Hey Everybody! I have just finished my 1st games and am starting my 2nd. The twist to this game is everyone can enter only ONE tribute! These tributes cannot be tributes that wer in my 1st games. This is what you need. UPDATE! U can now enter 2 tribz but they hav 2 be from seperate districts!





Final 10 2




Lunaiis on my talk page
  • Blade Johnson (1)
  • Medea Roe (1)
  • Phantom Blade (2)
  • Starshine Glow (2)
  • Digit Starr (3)
  • Loxie Wheel (3)
  • Kronos Jackson (4)
  • Aquamarine Summerton (4)
  • Malco Crest (5)
  • Erin Willow (5)
  • Tiberious Sluth (6)
  • Ivy Greenwood (6)
  • Zebrawood Biceps (7)
  • Kedzie Woods (7)
  • Nolt Ranfer (8)
  • Ruby Till (8)
  • Randall Clark (9)
  • Iridessa Black (9)
  • Mikey Gold (10)
  • Hen Cattopia (10)
  • Forrest Shadows (11)
  • Pram Hornstale (11)
  • Lucas Charling (12)
  • Lily Star (12)


District Male Creator Female Creator
1 Blade Johnson, 17 Brony12 Medea Roe,16 Purplexmuffin
2 Phantom Blade, 13 Jabberjay78 Starshine Glow, 17 Mnkygrlsj
3 Digit Starr, 17 Anon... Loxie Wheel, 14 K. V. T.
4 Kronos Jackson, 12 Sayef20 Aquamarine Summerton, 16 Brony12
5 Malco Crest, 14 Skybender101 Erin Willows, 14 Firecatcher3
6 Tiberious Sluth, 13 Fantasyfilm99 Ivy Greenwood, 18 Anon...
7 Zebrawood Biceps, 18 EffieLuna Kedzie Woods, 15 Firecatcher3
8 Nolt Ranfer, 15 Fantasyfilm99 Ruby Till, 15 Imawesomedude
9 Randall Clark, 13 Jabberjay78 Iridessa Black, 16 Purplexmuffin
10 Mikey Gold, 15 Jabberjay78 Hen Cattopia, 12 EffieLuna
11 Forrest Shadows, 14 Jabberjay78 Pram Hornstale, 17 Mikhail101
12 Lucas Charling, 17 K. V. T. Lily Star, 15 Nate777


The arena this year is the exact opposite of my first games. My first games were in the sky. The arena for My Second Annual hunger Games is............... An underground Labyrinth! The cornucopia will be set in the middle of an underground lake. There are four paths from it that lead into the labyrinth. The labyrinth constantly changes so it is hard to find your way back to the Cornucopia. Lion mutts patrol the tunnels. Tunnels often collapse if you set off traps.


Hey guys! Just wanted to say I hope these games live up to my first and hopefully they are better! These games will include.......Giant moles, bloodthirsty Careers, a waterfall, an underground lake, hungry lions, a constantly changing labyrinth, a deep chasm, an awesome final battle, a pregnant tween and HER BABY?!?


Hen has a secret. She is pregnant. Nine months pregnant and twelve years old. And she is in the games. Loxie is a rebel. She plans to join the careers and kill them off one by one. Aquamarine is a perfectionist. She hopes she will be perfect at this deadly game. Forrest likes Pram but they cannot be together when they need to kill each other. Lucas will do anyting to get back home. Ivy will kick ass because she is good at that. Tiberious was reaped throwing him down the path of instability. Starshine, Blade and Phantom have a bloodlust that craves for well... blood. Medea isnt a career deep down but she will stay alive. Nolt and Ruby have a thing that ends with disastrous results. Digit has an escape plan. Kronos has joined the careers but he cannot kill. Malco will do anything to see his family. Iridessa is an outsider which maybe deadly or just might save her life. Erin and Kedzie have to get back home but how can they when people constantly hunt them down. Zebrawood has joined the Careers but is he truly loyal? Put these teens together and watch them cry, watch them suffer, watch them die. The Second Annual Hunger Games is about to begin.

Training Scores

Name Score
Blade Johnson 10
Medea Roe 9
Phantom Blade 9
Starshine Glow 8
Digit Starr 5
Loxie Wheel 10
Kronos Jackson 7
Aquamarine Summerton 9
Malco Crest 8
Erin Willows 5
Tiberious Sluth 2
Ivy Greenwood 10
Zebrawood Biceps 10
Kedzie Woods 8
Nolt Ranfer 10
Ruby Till 4
Randall Clark 4
Iridessa Black 9
Mikey Gold 8
Hen Cattopia 3
Forrest Shadows 8
Pram Hornstale 7
Lucas Charling 10
Lily Star 6



24th: Tiberious Smith (6)- Blown up. (Mines); Day 1

23rd: Randall Clark (9)- Stabbed through eye. (Loxie Wheel); Day 1

22nd: Ruby Till (8)- Decapitated. (Zebrawood Biceps); Day 1

21st: Mikey Gold (10)- Spear to the throat. (Nolt Ranfer); Day 1

20th: Kronos Jackson (4)- Disemboweled. (Loxie Wheel); Day 2

19th: Pram Hornstale (11)- Stabbed in heart. (Phantom Blade); Day 2

18th: Melco Crest (5)- Eaten. (Mole Mutt); Day 2

17th: Digit Starr (3)- Crushed. (Collapsed tunnel), Day 2

16th: Lily Star (12)- Knife to the head. (Lucas Charling), Day 2

15th: Lucas Charling (12)- Knife to the chest. (Ivy Greenwood); Day 2

14th: Hen Cattopia (10)- Childbirth. (Childbirth); Day 2

13th: Erin Willows (5)- Shot in back. (Loxie Wheel); Day 3

12th: Phantom Blade (2)- Shot in head. (Kedzie Woods); Day 3

11th: Kedzie Woods (7)- Knife to the head. (Loxie Wheel); Day 3

10th: Starshine Glow (2)- Throat ripped out. (Lion Mutt); Day 3

9th: Medea Roe (1)- Catches Fire. (Lion Mutt); Day 3

8th: Zebrawood Biceps (7)- Slit throat. (Loxie Wheel); Day 3

7th: Blade Johnson (1)- Sword to the gut. (Loxie Wheel); Day 4

6th: Forrest Shadows (11)- Stabbed. (Ivy Greenwood); Day 4

5th: Iridessa Black (9)- Shot in back. (Aquamarine Summerton); Day 4

4th: Ivy Greenwood (6)- Knife to the stomach. (Loxie Wheel); Day 4

3rd: Aquamarine Summerton (4)- Stabbed. (Loxie Wheel); Day 4

2nd: Loxie Wheel (3)- Decapitated. (Nolt Ranfer); Day 4

1st: Nolt Ranfer (8)- VICTOR



The twenty four tributes stand on their plates circling the Cornucopia. They are in a huge underground cavern holding a lake. You have to swim a few feet to get to the land where four tunnels lead into the endless labyrinth. A large waterfall empties into the lake. The Careers are Blade Johnson (1), Medea Roe (1), Phantom Blade (2), Starshine Glow (2), Loxie Wheel (3), Kronos Jackson (4), Aquamarine Summerton (4) and Zebrawood Biceps (7). Claudius Templesmith's voice sounds: "Let the Second Annual Hunger Games Begin!"

Tiberious Smith (6), Cornucopia

I stand on my plate looking at tributes as I wait for the gong to sound. I feel sick. Some look scared, some look sick like me and some look excited. Excited to kill people. The thought makes me even sicker. Sweat begins to drip from my face. I lean over a vomit on the ground followed by an explosion. After I blew chunks, I was literally blown to chunks.

Loxie Wheel (3), Cornucopia

The little boy from six barfs on the ground, triggering the mines, blowing him up. I laugh out loud. He is retarded... and dead! My hysteric laughter is drowned out by the gong. I sprint toward the Cornucopia. The stupid boy from nine runs at me. I grab a knife and stab him through the eye. I can feel his brain. I tear the knife out and he falls to the ground. His eyeball is stuck onto the knife. I throw the eyeball at Ruby Till from eight. She shrieks giving Zebrawood the oppurtunity to decapitate her with an axe.

Mikey Gold (10), Cornucopia

Zebrawood beheads Ruby. Everyone knows Nolt was in love with her. Outraged Nolt takes a spear and hurls it at Zebrawood. He ducks and the spear flies toward me. It embeds itself in my throat. I struggle to take it out as I fall to the ground to the sight of a laughing Loxie and Zebrawood.

Medea Roe (1), Cornucopia

The Careers are the only ones at the Cornucopia now. Just like the first games only four have died at the Cornucopia. Blade, Starshine, Phantom, Zebrawood, Loxie, Aquamarine and I sort through the supplies. We then enter the labyrinth. The labyrinth is lit with torches. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Four deaths. We walk down a dirt tunnel. How will we find our way back to the Cornucopia? I think this to myself. Kronos is the one that asks aloud. Loxie slaps him across the face.

Hen Cattopia (10), Labyrinth

I have made allies with Kedzie Woods from seven, Erin Willow from five, Lily Star from twelve and Ivy Greenwood from six. Ivy is pretty much the leader. I can feel the baby kicking. I can't believe what I have gotten into. I am twelve and pregnant. When the baby is born I would be young enough to be its older sister. I shudder at the thought.

Forrest Shadows (11), Labyrinth

Pram and I have found a room filled with artificial trees. We rest their. She says we shoud make shelter here. The anthem begins to play. Instead of the usual sky the faces play on the ceiling. Tiberious Sluth from 6, Ruby Till from 8, Randall Clark from 9 and Mikey Gold from 10. We then go to sleep.

Iridessa Black (9), Labyrinth

As I see the faces I pity Randall who was so young. He would never have his first kiss, never be a father. I start to cry. I am so misunderstood. People think I am some emotionless emo. I will win these games if it's the last thing I do.

End of DAY ONE


Pram Hornstale (11), Labyrinth

I leave Forrest that morning. I feel terrible for leaving him but it has to be this way. One of us has to die and it won't be me. I am walking through a rather clean part of the labyrinth when I feel an excruciating pain. I fall to the ground. My vision goes red. The pain happens again followed by a wicked laughter. Loxie Wheel is backed by the careers. She is holding a whip. She hands a knife to the kid from four. I think his name is Kronos. She orders him to kill me. He takes the kinfe and just looks at me. "Pathetic". says Loxie. She takes a knife and slashes a sword acrossed his stomach, disembowling him. His entrails fall on my feet and his cannon goes off in my ears. Blade yells at her but she told him he had to die sooner or later. She whips me more and I pass out. I then am awoken by a sound of a cannon and realize it is mine.

Phantom Blade (2), Labryinth

I have just stabbed Pram. Loxie was torturing her with a whip so I put her out of her misery. I swear Loxie needs to go but Blade and Starshine are convinced she is a good ally. Kronos is dead but Loxie was right. Everyone with me has to die if I want to win.

Digit Starr (3), Labryinth

Melco and I have been working on a plan for the last day and a half. We plan to dig in the tunnel and hide until the games are over. Suddenly part of the tunnel is blasted apart. A mole, thirty feet high and a hundred feet long starts to chase us. The mole scoops down and eats Melco. His cannon is muffled by the moles roaring. The tunnel begins to collapse and I am completley crushed by falling rock. BOOM.

Forrest Shadows (11), Labyrinth

Pram has left me. I am alone in this world.

Hen Cattopia (10), Labyrinth

My water broke last night. I have been in labor the whole day. I push and push and push. Suddenly a boy walks into are hide out. Ivy chucks a knife at him. He falls to the ground. He sits up and takes the knife and chucks it. The knife pierces Lily's head, killing her instantly. BOOM BOOM. We look at the boy and realize he has died. Ivy runs back to me. I can feel it coming out. Erin leans over and vomits. I don't know why but I laugh. A sharp sharp pain goes through me. Something is wrong. The baby is out but I feel like I am dying. I fall back and manage to say three simple words: "Name him Lindor". BOOM!

Ivy Greenwood (6), Labyrinth

Hen has died giving birth to Lindor. I start to cry. Erin and Kedzie are also crying. We lost two great girls in a few minutes. I caress Lindor in my arms. The three of us step to the side so the bodies of Lily, Lucas and Hen can be picked up. The anthem plays seven faces tonight. Digit Starr from 3, Kronos Jackson from 4, Melco Crest from 5, Hen, Pram Hornstale from eleven, Lucas and Lily. The three of us walk down the dim tunnel. I will win these games and I will be a mother.

End of DAY TWO


Nolt Ranfer (8), Labyrinth

Ruby WILL be avenged. I will kill every last career. I will win these games. I have found a secret passageway that leads to a balcony. I can see the Careers below me. Aquamarine and Medea are sparring. Loxie is sharpening a knife. Starshine is sleeping. Phantom, Zebrawood and Blade are eating breakfast. Loxie is suddenly on her feet. She aims her bow at something and fires. BOOM!

Kedzie Woods (7), Labyrinth

Erin is shot down by an arrow and her cannon goes off. I scream with rage. She was my best friend. I run towards where the arrow flew from. Ivy tells me to stop. Lindor is crying. I see the careers. They are all watching me. Loxie runs at me and I punch her in the face. She falls to the floor and scampers back to the camp. Aquamarine and Phantom shoot at me. Starshine is sleeping. I manage to shoot Phantom in the head. BOOM. I run back towards Ivy when I feel a sharp pain in the back of my head. Ivy screams. BOOM.

Ivy Greenwood (6), Cornucopia

I am the olny one left im my Alliance. First Lily, then Hen, then Erin and now Kedzie. That knife came out of nowhere. The Careers are pursuing me. I have found my way back to the Cornucopia. I run inside with Lindor. I will win these games and raise him as if he were my own.

Aquamarine Summerton (4), Labyrinth

Ivy has escaped from us. Loxie swears and chucks her knife at the wall. Her anger is interupted by a loud roar. A lion mutt, ten feet high lunges on Starshine and sinks its teeth into her throat. Her cannon goes off. The five of us run back the other way. The lion mutt roars and fire shoots from his bloody maw. Medea is hit and catches fire. She is writhing on the ground. The four of us don't hear her cannon go off as we round a corner but it is obvious that she is a goner. I silent tear rolls down my cheek. She was my best friend in the games. Blade and Loxie end up bringing the mutt down.

Loxie Wheel (3), Waterfall

Blade, Aqua, Zebrawood and I reach a dead end. We realize the path goes up on a ladder. The four of us climb it and reach the top. We discover that we are on the banks of the waterfall that flows into the cavern lake below us. We can see the Cornucopia and a girl with dark hair. Either Iridessa or Ivy. The anthem begins to play.Five faces appear on the ceiling. Medea, Phantom, Starshine, Erin Willows from 5 and Kedzie from 7. That night I get to my feet. I go over to Zebrawoods and slit his throat. BOOM. I then run off down the cliff and lay their for the night.



Blade Johnson (1), Waterfall

Zebrawood has been murdered by Loxie and she has run off. I WILL kill her. I leave Aquamarine at camp as I look for Loxie. I start to climb off the cliff when I hear a scream. I run back just in time to see Loxie push Aquamarine off the waterfall toward the lake below. Her cannon is impossible to hear from the waterfall. I run at her with a sword and strike. She blocks it and we are engaged in a duel. We are dueling for what seemed like hours when Loxie plunges the sword through my stomach. I cough up blood and die. BOOM.

Ivy Greenwood (6), Corncopia

Lindor and I hide in the Cornucopia while Forrest Shadows from eleven walks into view. He doesn't notice but Nolt is right behind him. Nolt is noticed and the two engage in a sword fight. I run at the two of them and the three of us duel. Forrest is stabbed by me and Nolt throws him aside. The two of us continue to duel. Iridessa Black from nine lunges at me and the three of us are caught in a duel. The three of us hear hysteric laughter. Loxie hops down the cliff and skips towards us holding a broad sword.

Aquamarine Summerton (4), Cornucopia

Somehow I survived my plummet into the lake. Loxie, Ivy, Iridessa and Nolt are caught in a four way duel. I aim my bow at Loxie and fire. It hits her in the back and she falls foward her dark hair flying up. Then I sprint towards them.

Loxie Wheel (3), Cornucopia

Iridessa has been shot in the back and her cannon has gone off. I look for the shooter when I see Aquamarine sprint at me and tackle me. We roll around on the floor trying to kill one another. I manage to stab her in the gut and throw her aside. I take the knife and chuck it at Ivy.

Nolt Ranfer (8), Cornucopia

Ivy falls backward. She starts screaming hysterically and tells me to win. And take the baby that is in the Cornucopia and that his name is Lindor. I hold her hand. BOOM. Loxie sprints toward me with her sword. We continue to duel. Another cannon goes off. Aquamarine. I become infuriated for some reason. i didn't even know her. Then I remember Loxie's face as my love was beheaded. I scream out "YOU BITCH!". With that I kick her sword out of the air and behead her. Her head lands at my feet and i kick it into the lake. I am a victor. I have won. I run to the Cornucop[ia and see the baby, Lindor I pick him up as the Hovercraft picks me up and takes us up up up.

Returning Home

I get off the train with Lindor in my arms. My family greets me home. I sleep in my new home with Lindor in the crib. I have a new addition to the family. I am home safe, sound and a victor.


I have married. To a nice girl named Rose. Ruby would want me to be happy. Lindor has grown big and strong. He just celebrated his twentieth birthday. It has been twenty years since those four horrible days when Ruby was taken from me. I am 35 now. I look to the sunset as I hold Rose's hand and Lindor holds his fiance, Ariel's hand. As the four of us look to the sunset and know there must be a better place. A place without grief and suffering and death. I world without the Hunger Games. And as I look to the sunset I know it to be true.



<poll> Who was the best tribute? Blade Johnson Medea Roe Phantom Blade Starshine Glow Digit Starr Loxie Wheel Kronos Jackson Aquamarine Summerton Melco Crest Erin Willows Tiberious Sluth Ivy Greenwood Kedzie Woods Zebrawood Biceps Nolt Ranfer Ruby Till Randall Clark Iridessa Black Mikey Gold Hen Cattopia Forrest Shadows Pram Hornstale Lucas Charling Lily Star /poll

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