, 18 Methana Greme, 17 Brony10
7 Able Grass, 13 Maple Green, 16 Nate777
8 Xavier Thread, 15 Mystique Cirque, 17 Anon...
9 Cav Jones, 13 Aelo Aisiri, 15 Fantasyfilm99
10 Thorn Sparrow, 18 Lark Tinder, 13 Firecatcher3
11 Grass Whistle, 16 Terra Earth, 13 Jabberjay78
12 Mike Wear, 13 Dallas Tinsle, 16 Brony12


All was thought to be peaceful when six tributes were crowned victor last year. But President Snow is angry. Angry that Star Sun and Nolt Ranfer safed the six. Angry that he did not get to execute Atticus. Angry that he was deprived of five deaths. When Star and Nolt are exciled to a far away land, Iris, Ebrulf, Night, River, Emma and Cam are on their own, mentoring for the fourth Hunger Games. But their is one question. Is the president out for them as well?
  • Panther Doom (1)
  • Sapphire Moon (1)
  • Gregory Krylov (2)
  • Anna Krylov (2)
  • Ron Williams (3)
  • Tessa Roberts (3)
  • Surf Blue (4)
  • Nikki Quahog (4)
  • Ashes Mackay (5)
  • De'Nada Dreader (5)
  • Cocaine Smith (6)
  • Methana Greme (6)
  • Able Grass (7)
  • Maple Green (7)
  • Xavier Thread (8)
  • Mystique Cirque (8)
  • Cav Jones (9)
  • Aelo Asiri (9)
  • Thorn Sparrow (10)
  • Lark Tinder (10)
  • Grass Whistle (11)
  • Terra Earth (11)
  • Mike Wear (12)
  • Dallas Tinsle (12)

The six find themselves in another adventure. Meanwhile tributes battle it out in the arena, finding more than just mutts. Can Iris, Ebrulf, Night, River, Emma and Cam survive Snow's wrath or will they to have to seek refuge in the other distant countries. Countries that are at war, countries in an apocalypse, countries with their own version of the Hunger Games.

The Fourth Annual Hunger Games are about to begin.


This game is dedacated to the 3000 people who lost their lives on September 11th. No matter someone in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, the airplanes, firefighters or a pedestrian you are a hero to all of us! You will never be forgotten!


The arena this year is four huge mountains circling a valley with a pine forest in it. Avalanches often occur. Mutts include Tiger mutts and eagle mutts.


24th: Cocaine Smith (6)- Stabbed in brain. (Anna Krylov); Day 1

23rd: Lark Tinder (10)- Knife to the head. (De'Nada Dreader); Day 1

22nd: Mike Wear (12)- Throat slashed. (Panther Doom); Day 1

21st: Ron Williams (3)- Arrow to the neck. (Xavier Thread); Day 1

20th: Tessa Roberts (3)- Broken Neck. (Fell off tree); Day 1

19th: Xavier Thread (8)- Knife to the chest. (Tessa Roberts); Day 1

18th: Cav Jones (9)- Knife to the head. (Methana Greme); Day 2

17th: Terra Earth (11)- Shot. (Thorn Sparrow); Day 2

16th: Gregory Krylov (2)- Stabbed through back. (Mystique Cirque); Day 2

15th: Methana Greme (6)- Knife to the chest. (Ashes Mackay); Day 3

14th: Thorn Sparrow (10)- Sword to the stomach. (Nolt Ranfer); Day 3

13th: Maple Green (7)- Internal bleeding in head. (Avalanche); Day 4

12th: Nikki Quahog (4)- Infection. (Knife wound); Day 4

11th: Able Grass (7)- Arrow the the neck. (Sapphire Moon); Day 5

10th: Mystique Cirque (8)- Knife to the neck. (Anna Krylov); Day 5

9th: Aelo Asiri (9)- Head bashed into Cornucopia. (Anna Krylov); Day 5

8th: De'Nada Dreader (5)- Throat ripped out. (Panther Doom); Day 5

7th: Sapphire Moon (1)- Knife to the back. (De'Nada Dreader); Day 5

6th: Ashes Mackay (5)- Slit throat. (Anna Krylov); Day 5

5th: Panther Doom (1)- Claws to the neck. (Grass Whistle); Day 5

4th: Grass Whistle (11)- Gash in stomach. (Panther Doom); Day 5

3rd/2nd: Surf Blue (4) and Dallas Tinsle (12)- Escaped arena. (Survived)

1st: Anna Krylov (2)


Star Sun (Victor), District 4

I bolt upstairs into my room. I collect my essentials. Nolt has messaged me. The two of us are targets for the Capitol. President Snow has seeked revenge from us for saving six tributes at the Games last year. Today is my sixteenth birthday but it is no day to celebrate. I have ordered my mother and four year old sister, Pearl to leave the District. A District 13 citizen often ferries people arcossed the sea. They are heading for District 13 and I wish them the best. It was a hard goodbye as I stood on the porch as my only family walks away and I may never see them again. All of the sudden I hear shouting. I look out the window. Peacekeepers with guns bolt into the Victor Village. I wonder if it has awoken Emma or Cam. I hide in the closet as my front door is kicked down. I hear shouts and bangs and knocking furniture. My door is opened and the Peacekeepers walk into the room. There are only four of them. Two leave the room to search other rooms. I jump out and stab one of the peacekeepers in the forehead, killing him instantly. I turn around and slit the others throat. I sprint down the hallway and down the staircase. I am out the door before the peacekeepers even notice me. I run down the courtyard by the beach. A bright white envelopes me. So white I thought I had been shot in the head. I am pulled up into the bright white of the hovercraft. The white that will be stained red from the blood that I will soon shed.

Return To The Capitol

Cam Odair (Capitol)

The Games have begun. The tributes have been reaped and brought to the Capitol. Star has been kidnapped by Peacekeepers. I fear the worse. I know she must be dead. Nolt has "gone missing" as well. I am sitting in the Main Hall of the building where the tributes are staying. The other five victors sit at my table. River Rhodes, Night Flynn, Ebrulf Brown, Emma Wave and Iris Bloodsworthy. We have barely discussed Star or Nolt because there is just simply nothing to discuss. They are lost. Dead. I have buried my pain of losing Star deep inside. I just can't handle it. I love Star and I wish she was here to know.

Training Scores

District Male Score Female Score
1 Panther Doom 12 Sapphire Moon 10
2 Gregory Krylov 10 Anna Krylov 10
3 Ron Williams 7 Tessa Roberts 5
4 Surf Blue 9 Nikki Quahog 6
5 Ashes Mackay 9 De'Nada Dreader 10
6 Cocaine Smith 1 Methana Greme 8
7 Able Grass 6 Maple Green 8
8 Xavier Thread 9 Mystique Cirque 9
9 Cav Jones 6 Aelo Asiri 6
10 Thorn Sparrow 10 Lark Tinder 5
11 Grass Whistle 9 Terra Earth 6
12 Mike Wear 8 Dallas Tinsle 8

Eve of The Games

Iris Bloodsworthy (Capitol)

Tomorrow is the day. The Fourth Hunger Games start in eight hours. I think Panther and Sapphire have a good chance of winning. The Career Alliance looks very promising. Panther is practically animal and is a killing machine. Sapphire is sexy but vicious. Then there is the twins from 2, Gregory and Anna. They are the ones we have to watch out for. They are only 12 but are beasts when it comes to killing. Then Surf Blue who is probably the first Career that will die and De'Nada Dreader, another worthy competitor. I sit in my quarters with Night, Emma, Ebrulf, Cam and River. Unlike the five of them I'm not very sad that Star and Nolt are dead. Nolt was fine but to be honest I had never liked Star. She shouldn't be a victor. Gemma should have. Gemma died when Star was a coward and hid on the Cornucopia. Whatever shes dead now. Night has brought to our attention that Snow might be after us as well. If he is I should be the one to survive. Ebrulf would have eventually been killed by Alisonn Jewlbright who died in an explosion that would have consumed Ebrulf as well. Night and Emma could have easily been killed. River and Cam would've been my competiton but I would end up killing them. Flovia. My best friend who I killed. She would still be alive if it wasn't for me. Atticus and Leo Crane were also killed last year. Rose Crane has "gone missing". The six of us decide to go to bed, We have a big day ahead of us.


Day One

Narrator, Cornucopia

The 24 tributes circle the Cornucopia in a small, snowy clearing. Surrounding them is a forest of snowy pines. Beyond that are four snow-covered peaks. Claudius Templesmith's voice yells out, "LET THE FOURTH ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!".

Cocaine Smith (6), Cornucopia

I stand on my plate waiting for the gong to sound. This is it. I reach in my pocket for the cocaine. I take it out and snuff it. I am in High Heavens. I feel invincible. And thats when I am knocked over. I failed to notice the gong and Anna Krylov from 2 has jumped on top of me. She says, "Poor Cokey, didn't you here that drugs are bad for you?". With that she takes a dagger and with a swift thrust upward cuts my nose clean off. I scream in pain. The knife finds its way into the new hole into my brain and all goes black.

De'Nada Dreader (5), Cornucopia

All hell breaks loose when the gong goes off. Anna has already killed that crackhead of a tribute. He lays in the snow in a bloody mess. Tributes are running away from the Cornucopia as fast as they can. All of the sudden an arrow buries itself in the snow not two feet away from me. I look for the shooter and see her. Little Lark Tinder of 10. Stupid farm girl. I run at her. Nikki Quahog of 4 runs at Lark and grabs her hand. The two run into the woods. I pick up a knife and chuck it.

Nikki Quahog (4), Forest

A glint of silver flashes behind us. Lark screams in pain and falls to the ground. She is lying face down in the snow. A knife is in the back of her head. I start to cry and run farther into the forest. I stop when I crash into a group of five people. Able Grass and Maple Green from 7, Cav Jones from 9, Grass Whistle from 11 and Dallas Tinsle from 12 stand there looking at me. Able pipes up, "Wanna join?".

Panther Doom (1), Cornucopia

Most of the tributes have cleared out, but there are still a couple of fights. I run on all fours and pounce on a kid. It is Mike Wear from 12. He stabs me in the arm. I growl and claw at his throat until there is no skin or muscle, just a black hole in his neck. I take chunks off his limp body and have myself a snack.

Surf Blue (4), Cornucopia

Sapphire, Anna, Gregory and I stand by the Cornucopia as De'Nada and Panther run back to us. What have I gotten myself into? I am no Career. I should've allied with Lark and Nikki, but from what De'Nada said one of them is dead. I hope she is wrong. The four of us make camp there. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Three cannons. Anna and Gregory take first watch. The rest of us sit back and rest inside our tents.

Terra Earth (11), Forest

I run as fast as I can thorugh the forest. I am being pursued. I don't know woh is chasing me but I know that if I slow down it will mean certain death. I trip and fall in the snow. My pursuer catches up to me. I stare Aelo Asiri in the face. She grins, "Wanna be my ally?".

Mystique Cirque (8), Forest

I trudge in the snow as I head for one of the mountains. I miss the Circus. It was the only place I have been happy in. It was the only good thing in my life. All of the sudden a tiger walks into view. I smile and get out my whip. Time to train.

Tessa Roberts (3), Forest

Tessa and I sit in a tree, holding hands. It is almost nightfall when he leans over and kisses me on the cheek. I turn towards him and kiss him on the lips. The two of us stay in this embrace for what seems like an eternity, but all good things come to an end. All the sudden i am kissing midair and hear a cannon. Ron is gone. I look over the branch to see Ron laying in the snow with and arrow through his neck. I start to cry with sadness and fury. I look over down the path where I see Xavier standing there with a smirk on his face.

Xavier Thread (8), Forest

Tessa looks at me with a cold fury. I just interupted their little makeout session the best way possible. My smile is wiped clean when Tessa throws a knife and it buries itself in my chest. I fall to the ground just as Tessa slips off the branch and falls to the ground on her head. First a snap, then a cannon. I die with one last cold laugh. BOOM.

Gregory Krylov (2), Cornucopia

Another cannon goes off, followed by two more almost immeadiately after. Anna grins at me. We are keeping watch for those four imbeciles. They will prove useful to us so we shouldn't, can't, won't kill them. Yet.

End of Day One


Surf Blue (4), Cornucopia

I wake up sore as I have ever been. I get out of my tent where Sapphire and De'Nada sit at the fire. Panther is prowling around behind camp, keeping watch while Anna and Gregory sit on the Cornucopia. This is it. The last day I will spend with the Careers. Tonight I will leave them. I will leave camp as quiet as I possibly can. I need to help Nikki win these games. But I can't do that when I am stuck with the Careers. They must die, I must die, so Nikki can live.

Ashes Mackay (5), Forest

I look through the trees in the cold snow at the group of six. I ready my bow. I will be able to kill one, maybe to of them. I am knocked down by someone onto my back. Methana Greme looks at me with a dagger held to my throat. "Listen you, we can join them! There will be eight of us and after we take care of the Careers the two of us can take care of the others... and each other." I look at her. I have no choice. I grab her hand and the two of us walk into the camp.

Dallas Tinsle (12), Forest

Two figures walk into camp. The girl from 6 and the boy from 5. "What are you doing", I ask. Grass and Maple are ready to fight. The girl asks if the two of them can join our alliance. I personally think 8 is too big of an alliance. Even if that helped us take out the Careers, we would have to end up killing each other. The boy from 5 looks frightened. I can tell he is not scared of us. He looks scared of the girl. I look at Nikki, Maple, Able, Cav and Grass. The descision is mutual. "No.", I say quite loudly. "Fine then", says the girl. With that she takes a knife and chucks it into our group. A cannon sounds but I don't know who it belonged to. Another knife is thrown and a scream pierces the air but no cannon. The girl has turned on her heels running into the forest. The boy lies face down in the snow. Good I think, it was his cannon. But then I turn around.

Maple Green (7), Forest

I order Able to turn away but I fear he has already seen it. Cav lies on his back, dead. The knife struck him right between the eyes. Nikki has taken the other knife in the arm. The knife has gone all the way through. I walk over to her and rip it out. She screams, the worst scream I have ever heard. Grass wraps it up as best as he can. We let the hovercraft pick up Cav's body. We decide to leave the boy from 5 there. He is no worth to us. The five of us head out farther towards the mountain.

Aelo Asiri (9), Mountain

Terra and I have covered a ton of distance. We have already reached one of the peaks by evening. The two of us start to climb it and get halfway when we decide to eat dinner. The two of us make camp as we watch the stars.

Thorn Sparrow (10), Mountain

I stand on the peak of one of the mountains as I see two tributes have made camp in my area. This is my spot and they will soon pay. I take my bow and shoot. The arrow pierces itself into one of the tributes and their cannon goes off. The other tribute screams and I recognize her as Aelo. She runs away from the scene. One less tribute to worry about.

Surf Blue (4), Cornucopia

I get out of my tent and run. Run as fast as I can. I am about 100 yards from the Cornucopia when someone slams into me. I look up at Anna and Gregory Krylov. They bind my hands and tape my mouth shut as they take me back towards the Cornucopia. We walk past it to my relief. They stop me at a large flat rock. They tie me to it. Gregory starts to beat me. He beats me to the point of unconsciousness. Anna starts cutting into my arm. The pain is unbearable but the tape prevents me from screaming. Gregory takes out a dagger to finish me off when a sword comes thorugh his stomach. He falls to the ground and his cannon sounds. Anna screams and lunges at the killer. Mystique Cirque. To my surprise a tiger jumps on Anna. I can hear shouts as Panther, Sapphire and De'Nada sprint towards us. Mystique grabs my hand and we run for it.

End of Day Two

Day Three

Sapphire Moon (1), Cornucopia

I wake up to crying. De'Nada is still asleep. I poke my head out of the tent and see the source of the crying. Anna. I walk over to her and sit down. It is barely dawn out. I put my hand on Anna's shoulder. She recoils and punches me. I fall to the ground and she just stares at me. She then turns around and walks out of camp. De'Nada and Panther wake up and help me to my feet, as I explain what has happened. I can't help but feel sorry for her. She lost her brother. I don't know what I would do if I lost my brother, Ruby. The three of us watch as Anna is lost by the evergreen pines.

Dallas Tinsle (12), Forest

Grass, Maple, Able, Nikki and I stand on a hill over the memorial. Cav has been killed by that Methana girl and she will pay. We have decided to build a memorial for Cav to show the Capitol that we are more than cows to be slaughtered. Tears flood my eyes and Grass embraces me. Able is sobbing. Cav and him were best friends. Nikki is also crying even though she barely knows him, her infected arm in a sling. Maple has a hardened expression, neither sad or happy. She is easily my least favorite of the alliance. We leave the hill and head back to camp.

Able Grass (7), Forest

We start to head for camp when Maple pulls me aside. "Whats going on?", I ask her. She says, "I think we should consider leaving the alliance. It is getting to big and we will eventually have to kill one another." "How can you say that!?!", I ask her. She tells me to think about it and runs to catch up with Dallas, Grass and Nikki.

Ashes Mackay (5), Clearing

I stand in a small, circular clearing similar to the Cornucopia as I track Methana Greme. She punched me when we were rejected and ran off. She killed someone from the alliance but I didn't see who. I see her about fifty yards ahead of me and I sprint at her. She sees me and we face off. We both try to stab one another. She swipes my knife away and pounces on me.

Aelo Asiri (9), Clearing

After Terra's death I have walked aimlessly through the forest. I hear a struggle and run into a small clearing where I see Methana Greme from 6 on top of Ashes from 5. She brings the knife down on him. Right before the knife strikes he grabs it and sends it through her chest. She coughs up blood and falls into the snow as her cannon goes off. Instinct surges through me and I make myself seen. I aks him to ally with me and he says yes. I just hope this alliance doesn't end up like my last one, but sadly that will eventually have to happen.

Surf Blue (4), Forest

Mystique and I have barely escaped with our lives. After Mystique killed Gregory and set the tiger on Anna we sprinted as fast as we could to get away from the other Careers. Her tiger was killed by Sapphire. The two of us walk through the woods. Mystique is quite attractive, her long dark hair falling in ripples to the small of her back. Something about her just makes her seem.... dangerous. I am going to have to keep an extremely close eye on her. I have to live so I can help Nikki win. She has to win these games.

De'Nada Dreader (5), Cornucopia

Sapphire, Panther and I have spent the day lounging around. There was a cannon earlier today and we all hope it was Anna's. Our hope is shattered when Methana Greme's face shows up in the sky. Panther goes to patrol the camp leaving Sapphire and I sitting at the campfire. To my surprise Sapphire starts to cry. "I'm never going to see him again.", she manages to say. "Who?", I ask. "My brother Ruby", she says. I slide towards her and put my arm around her pretending I care. I will have to kill her eventually. But I will give her the blessing of making it a quick death.

Grass Whistle (11), Forest

Dallas and I sit around the fire. Able and Maple have barely left their tent at all today. Something is wrong with them. Nikki's infection is worse and I fear she doesn't have much longer to live. The first time I have had friends in my life and they all have to die. I hope deep down that Dallas wins. "Dallas, can I tell you something?".

"Of course!", she says.

"You are my first true friend."

"What do you mean?"

"Everyone in District 11 thinks I am a freak. People judge me before they even know me.". I choke at the last part.

"Grass Whistle, you are no freak to me! I love you Grass. We are winning these games together!".

With that she leans over and kisses me on the lips. I return the action and the two of us stay like that for what seems like hours. And then the flap of the tent is ripped open and Maple and Able walk out. Able is crying. Maple is holding his wrist as she drags him out of camp. Dallas and I are dumbstruck and we scream their names but Maple doesn't look back. She keeps walkng as Able's shouts pierce the night sky.

Thorn Sparrow (10), Mountain

I have found two female tributes in my domain. They will soon die and then I will only have to worry about 12 other tributes to kill. I tackle one to the ground and she screams. The other one screams someones name. A name I don't remember belonging to any of the tributes. I take out my knife ready to kill her, when a male comes out of nowhere and stabs me through the stomach with a broadsword. I fall over. The last thing I hear before blacking out is: "Nolt we have to be more careful!"

"I'm sorry Star. You and Rose are lucky to be alive!"


End of Day Three

Day Four

Panther Doom (1), Cornucopia

I wake up to screaming. I look to my left and Sapphire is not in the tent. De'Nada has awoken too and the two of us get out of the tent. We run no farther than two feet when a net springs up from the ground trapping the two of us. I see the demented, smirking face of Anna. She has Sapphire by the hair. She blows me a kiss, hits Sapphire over the head with a branch and drags her out of camp. In the confusion we forgot to grab our weapons so I have to set us free by using my teeth. After an hour De'Nada and I are free. De'Nada says we have to rescue her for two resons. The first reason is so we can kill Anna and the second reason is neither of us can win without her. We need a strong alliance of three to take out Dallas's alliance. The two of us then grab our supplies and head out on our rescue mission.

Maple Green (7), Mountain

I had no other choice. We would have had to kill Dallas, Grass and Nikki eventually. That is why I forced Able to quit the alliance with me. He refuses to talk to me. We are heading up the steep slope of one of the mountains to get a better view of the arena when we hear a rumbling sound and three voices screaming. Three figures, two female and one male coming running down the slope towards us as a huge avalanche rumbles down the mountainside behind them. I realize it is Star Sun and Nolt Ranfer who went missing before these games. The avalanche consumes the three of them as it gets closer to Able and I. The avalanche gets closer until it finally reaches us. It feels like I am buried alive in snow. I hit my head hard and all goes black.

Star Sun, Mountain

I am extremely lucky. All three of us are. We quickly pull ourselves out of the snow and walk to the crying tribute who has just lost his ally. After being thrown in the arena as punishment for saving the six tributes last year, we have learned to be extremely cautious. Nolt, Rose and I reach the crying boy. "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!", he screams at us. He then turns on his heels and runs down the slope just as a sponsor gift falls to the ground where he had just been sitting. I can't hepl but think that yes, it was our fault. Its obvious the gamemakers our trying to kill the three of us off. I open the sponsor gift and to my surprise I see it is a letter from Cam Odair saying:

Dear Star, Nolt and Rose,

You must stay alive. Panem is under invasion. A country that survived like us named Japan has taken control of the other surviving countries and is now trying to take over Panem. By the time you read this Night, Emma, River, Ebrulf and I will have already joined Japan in the fight against Panem. Iris has chosen to stay behind and support Panem. We won't miss her much anyway. We are traitors of Panem now just like you. I thought you guys were dead. Make your way to the Cornucopia. The Japenese President has ordered a rescue mission to get you guys out. It will be a major blow to President Snow if we succeed. Stay alive until then and best of luck.


We stare at the letter, bewildered. I read it over several more times. "To the Cornucopia".

Nikki Quahog (4), Forest

I lay in the tent with Dallas and Grass by my side. They are both crying, not just because of me but also because Maple and Able left the alliance. The tent flap is opened and two figures walk in. Mystique Cirque and... Surf! He runs over to me, pushing Dallas aside and we embrace. He was like a brother to me. The hug has seeped the rest of my strength. I fall over as the life in me begins to seep. I get one more glance of Surf, Dallas, Grass and Mystique before I am in the abyss. BOOM.

Dallas Tinsle (12), Forest

After Nikki dies Grass and I lose it. Surf has gone berserk and is thrashing around as tears fall from his eyes. Mystique just stands there with her arms crossed. I think I even heard her giggle. She grabs Surf by the arm and the two turn on their heels and walk out of camp. Grass and I continue to cry even long after the hovecraft picks up the tiny body of Nikki.

Surf Blue (4), Forest

I have finally come to terms with Nikki's death. It is nightfall as Mystique and I walk through the woods. I'm glad Mystique pulled me out of there. The worst part is that Nikki was probably suffering from that infection for days. In the middle of my thinking, an unbearable pain strikes my face as if someone had touched it with burning metal. I fall to the ground as I see Mystique laughing and carrying her whip. She whips me again, this time on the chest. "What are you doing!?", I scream at her.

"I need you dead.".


"Because with that little girl dead, you are even more dangerous, plus there is only eleven tributes now.".

She whips me three more times. On the next one I am ready and I grab the whip as it comes toward me and yank it out of her hand. She looks at me with fear and turns around and runs away.

Panther Doom (1), Cave

De'Nada and I stand on the outside of the cave where we saw Anna enter earlier this evening. The two of us will kill Anna and rescue Sapphire. Then the three of us will kill the remaining tributes and I will have to kill De'Nada and Sapphire. Easy enough. The two of us walk into the cave as we try to rescue the girl that I will ultimately have to kill sooner or later.

End of Day Four

Day Five FINALE!

De'Nada Dreader (5), Cave

Panther and I walk through the darkness of the cave as quietly as we can. We have found no trace of Anna or Sapphire. Then we hear the blood chilling scream. Sapphire. The two of us sprint down the path. It ends at a door. We crack it open and see a haunting sight. Sapphire is hanging from the ceiling in shackles in a circular room lit with torches. Anna is beating her. Panther and I run into the room. Panther goes to free Sapphire as I run toward Anna. I jump on her and the two of us duel. Panther has freed Sapphire and she collapses onto him. Anna runs out of the room. The three of us try to catch her but are to slow since we have to support Sapphire. The three of us reach the entrance and the light is nearly unbearable. We set Sapphire down to recover but we tell her she doesn't have long because today will be the day that one of us will win.

Ashes Mackay (5), Forest

Aelo and I have grown rather close ever since we allied with each other. Surf Blue from 4 and three other people I recognize in shock as Star Sun, Nolt Ranfer and Rose Crane the previous head gamemaker's daughter. Star speaks up, "You need to ally with us."

"Why should we?".

"Because if we can make it to the Cornucopia all six of us can survive!".

"How? That's impossible.".

"We have a rescue party coming for Nolt, Star and I and we are more than willing to get the three of you out as well."

"Okay we will ally with you.".

Star smiles and the new, strong alliance of six heads toward the Cornucopia.

Dallas Tinsle (12), Forest

Grass and I have found Able, crying in the snow. Maple was killed in an avalanche. The three of us head to the Cornucopia when we hear shouts. We look behind us and see Panther, Sapphire and De'Nada sprint towards us. An arrow from Sapphire's bow embeds itself in Able's throat and he falls over dead. Grass and I continue to sprint toward the Cornucopia. The golden horn comes into sight, but the three Careers are even closer now. They are throwing knives at us now. But whoever is throwing them has a rather bad aim. The five of us reach the Cornucopia just as six other tributes enter in across from us. But that can't be their are only 10 tributes left. Then we see the blue haired girl, the blonde boy and the raven haired girl. Star, Nolt and Rose. Panther, Sapphire and De'Nada are as dumbstruck as me. But then Anna walks in through the east path and Mystique through the west path and wood stakes pop up preventing any of the thirteen people from leaving. The fight begins.

Mystique Cirque (8), Cornucopia

I run at Surf with my dagger and the two of us engage in a duel. The two of us stand their fighting while the other tributes are fighting. I pounce on Surf but he quicky stands up and a knife pierces through my neck. I fall to the ground and see Anna smirking at me and then Surf. Surf runs back to his group and Anna goes to kill someone else. BOOM.

Star Sun, Cornucopia

In the confusion, Aelo is grabbed by Anna. Ashes screams but is knocked over by Sapphire and Dallas, who are dueling. Anna takes Aelo and continuously bashes her head into the Cornucopia. I hear an unbearable crushing noise and a cannon goes off. Aelo's body slides of the side of the Cornucopia leaving a long blood stained path. Ashes screams and runs at Anna with fury. The two are engaged in a fight. Dallas and Sapphire continue to duel until Panther pounces on Dallas. Grass jumps on Panther and the two of them roll around in a fight of claws and teeth.

Sapphire Moon (1), Cornucopia

Panther tackles Dallas and Grass tackles Panther. Then I feel a knife in my back as I fall over and see De'Nada staring at me. She has betrayed me. Panther screams with fury, kicks Grass in the face and lunges at De'Nada. He grabs her neck and rips her throat out. Her cannon goes off. Panther struts toward me as I say "Kick some ass.". With that I die with my brother Ruby on my mind.

Ashes Mackay (5), Cornucopia

As Anna and I fight I observe the other happenings. Panther and Grass are fighting again, Dallas watching them. Star, Nolt, Rose and Surf stand there waiting for the rescue party. While I am distracted Anna gets what she wants and with a swipe of her knife, slits my throat open. I grab it to try and staunch the bleeding but it's no use and I fall in the snow. BOOM.

Dallas Tinsle (12), Cornucopia

Another cannon goes off leaving only five tributes. Panther and Grass continue to fight. I cheer for Grass just as Anna walks over to Panther ready to kill him. Panther is distracted so Grass jams his claws through Panther's neck. Blood pours out of Panther's maw and he falls over, dead. Another cannon leaving four of us. Grass stands up to embrace me but falls over. I look at his stomach where I see a deep bloody gash. No. It can't be. Anna walks toward me and Grass. All of the sudden the forcefield surrounding the arena explodes in purple sparks. Anna runs off. A hovercraft lands. "Dallas, you have to board the craft.".

"Not without you.".

"Dallas, I can't be saved, but you can. GO!"

"I love you.".

"I love you.".

With that Grass's grip weakens and his eyes stare at me, though I know he can't see. I set his body down on the ground and board the hovercraft with Star, Nolt, Rose and Surf. The hovercraft takes off. I am saved but for what? My true love is dead and will never return.

Post Games

Star Sun, Tokyo, Japan

Nolt, Rose, Surf, Dallas and I have been in Japan for a month now. We have not yet met the president but we have been treated like royalty. We met up with Cam, Emma, River, Ebrulf and Night. Anna has been crowned victor even though Dallas and Surf also survived. We are meeting the President next week and he will give us the status of Panem. The nine of us stand on the balcony of our quarters, ready to join the fight against Snow.

Anna Krylov, President Snow's Mansion

Iris and I stand in front of President Snow. He has summoned the two of us for a job.

He says: "Iris, Anna I have a job for you.".

"What is is Sir?", I ask.

"Assassinate the Japanese President.".

The End... For Now.

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