Okay so I am back with some new games :D These games I am really going to commit to and try to make it my best yet! These games are the 125th Hunger Games (Fifth Quarter Quell). I WANT GOOD TRIBUTES! Please make sure they are well described or I may not choose them. I want-

  • Name
  • Age
  • District
  • Backstory
  • Skills
  • Weakness
  • Personality
  • Please supply a lunaii. If you do not supply one I will make it myself...

UPDATE: Users can only enter 4 tributes now.


Okay so being as this is after the book series District 13 and the Capitol will also be featured. Their are two twists: The first being that their will be 56 tributes (4 from each District). To remind all of Panem the children and adults killed in the Rebellion, two of the four tributes from a district will be 11 and the other two will be 19.


A lot of people never read the description and just post tributes so I wanted to make this clear: Due to the Quell Twist the tributes you enter must be either 11 or 19!


Okay I think this is a really creative Arena Idea. The arena will start out as practically nothing. Just endless white. Nothing but empty white space. The minute a tribute dies the arena will morph into a version of the dead tribute's District. What it looks like depends on the age of the Tribute. If it is an eleven year old that dies the District will be normal with all the resources available for use. If it is a 19 year old tribute that dies, the District's resources will disappear and a Gamemaker trap will go off. Here is what they are.

  • District 1- All the buildings will collapse.
  • District 2- Landslides will occur.
  • District 3- Constant thunder storms will occur.
  • District 4- A hurricane and a tsunami.
  • District 5- Anything made out of metal will be electrified.
  • District 6- Runaway trains and cars will drive around the District trying to take out the tributes.
  • District 7- Forest fire.
  • District 8- An earthquake occurs.
  • District 9- The Grain fields will morph into snake mutts.
  • District 10- Mutant cattle mutts will be unleashed.
  • District 11- A tornado.
  • District 12- Land mines will be activated.
  • District 13-Toxic Fumes will begin to emit.
  • Capitol- Bombs will fall from the sky.


District Male Tribute Creator Female Tribute Creator
1 (11) Excel Rose Prezziesnow9704:)! Bascule Du Fey Prezziesnow9704:)!
1 (19) Excalibur Rose Prezziesnow9704:)! Nescaliar Bohemia Prezziesnow9704:)!
2 (11)
2 (19) Zephyr Brawn BoyWithThePikachuTattoo Prism Winters BoyWithThePikachuTattoo
3 (11)
3 (19)
4 (11) Tidal Fynn BoyWithThePikachuTattoo
4 (19) Victoria Eve Cloveismywife
5 (11) Celeste Ryder Beetee19
5 (19)
6 (11)
6 (19) Axl Lockhart Beetee19 Killigan Isselli Moviepopcorn123
7 (11) Ariana Aleeza Cloveismywife
7 (19)
8 (11) Daisy Telfin Cloveismywife
8 (19)
9 (11)
9 (19)
10 (11)
10 (19)
11 (11) Parker Viola Moviepopcorn123
11 (19)
12 (11) Melanoi Jet BoyWithThePikachuTattoo
12 (19)
13 (11)
13 (19) Heidi Wittaker Cloveismywife
Capitol (11) Derek Hofhouse Angry birds12
Capitol (19) Ebony Bronze Angry birds12

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