Name: Sienna Sarsona

District: 7

Age: 14

Weapon: Hatchet

Advantages: Strategic

Disadvantage: Emotional

Strategy: Remain calm and avoid people

Personality: Sienna is very nice and tactical. At school she has a lot of friends, is a straight A student, and rarely gets into trouble. When she does get into trouble she uses her intelligence to get out of it. She helps around her house with her 3 younger siblings. She also uses her intelligenc to help care for her dying, diabetic father. She hopes to win the Hunger Games for her family

History: Sienna was born in her bathroom because her mother was in too much pain to move luckily her aunt is a trained OBGYN. Sienna's father works as a lumber jack and her mother works in the manufacturing industry. Her father taught her how to use tools such as axes, hammers, chainsaws, and knives. Her father got diabetes when she was only 10 and he is slowly dying leaving Sienna, her mother, and 3 other siblings to help around the house

Death: She never died she faked it so neither her nor Keilyn would die

Name: Pedro Maprinez

District: 1

Age: 18

Weapon: Bow & Arrow

Advantage: Strong

Disadvantage: Threat

Straegy: Wait for the right time to strike

Personality: Pedro very calm but he can be rude at times. Other than that he's really nice. He is also very athletic. His best sport is soccer he has become a star at it. Pedro is a master at mechanical engineering and is a scholar. He spends a lot of time with his friends and family but still has time to do his homework. He hates music and most people find that annoying but he still has tons of friends and he is very well liked by teachers and counselers. He doesn't have much common sense

History: Pedro was born healthy and well. His family is very wealthy so he has gotten a very good education. His parents were scholars so he is very intelligent.

Death: Crushed by boulder

Name: Venuu Kwaad

District: 4

Age: 16

Weapon: Ninja Stars

Advantage: Competitive

Disadvantage: Arrogant

Strategy: Kill everyone

Personality: Venuu is very cocky and sadistic when she is bored she kills birds with ninja stars

History: She was born from two criminals. Her father is a serial killer on death row. Her mother is a vandalist. Surprisingly her brother is very nice.

Death: Run over by boulder


Name: Airik Snocio

District: 11

Age: 13

Weapon: Nunchuks

Advantage: Not seen as a threat

Disadvantage: Unfocused

Strategy: Make friends

Death: Got trapped in Furina's snare


Name: Erien Smith

District: 12

Age: 12

Weapon: Machete

Advantage: Flirtatious

Disadvantage: Unprepared

Stratgy: Lay low until the Final 2

Personality: Erien is very passive she understands others. She is a little emotional and has meltdowns at school but is still popular at school. At home she has major problems with her brothers who torture her 24/7. And a father who was born mentally retarded. Her mother is the only person who can help her. She hopes to win the Hunger Games so her family can relax.

History: Erien was born with a failing heart but she survived. She was great at softball and is on a Little League team. She is has an emotional past involving several meltdowns for minor reasons. Erien has had to deal with 1 older and one younger torturing her. And her father is mentally retarded so she has to provide for her father instead of him providing for her

Death: Angulated after Halex accidentally cut her neck


Male: Nemestrinus Virus

District: 7

Age: 16

Weapons: Axes and Swords

Advantage: Skilled with weapons

Disadvantage: Makes enemies easily

Personality: Nemestrinus is really nice. He is always and angel when he is trying to impress someone and is poliet when meeting knew people. But inside he of ponders killing. In the Hunger Games he would make an alliance with his District partner. But never the careers.

History: His father is a lumberjack fot the local buisness. And often he goes there after school and on weekend. And when the lumberjacks get called off work he goes into his backyard and tries to hunt birds with his axes. His most killed was 21. He has a mother, father and a brother who he rather despises. Death: Picked clean of meat by dead tributes

Female: Tempestes Poena

District: 11

Age: 15

Weapons: Bow and arrows and axes.

Advantage: Has had experience in these kinds of situations

Disadvantage: Gets angry easily

Personality: A bit of a hothead. Often blowing up uneccasisarily. She can be really nice and normal. But be warned if you get on her bad side.

History: She grew up in a rougue household with 8 brothers. She was the 9th child and was their first daughter. One of her brothers died 6 years ago. It happened when a tree accidently fell on him when he was harvesting. She likes to harvest but that family needs to have someone at home with her mother. So she stays home when she wants to be out planting crops. This is how she developed a fierce temper after building up anger inside of her. Death: Mauled and eaten by mutts

Name: Furina Aquilo

District: 6

Age: 13

Weapons: Healing, snares, whips

Advantage: Can do a lot

Disadvantage: Too trusting

Personality: Furina is very nice to others an tries whatever she can do to help them. This attitude has gooten her few enemies and many friends. She is also very smart and strong. She is skilled with many weapons

History: Comes from a well of family in District 6. has a brother who she loves dearly and a friend of hers went it 2 years ago and died. She wants to avenger her death.

Death: Glitter choked her with her whip

Name: Faunus Mors

District 6

Age: 14

Weapons: Nets. Anything to do with nets. He is an awesome weaver and is great at throwing nets.

Advantage: Competitive

Disadvantage: Stubborn

Personality: He is very competitive he can go to extreme possibly extremely overboard to get what he wants. He has a close bond with Furina. In the Hunger Games he will do anything to insure his or Furina's victory.

History: When he was six his father died when people came and demanded money. His mother was injured and died in hospital later that year. His three older brothers took after him. His older brother was killed after a medical solution was given to him and it was accidenty wrong. His second eldest brother died after he was attacked in an alleyway. Then his third younger brother was killed after a tracker jacker nest was mysteriously placed in his bed. Faunus was left and he was pulled out for the Hunger Games Death Unknowingly hit forcefield

Name Halex Calf

District: 10

Age: 18

Weapons: Fists

Advatage: Super strong

Disadvantage: Doesn't know how to use weapons.

Personality: Halex cares deeply for those around him and will go through anything to help them. If you hurt his friends or family you can end up in major pain. Halex also cares for his girlfriends sister Rena and is willing to protect her at all costs


Death: Sienna hit his chest with a hatchet

Name: Rena Gems

District: 10

Age: 14

Advantge: Presicoun with bow and arrow

Disadvatage: Has trouble killing people.

Personality: Rena is a strong but noce person. SHe doesn't like people who hurt others. Her closest non relative is her sister's boyfriend Halex. .

History: Older sister dates Halex. She grew up wiht her parents, and his sister. She is very close to Halex because they have known each other for years

Death: Bea crushed her skull

Name: Bea Sledgehamer

District: 2

Age: 18

Advantage: Intelligent

Disadvantage: Threat

Weapons: Hammers knives hitting people with blunt objects blacksmithing and other black smith stuff.

Strategy: Normal Careers

Personality: He is strategic with a strategy normal careers except be a black smith

History: Is a blacksmith and a career

Death: Pressure of receiving a spike to the heart

Wirey McHadson

District 3


Weapons: Bolas (two rocks tied together by a string, you throw them around a persons legs and they fall)

Advatage: Super smart

Disadvatege: Kinda weak.

Stragey: Run from the cornucopia and make a blolas.

Personaltiy: Very outgoing and willign to learn ablout anything.

History: Has a little sister who he cares for. his parents are always working. Death: Was chased into the acid pit

Name:Calcuate Numerale

District: 3

Age: 15

Weapon: Poisons

Advatage: Very sly

Disadvage: Too arrogant

Stragey: Run and hide.

personality: Very quiet and not noticable

History: Has no one

Death: Received axe to gut

Name:Lyla Thorn

District: 9

Age: 14

Advantage: Very fast

Disadvantage: Very Small

Weapons: Snares, Traps

Personality: Very quiet, shy, but very adventurous.

Strategy: Trap and kill

Appearance: Pale skin, long, dark brown hair, usually worn in a braid or a bun, large, dark brown eyes, very small.

History: She has an older sister who takes care of her and a twin sister. Her mother works all day and half the night. Her father is dead. They are very poor.

Death: Was cut in half by Nemestrinus

Marcus Stone,

District 9

Age: 16

Advantage: Very Strong

Disadvantage: Not very self-confident

Weapons: Spear, Bow (Long Distance weapons)

Strategy: Try as hard as he can

Personality: Very quiet, not very self confident, kind, not very outgoing.

History: He has always been outshone by his brothers. He has two brother who are both 16 and a sister who is 14. They are just an average family. When he was 5 years old, his twin sister was murdered by peacekeepers, since then, he has never been all that happy. He isn't very self confident, but he thinks that if he can win the Games, then he will finally be appreciated.

Death: Stabbed by is own spear

Haley Winters

District: 8

Age: 12

Advanage: Clever

Disadvage: Not cautious

Weapon: Blowgun and darts

Strategy: Run and hide, only make an allince if the person needs help.

Personality: Very happy and excited person she is always willing to help some one out if they need it.

History: She grew up with her mom and dad, they were very close and never lfet each others side.

Death: Decapitated by Nemestrinus

Keilyn TDR97
Name: Keilyn Lark

District: 5

Age: 15

Talents: Great with a bow and arrows, knives, snares, sword fighting,

Strategy: Get something close and run, find food and water, ally only with North, kill only when necessary

Personality: Quiet, smart, shy, pleasing, kind, trustworthy, cautious

History: Keilyn lives with her mother and father. She doesn't have any siblings, at least not yet. Her mother is pregnant with her first sibling, but Keilyn was reaped so she may never get to see him/her. Keilyn hunts for her family with the skills her father taught her. She walks silently in the forest and is a fabulous hunter. She often hunts with her best friend North, who is 17. They help each other feed their families and other people around the district. Keilyn is going to try her hardest to come home, but she knows her chances are slim.

Death: She won

North Spruce
Name: North Spruce

District: 5

Age: 17

Weapons: Hand to hand combat, sword fighting, throwing spears, snares

Strategy: Get something close and run, find food and water and Keilyn, ally with her, keep her safe, give her the best chance of coming home

Personality: Introverted, quiet, friendly, cautious

History: North lives with his mother. He loves her, but she is addicted to drugs and alcohol so he is not very close to her. He is watched at school because of his mother's reputation, but the girls all like him. He feeds his mother and helps Keilyn feed her family. He and Keilyn have been best friends ever since they met when Keilyn was five. Now North wants to take their relationship to the next level. He loves her, a lot so when he was reaped he vowed to protect her since he has nothing to come home to except his high mother. He will send her home.

Death: Received a knife to the heart

Kori Fill
Kori Fill

District: 12

Age: 16

Advantage: Amazing with a bow and arrow, strong.

Disadvantage: Hates being alone.

Weapons: Bow and arrows, knife.

Strategy: Grab something close and run. Find a very trustworthy ally. He plans to stick with his ally until the end.

Personality: Very outgoing and nice, hates being alone. very social, has many friends.

History: He has grown up as the son of the owners of the sweet shop. He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters who are all younger than him. He has always had lots of friends, so he never gets lonely.

Death: Decapitated by Nemestrinus

Tori Sun 1
Tori Sun,

District: 2

Age: 14

Advatage: Amazingly fast runner, great with knives.

Disadvantage: Not very strong

Strategies- Grab something close and run, she has no desire to be in the Career pack. She will have no allies and she plans to kill tributes off one by one.

History- She has always lived a relativly normal life. She has a twin brother. She is not very popular in school, but she knows that if she wins, she will become very popular.

Personality- She isn't self-centered, as you would think. She has always put her friends before her. Although, She is a little cocky and she is also cunning. She is very self-confident and no matter what anyone says, she will always think good of herself

Death: Nemestrinus attacked her

Riptide Current

District 4

Age: 17

Adavage: Clubs

Disadvage: Too blood thirsty

Weapon: Club

Stragey: Team up with careers and HUNT

Personality: Actually nice if it doesnt involve the hunger games. If it does then bakc away slowly.

History: He trained with his younger brother and dad was couch while his mom taught his sister. They were very respected in the district and he had lots of friends.

Death: Shot by Pedro

Glitter Glows

District 1

Age: 17

Advage: Career

Disadvage: Always hungery

Weapons: Anything

Stragey: Join the careers and hunt tributes

Personality: Cruel and ruthless (classic career)

History: Trained all her life for the chance to go to the hunger games. Her father pushed her hard and never let up on her.

Death: Ate a fish muttation


Sienna: Dad's signature

Pedro: Flat soccer ball

Venuu: Dead stuffed fish

Airik: An ear of corn

Erien: Bandana

Nemestrinus: Wooden cup

Tempestes: Carving of her brother

Furina: Jar of herbs

Faunus: Inhaler

Halex: Chicken egg

Rena: Golden ring from her sister

Bea: Metal wire

Wirey: String

Calculate: Rubber wire

Lyla- Locket with her father's picture in it

Marcus- Picture of his family

Haley- Dad's cloth

Keilyn- Carved wooden wolf on a leather cord around her neck

North- Carved wooden elk on a leather cord around his neck

Kori- Good luck card signed by his friends

Riptide: A little tube filled with water that when you shake its like a riptide

Glitter: A tube of glitter that glows!


Tributes Points (out of 12)
Sienna 7
Pedro 9
Venuu 12
Airik 5
Erien 3
Nemestrinus 10
Tempestes 10
Furina 6
Faunus 9
Halex 7
Rena 7
Bea 11
Wirey 4
Calculate 7
Lyla 5
Marcus 7
Haley 8
Keilyn 12
North 7
Kori 5
Riptide 11
Tori 8
Glitter 11


The arena is a rectangular grassland. There is a lake containing a lot of water and fish in it. A mountain is on the side with a cave. North of the mountain is a lava pit. West of the mountain is a slope with an acid pit at the bottom if you get on the slope you have little chance of survival. South of the mountain is a pit containing carnivorous muttations.. There is a thick tight forest near the lake with living vines. There are poisonous flowers and berries near the acid. The only healthy plant is a blueberry bush. An electric wire and steam shooters lie near the Cornucopia. The Cornucopia is on the far west end.



All the tributes came in reglar clothing then their stylists cut some of it off making some of the ends look sharp


On the last day robots of the dead tributes appeared with yellow green skin, red eyes, and robotic parts

Kori Fill2
Tori Sun 2
North Spruce2


Fish muttations- The fish inside the lake look normal but every 6 hours they excrete an invisible inflammable poison that lasts for 30 minutes, longer if water temperature is changed. The poison is extremly toxic and can kill in a matter of seconds

Rabbit Muttations- The rabbits are the size of a desk and if you are scratched you are paralyzed for a period of time

Fox Muttations- They are one of the three muttations living in the pit

Lion Muttations- They are another kind living in the pit

Bear Muttations- They are another mutt living in the pit

Deer Muttations- They are deer 1.5x their size and have razor sharp horns

Hunger Games

Day 1- Bloodbath Cornucopia

"Let the Hunger Games begin" Marceo Drangh yells across the 12 distrcits damaging the tributes ears. The tributes run off. Halex and Erien fight over a machete Halex loses his grip the machete slings at Erien's neck she quickly loses conciousness. Sienna thinks this act was intentional and swings her hatchet at his chest. Horrified, Rena readys herself to kill Sienna. Bea comes in and crushes her skull with a sledgehammer and says "This is my way of repaying you for helping me during training. Airik goes to get the snare but Furina has already set it he dies quickly. Glitter soon grabs Furina's whip and chokes her to death Haley and Kori start trying to kill each other but Nemestrinus decapitates them in the process. Tempestes throws her axe at Calculate killing her instantly. Nemestrinus finds Tori and kills her. Riptide and Pedro fight to the death Pedro disarms and shoots Riptide. As Marcus goes to kill Nemestrinus with a spear Nemestrinus deflects it with his sword and the spear goes through Marcus head, That night a cannon fires eleven times Keilyn cwaits for North in a tree. She hears someone, throws her knife, and it turns out to be North with a knife in his heart. "I'm so sorry" Keilyn screams, "Remember you need to win avoid Neme-" a cannon fires.














Day 2- Survival

No one died because everyone was two focused on survival

Day 3- Muttations

Glitter went to find food she found a pond and caught a fish with her hand. Behind her Sienna was watching. After Glitt cooked the fish she ate a bite to make sure it tasted okay. Sienna had found a food source. After Glitter took one bite she starting choking in 37 seconds a cannon fired Sienna knew one thing. The fish was poisonous.



Day 4- Hunting

No one died since everyone was hiding

Day 5- Hiding-

No one died due to everyone hiding still. Lyla receives a knife from one of her sponsors

Day 6- Deaths

Nemestrinus is ready to kill Wirey but Wirey decides to make a deal to take him to the final 2 so Nemestrinus spares his life. Bea decides he needs shelter at the top of the mountain. Pedro spots Bea and pulls back his arrow and fires. Bea grabs a rock but it falls and a cannon fires, Pedro was crushed. Bea sets off a trap and gets a spike to the chest as he falls he hits the rock and lands in Venuu's arms. Venuu lets him know that if she helps him he has to kill Sienna. Bea refuses and jumps out of Venuu's hands. Lyla and Keilyn get ready to kill each other when at least 200 deer the size of moose with razor sharp horns attack them. Faunus has successfully scaled the mountain but a weird noise is heard followed by a cannon and Faunus falls dead. Bea realizes it and says "The forcefield is on top of the mountain." Gets ready to attack when she disappears and two seconds later she is laying on the ground dead and a cannon fires. Sienna comes in and cries Bea's name. Tempestes starts running from Wirey and Nemestrinus, when Wirey throws his bolas and they tie around Tempestes's legs causing her to fall, have the bolas fly off, and land in a pit. Tearing of human flesh is heard soon followed by a cannon. Lyla and Keilyn are fight ing to the death with the deer muttations for every one that dies ten more appear. They hide in the forest and ride up a vine to the tree top then like 20 oversized rabbits appear and all of them start to eat the trees. Lyla and Keilyn agree to ally with each other. Bea and Sienna are in a cave. Sienna asks what happened and Bea tells her. Sienna knew he didn't have much time to live and starts crying. Bea tells her to get some food right after she leaves a cannon fires, Bea died. Only Sienna, Lyla, Keilyn, Nemestrinus, and Wirey remain.







Day 7-The Feast

On the day of the feast everyone got their stuff safely. Keilyn and Lyla go back to the forest thats still being eaten by mutts Lyla goes down to find food but Wirey throws his bolas and Lyla gets tied up. Nemestrinus gets ready to kill her but she starts fighting back. The rabbit muttation bites her she is moving less but surprisingly still moving. Nemestrinus has had it and he slices her in half and a cannon fires. Keilyn hides worrying she's next Keilyn goes into hiding. Nemestrinus starts chasing Wirey with his sword. Wirey screams "What about our alliance?" Nemestrinus replies "It's over" Wirey throws his bolas and Nemestrinus cuts it with his sword. Nemestrinus says "What are you gonna do now?" Wirey starts sliding down a slope he tries to stop himself but its hopeless and he falls in the acid pit. Wirey screams "You'll pay" and a cannon fires.




Day 8- The Winner and Robots

Sienna receivfes a letter from her mom that her dads funeral was yesterday and her family was sorry they didnt tell her sooner and she starts crying. Keilyn gets out of the forest and all the trees fall soon causing a fire. Sienna runs for her life when she runs into Nemestrinus. She grabs his sword and tosses it. The final 3 are at the Cornucopia the sand prevents fire from raging onto it. When they think things can't possibly get worse. A stick falls and explode then 30 start then hundreds. Nemestrinus realizes they are bombs. Sienna screams "This is the worst thing ever" The dead tributes are seen walking towards them. Keilyn says "No that is." The dead tributes start to attack them. Sienna gets Halex and Wirey in the fire and they melt. Calculate, Lyla, Glitter, RIptide, and Pedro are blown up. All three are on top the Cornucopia. Sienna swings her hatchet and misses but Keilyn gets him to fall off the Cornucopia. As he lands a bomb goes off and his legs and left hand fall off. Bleed perfusely, Nemestrinus calls for help trhe remaing robots grab his body parts and start attacking. Nemestrinus screams and as the screaming fades a cannon fires. Keilyn and Sienna start killing the robots Sienna kills off most off them. After they finish off the robots they see how Nemestrinus is doing. All that is left of him is his skeleton and a sword. With fire raging in the rest of the arena they know one thing one of them will die there and then. Keilyn throws her knife into Sienna's chest a cannon fires Keilyn is the official winner of the Hunger Games.

Post Game- Sienna actually faked her own death so that neither her nor Keilyn would die. The whole situation was actually planned by both since they both had reason to win. The Capitol would allow Sienna to live under one conditition she doesnt tell how she escaped the arena. Keilyn understood Sienna's dad situation and agreed to share the winnings with her.

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