aka Connor

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is Red Belt, Mental Patient lol, Hated User
  • I am Male
  • TotalDramaRox97


    January 8, 2012 by TotalDramaRox97

    IT'S OFFICIALLY MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY =D-TotalDramaRox97 I put wet cement in your sandwich. WET CEMENT! 21:53, January 8, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TotalDramaRox97

    New Avatar Creator

    September 29, 2011 by TotalDramaRox97

    Ive been wanting to say this for months

    A kid on PFFanon introduced me to a new avatar creator i wouldnt say its better than lunaii but i feel i should point it out

    Heres one of me (if u want me to post one of u i'd be fine with it)

    ]] 16:03, September 29, 2011 (UTC)

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  • TotalDramaRox97

    Based on your opinion, what district do you think you look like you are from

    For me I look District 7 cuz of my brown hair (though it looks black), brown eyes, and olive skin

    User District
    TotalDramaRox97 7
    Mikhail101 3
    Brony12 2
    Leshawna333 4
    Skybender101 9
    PrezzieSnow 4
    Nate777 11
    Fantasy 5
    Kenzen11 4
    Eliva 8
    Fallen Angell 2
    Effie 2
    Purplex 7
    Firecatcher 6
    JERealize 12
    Jabberjay 12
    Chysauuur 1
    Mnkygirls 3
    Anon 8
    Brony10 2
    K.V.T 8
    I want Seddie 12
    Dago 4
    Tommy 4
    Clove 10
    Necterine 9

    TotalDramaRox97 Really Perry?! I expected more from you. 13:51, September 1, 2011 (UTC)

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  • TotalDramaRox97

    We never found out the placements and deaths of some what do u think happened me

    23rd- District 10 Female- Stabbed by Clove

    22nd- District 4 Male- Stabbed by Clove

    21st- District 9 Female- Speared by Marvel

    20th- District 7 Female- Cato literally ripped her head off

    19th- District 5 Male- Slashed by Cato

    18th- District 6 Male- Stabbed by Peeta

    17th- District 8 Male- Stabbed by Cato

    16th- District 3 Female- Slashed by Cato

    15th-District 6 Female- Shot by Glimmer when she missed the District 7 Male

    14th- District 7 Male- Cato slashed his lung

    23rd- Male Morphling- His body finally gave into the morphling

    22nd- Woof- Drowned when Enobaria stabbed his belt

    21st- District 9 Female- Gloss stabbed her chest

    20th- District 10 Male- Killed by Brutus

    19th- Seeder-…

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  • TotalDramaRox97

    Im sorry guys but i have decided that im leaving the wiki there is nothing to do here anymore I'll come by every once in a while me returning= very slim chance

    I have a few words to say before i go

    IRH- You were an awesome user and i loved ur tributes im happy that i still have your email address

    Firecatcher- Thank u so much for participating in all my games also thank you for trying to get me to stay

    HGFG- I really dont know what to say because i always email u

    Mockingjay-You were really nice and a great participant in my games


    TotalDramaRox97 You didn't know about radishes til 6 months ago

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