Sure there has been a number of fights on this wiki. Pretty severe ones too. From the civil war between Leshawna and TDR to the skirmish between Effie and SkyandBray when he insulted her games. Even if those fights were severe there were only a handful of users involved. Never before have I seen a fight so widespread. There is an enourmous amount of users involved. From the ultra annoying caps fanatic who demands chat back, to that one girl who comments on every fight comment even if it has nothing to do with her, to the other users who seem to say the most random things in the middle of a flamewar to users like me, Angry Birds, Tiki, Iluvgale, Effie and Foxface who have to defend ourselves about every three seconds. Personally I say bring it and I am determined to win this flamewar and I think some users would agree with me. This so called "Newbie Descrimination" is downright ridiculous because only the users who do nothing but chat were the ones called out in the first place. Yet nearly every user who has joined in the last month thinks e hate them just because the are new even though many have an impressive edit count. Then Tiki makes a blog honoring users who have been here forever and really helped contribute instead of mindless chatting all day and night. (And we really should get an award for some of the people we've had to deal with in the past few days) I really don't get why some users are offended by that blog. You've been here for a month people whereas we have all been here at least a year or close to it! What did you expect we were going to bow down to every new user that sets foot on the wiki and caiter to your every demand? Another one thing thats bothering me is a certain user who keeps blabbing on about how we are anti newbie and that he/she has a substantial edit count. I checked and they are all blog comments. Hate to break it to you sister but you don't get honored on this wiki for being chatty on the blogs! I am sick and tired of being seen as the bad guy just because I'm not afraid to speak my mind. I truly feel for Leshawna now! And to think if users wouldn't of whined like 5 year old brats about chat being taken away this fight could have been avoided! And trust me if this fighting gets any more out of hand admins will step in.

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