Hey Everyone. I am starting my third games. There is a gigantic, humongous, mammoth, twist. EVERY. SINGLE. TRIBUTE IS A CAREER!. Thats right there are eight tributes from 1, eight tributes from 2 and eight tributes from 4! You can enter two tributes from the same district. You should no what to post. POST LUNAIIS ON MY TALKPAGE!!!!!!! plz u can enter 4 tribz now!








River Rhodes, 17


Sutton Yates, 16



Viper Bloodworth, 17


Flovia Slash, 17



Issa Jackson, 17


Iris Bloodsworthy, 16



Clear Glass, 17


Alisonn Jewlbright, 18



Ebrulf Brown, 15


Zakia West, 18



Nick Vamp, 17


Night Flynn, 14



Maime Clawson, 13


Henna Moon, 17



Xeno Vectorae, 14

Tiki Tooki

Sarah Mae, 18

Tiki Tooki


Aaron Blue, 16


Emma Wave, 16



Cam Odair, 16


Ivy Saffron, 17



Konlok Lon, 13


Ana Weckern, 17



Vandenyno Bangas, 18


Mareas Corriente, 17


  • River Rhodes (1)
  • Sutton Yates (1)
  • Viper Bloodworth (1)
  • Flovia Slash (1)
  • Issa Jackson (1)
  • Iris Bloodsworthy (1)
  • Clear Glass (1)
  • Alisonn Jewlbright (1)
  • Ebrulf Jackson (2)
  • Zakia West (2)
  • Nick Vamp (2)
  • Night Flynn (2)
  • Maime Clawson (2)
  • Henna Moon (2)
  • Xeno Vectorae (2)
  • Sarah Mae (2)
  • Aaron Blue (4)
  • Emma Wave (4)
  • Cam Odair (4)
  • Ivy Saffron (4)
  • Konlok Lon (4)
  • Ana Weckern (4)
  • Vandenyo Bangas (4)
  • Mareas Corriente (4)

== Undead Tribbies!==

  • Undead Everest Breeze (1)
  • Undead Gemma Stork (1)
  • Undead Bradley Ward (2)
  • Undead Sophie Sheard (2)
  • Undead Bolt Strike (3)
  • Undead Voltra Star (3)
  • Undead Scorpius Flame (4)
  • Undead Spike Owens (5)
  • Undead Twinkle Night (5)
  • Undead Mayme Johnson (6)
  • Undead Rogue Johnson (6)
  • Undead John Kale (7)
  • Undead Violet White (7)
  • Undead Colby Button (8)
  • Undead Chiffon Leek (8)
  • Undead Markus Brown (9)
  • Undead Sheila Swift (9)
  • Undead Hanson Brown (10)
  • Undead Olivia Stock (10)
  • Undead Gabe Millen (11)
  • Undead Katherine Storm (11)
  • Undead Chris Humperdink (12)
  • Undead Rhea Dust (12)
  • Undead Blade Johnson (1)
  • Undead Medea Roe (1)
  • Undead Phantom Blade (2)
  • Undead Starshine Glow (2)
  • Undead Digit Starr (3)
  • Undead Loxie Wheel (3)
  • Undead Kronos Jackson (4)
  • Undead Aquamarine Summerton (4)
  • Undead Malco Crest (5)
  • Undead Erin Willow (5)
  • Undead Tiberious Sluth (6)
  • Undead Ivy Greenwood (6)
  • Undead Zebrawood Biceps (7)
  • Undead Kedzie Woods (7)
  • Undead Ruby Till (8)
  • Undead Randall Clark (9)
  • Undead Iridessa Black (9)
  • Undead Mikey Gold (10)
  • Undead Hen Cattopia (10)
  • Undead Forrest Shadows (11)
  • Undead Pram Hornstale (11)
  • Undead Lucas Charling (12)
  • Undead Lily Star (12)

The tributes are dead but still they walk the lands in search of blood, flesh and death.


This game was planned to be the biggest one yet. After seeing the viciousness of Gemma Stork, Loxie Wheel and their Career Alliances the Capitol thought of a genius plan. Make every tribute a career. This would be the most entertaining yet and a good game for the third anniversary. But the Gamemakers have something else up their sleeve. The forty six dead tributes will make a little guest apppearance. The gamemakers have found a way to bring alive the dead. But they are flesh craving zombies. Pale monstous beings that feel no pain. And after a tribute dies they will also be pulled in. An epidemic strikes the arena. This threatens the remaining tributes when they must cross the entire arena to get to an opening where they will be picked up. But this threat is much bigger than that. A threat that good potentially destroy the Capitol and the districts. A threat that could throw the world into another Apocalypse. Let the Third Annual Hunger Games Begin.


Tommyboy97 here! I am so excited for these games to start. This game represents the connection between The Hunger Games and another hit series The Forest of Hands and Teeth. It is the Hunger Games Universe with a Forest plot. I hope you like it. i decided to make my 2nd games short so that I good get ready for this. These games WILL run longer not only because of school but also because these games will be the longest and most detailed yet!

Non Tribute Character Guide

President Snow- You should all know who he is.

Atticus Crane- Head Gamemaker. The great grandfather of Seneca Crane.

Star Sun- The victor of the first games.

Nolt Ranfer- The Victor of the second games.

Rose Crane- Atticus's 16 year old daughter. (For those of you that have read my second games, she is the wife of Nolt in the epilogue.)

Claudius Templesmith- You should all know who he is.

Lucius Flickerman- Cesar Flickerman's father. Interviewer.

Leo Crane- Atticus's 16 year old son and twin brother of Rose.

Arthur Acidopolis- The Scientist who made the zombie virus and injected it into the dead tributes.

Lindor Cattopia- Hen (from the second games) son that Nolt adopted. Makes a cameo.

The Arena

The arena is a long stretch of land that goes 100 miles. The Cornucopia is at the far end of the arena in a plain. The plain continues for 25 miles. The plain changes into a forest that leads uo to mile 50. In the center of the arena lies a dark murky swamp where the you know whats come out. Just past the swamp is more forest until mile 75. Then the path leads up hill onto a lonely crag. It reaches a "dead end" at mile 99. Just past that is a beach and an ocean. The safezone that the tributes must reach.


24th: Maime Clawson (2)- Speared. (Aaron Blue); Day 1

23rd: Ivy Saffron (4)- Arrow to the skull; critically injured by Maime. (Aaron Blue/Maime Clawson); Day 1

22nd: Issa Jackson (1)- Stabbed in the neck. (Alisonn Jewlbright); Day 1

21st: Sarah Mae (2)- Stabbed in the back. (Iris Bloodsworthy); Day 2

20th: Nick Vamp (2)- Stabbed through mouth. (Night Flynn); Day 2

19th: Vandenyo Bangas (4)- Throat ripped out. (Undead Rogue Johnson); Day 2

18th: Zakia West (2)- Throat ripped out. (Undead Mayme Johnson); Day 2

17th: Ana Weckern (4)- Shot in back. (Flovia Slash); Day 3

16th: Clear Glass (1)- Stabbed thorugh forehead. (Alisonn Jewlbright); Day 3

15th: Henna Moon (2)- Stabbed thorugh neck. (Iris Bloodsworthy); Day 3

14th: Viper Bloodworth (1)- Shot through mouth. (Iris Bloodsworthy); Day 3

13th: Sutton Yates (1)- Knifed. (Ana Weckern); Day 3

12th: Aaron Blue (4)- Drowned when pulled into swamp. (Undead Gemma Stork); Day 4

11th: Xeno Vectorae (2): Chunk of neck ripped out. (Undead Loxie Wheel); Day 5

10th: Mareas Corriente (4)- Ripped apart. (Zombies); Day 6

9th: Konlok Lon (4)- Shot through heart. (Flovia Slash); Day 7

8th: Alisonn Jewlbright (1)- Blown Up. (Exploding hovercraft/Ebrulf Brown); Day 7

7th: Flovia Slash (1)- Fell to her death. (Iris Bloodsworthy); Day 7

Victor: River Rhodes (1)

Victor: Iris Bloodsworthy (1)

Victor: Ebrulf Brown (2)

Victor: Night Flynn (2)

Victor: Cam Odair (4)

Victor: Emma Wave (4)

Plans and Conspiracies

Atticus Crane

I walk down the hallway toward the conference room. We have done it. I open the door to a large room with a table in the middle. The people sitting down look up at me. "Us gamemakers have found a solution!". President Snow looks up at me with a mighty grin. His odd rosy breath in the air. I sit down to his left. I am sitting next to a young man with blonde hair and next to him is a beautiful young woman with blue hair. The victors. "Hello Nolt, Star. How are you doing? I am glad you could make it on such short notice." Also at the table is Claudius Templesmith and Lucius Flickerman. Star Sun ask why her and Nolt are here. I look at them. "You are hear, and will be here every year before the games. It is your duty as victors to help with the games." President Snow asks me if i have really found a way. I tell him I found the solution for the third games which will be here in a month. Snow excuses Star, Nolt, Claudius and Lucius leaving just us two. "These games will be the best ever!" I tell him. "Yes but is it safe for the Capitol citizens?" He asks. "Safe enough."

Star Sun

Nolt, Lucius, Claudius and I walk into the hallway. Lucius looks worried that he was kicked out. He eyes the hallways as if someone will get behind him and stab him. He hears a chair move and sprints down the hallway. Claudius looks insulted his face fuming with rage. He storms down the hall after Lucius. I ask Nolt what he thinks is going on. He has no idea and neither do I. Two figures walk toward us. Rose and Leo Crane, the sixteen year old children of Atticus. The four of us talk for a while as we wait for Snow and Atticus to be done with their meeting. The door opens and Atticus walks out. Rose starts to put her long black hair into a ponytail. Atticus grabs her by the hair and Leo by the arm and drags them down the hall. I smell a faint odor of roses and blood. I look to the doorway where Snow is standing. He gestures us into the Conference Room.

Nolt Ranfer

Star and I seat ourselves aross from the President. He welcomes us and tells us that after winning the 1st and 2nd games we have become celebrities. We are welcome to the Capitol whenever we like. He then tells us what Atticus and him were talking about. The games this year will be just Careers from 1, 2 and 4.8 tributes from each of those districts. He then tells us that there will be a rather big and nasty surprise for the tributes. He then excuses us leaving us even more confused.

One Month Later (Reapings)

Rose Crane

Father has been very busy with the Games. Star and Nolt have told me what is going to happen but even they do not know the whole story. Star has left for District 4 for the Reapings and she is a mentor for eight tributes. Nolt is still in the Capitol since District 8 will not be included in the Games. Leo walks in my room followed by Father. Father tells us the Reapings are about to start. We follow him to the Watching Room. The Watching Room is a large room with an even larger television. All the officials are their including Lucius, Claudius and Snow. Father sits by Snow but Leo and I take a seat next to Nolt. The Games are about to begin.


Sutton Yates

I watch as the Escort for District 1 stands at the podium. I am standing in the City Square in Main Towne, the largest city in District 1. I am holding hands with River Rhodes. We look at each other nervously. I have a pit in my stomach. The escort yells out "VIPER BLOODWORTH!". A boy walks up onto stage. He is dressed in dark clothes matching his hair which has a red streak down it. He smiles exposing fangs. He steps to the side. The next name makes me very confused. "ISSA JACKSON!". Another boy walks on stage, looking bewildered but happy. "CLEAR GLASS". Another boy. The last name is when I start to cry. "RIVER RHODES!".

Iris Bloodsworthy

The fourth boy is called and a blonde girl starts to sob. Everyone looks bewildered but not me or my best friend Flovia. We have known about this for months after Daddy told me. The next name turns my smile upside down. "FLOVIA SLASH!". She looks amused and with a laugh walks onstage. I am happy for her. I'm not scared that she will die but I am scared that if I am reaped one of us will HAVE to die. "ALISONN JEWLBRIGHT!". I recognize the pretty blonde girl from school. She is a senior. I am a Junior. She is the biggest byotch the world has ever seen. She is weak too. "SUTTON YATES!" The sobbing girl is reaped which only makes her sobbing intensify. "IRIS BLOODSWORTHY!".


Night Flynn

The surprise hit everyone yesterday. The whole games would be tributes from 1, 2 and 4. I stand in the Square as the escort calls names. The boys have been chosen. Ebrulf Brown, Nick Vamp, Maime Clawson and Xeno Vectorae. The girls are next and I dread every moment of it. "NIGHT FLYNN!" I am the first girl reaped and I walk on stage. Fear and desperation fill my stomach. Zakia West is called next, followed by Henna Moon and Sarah Mae. I am going to die.


Star Sun

I stand on stage looking at the kids faces. Some of them are older than me. I can hear the waves and see the famous lighthouse. My mother was hired as an escort after the old one was "accidently" thrown against a force field. My mother calls the first name. "VANDENYO BANGAS!". A hispanic boy walks on stage. I remember him perfectly. He is three years older than me. He lived across the Street from me. He is deaf. "AARON BLUE!". I recognize a boy that was a year older than me. He was always very popular. "CAM ODAIR!". Another boy walks onstage and I blush. A year before I was reaped at the age of 12, I asked him to the Middle School dance. He was a seventh grader and I was a sixth. He rejected me. A tear runs down my cheek. He will most likely die in a few days. "KONLOK LON!" A younger boy I do not recognize walks onstage. Time for the girls. "EMMA WAVE!" A pretty girl walks onstage. She hugs Aaron. I remember her as a girl that was in a Clique. They always harrassed me. After they would leave, she would always turn around and put a hand on my shoulder and say 'Don't listen to them.". "IVY SAFFRON!" A pretty girl with blonde hair walks onstage. I don't recognize her. "ANA WECKERN!" I shudder at the name. People at school always talked about her. Apparently she was a wicca and she practiced witchcraft on the beach. I doubt that was true. "MAREAS CORRIENTE!" A hispanic girl walks onstage. She was another girl shrouded with rumors. Apparently she never went to school. People said she was a slut. When I was younger I had asked my mother what that meant. She gasped a washed my mouth with soap. I met her at the beach once and she seemed very nice. The eight tributes stand their gazing at me with doubt. They were all older than me except Konlok. I am only 15 yet I am mentoring 16, 17 and 18 year olds.

Back to the Capitol

Nolt Ranfer

Rose, Leo, Lindor and I sit on the bench in front of the Grand Station. Today is the day the tributes arrive. The District 1 shuttle is their first. First walks off a vicious looking boy with fangs. Two girls walk off with their heads held high in a snooty fashion. One has long red locks while the other has beautiful blonde hair up in a pontail. Lindor starts to fuss so I rock him as the other tributes from 1 get off the train. A kid with glasses who is holding hands with a pretty girl with short blonde hair. Another boy with black hair walks off followed by a beautiful girl with platinum hair and saphire eyes. Lastly a intimitading African American boy. The District 2 shuttle comes with eight more tributes. First off is a boy with his light hair in a ponytail. Next is a boy that looks shockingly like a cat. A burly girl with blue hair. A short African American girl. A short quiet looking girl with brown hair. An odd looking boy with gray skin. A girl with fiery hair and bright emerald green eyes. The last off is a boy with dark hair and a cocky smile. Next is the District 4 shuttle. First off is the escot followed by two hispanic kids, a scary girl dreesed all in black, a handsome boy holding hands with a pretty girl, a quiet looking blonde boy, a beautiful blonde with her hair up in a ribbon, a kid with long orange locks and Star. Star runs towards us. She hugs each one of us then pats Lindor on the head and winks, then she runs back with the kids as they head toward the Inner City.

Training Scores

District Male Tribute Score Female Tribute Score
1 River Rhodes 7 Sutton Yates 6
1 Viper Bloodworth 11 Flovia Slash 10
1 Issa Jackson 10 Iris Bloodsworthy 10
1 Clear Glass 10 Alisonn Jewlbright 8
2 Ebrulf Brown 9 Zakia West 9
2 Nick Vamp 10 Night Flynn 6
2 Maime Clawson 9 Henna Moon 11
2 Xeno Vectorae 8 Sarah Mae 7
4 Aaron Blue 10 Emma Wave 9
4 Cam Odair 9 Ivy Saffron 8
4 Konlok Lon 7 Ana Weckern 9
4 Vandenyo Bangas 8 Mareas Corriente 8


DAY ONE The Start of the Suffering

Narrator, Cornucopia

The twenty four Careers stand on plates circling the Cornucopia. There is no Career Alliance this year, but there are many smaller alliances. The zombies have been resurrected and lurk the forest ready for a strike. They are led by Gemma Stork, the main antagonist of The First Annual Hunger Games. The Cornucopia is set on the far side of the thin, 100 mile long arena. Instead of a forcefield, this year's arena is blocked by a 300 foot wall circling the arena. Claudius Templesmith's voice announces "Let the Third Annual Hunger Games Begin!"

Iris Bloodsworthy (1), Cornucopia

I look at the other tributes as I wait for the gong to sound. I smile at Flovia. We we'll win these games, together. BOOM! The gong goes off and Flovia and I sprint to the Cornucopia. We quickly meet up with Viper and Henna who will join us in an alliance. We are shocke to see everyone has cleared out. We quicky run away from the Cornucopia but hear no sound. We can see people running down the distant plain. The whole atmosphere is extremely gloomy. The four of us decide to remain there for a while.

River Rhodes (1), Plains

Sutton and I have found a small alcove in the plains where we plan to make camp. The two of us just sit there for hours nibbling on food and holding hands. How will we make it out of here? One of us will die and it must be me.

Emma Wave (4), Plains

Aaron, Ivy, Cam and I have made camp in a remote part of the plains. We set a fire and set out are beds. We will be able to see anyone coming. We spar. I go against Ivy and Cam against Aaron. Aaron easily bests Cam but Ivy and I are really equal. All of the sudden we hear a war scream. Puny Maime Kittycat comes running down the hill with nothing but his claws.

Maime Clawson (2), Plains

I will win these games for glory! I pounce on the ready group of District 4. Aaron spears me right through the stomach. I fall to the ground. With a rabid snarl I jump up and slash Ivy across the stomach. The knife-sized claws slice thorugh her.

Aaron Blue (4), Plains

BOOM! Maime has just died. Emma and Cam are tending to Ivy. She is pretty bad. We all know she will die, but she will suffer for a long time. I order Emma and Cam up and aim my bow. Emma screams but Ivy only smiles. The arrow goes through her skull and the cannon goes off in our ears. Emma begins to sob. I embrace her with a passionate kiss.

Cam Odair (4), Plains

When Emma and Aaron kiss over Ivy's body is when I know I made a terrible mistake. These two love each other unconditonally. They will do anything to get back home together. I turn on my heels and run. Run as fast as my legs can carry me. Run as fast as I can possibly go. I run and run and run. And then I stop.

Night Flynn (2), Plains

A boy from 4 runs right into me and Konlok. All three of us fall to the gorund. We pull out are knives. Cam puts his hands up and asks if he can join us. I pull Konlok aside and the two of us discuss it. We decide to let him join.

Issa Jackson (1), Plains

Ebrulf and I have made a fire on the plain. You can see for miles around so if anyone tries to kill us we will be ready. We discuss are home life and the differences between District 1 and District 2. All of the sudden we see a lone figure in the distance. We ready are weapons. She walks into our camp. Alisonn. Her beautiful blonde hair falls in ripples to her upper back. She says "Hey boys, you look big and strong mind if I join you?". We look at her suspiciously. I recognize her from school. She was the ultimate Queen Bee. We decide that she is safe enough and let her join. The anthem plays and the faces of Maime and Ivy appear in the sky. Only two tributes.

Ebrulf Brown (2), Plains

That night I wake up with a jolt to see Alisonn holding a knife to my throat. "Get up!" she orders. She leads me outside with the knife still against my neck. Issa has not woken up, but I can't scream his name or else she will slit my throat. She then says, "Listen, I need someone to protect me so I can win. Its either going to be you or Issa. The other one will be... disposed of. Now whos it going to be?". A sharp pang of guilt wells in my stomach. I am only 15. Even if shes a girl, shes stronger and smarter than me. Issa would have to die eventually anyway. I then say "Issa". She smiles and punches me in the face, knocking me out. The last thing I see before I black out is Alisonn striding towards the tent.

Alisonn Jewlbright (1), Plains

I walk into the tent and smile at the sleeping boy. In other circumstances I would easily want to hook up with him but these are the Hunger Games. I take my knife and stab him three times in the neck. His cannon goes off. I run back to Ebrulf and bind his hands and feet. He is still unconscious so I enter the tent after Issa's body was picked up and fall asleep where the boy I killed was just laying. Funny.

End of DAY ONE

DAY TWO Escaping the Plains

Iris Bloodsworthy (1), Plains

The thought of having to kill Flovia gets heavier and heavier in my heart. Eventually I will have to kill my best friend, who I have known since I was five years old. But then I realize something. I don't even like Flovia. I just used her as a pawn. She was a year older than me but I still bent her to my will. It will still be sad when I kill her. I will leave her to the end so she can get a higher ranking. I will be the one to kill her. She deserves that. I know I am mean but I don't care. I am evil to the core and that core doesn't allow friendship. She may think I am her best friend because that is how I act but not for long.

Sarah Mae (2), Plains

I wake up that morning on my sleeping bag on the empty plain. I hear an odd sound. Like a hiss of some sort. All of the sudden I see Viper, Flovia, Iris and Henna. They surround me. I ready my knife. I chuck it at Viper. He catches it and chucks it back at me and narrowly misses. While I am distracted Iris stabs me in the back and I fall to the ground. BOOM.

Flovia Slash (1), Plains

Iris has just knifed Sarah and her cannon has gone off. It is still early morning, about 8 o'clock. Viper is really starting to scare me. His fangs are out reminding me of the stories I heard when I was younger. Vampires. Now I know that is crazy but it still creeps me out. I decide we don't need him any longer. I ready my bow and fire. It misses. Viper has drawn a sword as well as Iris and Henna, though the latter two are assissting me. They must have been thinking the same thing as me. Viper looks at us, turns and runs. We chase him but he has escaped. The three of us spend the rest of the day looking for tributes.

Night Flynn (2), Plains

I have been up since dawn but Cam and Konlok have just awoken. I go off about a mile to pee without being seen by the guys. All of the sudden someone jumps on me. Judging from the weight I can tell they are male. I fall face first and roll over. Nick Vamp from 2 holds me on the ground. He is holding a long sinister dagger. All of the sudden a great fire has started in the plains. Nick is distracted and I twist the knife around and shove it through his mouth. The blade sticks out the back of his head. It reminds me of a particularly unpleasant girl Sophie Sheard who was killed in a similar fashion in the 1st games. I have killed someone. Now I know it was self defense but I still can't help thinking about Nick's hopes and dreams.

Konlok Lon (4), Plains

We hear a cannon and are immeadiately to our feet. Something must have happened to Night. Plus a fire has started in the plains. To Cam and I's surprise Night comes running down the hill. "It was Nick! He ambushed me!", she shouts. The sound of Claudius Templesmith's voice makes the arena rumble. "The Plains arena is now off limits. Anyone who is on the plains tonight will burn to death. Everyone must make their way into the forest in order to survive! The forest lies 25 miles north of the Cornucopia! Now go go go!" The three of us head north. We know the fire won't harm us unless we stay until night.

Zakia West (2), Plains

I have just heard the announcement. Luckily I have been camping on the edge of the enormous forest. I am terrified to go in their though. Something is in their. Constant moaning echoes through the towering pines. Shuffling figures wander close to the plains but never come out of their evergreen chamber. All of the sudden two figures run at me. I recognize them as the two hispanics, Vandenyo and Mareas.

Vandenyo Bangas (4), Southern Forest

Zakia West of 2 is standing on the edge of the forest. We decide to ally with her. The fire continues to spread. We can see tributes, miles away sprinting towards the forest. Zakia tells Mareas of the moans and then translates it in sign language which surprises me. We reluctantly walk in. After we are fully in the forest vines tangle where the entrance was and we realize we are trapped. Three high pitched chimes go off. They must be counting the tributes when they enter the forest. Mareas screams and I see why.

Mareas Corriente (4), Southern Forest

I shriek at the sight I see. Latched to a tall tree is a wooden swing. Two figures are swinging on it. Their faces are pale, extremely pale. After I shriek they look up and their green hair is shown. Their eyes are red. Their moaning is umbearable. Then I remember where I have seen them. They were the siblings, Rogue and Mayme Johnson from the first games. They were fan favorites even though Mayme died early and Rogue died about halfway. Stiches are shown holding Mayme's body together. He was smashed to pieces by a polar bear mutt in the games. Rogue was intact as Mareas remembered that she had drowned. They stand and shuffle towards us. Vandenyo stabs Rogue through the stomach. She inches her way toward Vandenyo, the sword still through her undead body. She bites his throat and rips a chunk out. Blood pours out the hole and Vandenyo falls to the ground in a puddle of crimson. BOOM. Mayme tackles Zakia and does the same to her. BOOM. Adrenaline surges through me and I behead Mayme. Rogue comes at me, but she too feels the wrath of my blade. I sit down and cry. What happens next s horrifying. Zakia and Vandenyo stand back up. They now look like Rogue and Mayme. They are undead. I quickly behead both of them. All of the sudden a cage drops down on me. I am trapped.

Iris Bloodsworthy (1), Southern Forest

Flovia, Henna and I make our way into the forest. Cages are dropped on all three of us. What the hell is this? Then I remember back to the 1st games when Gemma Stork, my all time rolemodel along with Star Sun and Katherine Storm were trapped by the Cornucopia. What kind of game is this? The undead tributes I have been fearing this whole time stream out of the forest. I knew of them from Daddy. They are menacing.

Star Sun (Victor), Capitol

One by one the tributes enter the forest as the fire consumes the plains. Night, Konlok and Cam are third to enter. Next is River Rhodes and Sutton Yates. Then a lone Clear Glass who is being chased by Ana Weckern. Next is Emma and Aaron holding hands. Xeno is next followed by Alisonn Jewlbright who is dragging a tied Ebrulf. The last to enter is Viper Bloodworth. The plan they have is so bizarre. i hope a District 4 wins it. I cried when Ivy and Vandenyo died, but my hope lies in Emma, Aaron, Konlok, Ana, Cam and Mareas.

End of DAY TWO

DAY THREE Fight in the Forest

Clear Glass (1), Southern Forest

I was saved just in time. A few more minutes and that nut Ana would have reached me. The seventeen remaining tributes have been caged for the night. We are in a large chain linked compound. We are awoken by a voice. Four people stand in the forest on the other side of the cage. The zombies have been driven off. I recognize Star Sun and Nolt Ranfer as two of the four figures. I also recognize Atticus Crane the Head Gamemaker. The other figure is a jumpy man in his early fifties. He has large glasses and buck teeth. Atticus speaks, "Hello tributes. As you know I am the Head Gamemaker. There are seventeen of you left and five will die right now.". A tear rolls down Star's face. Nolt looks angry. Atticus continues, "Once five are dead and twelve of you remain you will not be able to kill one another. You will have to make it to the other side of the arena and.... we will see when that happens." A hovercraft picks them up and the doors on our cages swing open.

Flovia Slash (1), Southern Forest

We walk out of our cages and the fight begins. Henna runs at Viper and the two engage in a deadly duel. Sutton and River are huddled up in a corner. Ana Weckern throws a knife their way. Fighting tributes block our view. I send an arrow Ana's way and it embeds itself in her back. BOOM.

Xeno Vectorae (2), Southern Forest

Clear lets out a Victory bellow when Ana is killed. That weird witch girl has been taken care of. His bellow is cut short when Alisonn Jewlbright pounces on him and stabs him through the forehead several times. His cannon goes off. Ebrulf jumps on her and the two become a tangled mess of thrashing limbs.

Henna Moon (2), Southern Forest

Anger and hate wells inside me as I battle Viper. His strength is great but I am still stronger than him. I fight as hard as I can. Viper stumbles and I stab him in the leg. I punch him in the face and grab his sword. A knife is thrusted into the back of my neck and I fall to the ground. BOOM.

Iris Bloodsworthy (1), Southern Forest

Henna has disarmed Viper and now I have stabbed Henna. I am going to kill two birds with one stone. I ready my bow and walk over to Viper. I give him a sneering look and shoot him through the mouth. Just like Gemma. Flovia walks toward me and we observe the living. Most of the tributes just stood against the fence letting us fight each other off. Mareas, Night, Konlok, Xeno, Cam, Emma, Aaron and River are huddled around someone. Alisonn and Ebrulf are still rolling around on the ground. We walk over to River and the others. Sutton is laying on the ground, covered in blood. A bloody knife lays next to her.

Sutton Yates (1), Southern Forest

Everyone is watching me. I am crying, River is crying, even a few other girls are crying. I have been loved. My family loved me and so did River and I loved him. "I love you River. Win for both of us.", I whisper. With that I slip into blackness and then white and then nothing. BOOM.

Aaron Blue (4), Southern Forest

River's girlfriend has died. That is eventually going to happen to Emma and I. Atticus and back and orders Alisonn and Ebrulf to stop fighting or they will be shot. They stand up and Atticus leads us down the fenced path as zombies thrash against the fences. All the zombies are past tributes. I noticed well known tributes like Ivy Greenwood, Loxie Wheel, Everest Breeze and with a shudder Gemma Stork. Her body was completley charred but you could still see her beauty. He leads us for a few hours and then is picked up by a hovercraft. We make camp in the path wondering if we will live past tomorrow.


DAY FOUR The Swamp of Pale Bodies

Night Flynn (2), Palace

I didn't get much sleep last night. The moaning of the zombies is sinister and creepy. Something is different about the Career zombies. They are faster and can actually sprint. They constantly throw themselves against the fences. This is a terrible thing. The Gamemakers making everyone work together when eventually we will all die except one person. All twelve of us are awake. A horn goes off and the zombies run or shuffle off. We continue walking until we walk into a clearing with a large beautiful lake. A lovely Palace sits on an island. We walk onto the island and a wall goes up, preventing us from going back into the forest.

Alisonn Jewlbright (1), Palace

Atticus Crane walks out of the palace and welcomes us in. He leads us to a elaborate dining table. We are all seated at the table and a fest appears on the tables. I am seated between Flovia and Xeno. Everyone exchanges nervous glances but then Atticus starts to eat. We feel safer and everyone starts to eat. The food is so delicious.

Aaron Blue (4), Swamp

We feast for hours and Atticus has rich conversation. He then says, "Well I think it is time we went to bed. One of you is about to go to sleep forever. Atticus laughs and disappears. The floor gives way dropping us into a murky swamp. The lake and palace was just an illusion. But something is worse. Zombies are in the swamp. Chaos is everywhere tributes running and screaming. Ebrulf yells, "Back to the fences!". Most of the tributes were lucky and were close to the swamps edge. Emma, River, Alisonn, Iris, Konlok and I are still in the swamp. Night, Ebrulf, Flovia, Mareas, Xeno and Cam have fled to the fences. Six of us are going to die. There is no way out. The zombies are too slow and we are more likely to drown in the muck then be slain by the undead. Iris, Alisonn, River and Konlok have managed to swim out. Emma and I are still struggling. Emma breaks free and pulls me out. We turn to run when my foot is grabbed and I am dragged back into the swamp. I am pulled under the muck completly. The muck fills my mouth entering my lungs. I can hear Emma screaming. I look to the zombie and see Gemma Stork.

Konlok Lon (4), Swamp

Iris, Alisonn and River have run back to the fences. But I run back to Emma who is screaming Aaron's name. She is sobbing and screaming. All of the sudden a cannon goes off and Aaron's body floats to the surface. The imaciated Gemma pokes her head out of the muck and pulls Aarons corpse underwater where he is most likely eaten. Zombies are starting to stream out of the swamp. I drag the sobbing Emma back to the fences. Ebrulf unlocks it and we run inside just as Gemma throws her body against the chain link door.

Iris Bloodsworthy (1), Swamp Exit

That was the biggest scare in the games so far. For a minute I thought I was actually going to die. It is late at night and the faces have gone off in the sky. I look at everyones faces. Emma is a sobbing mess, Konlok and Mareas are comforting her. Night looks exhausted. Xeno looks scared. Cam is sitting looking at the ground. Alisonn is yelling at everyone to get up, which no one listens to. Ebrulf looks anxious and is pacing. River looks sad for Emma. Both have lost their girlfirend or boyfirend. And then there is Flovia. Flovia keeps glancing at me, nervously. I can tell she is worried that I might do something to her since she abandoned me at the swamp. I know that if she had to she would kill me without hesitation. I think she is trying to figure out if I would kill HER without hesitation. Yes Flovia, I would.


DAY FIVE An Undeadly Mistake

Xeno Vectorae (2), Northern Forest

Most of us are shaken up from last night. Emma has stopped sobbing but she still looks very creepy. Her eyes are bulged and her mouth twitches. We continue up the path. Around noon we sit down for lunch. I walk off to go pee in privacy. I am going when I see a dark figure running at me. Loxie Wheel. She throws herself against the fence as hard as she can and breaks through. The metal bashes into me which sets me into a daze. The last thing I see is Loxie biting into my neck.

Ebrulf Brown (2), Northern Forest

A disembodied scream reaches our camp and we see a fast zombie sprinting towards us. It is Loxie Wheel. She pounces but I am able to behead her. Almost immeadiately after Xeno's undead body sprints towards us. He is beheaded by Cam. The ten of us sprint down the path. Iris yells, "BREACH!". We stop at nightfall. We make camp with people on watch.

Emma Wave (4), Northern Forest

I am on watch with River right now. I just can't believe he is gone. We have been together since we were thirteen. We will never get married or have children or grandchildren. But then I realize River feels the same way. We sit together in the moonlight. I ask him about Sutton and he asks me about Aaron. We have so much in common. We talk all night not even letting Iris and Ebrulf take our postitions. At midnight I lean over and kiss him on the lips. I never felt like this with Aaron before.

Alisonn Jewlbright (1), Northern Forest

I wait for Ebrulf to come back from his watch. He comes back with Iris much earlier than I anticipated. He sees me and turns around but I quickly step in front of him, "Listen pal, this doesn't change a thing. I will still kill you if it's the last thing I do. I AM WINNING THESE GAMES!".

Night Flynn (2), Northern Forest

I overheard a conversation between Alisonn and Ebrulf. I go back to where Konlok, Cam and Mareas are talking. I sit down next to Mareas and tell them all about it. We discuss it but the subject is dropped quicky. Emma and River return about four in the morning and me and Cam take watch. We take watch until dawn. Then we get up and walk north.


DAY SIX A Not So Dead End

Flovia Slash (1), Northern Forest

The breach has caused all of us to worry. We have had to deal with numerous zombies over the day. Luckily they were slow ones, so they were easy to decapitate. I look at the nine faces I have to kill. It will be easy to kill Night, Mareas and Konlok. Alisonn and Cam will put up a fight, same with Ebrulf. River and Emma will do anything to win for their loved ones. And then there is Iris. She will do anything to win but so will I.

Night Flynn (2), Northern Forest

It is nightfall when the sound begins. The screaming of metal and the moans of the zombies. The sound is absolutely horrible. Then a loud cracking noise sounds when the metal is forced in and the zombies stream in the path. The ten of us sprint down the path as the moans grow louder and louder. We sprint no more than five minutes when the path ends with a chain link gate. Down the hill is a large crag that goes wall to wall. I tell everyone to follow me. Only Konlok, Emma and River believe that it is an escape route. Iris and the others think that we need to fight in order to win. The four of us run down the hill leaving Iris, Flovia, Ebrulf, Alisonn, Cam and Mareas standing there as the zombies get closer and closer.

Konlok Lon (4), Crag

The four of us reach the crag. Iris was right. It is a dead end. Emma starts to cry and River puts a hand on her shoulder. Night walks up to the crag and sees the symbol of the Capitol etched onto the stone. She sets her small hand on it and the ground gives way beneath her as she falls. Emma, River and I run to the gaping hole in the earth and we realize it is a slide. I go down first, followed by Emma and then River.

Iris Bloodsworthy (1), Crag

We have been fighting the zombies for about ten minutes. I realize that Night was right. We do need to escape. Maybe I should just leave the other five here. I sprint down the hill towards the crag. Flovia notices and yells "RETREAT!". Flovia, Ebrulf, Alisonn, Cam and Mareas run down the hill. I jump into the slide. I can hear the others jumping in as we slide to safety or more death.

Nolt Ranfer (Victor), Capitol

This plan is beyond crazy but Atticus approves of it. He thinks it will be a fantastic end to the third anniversary. Atticus, Leo, Arthur Acidopolis the scientist who created the zombies and I board a hovercraft. Star must stay behind because she is a mentor. Rose decided to stay with her. I left Lindor with them. The hovercraft takes off and heads toward the Arena.

River Rhodes (1), Beach

The slide takes four hours to get to the bottom. I reach the bottom and behold a lovely sight. Night, Konlok and Emma are standing on a white sand beach in front of an ocean. All of the sudden a hovercraft lands on the beach. Nolt and Atticus walk out followed by the jumpy guy we saw when we were caged on Day 3. The day Sutton died. Another boy is there too. Atticus orders us to board. I am cautious at first when I remember of the Swamp incident but since Nolt is there I feel safer. Nolt follows us on and says we will wait awhile for the others but if they don't show up by nightfall we will have to leave. Ten minutes later Iris comes into view as she sprints down the beach. Ebrulf, Alisonn and Flovia are next and Cam and Mareas bringing up the rear. A sea of zombies behind them. Mareas trips and is engulfed in zombies as they tear at her flesh. Her cannon goes off. Iris, Flovia, Ebrulf, Alisonn and Cam board. The scientist runs down to the beach and jumps into the unconsecrated. Nolt tells the other boy to take off and that is what we do. We reach the sky just as dawn comes.

End of DAY SIX


Night Flynn (2), Hovercraft

I am worried. Will the Capitol allow nine victors? I seriously doubt it. The hovercraft is very white and sterile looking. We are in a large sitting room when Atticus walks in, with a gun. Nolt demands to know what he is doing. He says, "I am going to be executed when I reach the Capitol so I am taking you down with me! I have planted a bomb in the craft. Flovia sneaks around and stabs him through the heart. Nolt cheers. The celebration is short lived when Flovia picks up the gun and shoots at me. Konlok screams and jumps in front of the bullets path. The bullet goes through his heart killing him immeadiately. BOOM. The cannon goes off.

Iris Bloodsworthy (1), Hovercraft

Flovia shoots Konlok, killing him. It is time for her to go. The bomb can be heard ticking. Night is crying. She suddenly stops and screams that she saw another craft directly below them. She thinks it is an escape route. Flovia speaks, "I am going to be the ONLY victor!". Night opens the emergency door sucking herself, Cam, Emma, River and Nolt out. Alisonn grabs Ebrulf and says he will stay on and the two start to fight. Ebrulf punches her in the face knocking her out. The air sucks him, Flovia and I out into open air just as the hovercraft explodes above us. Night was right a hovercraft's beam catches us making Ebrulf float into it. Only the top half of my body is in the beam. Flovia isn't in it at all, she is dangling from my foot. With a smug smile I kick her in the face as she falls to the Capitol below. The hovercraft then pulls me up.

Nolt Ranfer (Victor), Hovercraft

Star Sun has saved our lives. Ebrulf and Iris join us and Flovia has fallen to her death. Star got permission from Snow himself to save the remaing tributes. The zombies have been eradicated. Star then tells the tributes that they will all be crowned Victors. Everyone cheers and celebrates. Rose is there to but she isn't talking. Her father, Atticus was shot and Leo was killed in the explosion. The hovercraft lands and the nine of us walk off. We are greeted by President Snow. That night Iris, River, Night, Ebrulf, Emma and Cam are crowned victors. Everyone goes their seperate ways. Rose is moving to District 8 with me. Star is going back to District 4 with Cam and Emma. River and Iris are heading back to 1 and Night and Ebrulf head back to 2.


River Rhodes and Emma Wave

River and Emma get married in the Capitol during the 8th Annual Hunger Games. They decide to move there so they can be together. They continue their jobs as mentors and have two children, Sutton and Aaron.

Iris Bloodsworthy

Iris became a famous celebrity back in District 1. She was a fashion model for 10 years. She still mentors Careers and has had many victors. She married a Capitol celeb and had three children, Pupil, Cornea and Lash.

Ebrulf Brown

Ebrulf eventually became mayor of District 2. He is still best friends with Night Flynn. He married a rich woman but they never had kids. He continued his job as a mentor.

Night Flynn

Night became an instant celebrity for her bravery and beauty. She married a nice boy from the Capitol and had four children, Konlok, Mareas, Cam and Star. Night lives in her Victor Home and is content with her life. She still takes frequent visits to the ocean.

Cam Odair

Cam and Star go back to District 4. One night when they are at the beach they talk about how she had asked him out. He tells her to do it again. She does and he says yes. The two marry and have a child. They continue mentoring District 4 tributes along with Emma.

1 Year Later

The next games are here and Night, Iris, River, Emma, Ebrulf and Cam reunite. They are firends for life. Star and Nolt are there too and the eight look out at the city. They walk in hand and hand into the metropolis that brought them together.

The End

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