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Thank yous!


Dnt worry Im not leaving the wiki I just thought I would make a page of thankyous for people who hav entered great tributes.


Award For Perfect Attendance

This reward is for Users who hav had a tribute in evry 1 of my games so far:






Award for VICTORY

This reward are for people who have had Victors

Jabberjay78- Star Sun

Fantasyfilm99- Nolt Ranfer

Award for EVIL

This reward is for people who entered great villains!

Purplexmuffin- Gemma Stork

K.V.T- Loxie Wheel

Award for Being SO CLOSE

This reward is for people whose tributes died in the final showdown.

Leshawna333- Violet White

Jabberjay78- Scorpius Flame and Forrest Shadows

Purplexmuffin- Katherine Storm, Gemma Stork and Iridessa Black

Anon- Ivy Greenwood

K.V.T- Loxie Wheel

Brony12- Aquamarine Summerton


This reward is for people who had tributes die in the Bloodbath.

Jabberjay78- Mikey Gold and Randall Clark

EffieLuna- Chris Humperdink and Colby Button

Mnkygrlsj- Voltra Star

Fantasyfilm99- Tiberious Sluth and Ruby Till

Purplexmuffin- Gabe Millen

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