Hey guys! I got the idea from you guessed it Survivor. 10 boy users and 10 girl users will go head to head to become the Sole Survivor! You will be divided into 2 teams and will have to do challenges. The team that loses the challenge will be sent to elimination. You will vote for the user you want to be eliminated. The user with the most votes will be sent to Redemption Island (Real creative not!). When the next user is eliminated those two will compete in a challenge. The user that loses is out of the game. Eventually the current user on Redemption will return. Sound fun? Ps this is meant for fun so please don't be mean and don't be mad if you are voted off. Please submit your name if you are interested in the comments:) Once these games start you will be able to make alliances with anyone on your team at anytime. Challenges will be posted randomly and be sure to contribute or your teammates might vote you out. Make sure you also vote for someone during eliminations. Eliminations will last 24 hours and if a teammate does not vote their vote won't count and i will only count votes that were cast on time. !


Quinn (QuinnQuinn)

Valentina (Onewithgoldengiraffe)

Anna (Anna-Athena)

Clove (Clove1001)

Sky (Skybender101)

Leshawna (Leshawna333)

Emma (Rueflower)

Eemet (Clove1999)

R (Anon)

Star (Tomgurl22)


Nate (Nate777)

Rockman (Rockman117)

Gavin (Prezziesnow)

Movie (Moviepopcorn123)

Connor (TotalDramaRox97)

Logan (Bklmc)

Joe (Joekeybladeaura)

Marcus (Limaheights)

Wolverine (Wolverine1717)

HGR (Hungergamesrocks)


Peacekeeper Tribe (Purple and Red)

Leshawna, Emma, Quinn, Star, Anna, Wolverine, Gavin, Nate, Logan and Marcus.

Gamemaker Tribe (Navy and Orange)

Valentina, Clove, Sky, Eemet, R, Rockman, Movie, Connor, Joe and HGR.


Contestant User Original Tribe Merged Tribe Voted Out Redemption Island Finish
Joe Joekeybladeaura Gamemaker N/A 2nd 1st Duel Loser 20th
Marcus Limaheights Peacekeeper N/A 1st 2nd Duel Loser 19th
Gavin Prezziesnow Peacekeeper N/A 3rd 3rd Duel Loser 18th
Quinn QuinnQuinn Peacekeeper N/A 5th 4th Duel Loser 17th
Valentina Onewithgoldengiraffe Gamemaker N/A 6th 5th Duel Loser 16th
Anna Anna-Athena Peacekeeper N/A

7th *Quit

N/A 15th
Eemet Clove1999 Gamemaker N/A 8th 6th Duel Loser 14th
Logan Bklmc Peacekeeper N/A 9th 7th Duel Loser 13th

Rockman: 1st J.M

Rockman117 Gamemaker Capricorn 11th/Quit N/A 12th

Star: 2nd J.M

Tomgurl22 Peacekeeper Capricorn 12th 8th Duel Loser 11th
Nate:3rd JM Nate777 Peacekeeper Capricorn 14th/Quit N/A 10th
Movie: 4th JM Moviepopcorn123 Gamemaker Capricorn 13th 9th Duel Loser 9th
Emma: 5th JM Rueflower Peacekeeper Capricorn 16th 10th Duel Loser 8th
Sky: 6th JM Skybender101 Gamemaker Capricorn 17th 11th Duel Loser 7th
HGR: 7th JM Hungergamesrocks Gamemaker Capricorn 10th Final Duel Loser 6th
Wolverine: 8th JM Wolverine1717 Peacekeeper Capricorn 4th;18th N/A 5th
R: Final JM Anon.... Gamemaker Capricorn 19th N/A 4th
Connor TDR97 Gamemaker Capricorn 15th* N/A 3rd
Leshawna Leshawna333 Peacekeeper Capricorn N/A N/A Runner Up
Clove Clove1001 Gamemaker Capricorn N/A N/A Winner


Your first challenge is to make a poster for your team. Get together with them and get some good ideas then assign one person to make it. You must include the name of your tribe and team colors. The team with the best poster wins immunity. The losing team must send one member to Redemption Island. You have 24 hours to complete it.

Won: Gamemakers

Lost: Peacekeepers

1st Elimination: Peacekeepers

GAMEMAKERS CANNOT VOTE! <poll> Who will you vote for? Leshawna Emma Quinn Star Anna Wolverine Gavin Nate Marcus</poll>

Marcus has been voted out.


Your second challenge is to create a movie add for The Hunger Games Film. Like the first challenge get together with your tribe to get some good ideas. Pick one persons idea. The poster must feature the name of the film, Katniss, Peeta and the release date of the film (March 23rd). Good luck and you have 24 hours to complete it.

Won: Peacekeepers

Lost: Gamemakers

2nd Elimination: Gamemakers



Connor, Sky, Clove, R and Movie have immunity.

<poll>Who will you vote for? Eemet Valentina Joe HGR Rockman</poll>

Joe has been voted out.

1st Redemption Island Duel

Marcus VS Joe

Your challenge is to create a lunaii of President Snow. Since Redemption Island is about committment and hard work you must complete it within 6 hours. Winner will stay on Redemption and the loser will leave the game for good. Good luck.

Marcus Wins

Joe is out

3rd Challenge

The third challenge is probably the easiest so far. I will ask 9 trivia questions. The team that gets the most right wins.

1st Question- Who did the cover art for The Hunger Games books?

Answer: Tim O'Brien

Who Got It: Rockman (Gamemakers)

2nd Question- What were the twin females in Mockingjay named? They were on Katniss' squad during The Capitol Battle.

Answer: Leeg 1 and Leeg 2

Who Got It: Anna (Peacekeepers)

3rd Question- What color was Glimmer's interview gown?

Answer: Gold

Who Got It: Rockman (Gamemakers)

Question 4- What were the traps Katniss' squad had to worry about in the Capitol called?

Answer: Pods

Who Got it: Nate777 (Peacekeepers)

Question 5- Who is the late mayor of District 12? Also Madge's father.

Answer: Mayor Undersee

Who Got It: Anna (Peacekeepers)

Question 6- Name Katniss' three stylists (Prep Team)

Answer: Venia, Flavius and Octavia

Who Got It: Anna (Peacekeepers)

Question 7- What is Gale's sister's name?

Answer: Posy

Who Got It: Clove (Gamemakers)

Question 8- President's Snow's breath smelled like blood and what?

Answer: Roses

Who Got It: Connor (Gamemakers)

TIE BREAKER- Which author stayed up all night reading The Hunger Games and then could not stop thinking about it?

Answer: Stephanie Meyers (And I am NOT a twilight fan)


3rd Elimination: Peacekeepers


Anna and Nate have immunity.&nbsp <poll>Who will you vote for? Leshawna Emma Quinn Star Wolverine Gavin Logan</poll>

Gavin has been voted out.

2nd Redemption Island Duel

Marcus VS Gavin

Since no one did the last Redemption Island Duel we will do the same thing. You must submit a lunaii of President Snow within six hours. Good Luck.

4th Challenge

Your fourth challenge is to go around and get users to support you. Whichever team gets the most users on their side wins immunity. The user MUST comment themselves that they are supporting you. You have 12 hours.

Gamemakers: 3

Peacekeepers: 2

4th Elimination: Peacekeepers

<poll>Who will you vote for? Leshawna Emma Quinn Star Anna Nate Wolverine Logan</poll>

Wolverine has been voted out.

3rd Redemption Island Duel

Gavin VS Wolverine

Your challenge is to submit a lunaii of Haymitch. Winner stays on Redemption and loser is out of the game for good. You have 6 hours to submit it. Good Luck.

Gavin is out

5th Challenge

Your fifth challenge is to make up a District. Information must include, DISTRICT NUMBER, WHAT IT IS KNOWN FOR, MAYOR, GEOGRAPGHY, POPULATION and IF IT IS POOR OR RICH. You have 12 hours, Good Luck!

Win: Gamemakers

Lost: Peacekeepers

5th Elimination: Peacekeepers

<poll>Who will you vote for? Leshawna Emma Quinn Star Anna Nate Logan</poll>

Quinn has been voted out.

4th Redemption Island Duel

Wolverine VS Quinn

Your challenge is to write a short story about a girl in the hunger games and what happens to her in the games. Write these in the comments please. Since its getting late, you have 12 hours. Good Luck.

Quinn is out.

6th Challenge!

Your next challenge is to come up with a team motto. Easy enough. Get together with your team and brainstorm ideas. Only submit one per team please. You have 24 hours. Good luck!

Win: Peacekeepers

Lost: Gamemakers

6th Elimination: Gamemakers

<poll>Who will you vote for? Valentina Sky Clove Eemet R Connor Movie Rockman HGR</poll>

5th Redemption Island Duel

Wolverine VS Valentina

Your challenge is to make a lunaii of Effie as described in the first book. You have 24 hours. Good Luck!

Valentina is Out

7th Challenge

Your seventh challenge is to make an escort. Background info, including age, District they escort, personality and looks. Someone will also have to make a lunaii for the team's escort. Good luck! You have 24 hours.

Win: Peacekeepers

Lose: Gamemakers

7th Elimination: Gamemakers

<poll>Who will you vote for? Sky Clove Eemet R Connor Movie Rockman</poll>

6th Redemption Island Duel

Wolverine VS Eemet

Your eighth challenge is to make a short story about President Snow's life in the Capitol. Good Luck.

Eemet is Out

8th Challenge

This next challenge is a race!!! One more elimination and Redemption Island Duel before the merge begins. There is also a twist..... the first person to answer the question picks who is going home. There will be five riddles. If you guess one correctly you are safe. After five contestants are safe I will ask one more riddle that only those five can answer. Whoever answers correctly first gets to pick who is eliminated.

Riddle 1

Me, I'm sweet and juicy,

But inside I'm VERY deadly,

It was quite a sight for thee,

when Foxface did bite me.


Riddle 2

I fly proud with golden wings,

but my sting shows off my might,

when Rue pointed me out,

Katniss dropped me,

and gave the careers quite a fright!


Final Riddle


Golden yes, above the eyes,

and aqua in the hair,

stated she was in bed when the children died

and didn't seem to care.

8th Elimination

Rockman has voted out Logan.

7th Redemption Island Duel

Wolverine VS Logan

Your challenge is to create a lunaii for Venia, Flavius and Octavia.


Logan is out.

Wolverine returns.

9th Challenge

Okay the first merge challenge. Your next challenge is to create a poster of your new tribe just like the very first challenge you did. The team color is gold. Good Luck!

Nate wins Immunity

9th Elimination

DOUBLE ELIMINATION!!!!!! <poll>Who will you vote for? Leshawna Star Emma Wolverine Sky Clove R Connor HGR Rockman Movie</poll>

HGR is out. <poll>Time to vote again. Leshawna Star Emma Wolverine Sky Clove R Connor Rockman</poll>

Rockman is out.

10th Challenge

Your 10th Challenge is to write a short story of Lavinia's journey to the capitol and her life as an avox. Good luck.

Leshawna and Connor win immunity.

10th Elimination

DOUBLE ELIMINATION <poll>Who will you vote for? Star Emma Wolverine Sky Clove R Nate Movie</poll>

Star is out. <poll>Time to vote again. Emma Wolverine Sky Clove R Nate Movie</poll>

Movie is Out.

8th Redemption Island Duel


HGR VS Star VS Movie

Your challenge is to write a short story of Peeta, Johanna and Enobaria's time in the Capitol after the 75th Games. You each get 1 to write about. I drew names and HGR got Johanna. Star got Peeta and Movie got Enobaria! Good Luck guys. The two duel survivors will be in the top 10 and season 2!

Star is out.

11th Challenge

Make your own arena. Tell me the terrain the mutts where the cornucopia is. You get the idea. Good Luck. *Diagrams are not mandatory.

11th Elimination

<poll>Who will you vote for? Emma Wolverine Sky Clove R Nate Connor</poll>

9th Redemption Island Duel

HGR VS Movie VS Connor

Your next challenge is to create a short story of Gale during the bombing of District 12 and what he did to save the people. Good Luck!

12th Challenge

Okay your next challenge is a toughy. You must write a poem about anything Hunger Games Related! Good Luck!

12th Elimination

Immunity goes to Clove! <poll>Who will you vote for? Leshawna Emma Wolverine Sky R</poll>

10th Redemption Island Duel

Welcome to the final Duel of Redemption Island. Leshawna, Clove, Wolverine and R are safe at camp and guaranteed a spot in the Final 5. You four however (HGR, Connor, Emma and Sky) are still in danger of elimination. There will be 3 back-to-back duels, one person out each round. Here is the first challenge:

This is an easy one. Just tell me in the comments why you deserve to be in the final five. The weakest argument is out. If someone doesn't particiate they are out. If more than one don't participate the person with the strongest argument picks which one is out.

Emma is out.

11th Redemption Island Duel

HGR VS Connor VS Sky

Your next duel is to tell me why you deserve to be in the final 5 MORE than the others on Redemption. What makes you special and stand out more? Give examples of why the others SHOULDN'T be in the final 5. Same Rules apply from prior Duel.

Final Redemption Island Duel!!!!!!

HGR VS Connor


13th Challenge/12th Elimination

Your next challenge is also an elimination. The challenge is a list from 1-5 of the order you want the rest of the game to go in. 1 is highest 5 is lowest.


1. Clove

2. Leshawna

3. Connor

4. Wolverine

5. R

'I will add up everyones total amount 'and whoever has the highest is out of the game for good and will become the 8th Jury memeber. Good luck.


Congrats to Leshawna, Clove, R and Connor for reaching the Final 4 of Survivor: Hunger Games Wiki!!!!!! Connor, you already did something like this on Redemption. Your final challenge is for you to tell me why you deserve a spot in the Final 3. Tell me what you did that sets you apart from the others; something that makes you special and makes you seem like a good player. Tell me why you deserve it more than the others and why you have a real chance to become Sole Survivor. The person with the weakest argument is AUTOMATICALLY ELIMINATED and will be the Final Jury Member. Good Luck!


I have to say I must congratulate all three of you. Congrats Leshawna, Clove and Connor for making it to the Final 3 of Survivor: Hunger Games Wiki! We have the ultimate rivalry and the sweet girl left. Who will win? That my friends is in the Jury's hands. Rockman, Star, Nate, Movie, Emma, Sky, HGR, Wolverine and R will each cast one vote for who they want to win. The player with the most votes wins the game and becomes THE SOLE SURVIVOR!!!!!!!! I will message each of the jurers to vote. They will vote on my talkpage and will be deleted after viewing so please don't try to snoop. Good luck, and may the best player win.

Jury Votes

Connor:1 (R)

Clove: 5 (Rockman, Movie, Star, HGR and Nate)

Leshawna: 3 (Sky ,Wolverine, Emma)

Remaining Votes: 0

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