Get ready for one killer holidays! Please submit tributes. PS whoever submits District 1 has to submit a SNOTTY MEAN district 1 girl thx!

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District Male Female Creator
1 Kendall Mason Jade Sycamore Skybender101
2 Slate Obsidian Amber Quartz Necterine411
3 Austin Gerjanjer Noelle Viginos QuinnQuinn
4 Cedar Mellark Kajama Odair Anna-Athena
5 Cytosine Johnston Adenine Boulvie Brony12
6 Silver Sunlight Mystic Moonlight Jabberjay78
7 Hunter Wintermoon Panther Clawell Clove1001
8 Colby Button Chiffon Leek EffieLuna
9 Ethan Gray Wendy Zirbel Foxface911
10 Titanic de Leon Britannic de Leon Anna-Athena
11 Greg Rice Sofia Gladstone Nate777
12 Aaron Winters Lilac Coalburner Rockman117

  • Kendall Mason (1)
  • Jade Sycamore (1)
  • Slate Obsidian (2)
  • Amber Quartz.png Amber Quartz (2)
  • Austin Gerjanjer (3)
  • Noelle Viginos (3)
  • Cedar Mellark (4)
  • Kajama Odair (4)
  • Cytosine Johnston (5)
  • Adenine Bouvie (5)
  • Silver Sunlight (6)
  • Mystic Moonlight (6)
  • Hunter Wintermoon (7)
  • Panther Clawell (7)
  • Colby Button (8)
  • Chiffon Leek (8)
  • Ethan Gray (9)
  • Wendy Zirbel (9)
  • Titanic de Leon (10)
  • Brittani de Leon (10)
  • Greg Rice (11)
  • Sofia Gladstone (11)
  • Aaron Winters (12)
  • Lilac Coalburner (12)


24 tributes have been reaped for a one time only Hunger Games Christmas Special. A boy and girl from districts 2-12 are flown in to District 1 for a special exchange student program. The 22 teens mix in to a District 1 high school for their senior year. Some of them fit in. Some not so much. Mystic Moonlight is the most unfortunate. She has Jade Sycamore on her bad side. Jade has everything, good looks, rich parents and the hot boyfriend that may just have a liking for Mystic. What Jade doesn't no is that her and her man have also been reaped for the special. Jade is throwing a massive Christmas party. Mystic is not surprised when she is not invited. She and her friends Silver and Ethan decide to crash the party. Bad girl Amber gets them in to the high class ski resort unoticed. Thats when the mayhem begins. A teen is brutally murdered during the party. The partygoers flee leaving the 24 tributes in the resort with the killer on the loose. Isolated and left for dead the teens are killed off one by one. Only one can survive this SUPER PSYCHO NIGHT! Get ready for a killer holidays!

The Party


I grab the door knob that was cold due to the freezing temperatures of the District 1 winter. I opened the door and went inside followed by Silver, Kajama and Ethan. "We are going to get caught!" says Kajama. Silver rolls his eyes. The two sneak down a staircase that looked like it had not been used in ages. When they reached the bottom, Mystic peeked her head around the side and saw Jade and Kendall making out against the wall. The ultimate betrayal. Only the other day, he had expressed his love to me. I walk into the hallway and stare. Kendall notices. Jade looks at Kendall and realizes why he had been so distant. He had loved me. Or so I thought. Jade slaps him across the face. I am heartbroken. I take off down the hall away from Jade and Kendall and Silver and Kajama and Ethan. I walk into the middle of the party. Lights, music and dancing. All three things I had never really enjoyed. I see Kendall walk out into the bathroom. I catche a glimpse of Amber and Panther, the girls who left the side door of the ski resort open, sharing a bottle of vodka. I then see Ethan, Silver and Kajama being dragged into a room by Austin Gerjanjer and Slate Obsidian. I am surprised when I see Wendy Zirbel, Ethan's district partner sprinting toward her.

"Mystic!" She shouts. The entire party is watching now. Wendy continues to run toward me when a figure in a black cloak beheads her on the spot. Her headless body falls to the ground right in front of Jade's cake. The partygoers are running and screaming and fleeing the resort. But I can't move. My body wont allow me to flee. I notice Amber, Panther, Kendall and Jade's friends Addie, Noelle, Brittani or Lilac and they can't seem to move either. The doors close and then an eerie voice says "Welcome to the Hunger Games Christmas Special. You are not allowed to kill one another. Instead you will be hunted down by a revived tribute named Titus who's bloodlust was feared in the arena. Let the games begin." Now I understand. This wasn't a new foreign exchange program it was set up to kill twenty three kids. I run to the door and open it. We are no longer on a hill overlooking Main Towne, District 1's largest city. We are in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard and Titus is around somewhere. Jade is in the middle of the dance floor with her friends. Kendall is comforting her. Amber and Panther are there as well as the other exchange students, Cedar, Cytosine, Hunter, Colby, Chiffon, Titanic, Greg, Sofia and Aaron. I think of my friends. There still locked up. I sprint in the general direction of where I last saw them. I can hear Kendall following me and Jade screaming at him to come back. I go down a staricase into a small storage room where I see Austin and Slate guarding Kajama, Ethan and Silver, who are locked in a large cage. Kendall asks Slate if he heard the announcement and he nods. Austin sprints upstairs. I unlock the cage and let them out. Then I hear a scream. Then a ripping sound. And then the sound of blood gushing. Then the hulking figure walks down the stairs. Titus chucks a machete at Slate. It sticks into his stomach. He grabs the handle, pulls down and then up cutting his body in half. We push past him and up the stairs. Then I see what was Austin. His body, or should I say his torso is laying on a step. His arms, legs and head have all been cut off. Kajama screams and we run back onto the dance floor. To my surprise we are the only ones there. Everyone spread out. We never had the luxury of movies in District 6 but here in District 1 I have watched a few horror films and seperating is never a good idea.

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