THESE GAMES WILL BE EPIC!! Please submit tributes from 1-12. Two tribs per person!


24 tributes have been reaped for this year's hunger games. This year was supposed to be like any other. However something went terribly wrong. When the 24 tributes were circling the Cornucopia, the land mines went off sending the arena into chaos and one by one all the tributes die in gruesome ways in a matter of minutes. It is then revealed to be a premonition of one of the tributes. Frantic the tribute alerts the gamemakers who realize the mines were about to blow. The gamemakers manage to get them out just as the arena explodes. These tributes are rejoyced at first, thinking the survived death. But death doesn't like to be cheated. The tributes are allowed to wander the Capitol as the new arena is being made, but strange events start to occur. One by one the survivors of the arena explosion begin to die in gruesome "freak accidents" Can the remaining tributes find a way to outlive Death once again? Or will it be the end for all of them?

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