Okay so I hope this isn't adding fuel to the fire. So we all know that there has really been a fissure between the Veterans and New Users of this wiki for the last week. TIME FOR THAT TO END. We will see who is the best with the REBOOT of my popular blog Survivor. 20 users will compete for the title of Sole Survivor. There will be two teams, Veterans and Newbies with 10 users each. (5 girls and 5 guys per team) I will post challenges that the teams will have to complete. The losing team will have to vote someone out. This will continue until there are 12 users left. Then, the teams will merge and it is everyone for themselves. People eliminated 12th place and under will join the jury which gets to vote who they want to win out of the final 3. The person with the most votes at the end becomes the SOLE SUVIVOR!!! Tell me what you would like to be called when you sign up.



'Annie', Katherine, Anon, Quinn, Leslie, Gavin, Connor, Sky, Fox, Jason (9 Users)


Zara, Candice, Elizabeth, Ashley, Lexi, Malick, John, Ben, Paul, Henry (8 Users)


Contestant User Team Team Swap Merged Team Rank
Lexi Hunger Games Girl Newbies N/A N/A 20th
Quinn QuinnQuinn Veterans N/A N/A 19th
Ben Kwanito44 Newbies N/A N/A 18th
Leslie ilovepeeta Veterans N/A N/A 17th
Annie Iluvgale Veterans Mockingjays TBA TBA
Katherine Necterine411 Veterans Muttations TBA TBA
Anon Anon... Veterans Nightlock TBA TBA
Gavin Prezziesnow Veterans Muttations TBA TBA
Connor TDR97 Veterans Mockingjays TBA TBA
Sky SkyandBray Veterans Nightlock TBA TBA
Fox Foxface911 Veterans Tracker Jackers TBA TBA
Jason Angry birds12 Veterans Tracker Jackers TBA TBA
Zara NerdDFTBA Newbies Nightlock TBA TBA
Candice Polinarose Newbies Muttations TBA TBA
Elizabeth Rainfacestar Newbies Tracker Jackers TBA TBA
Ashley Los95361 Newbies Mockingjays TBA TBA
Malick MixalisDuddy Newbies Muttations TBA TBA
John Cloveismywife Newbies Nightlock TBA TBA
Paul FHT Newbies Mockingjays TBA TBA
Henry Henryjh98 Newbies Tracker Jackers TBA TBA
Rank Contestant Team Team Swap Merge Team Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Day Six Day Seven Day Eight Day Nine Day Ten Day Eleven Day Twelve Day Thirteen Day Fourteen Day Fifteen Day Sixteen Day Seventeen

Day 18: Finale!

Annie Veterans Mockingjays Win In Win
Katherine Veterans Muttations Win In Win
Anon Veterans Nightlock Win In Win
Gavin Veterans Muttations Win In Win
Connor Veterans Mockingjays Win In Win
Sky Veterans Nightlock Win In Win
Fox Veterans Tracker Jackers Win In Win
Jason Veterans Tracker Jackers Win In Win
Zara Newbies Nightlock In Win In
Candice Newbies Muttations In Win In
Elizabeth Newbies Tracker Jackers In Win In
Ashley Newbies Mockingjays In Win In
Malick Newbies Muttations In Win In
John Newbies Nightlock In Win In
Paul Newbies Mockingjays In Win In
Henry Newbies Tracker Jackers In Win In
17th Leslie Veterans N/A N/A Win In Win OUT
18th Ben Newbies N/A N/A In Win OUT
19th Quinn Veterans N/A N/A Win OUT
20th Lexi Newbies N/A N/A OUT


Welcome users to your first challenge of the season. You will have tons of fun! Just ask the four users who participated last season! Gavin (18th), Quinn (17th), Anon (4th) and Connor (3rd). They have all competed in the same challenge last season. Your challenge is to create an official banner for your team. The Veteran's team color is light blue and the Newbie's team color is light orange. The banner only has to have the team name, color and anything eles is up to you! Multiple players on a team can create a banner but as a team you will have to decide which one to give to me for judging. Good luck! You have until tomorrow 8 o clock eastern standard time!

Results: Victory for the Veterans!

Thats right. Foxface's banner was by far my favorite. I really loved Henry's poster as well and it was my second favorite. I'm sorry newbies but you will have to vote someone out.

Day One Elimination (Newbies)

Okay. So the newbies have lost the challenge by a hair's width. Very close game people! Now because Henry's banner was so good he will have immunity meaning no one can vote for him. Post who you want eliminated in the comments. The person with the majority is out of the game. Good luck! PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY NEWBIES CAN VOTE AND ANY VOTE TOWARDS HENRY WON'T COUNT!

Day Two Challenge!

Welcome people. You have all made is passed the first elimination. Well besides Lexi. Anyway your challenge today is to come up with an official looking Catching Fire teaser poster! Yep thats right the poster will have to look real as possible and needs the date. Good luck. You have until Eight PM Eastern Standard Time.

Results: Newbies Win!

Congrats! I loved Elizabeth's poster! Katherine and Connor were a close second.

Day Two Elimination (Veterans)

Okay everyone one is up for elimination the vet team. Please leave in the comments who you want out. Good luck! 2nd person voted out ouf Survivor Reboot: Quinn

Day Three Challenge

Your third challenge is completley original and hasn't been done yet. It is to look throigh all 3 books and find sentences that contain the words "Kill, Die or Death." The team that finds the most sentences win. If one team posts a sentence and the other team posts the same one, it won't count for the second team. Good Luck. You have until 8 PM Eastern Standard Time TOMORROW!

Results: Veterans Win!

Veterans: 109 Sentences

Newbies: 90 Sentences

Day Three Elimination (Newbies)

Okay Newbies lost by a very thin margin and unfortunatly one of you must go home. Zara and Elizabeth are safe for giving the bulk of the sentences so you can't vote for them. However anyone else is fair game! Good Luck!

3rd Person voted out of Survivor Reboot: Ben.

Day Four Challenge

Your fourth challenge will be individual so no teams for this challenge. This challenge will also determine which team you will be on for the team swap. There will be no elimination today. Well there will be, but it will be done differently. The person who gets last in the challenge will automatically be eliminated. BEWARE: YOU WILL WANT TO DO THIS CHALLENGE! If there is one person who doesn't do it they are eliminated. However if more than one don't make it I will put there names in a hat and the name I pull is out! Your challenge is to make a lunaii of a tribute from the series. I assign the lunaiis. Here are the lunaiis assigned, everyone has someone different! (I chose them randomly). You will have longer to perform this challenge but I don't know how long yet... On second thought I will end it randomly for some fun ;)

The characters next to your names are the ones you have to do.

Annie: Marvel

Katherine: Cashmere

Anon: Thresh

Leslie: Beetee

Gavin: Rue

Connor: Johanna

Sky: Brutus

Fox: Glimmer

Jason: Cato

Zara: Enobaria

Candice: Wiress

Elizabeth: Foxface

Ashley: Seeder

Malick: Finnick

John: Gloss

Paul: Cecelia

Henry: Clove

Day Four Elimination

Only six people did not do the challenge. They were Annie, Leslie, Sky, Candice, Ashley and Paul. Like I said if there were more than one person that did not do the challenge I would randomly draw a name out of a hat and whoever was picked is out. So without further ado.... 4th person voted out of Survivor Reboot: Leslie.

Day Five Team Swap!!!

Okay there are now an even number of veterans and newbies, and also girls and boys. I am going to randomly draw names from a hat to determine what team you are on. There will be four teams with four players each (two veterans and newbies per team and two females and males from each team).


Zara, Anon, Sky and John


Ashley, Annie, Connor and Paul

Tracker Jackers

Elizabeth, Fox, Jason and Henry


Candice, Katherine, Gavin and Malick

Day Five Challenge!!! (Sorry for the giant wait)

Okay now that we have new teams the challenges will be a bit diferent. Your team will elect one person from your team to participate in the challenge. The person that loses will automatically eliminated. The three remaining participants will get to pick the person they want to participate in the next day's challenge.

Please elect your participant. (Once all four have been picked the challenge will begin)

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