know my last one went too fast but this time it wont plz shout out up to 4 tributes with Name, Age, Skills, Strategy, Token, Weapon, Personality, and History

District 12:


Ralenio Caspada


Sirina Evakip

Name Ralenio Caspada Sirinia Exakip
Age 12 15
Skills Fast runner, Intelligent Strong, nice, suspicious
Strategy Hide until the finals Take out the biggest threats at the Cornucopia and deal with the rest later
Token Running shoe Glitter pen
Weapon Dagger Ballpeen hammer
Personality Ralenio is rather shy so he doesn't know many people. He is popular because of him being on the track team Sirinia is very strong and nice. She has been manipulated and tricked so she can see through people
History Ralenio was born from a depressed mother and a dying father. He lost his father at 4. Sirinia was born from a drug dealing father and slightly crazy mother. Her dad's friends have tricked her into doing illegal things but lately she's been able to stop them.
Death Drowned from being inside the Cornuopia Mauled by mutt.

District 11:


Spigarello Hendes


Maize Taperom

Name Spigarello Hendes Maize Taperom
Age 13 14
Skills Nice, funny, calm Smart, strong, makes friends easily
Strategy Attack only in case of emergency Lead Careers into dangerous places
Token Bandana Scarf
Weapon Whip Knife
History Spigarello was born from a Cuban and Chilean mother and a Spaniard father. Maize was born in District 4 but moved to 11. She has been in intense situations so she has decent advantage
Personality Spigarello is very into his Hispanic heritage. He is fluent in Spanish. He is also very nice and calm Maize is a very nice girl. She is a little conceited but it doesn't bother anybody.
Death Stabbed by sword Got knived by Terra after mentioning playing a role in killing Oak

District 10:

Name Neel Ford Olivia Wale
Age 12 16
Skills Can use a whip well and knows a lot of animals you can eat. Olivia is good with a bow and arrow and with knives.
Strategy To avoid everyone until the end and kill a few people in the finals. Take out a few careers at the cornucopia and then protect Neel no matter what, even if it means she dies.
Token A bracelet that has a picture of an animal on it None
Weapon Whip Bow and arrow or knives
Personality Neel is a nice person who is only mean to some animals. Olivia is a nice person who helps Neel.
History Neel has no siblings and only a mom. one of his sisters and his father died from peacekeepers that found out they were poaching. Neel was the youngest, so he was spared and his mother was not killed because she did not poach. Neel was reeped for the hunger games and he is very certain he will die. He hates the capitol a lot. Olivia has no family back in her district and has no friends, and she hates her life. But she is not emo or goth. When she was reeped she was sad, but knew she would miss nothing. When Neel was reeped, Olivia vowed to protect him since he was only 12.
Death Poisoned by skunks Had the top of her head cut off by Flint

District 9:

Name Bane Jonquil Maple Oleander
Age 18 12
Skills Spears. Bow and arrows. Long distance weapons. Traps. Poison. Traps. Knives and daggers.
Strategy Even though he doesn't believe them, everyone tells Bane he is very handsome. He plans to flaunt his good looks and gain many sponsers. He'll team up with the Careers and gain their trust. When they are hunting for other tributes, he'll run off when the Careers aren't paying attention. He'll settle himself a safe distance away and pick them off from a far. Stick very close to Bane.
Token A dried jonquil in a small fiction book A token
Weapon Spears. Bow and arrows. Long distance weapons. Traps. Poison Traps. Knives and daggers.
Personality Sarcastic, calm, serious, dislikes people Very sweet to people close to her. Good at masking her emotions. Cruel to people she hates
History Bane was found outside the door of the community home by a woman who worked there named Acacia. She is the closest person to Bane. Acacia told Bane that he was named that way because the day before she found him there was a storm. The storm left much destruction behind, thus his first name, Bane. However next to Bane there was also a little budding flower, a jonquil. Blood family is unknown. His motherly figure is Acacia. There is also a 12 year old girl, Magnolia, who he treats like a little sister. Bane's district counterpart is one of Magnolia's school friends. Maple isn't an orphan. However she was one of the first to befriend Magnolia at school. Maple is adored by most who meet her. But she can also be very vicious, which is why most people thought she'd go far in the Games despit her age. Her mother and father, Olive and Arbutus, love her very much. She has two younger brother and sister, Madder and Zinnia, and two older brothers, Valerian and Nettle. (THEIR NAMES ARE ALL PLANTS!) Friends with Magnolia whose surrogate older brother is Bane!
Death Slashed by Nacon Mauled by mutt

District 8:



Phoenix Rubin Janet Flare
Age 15 18
Skills Great knife thrower and can throw a spear well. Janet does not have many weapon skills, but she can set snares well and she has good stealth.
Strategy To grab some food and knives and make an alliance with his partner. To hideout and then kill at the end
Token None None
Weapon Knife or Spear Snare
Personality Phoenix is a leader. He had many friends and he likes to lead people and is somewhat bossy. Janet is a very nice girl, but she is kind of a dumb blond. Her friends back in her district called her that.
History Phoenix had many friends back in district eight. He was the leader of his clique, but rarely was a bully. He has 2 sisters and a father. His mother died when he was only 5. Janet has a big family. She has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Both of her parents are alive and work constantly. Janet has many friends, but is known for her stupidity.
Death Speared by Flint Slashed by Flint

District 7:

Terra Storm
Oak Thorn
Name Terra Storm Oak Thorn
Age 14 15
Skills Great at climbing trees, really fast runner, good with a bow and arrows Great with a knife. Smart with edible plants.
Strategy Grab something nearby and run. She wants to ally with Oak and stay with him. She doesn't like to kill, but she will do anything to win Ally with Terra. He will do anything to protect her and he wil do anything to let her win.
Token A wrist band made of woven leaves that has Oak's name weaved throughout it A wrist band made of woven leaves that has Terra's name weaved throughout it
Weapon Bow and Arrows Knife
Personality She is very shy. She is usually nice. She doesn't have many friends. Very trustworthy, but she is very cautious. She is very adventurous. Shy, smart, cautious, curious, adventurous.
History She has a little sister who is 12 named Maple. She voulenteered in for her. She also has a 5 year old sister named Reed. Her mother takes care of all of them. Oak is her best friend and they hunt together. She loves him like a brother. He was adopted into a poor family at the age of 5. His adopted parents are very cruel and mean. They have a son who is 13 and he is very nice to Oak. He usually hangs out and hunts with Terra. He will do everything in his power to let Terra win. He loves her like a sister.
Death Winner Knived by Micy

District 6:

Name Heptop Baal Hippolyta Miro
Age 13 16
Skill Good with throwing weapons like spears, tridents and knives. Is good with battle strategies. Is ballistic with whips
Strategy Ally with another male and become allies unil the final 8 Run far away. Kill when necissary
Token Watch from his mother Hairbrush
Weapon Spear Whip
Personality Quiet nice and friendly. But he has little trust for women. He is shy around people he doesn't know but once he warms up he never shuts up. Bubbly, always happy and kind to everyone nice.
Histroy Lives with his father. His father said he had to steal him away from his mother who was mean. And as a result he has little trust for the opposite gender. He feels male's are mor etrust worthy and nice. He does know he has a brother and longs to meet him. Lives a normal happy life in District 6. Her mum is a hairdresses and her dad works in the factories. She loves life
Death Eaten by a serpent Mauled by mutt

District 5:

Name Nacon Hydra Atla Slash
Age 15 16
Skill Great with nets and snares. He can make traps from anything and is decent when throwing knives and stabbing. A good cook. Nothing really. But she has an uncanny hate for the world. Which gives her an edge on wanting to kill people.
Strategy Team up with someone (not careers) and ally with them until the final 8 and them break up with them nicely. Kill as many tributes as possible. She doesn't really care whether she lives or dies. But she will survive to kill more tributes.
Token Loom Mini Coffin
Weapon Net Sword
Personality He is really kind hearted to people he knows but other wise he is quiet. He isn't very noticeable but that's they way he wants it to be. After the first day he will come out and kill just like everyone else. Is very loyal. Total emo. Doesn't really want to be alive. But she is savage and cruel and spends her time finding ways to tourture animals and how to kill people. She doesn't speak much and hates the world.
History Lives with his mother. His father ran away with his younger brother (who is Heptop Baal District 6) He is a bit femine from only living with his mother. She taught him how to weave and cook brilliantly. He wonders who his brother is. Atla parents and family left her at the age of 15 when she was found in the baby's room when their baby son had died. They ran away in fear and left Atla by herself. She has no friends, doesn't attend school and kills the occasional peacekeeper for fun.
Death Speared by Flint Sirinia broke her neck

District 4;

Name Xavier Jones Cleo Moss
Age 14 13
Skills Good with a spear or trident and can swim Good with bow and arrow. Has good stealth skills
Strategy To run and hide until after the bloodbath and then right after get what he needs. Grab a bow and arrow from the cornucopia. Hide out and try to kill when only necessary.
Token None None
Weapon Spear or Trident Bow and Arrow
Personality He looks timid and weak, but he is really vicious. He has known his district partner since they were little and tries to protect her. Is not a career. Only wants to kill when necessary so that she can stay alive. Cleo wants to help Xavier in the games
History Xavier lives with his 3 siblings and both parents. He went to school with Cleo Moss and he has always appeared to be shy looking. She lives alone with her mom. Her dad and other siblings died from poison gasses. Cleo went to school with Xavier and knows him kind of well.
Death Burnt to death Electrocuted by trap in berry bush

District 3:

Name Digit Twek Micy Cumput
Age 14 17
Skills He is very good with plants and very good with a spear. He can throw far and okay with a knife. Traps, and a knife. She can make great traps and can throw an knife super far.
Strategy Run from the cornucpoia and hide unitl he finds Micy. THen protect each other and survive. Grab something on the edges and run. Find Digit and team up. Make a huge trap to kill alot of people.
Token A blurred picture of his parents. A locket with a photo of Digit and Her parents.
Weapon Posions or a spear Traps or knife
Personality Very happpy and always able to make you laugh he is able to give anyone hope. He is also very strong willed and fell that he ahs to correct the wrong. Always seems to know more then you and is very sly. Very popular and will be able to make your day.
History He grew up with his parents and older sister. He was very smart and read lots of books and played some sports. His sister took him on a "camping trip" and abondoned him there. He found food and hunted with a makeshift spear. At 10 he found Micy and she took him in. He couldnt remember his parents only his last name and stills stays with Micy. Grew up with her parents and found Digit in the woods. She took him home and consiters herself his sister. Loves him but its behide a wall of sarcaism and fights.
Death Angulated after Flint punched him or choked on his blood Speared by a metal branch Terra hit with her arrow

District 2:

Name Flint Smith Anabel Russel
Age 18 17
Skills Can use knife, spear, and a sword really well Amazing with throwing knives. She can also use a sword.
Strategy To grab some weapons at the bloodbath and to kill as many people as possible. To kill everyone at the bloodbath and keep killing everyone. She would even try to kill Flint.
Token Chain Necklace that says 2 on it. None
Weapon Knife, spear, and sword Knife or sword
Personality Is a ruthless killer and will kill anyone to win. He is a career. She always tries to kill. She wants to make a career alliance, but by the final 10 kill the rest of the careers. She is a career and volunteered along with Flint.
History Flint has 2 brothers and a dad. He is very tough. He is the oldest in his family and volunteered for the hunger games. He does not know his fellow tribute, but wants to be allies with her for a while. Anabel has 1 brother and a mom. her dad died by fire bombs and her sister was killed by gas. She has watched the hunger games and wanted to be in them so she could win and be rich.
Death Froze to death Eaten by beetles

District 1:

Name Super Man Shiney Sticker
Age 18 16
Skills Flying (not really) and punching (not really). Very good fashion sense. Nothing else.
Strategy SAVE THE CHILDREN!!! Team up with the careers.
Token A toy superman he found. A sticker of a pony.
Weapon Bear hands. HEr long nails.
Personality Thinks hes superman and has the ablity to fly and ba superstrong. Even though hes tiny. Bratty and spoiled. She has never done anything except gossip.
History He once saved a kitten the little girl called him a hero so he changed his name and jump from building. He died three times but always pulled through. He saw the hunger games and decided to save the children. She was spoiled and became a brat. Her friends dared her to volunteer because they hated her. She was so stupid she did and now shes going to die.
Death Drowned from being inside the Cornucopia Brainstem was cut by Flint


Tributes Score (Out of 12)
Sirinia 7
Ralenio 2
Spigarello 4
Maize 10
Neel 6
Olivia 6
Bane 11
Maple 5
Phoenix 8
Janet 4
Terra 7
Oak 7
Heptop 11
Hippolyta 9
Nacon 6
Alta 10
Xavier 4
Cleo 9
Digit 4
Micy 7
Flint 12
Anabel 5
Super 1
Shiney 3


The arena works as a roulette board at a random time a random lava pit will erupt directly upwards and it'll signal something bad ie 500 beetles, vultures, lava leaking, a serpent, etc. Their arerest stops that produce electricity and can kill you if you touch it



Animal Abilities Picture
Skunk Muttations Pee a poisonous gas able to kill on contact. And are the size of a watermelon
Beetle Muttations Very fast and carnivorous
Vulture Muttations Huge, have razor sharp talons, beak, and feet
Muttation vulture
Wolf Muttations After a tribute dies a mutt of them is made

Tribute Mutts

Ralenio mutt


Spigariello Mutt


Super Mutt


Bane Mutt


Heptop Mutt


Alta Mutt


Nacon Mutt


Phoenix Mutt


Xavier Mutt


Shiney Mutt


Cleo Mutt


Anabel Mutt


Digit Mutt


Sirinia Mutt


Hippolyta Mutt


Olivia Mutt


Janet Mutt


Oak Mutt


Micy Mutt


Maize Mutt



Ralenio: Ralenio revealed that his mother is depressed so he probably won't win and his father died so he wants to win it for him. He was nervous about the Hunger Games because he is only twelve and there are 18 year old tributes so he could become the instant victim, probably at the Cornucopia.



Day 1. Underwater Cornucopia

"Let the 2nd Hunger Games begin" Plouton Kithur shouts. The tributes run out out of their circles to the Cornacopia. Everyone starts brawling except Digit and Hippolyta who run away. Everyone has problem getting on the tiny island when the Cornucopia starts rolling. As it is rolling Alta's legs are crushed from the force. Once the COrnucopia are gone so are Ralenio and Super. Micy starts running away but not before Alta slashes her clavicle. Alta starts laughing and cuts Sirinia's hip. She disarms her and the sword punctures Spigarello's heart. Maize gets Alta's sword and throws it at Xavier and sacrafices him into a lava pit. As Bane is runnin away from the Cornucopia Nacon captures him in a net and grabs a knife and kills him since he thought Bane killed Alta. an explosion is heard but it's not a cannon a giant serpent comes out of the water and eats Spigarello, Alta, and Heptop. Nacon is swimming when his pants get stuck in the Cornucopia. He tries to take his pants off but right before he's got it he is speared by Flint. Phoenix is fighting Flint for his spear but ends up getting speared himslef. Shiney begins to strangle Flint but her mistake is responded to when he cuts her brainstem. That night 10 cannons fire

Flint's POV:

"Let the 2nd Hunger Games begin" Plouton Kithur shouts. I run to grab my weapons from the Cornucopia. I grab a knife and sword but before I know it the COrnucopia is rolling and it falls in the water. Their are two kids i think they're names are Super and Ralenio are missing I suppose that they ran from the Cornucopia but I didn't care. I am appalled to see that goth girl Atal or something laughing. I was pleased when the blonde curly haired girl disarms her and the sword nearly hits me and the girl with freckles and brown hair. When I think things can't get crazier I hear an explosion and what is either a moray eel or sea serpent comes out of the water and eats three of the tributes. Unfortunately only one is alive I notice that I haven't killed anyone I see a boy taking his pants off and i grab a nearby spear and kill him. Phoenix comes and tries to kill me but i spear ihim. That blonde girl attacked me so I just speared her. That night I hear 10 cannons

Sirinia's POV:

"Let the 2nd Hunger Games begin" Plouton Kithur shouts. I know that I need to take out huge threats but I'm worried they might take out me.out first. As I am getting my stuff from the Cornucopia it starts rolling I see that that goth girl's legs I think Alta were crushed. I notice my partner Ralenio is gone. When I see that Alta is laughing I am just shocked. As I go to kill her she slices my hip. I have had it I disarm her unknowingly hit that kid with a red shirt FLint and the girl with freckles I think Terra and I stab that Hispanic boy from district 11. I decide to break her neck with my hammer. After I hear an explosion a serpent comes out and eats 3 tributes I think only Heptop was alive. As I am swimming underwater I see a boy trying to take off his pants but then he is stabbed. That night 10 cannons fire.

Terra's POV:

"Let the 2nd Hunger Games begin" Plouton Kithur shouts. I start running towards the Cornucopia. As soon as I got out I was trying to avoid people but when I least expect it the Cornucopia falls off the island and Alta's legs are crushed. When I think things can't get worse I'm nearly killed by a sword. to make sur nothing else goes wrong I swim to safety. That night I wait for Oak during that time i notice that the trees in the woods are metal. Finally Oak comes with berries that night 10 cannons fire.

Maize's POV:

"Let the 2nd Hunger Games begin" Plouton Kithur shouts. I run faster than I ever have in my life. I have my supplies and ready to roll when something else does to. The COrnucopia falls off the island and I believe that two of the tributes are missing. I know I need to kill right away. Ironically, a sword flies into the chest of the Hispanic boy I grab that and throw it at the DIstrict 4 boy. I know he is not dead so I grab him swim to a lava pit and sacrafice him to it. But after I throw him a puff of smoke comes out and I hear an explosion followed by screams and a loud crash is heard. I turn around but nothing is seen that night I find shelter near a possibly radioactive plant. 10 cannons are sounded and I know one thing, I am one of the threats for killing someone and I'm an even bigger one because it was a Career.

Maple's POV:

"Let the 2nd Hunger Games begin" Plouton Kithur shouts. I walk to avoid being victimized to the bloodbath. I know I made the right decision because I find the COrnucopia rolling and I know that that had to have drowned at least one tribute. I know things were gonna get worse when I heard an explosion then saw a serpent possibly ate like 3 tributes. By the time I got there, I saw Bane die I go and grab a knife but when I get back Nacon is gone. Isearch for hours underwater but by the time I'm done 10 cannons fire and I pray Nacon was one of them.

Nacon's POV:

"Let the 2nd Hunger Games begin" Plouton Kithur shouts. I manuver my way through the field unspotted and swim to the Cornucopia first. I hide under the sand to and wait. When the Cornucopia starts rolling I know I made the right decision since I was nowhere near it. I see Alta get disarmed and soon killed. Bane was in front of her so I know he killed her. After the explosion Alta is eaten that's when I know it's time. I toss a net and trap him. He tries to explain he didn't kill her but I didn't believe him so I kill him. That night 10 cannnons fire

Anabel's POV:

"Let the 2nd Hunger Games begin" Plouton Kithur shouts. I ran to the island and hang on it for a second so everyone can get on and I will kill them all . Right before I go up the Cornucopia falls off the island nearly killing me. As the Cornucopia falls I see two tributes fall. I grab a knife and cut his eye. Once I finally get on the island a serpent come out and nearly kills me. To avoid death I get off the island. That night 10 cannons fire. I know one thing, the other Careers are traitors and need to die.

Day 2: A Shocking Experience

Maple is out hunting for Nacon. Cleo needs to find food she finds a berry bush. She starts eating the berries but when she gets to the center she is horribly shocked. Anabel goes to attack CLeo but gtets shocked as well. CLeo collapses and a cannon fires. Anabel starts walking around disoriented. She goes to rest by a tree but is shocked since the trees are metal. Anabel decides to rest on a pole that looks plastic. When she rests on it she is horribly shocked she starts running but when she gets near the Cornucopia island she falls down. Anabel is breathing heavily and in horrible pain a vulture mutt lands and start ripping her skin with its talons. Suddenly another explosion goes off and the vulture leaves. Anabel is still a live but in too much pain to move. When she thinks things can't possibly get worse like 500 beetles cover her and start eating her alive.. Regaining strength Anabel rolls to crush the beetles but right before she gets to the water she stops moving and a cannon fires. Anabel still has skin all over her body but it is very thin. SO thin you can see parts of her skeleton. Hearing the screaming Maple comes over and sees Anabel. The beetles start attacking her and she starts running. Luckily she syurvives when she jumps in the water and th beetles rrise to the surface and she gets out

Day 3: The Hairy Beasts

Terra and Oak are out hunting for food. Terra gets close to the center but right before she hits the trap, Oak warns her that he saw Cleo die from it and saw the trap. Terra nearing the trap actually saved her life because Neel was about to kill her but decided not to because he saw Cleo die too which made him think that she would die.When they get back to the forest an explosion is heard they still dont know what it means. They are nearly struck by lightning but they dodge it and a branch nearly falls but still ends. Flint has final figured out the arena. It works as a roulette board, one will go off signalling something and behind each pit is a food source. One goes off and a huge axe swings nearly killing a few tributes. Flint grabs his bag when he looks inside he finds cow organs. He is both happy and revolted. Terra and Oak are freaked out and worried. They get closer to each other for protection. When things can't get worse Terra spots two wolves. One has black hair and blue eyes and another is wearing a bandana and has brown hair and green eyes. Terra kills the mutt wearing the bandana and almost instantly gets attacked by the black mutt. She fights bakc hard but the wolf eats half of her left leg. At that moment Oak grabs the mutt and starts stabbing it to death. Once it dies Oak goes to Terra and he notices that her left leg is bleeding perfusely and missing. He is able to stop the bleeding and they have food but they both worry that Terra's leg could get infected and kill her. They both pray that something good will happen. What sounds like a cannon goes off. And they are almost attacked by vultures but are able to subdue them.

Day 4: Meeting of Three and Death of One

Janet, Olivia, and Hippolyta meet with each other. Janet explains that she has been hiding in the woods near a possibly radioactive tree. Olivia replies, "Why do you think it's radioactive?" Janet says "It had a green glow around it so either it's radioactive or a green spotlight is shining down." Hippolyta responds by saying "So have you seen anyone killed." Olivia says "No but Terra got her leg eaten." Hippolyta asks "Terra?" Olivia answers "The girl with brown hair and freckles." Janet says "Oh yeah I remember her, but a few days ago I saw the District 2 girl eaten by beetles." Digit appears and says "SO you saw" He is holding a spear and is ready to throw. Janet says "Please don't kill us" and she starts crying. Digit replies "I will under on condition you find that girl with the red and blond hair I think her name is Maple and bring her here. Maple comes and screams "Do what are you insane? Kill 3 instead of one will be a better benefit." Janet, Hippolyta, and Olivia tackle Maple and tell Digit to kill her. Digit throws his spear, and Flint grabs it and tackles Digit. Janet, Hippolyta, and Olivia get off an infuriated Maple. All four stare at Flint as he slams his fist into Digit's chest. Digit starts coughing up blood like a volcano. Three minutes later Digit falls unconscious and a cannon fires. Horrified at what had just happened all four girls run away. All four girls are confused on whether to kill Flint or if they are too scared to even get near him. Maple explains she is trying to kll Nacon. Olivia laughs and says "Flint killed him on day 1." Maple believes now that Flint should live

Day 5: Eaten Alive

Sirinia is in the woods when she comes across Flint. Like everyone else Sirinia is scared of Flint so she runs away but she is encountered by a blue wolf with an S, a purple wolf, and a disproportionate red wolf. She is stuck on whether to be killed by the wolves. When things seem to be getting worse Hippolyta and Maple jump in. Flint slashes Maple's back paralyzing her. Sirinia decides it's time to fight back. She tries to attack Flint but he slices her weapon in half. Sirinia starts to use her stick to attack Flint but Flint throws her into a tree and she falls down and is attacked by the purple mutt. As Maple starts to regain mobility she to is attacked by a mutt but this time it is the blue mutt. Hippolyta is hiding behind a tree but the red mutt hunts down her and starts attacking her. Terra and Oak see what's happening so Oak cuts off the red mutt's leg and gives it to Terra for a temporary replacement for the leg she lost. The red mutt rips out part of Hippolyta's neck and a cannon fires. Sirinia is fighting back hard but the wolf keeps on ripping her apart. The blue mutt sinks it's claws into Maple's chest and a cannon. Sirinia is barely noticable but is still alive, she gets up and tries to attack but the mutt pounces and rips her abdomen open. Sirinia stops moving and a cannon fires. Flint saw the whole thing and he tries to chase the mutts but they are able to escape. Terra and Oak are now gonna keep an eye out for the red mutt and the mutt's leg is working out rather well for Terra.

Day 6: Stink and Sink

Olivia and Neel are near where the COrnucopia was drinking water. Neel says, "The Final 8, I think the feast is soon." Olivia replies "I have witnessed 4 deaths." Neel asks 'Whose deaths and how?" Olivia responds "Sirinia, Maple, and,Hippolyta were killed by mutts." Neel responds "Woah what kind?" Olivia says "Wolves that strangely look like the dead tributes" Over 50 skunks start swarming them and climb up them. They are fightin back hard but the skunks seem to multiply as they sink their claws into their bodys. While Olivia was fighting back and winning, Neel was being slowly killed when a skunk sprays him. He does a huge twirl and falls into the water and a cannon fires. Olivia is shocked and horrified. Someof the skunks are in the water as she drinks it. After she drinks it she gets really dizzy and starts stepping on the skunks. As she is walking she begins to vomit and almost falls into a lava pit but steps over it instead walks over it. But when things seem to be getting better she encounters the most vicious player of the game, Flint. Knowing who he was and what he had done to the other tributes she tries to run away but he slashes her from shoulder to shoulder. She falls over and Flint runs away. Olivia is not dead but horribly wounded. Her body temperature is rising making her sick and starts to vomit. The skunks come back angrier than ever but Olivia is unconcious, vomiting, and immobile. Eventually the skunks lose interest and leave her there.

Day 7: The Feast

Terra and Oak wake up they know they have survived for a whole week. They were both nervous and excited for the feast since last year's did not end in a death. Flint has a master plan to take down the remaining tributes that he thought had taken to action when he thought he had killed Olivia. Olivia, Janet, Flint, Terra, Oak, Maize, and Micy are racing to get the back packs. Olivia stops right in front of Flint and Flint asks "Do you want me to kill you?' Olivia responds by saying "Yes please, I wanted to protect Neel but now that he is dead I feel I need to die as well." Flint smiles and cuts off the top of Olivia skull and brain but keeps the skull cap and a cannon fires. Terra screams "Oak." Oak asks "Yeah?" Terra answers "Oh good I was worried you died." Oak says "DOn't worry we are on our way to victory. Terra says "But their can only be one winner." Oak says "You know what I mean." Maize grabs her bags and decides she needs to ally with Flint." Janet grabs supplies but not the backpack and thinks a move to save her butt will be to ally with Flint. Micy gets the empty bag and then switches it with a full one and suspects Flint and she knows to keep enemies closer than allies so she decides to ally with Flint so she might be able to get back at him for what he had done to her. That night the 3 girls go to talk to Flint. Flint's plan is workingperfectly and he receives a bomb from a sponsor. Janet questions the legality and Flint is unsure. Flint says that if ayone betrays him that this wil hapen and he slashes Janets guts and a cannon fires. Over 10 mutts begin to attack but FLint kills them all while telling them to leave him alone. Flint tells them all they have to do whatever he says. The 2 girls agree and Flint tells them they have to kill Terra and Oak.

Day 8: The Final Day

Terra and and Oak are in the forest. Terra says "We're in the Final 5 one of us might just win." Almost seconds later a knife pierces Oak's head and a cannon fires. Terra screams "Oak!" As she turns around she sees Micy smiling. She fires her arrow at the dangling branch and it falls and pierces straight through Micy's skull shooting brain matter and blood like a geyser and a cannon fires. Terra believes that this is not enough she yanks, twists, and pulls the metal branch out of Micy's head and starts slashing her face with it. With each slash more anger builds up and she becomes even more fierce at her attack after Micy died. She worries the hover craft will stop her but that doesnt stop her from attacking more and more. Eventually, Terra slows down and soon enough stops. She starts having a huge meltdown, she has lost one of her closest friends and she went overboard to get back at his killer by slashing her so much the only things left of her face are, her mouth, half her right eye and gooey bloody globs of skin and muscles cut open during the attack. She remembers her wolf leg and she knows she willkeep it on her for the rest of her life in memory of her best friend. Once she is able to pul herself together she know she has to do what Oak would have wanted her to do if he hadn't had died. She gets the knife that killed Oak and as she starts walking Micy and Oak attack her. Terra says "This is early." As she cuts Micy from eye to eye she looks at the mutt that resembled her friend and knows Oak wants to kill her and starts crying again. Oak was still in there because he stopped attacking her. After that, an explosion is heard and it start to rain freezing water. She inconspicuously gets close to Maize and Flint as she hears Maize say, "Listen Flint, I saw Oak die and Micy be assaulted. Oak meant a lot to Terra and you made me convince Micy to kill her I think that" a knife plunges into her throat and a cannon fires. The final battle is on. Terra fires her arrow and Flint deflects it. A brown mutt wearinga scarf comes in and Terra slashes it. As she goes to get her arrow Flint nearly cuts her hair out but she ducks. Terra hides behind a tree and Flint remembers he has a bomb. He throws it, it explodes, and Flint bursts into flames from his own bomb. He just barely makes it into the water to cool down. His skin is melting and the water horribly lowered his body temperature. The freezing rain only makes things worse. He collapses and is shaking horribly and just barely alive. Terra pushes his freezing body into the water. As he slowly freezes to death his mouth opens and he utters the words "Oak is gone and both our lives have been destroyed" a cannon fires and Terra Storm is the official winner of the second Hunger Games

After the games:

Terra has been going through some depression spells due to her loss of Oak. But she remembers that she still has his muttation as a pet. Her mutt leg has been fixed to develop like a regular leg but still look like the wolf leg. She also sometimes feels homocidal towards Micy's, Maize's, and Flint's families because of what they did. She alstends to have meltdowns at remembering what happened. But she is still living a good life in victor villagr though she gets a little lonely sometimes since her family and Oak's mutt are the only ones there

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