Hey guys! I have had this idea for a while and I am finally doing it. Okay so for each game 1-76th I will be posting information. The tributes, the arena, the rankings and stuff like that. I will include all the victors of the book series and the games they won! I hope you guys think this is cool. Post some arena ideas in the comments because it may be difficult thinking of 76 different arenas!


The First Games

The arena is a large island in the middle of a lake. The island is forrested except for a small clearing in the center where the Cornucopia lies. A wide river runs from a pond on the east side of the island out to the lake on the southwest side. Muttations include trackerjackers, jabberjays and mountain lions that spit acid. The temperature is 60 degrees but at night it drops down to 30 degrees.
1st Arena

The Second Games

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