plz shout out up to 4 tributes with Name, Age, Skills, Strategy, Token, Weapon, Personality, and History


District 12:

Name Liba Leer Luna Melloda
Age 14 18
Skills Pixe axes, Running. Luna is good with everything. Escpecially spears!
Strategy Run, run, run. KILL, KILL, KILL
Token Piece of Burnt wood. Blood stained cloth
Weapon Pickaxe Spear
Personality Very very timid. IS frightened of about everything. Savage, bloodthirty, hated.
History Once was normal but when he burnt his house down as a child by accident he turned in the frail timid creature he is today. Grew up living on the streets after her mother died during childbirth. She likes to kill and is deranged. She has an obsession with blood as well. And considers herself half vampire.
Death Speared by a trident Ran into forcefield
Kills Sam

District 11: Mockingjay5

Ash Burn
Moss Dawn
Name Ash Burn Moss Dawn
Age 15 14
Skills Great with a knife and good at hand to hand combat. Also he is ok with spear. Great with a bow and arrow, very fast runner, great at climbing trees.
Strategy Grab something and run. Ally with Moss. Protect her at all costs. Doesn’t like to kill. Grab something nearby and run. Ally with Ash. She will never leave his side.
Token A woven band that goes around his ankle. It is engraved with his sister’s name A woven band that goes around her ankle. It is engraved with her sister’s name
Weapon Spear Bow and Arrow
Personality Funny, smart, sensitive, cautious, adventurous. Shy and cautious, but also adventurous. Funny, smart.
History Ash grew up with his little sister. His dad is dead. He gathers food for his family. His mom is a farmer and he helps. He is pretty popular at school. His sister is best friends with Moss’s sister so he kind of knows her, but not really. She grew up with her little sister who is best friends with Ash’s sister. Moss’s birthday is in 2 weeks, so she will most likely have it in the arena. She kind of knows Ash, but not really. Her mother works on the farms and her father is dead. They are very poor.
Death A scythe impaled his face Bird drilled into her head
Kills Blair, Sam, Dione
Sponsor Items

Night Vision Googles











Night Vision Googles











District 10: Firecatcher3

Ice Hawk
Blaze Hawk
Name Ice Hawk Blaze Hawk
Age 15 17
Skills Great with a bow and arrows, running, climbing trees, and tracking Great with axes, snares, knives, and hand to hand combat
Strategy Get something close and run, find food and water and Blaze, stay out of the fighting and with Blaze Get something close and run, get with Ice and protect her, stay out of the fighting
Token Wood bracelet with Blaze's name carved into it Wood bracelet with Ice's name carved into it.
Weapon Bow & Arrow Axe, snare, or, knife
Personality Ice is shy and quiet, but very strong mentally. She is very sweet and trustworthy. Strong, outgoing and protective of his sister
History Ice lives with her father and older brother Blaze. She hunts with Blaze for their father and another poor family. She and Blaze are very close and are always there for each other. The comunity of district 10 adore Ice and Blaze because they are so generous. When she was reaped, Ice stood bravely. She tried to prevent her brother from volunteering, but she was overpowered. Now her father is left alone along with their hungry neighbors who can't support themselves. Ice has disliked the games ever since she first learned about them and now that she is in them, she will do anything to win them. (Except kill Blaze) Blaze lives with his father and his younger sister Ice. He and Ice hunt for the family and their neighbors who cannot support their family of seven by themselves. He is always there for Ice as she is for him. He loves her very much. He will protect Ice with his life. He has scars from a fight he got in defending his sister. Blaze is not popular in school and is often ridiculed because of his family's poverty-somehow, he has managed to keep this part of his life a secret from Ice. Blaze hates the games along with his sister and when Ice was reaped he fought tooth and nail to get up there with her. He will die for his sister anytime. He will send her home.
Death Speared by Trident Speared by trident

District 9: Brony12

Name Sam Jones Spring Howards
Age 16 12
Skills Running and throwing weapons Great at identifiying plants, good climber and handy with a knife.
Strategy Get good supplies from the cornucopia and team up untill the final 5 Only go to the cornucopia briefly to pick up necessities and hide, she will not go to the feast but if confornted she will fight and kill.
Token None small locket
Weapon Spear or throwing knives Nice
Personality Smart and nice Brave
History He lives with his parents and has one little sister who would probably kill herself if Sam dies. She lives with a poverty stircken family. Both parents work from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. She has one younger sister whom she adores.
Death Trampled by crowd Internally decapitated by crab
Sponsor Items

Gauze Roll

Bowel Medication



District 8: Totaldramalover

Name Justin Samuels Krystal Ball
Age 16 18
Skills Good with sword and knife. Is a fast runner She is good with a bow and arrow. She knows a lot of edible plants and animals. Decent with throwing knives.

To grab a weapon and some stuff at the cornucopia. For the rest of the games, stay alone and trust nobody.

Her strategy is to ally with a strong player and keep watch over night. While she is guarding, she will slit their throat and she will stay alone.
Token None A necklace from her mother
Weapon Sword or knife Bow and arrows or throwing knives
Personality Justin does not trust people and has quick reactions. Krystal is a nice girl, but she is used to fancy stuff since she is the mayor's daughter. Krystal is not shy at all.
History Justin has no family and has lived alone his whole life. He has been robbed and hurt many times, so he trusts nobody. Her mother stays at home and is sick and her father is the mayor of district 8. Everyone knows the votes were rigged so she would be in the games. She has a lot of friends and they are really sad that she left to go in the hunger games.
Death Poisoned by a raccoon Cornucopia crushed her neck

District 7: Racmany

Name Melaie Dryad Dione Bark
Age 16 15
Skills Axe's and running and singing A very good actor and is able to persuade many people. Only good with a sword.
Strategy Run hide, kill when necissary. Team up with Dione. Team up with Melaie and run and kill when he feels like it.
Token Golden leaf broach. Small chain made from leaves.
Weapon Axe Sword
Personality Melaie is a really caring a nice person. But she has a slightly darker side. She can hold grudges for years upon years on end. If she doesn't like someone she will treat the coldly and will shun them frequently. Very concieted and is a bit up him self. Likes to get what he wants when he demands it. But can see past that to change himself for the games.
History Melaie lives with all of her family in one house. That is her family and her cousins and their grandparents. There house is in the poorer area of District 7 where the labourors work known as the 'Lumberjack ville'. She goes to a nice school and gets good report card. She also takes singing lessons. As of all District 7'ers do she weilds and axe with prescision and amazing accuracy. Lives in the richest part of District 7 with tree's elegantly placed everywhere to make it look leafy and green. He is an only child and lives with his parents. He goes to the best school in all of the District and gets average report cards. He lives a life of luxuory.
Death Poisoned by porcupines Blown up by land mines
Kills Michelle

District 6: Totaldramalover

Jay Maple
Ivy Waters
Name Jay Maple Ivy Waters
Age 17 15
Skills Good with a knife and a whip. Is good with a spear and a sword.
Strategy To kill the careers at the cornucopia and ally with Ivy To ally with district 5 and Jay until the final 8, then kill them (except for Jay)
Token A bandana from his father. A bracelet from her district
Weapon Knife or whip Spear and sword
Personality Is a kind person who is not shy, but does not like to lead. Very shy and does not make friends easily.
History Jay has two brothers, his dad and three sisters back home. His mom died during a bombing and his dad is sick. Jay is the oldest and he has to survive so he can go home and take care of his family. A person who back in her districts was the outsider and she has few friends because she is so shy. She has a mother and a father. She is the only child, so her parents are sad that she got reaped. She thinks she won't win, but she will try for her parents.
Death Burnt severely Arrowed in the back
Kills Zeus

District 5: Thehungergamesrock

Name Gunnar Pilgrim Sierra Pale
Age 15 17
Skills Fast runner, good with bow and arrow. Good with a whip, club, nightstick, or mace.
Strategy It is to ally with Sierra and break up at the final 6 if possible Team up with Gunnar and stay with him. If anyone hurts him or even touches him, she will kill them no matter what.
Token None A locket with Gunnar's picture in it
Weapon Bow & Arrow Mace, whip, club, or nightstick.
Personality Shy on the outside, but inside is really tough. Nice girl, but vicious when someone messes with her Gunnar.
History Gunnar has 8 brothers all younger then him. He volunteered for his brother Scott who is 14. Gunnar's parents were rich,though, so his brothers can survive but they will be devistated if he dies. Sierra has her parents back at home and no siblings. She has always had a crush on Gunnar. She wants to team up with him the whole time. If they make it to the final two, she will kill herself to save Gunnar.
Death Got trapped in a snare Speared with a trident
Kills Sam, Ice Sam, Wendy, Spring
Sponsor Items



Bow & Arrow



District 4: TeampeetaForever

Name Waterlily Wave Splash Blue
Age 16 16
Skills Amazing swimmer. Very fast when running, can run faster than anyone else you have ever seen. OK with a trident. Can fish pretty well. Good knowledge of what plants can be used for food, medicine, or not at all. Can climb trees well and can be so quiet it is like she is not even there. Very strong. Amazing with trident. Pretty fast runner and swimmer. Good fisher. Can climb trees and is OK at being quiet. Good at impressing people.
Strategy Wave to get a lot of people to like her during chariot rides. Blow kisses but don't talk. Do whatever her stylist says. At interviews act like herself (friendly, kind, but not afraid to kill). In the games, try to get a trident or food (maybe a backpack) from the cornucopia. Run as fast as possible to find a cave or somewhere to hide out for a while. Try not to make an alliance unless she has complete trust for the person. Avoid people as well as she can, try to stay away from allowing people to find her. Go as long as she can. Splash has always been deeply in love with Waterlily. He has seen her around and loves her very much. She does not know it, but when they were little (until they were 5) they used to be best friends and do everything together but when Waterlily made new friends that thought boys were "icky". He hopes to regain her friendship and convince her that he loves her. He wants to hold her hand in the chariot. Announce to the world he loves Waterlily at interviews. Try to get close to her. In the arena, grab a trident or try to get sponsors to send him one. Avoid careers. Try to find Waterlily quickly and convince her that he will not hurt her. Find a cave to stay in with her. Keep her safe no matter what, even if it means dying for her. Will not let her out of his sight.
Token A small vial containing ocean water from District 4, with a blue ribbon tied to it. Kind, caring, loving. Shy but friendly. Only lashes out when people like do something extremely terrible.
Weapon Trident Trident
Personality Kind, outgoing, sweet. But piss her off, and she can be a real bitch. Kind, caring, loving. Shy but friendly. Only lashes out when people like do something extremely terrible.
History Has loving mother and father at home. Has twin younger sisters that are only 3 (Emma and Anna). Has many friends and is popular. Splash lives with both of his strict but loving parents. Has one little sister that is 5 (Bree) and one toddler sister that is 2 (Gabby). Is popular and has many friends. He is kind and friendly, but like Waterlily, won't hesitate to kill as long as he keeps Waterlily safe.
Death Her jubular vein was cut Winner
Kills Sam Liba, Sam, Blaze, Arby, Ice, Ash, Sierra

District 3: Thehungergamesrock

Name Zeus Kalt Katherine Cahill
Age 16 18
Skills Fast runner, good with wires, snares, and a knife Throwing knives and spear. Knows a lot of edible plants.
Strategy Ally with Katherine until the final 6 and then just split up. Ally with Zeus until the final 6 and then just split up.
Token None None
Weapon Wire, Snare or knife Throwing knives or spear
Personality Brave, but scared of the careers. A leader. Katherine is pretty brave like Zeus. She is not afraid of anyone.
History Zeus has a father and two sisters. His dad works at a factory. Zeus works with his dad to make more money so his family can eat. Katherine lives with her mom, dad, 3 brothers, and her 2 sisters. She works at a factory to earn money for her family. She has few friends.
Death Spiked through the head and neck Thrown by a tornado
Kills Gunnar

District 2: Tacosalad1127

Name Blair Quagmire Michelle Nash
Age 18 16
Skills good with a spear and a sword. He is also good at fighting without weapons, as in wrestling. Great with a bow and arrow and decent with throwing knives. Super fast runner and has a ton of endurance.
Strategy Classic career alliance strategy. To kill at the cornucopia and make a career alliance. Kill the rest except for Blair at the final 8.
Token gold ring from his ancestors that was passed through the family. None
Weapon Spear or sword bow and arrows or throwing knives
Personality He is very strong and won't turn down a fight. Michelle is a very fit person. She likes to work out and is sort of a body builder.
History He has 3 brothers. One of his brothers volunteered and died in the hunger games, so he vowed to win for him. Michelle's dad owns a gym and her mom is a P.E. teacher. They always make her workout, so she is very strong and has tons of endurance as well as speed.
Death Had his lung crushed Axed in the face
Kills Ivy

District 1: Tacosalad1127

Name Arby King Wendy McDonald
Age 16 17
Skills Very strong and good with any weapon, especially a sword. Also, knows edible stuff. good with spear and throwing knives.
Strategy to kill most at the cornucopia who might be a threat, except for other careers. Form a career alliance. Then at the final 8 go only with Wendy. Kill district 4 first though because they are good swimmers and just in case their is a flood...... Kill at the cornucopia and form a career alliance. at the final 8 or so, only go with Arby. Kill district 4 first, though (same reason as Arby)
Token a ball from his little brother. a necklace from her mother.
Weapon Anything. Best with sword. spear or throwing knives.
Personality Leader. Also, a total sadist. Wants to kill people, but if he can, torture them and kill them slowly. likes being mean. Very Bossy and bratty.
History Arby has very mean parents back home, so he is not right. They beat him and treated him bad. He was taught to always hurt others who deserve it. Her parents did not abuse her, but her siblings always teased her and made fun of her. She was mean to others because of this.
Death Speared with trident Suffactated from being kicked in the back


The Cornucopia was in the upper left corner. East to it is a hole containing fire, jagged rocks, a blue freeze line, and a rock which soon turned out to be a switch to change the weather. In the middle of the arena there is a giant tree which has randomly growing branches. East to the tree is a valley containing steam pot capable of melting a person and many black rocks really land mines. South of the COrnucopia is a lagoon containing crab mutts and glass shards and a very slippery mud puddle.


Animal Abilities Picture
Crab Muttations Pink crabs that have giant claws and are very fast
Crab Mutt
Porcupine Muttations Have humongous and toxic quills
Bird Muttations Tribute DNA are made into birds with razor sharp beaks, wing spans big enough to suffocate a person
Raccoon Muttations Have toxic fangs and a glare that can knock a person unconcious

Tribute Muttations

Sam Mutt


Waterlily Mutt


Liba Mutt


Krystal Mutt


Wendy Mutt


Ivy Mutt


Michelle Mutt


Blair Mutt


Justin Mutt


Blaze Mutt


Zeus Mutt


Jay Mutt


Luna Mutt


Gunnar Mutt


People can pay their own money to send stuff to a tribute


Mace- $400

Nightstick- $250

Harpoon- $300

Spear- $500

Club- $350

Spray Poison- $700

Sword- $800

Dagger- $150

Flail- $450

Scimitar- $550

Switchblade- $300

Swiss Army Knife- $400

Trident- $500

Pitchfork- $450

Knife- $350

Bow and Arrows- $400 and $50 for an extra arrow

Rope- $100

Axe- $800

Hatchet- $400

Choking Pear- $390

Meteor Hammer- $660

Tomahawk- $730

Shurikens- $645

Grenade- $1000

Blowgun and Poison Darts- $340 and $40 for an extra dart

Whip- $465

Glass Bottle- $100

Scythe- $780

Ninja Stars- $50 per star

Switchblade- $615

Pickaxe- $720

Sickle- $600

Defense Tools

Shield- $400

Armor- $700

Helmet- $210


Air Mattress- $850

Sleeping Bag- $500

Frying Pan- $500

Pot- $350

Hypodemal- $300

Blood Medication- $670 per effectiveness

Lung Medication- $450 per effectiveness

Kidney Medication- $ 340 per effectiveness

Liver Medication- $360 per effectiveness

Brain Medication- $500 per effectiveness

Heart Medication- $700 per effectiveness

Bowel Medication- $400 per effectiveness

Aspirin- $100

Stomach Medication- $480 per effectiveness

Urinary Medication- $510 per effectiveness

Catheders- $200

Inhaler- $230

Flint- $120

Full Meal- $700

Medium Amount of Food- $400

Small Amount of Food- $150

Gauze- $250

Backpack: $150

Sweatshirt- $150

Light Jacket- $200

Heavy Jacket- $300

T-SHirt- $150

Jeans- $150

Sweatpants- $150

Long Sleeved Shirt- $150

Shorts- $150

Sweater- $150

Shoes- $100

Socks- $50

Slippers- $75

Gloves- $65

Hat- $45

Scarf- $100

Boots- $160

Towel- $95

Ice-Pak- $85

Pillow- $240 Shovel: $295

Burn Medicine- $560

Band-aids- $15 per band-aid

Sunglasses- $30

Night Vision Googles- $210


Arby- Arby revealed in his interview that the hatred of District 4 runs in his family. He also mentioned that he hates it so much the only reason he eats fish is because he wants them dead. He also reveal that he is gonna win.

Wendy- She like Arby revealed pure hatred for District 4. But unlike Arby she explained she sometimes destroys water bottles for fun She shows hope that District 4 will be the first to die at the Hunger Games or better yet at the Cornucopia

Blair- Blair mentions he is ready to participate and that back home he has sought help from past tributes before they died. He also mentions that he knows that Michelle and him will be the final 2. Blair shows off his ring.

Michelle- Michelle shows off a lot of cockiness during her interview. She believes that her skills will leave her untouched throughout the whole game and that she is very elusive. Her interview showed possible loss of her life

Zeus- Zeus didn't reveal much because he was worried the careers would be able to use that against him. However, he did reveal that despite not knowing Katherine for a long time he is growing to like her a lot.

Katherine- Unlike her partner, she wasn't afraid to reveal anything. She explained that she is not afraid of the career tributes especially after what happened to them last time, in fact she finds them as the opposite of what they are. She also mentioned that she hopes to win to support her family.

Splash- Splash revealed that he loves Waterlily and will do anything to protect her and if necessary avenge her. He also revealed that after what happened to past Careers he and Waterlily need to prove how strong they truly are. But he believe that despite them being Careers, District 1 needs to die.

Waterlily- Waterlily reveals she may have a crush on Splash. She has major fears for her life. Her closest possesion she will hold on to is the container of water. She and Splash hope to be the final 2

Gunnar- Gunnar reveals that he nd Sierra and him are close friends and just friends. What she doesn't know is that if he doesn't win he wants Sierra to win. He will try to help her survive and if necessary, win the game

Sierra- Sierra reveals that she is in love with Gunnar and will do anything to win even go savage. She has been friends with Gunnar for a while and she only wants what is best for him and if he dies she will kill the killer. She knows Gunnar is aware of the crush .

Jay- Jay reveals that he wants him and Ivy to be in the Final 2. He is planning to kill of all the Careers at the Cornucopia not because he is afraid, in fact after what he has seen he thinks he doesn't need to worry but he is still taking precautionary measures just in case. He believes the only district he needs to worry about is District 7.

Ivy- Ivy is very shy and not revealing much. She does reveal that she and Jay hope to be in the final 2 except that if they are they will have to try to kill each other. Finally she reveals that the District 7 tributes should be the most feared.

Dione- Dione expresses his love of the fact that he is from District 7. He says that he might just win because the District 7 tributes have done well in the past, Terra won, Sienna got second, Nemestrinus got third, and Oak got 5th. Dione also expresses that people should fear him.

Melaie- Melaie shows a caring side like most of the District 7 tributes. Melaie states that she doesn't trust Dione because of his arrogance and she knows what arrogance leads to. She also reveals that she hopes to keep the tradition of District 7 tributes lasting long.

Justin- Justin reveals a lot about himself. Justin says that he can trust no one not even his District partner in fact he trusts her the least. He has high expectations of einning due to past experiences like or posssibly worse than this one.

Krystal- Krystal shows blinding arrogance. Krystal believes and hopesa since she is the mayors daughter she will get a lot of sponsors helping her win. She also believes that her age will give her an upper hand. Finally, she believes that her beauty will make others not want to kill her.

Sam- Sam reveals a very caring side of him. He concerns that if he dies his sister will commit suicide and that could make his parents suicidal. Sam also reveals that he really likes his District partner because she is so nice.

Spring- Spring reveals some very interesting things. She reveals that she is not afraid of anyone and will fight to the end. Sher also reveals that despite going through a lot of stress she is still seen as attractive by many classmates. She also reveals that if she dies her family won't be affected much. Blaze- Blaze shows anger about how he and his sister were chosen. He expresses a pure competitive attitude that came from him wanting to protect his sister. Blaze will not give up until he or his sister wins the game.

Ice- Ice was getting a little upset that she and her brother were both picked for the Hunger Games and she knows there can only be one winner. She explains that she wants to be the winner badly but doesn't want Blaze to die. But after that she doesn't want to talk anymore,

Ash- Ash has revealed that he doesn't know Moss very well but he might be in love with her. He mentions that he wants to protect her so she can win. He also mentions he went through a terrible loss of his father and he has trouble dealing with it

Moss- Moss reveals that despite not knowing Ash to well she might be in love with him. She originally met him because her sister is freinds with his sister. She hopes she can win the game to support her family because her father is dead and they are poor

Liba- Liba is very quiet throughout the entire interview. He tries to get the camera out of his face because he doesn't wanna talk and is worried of making a fool of himself. The only thing he states is he just wants to be out without being killed.

Luna- Luna was vicious in her interview. Luna revealed that she didn't care who she killed during the games as long as someone else had died instead of her. She has little regard for any of the tributes lives even her own District partner

Chariot Rides

District 1

Wendy and Arby are coming in with an evil look in their eyes. They are planning to appeal to the Capitol to receive sponsors from them and they know from that they can receive better sponsor items. They dont look at anything but their feet. But you can see the soulless look in his eyes. They mutter words under words that sound like "The water lubbers must die."

District 2

Michelle and Blaine are openly happy for being in due to their cockiness. Blaine looks at his ring in admiration. While Michelle is jealous of the fact he has a token. As the ride in they are pumping their fists in excitement to compete in something they expect to win. Blaine excitedly waits to enter the training centerso he could be ready for the Games.

District 3

Katherine and Zeus are looking completely fearless as the enter the training center. Through Zeus's eyes you can see pure fear in his eyes. Katherine has a calm look on her face as she plays with her nails. They are both very fidgety as they go to the training center. Inside of them they feel they will very likely be the first ones to die at the Cornucopia.

District 4

Splash and Waterlily are seen holding hands. Waterlily is also rubbing her token. Splash is showing no fear at all. Afterwards, Splash is seen smiling at Waterlily while she is just waving to the others. The both openly express hope that they will win.

District 5

Sierra is looking admiringly at Gunnar while Gunnar is both happy and nervous. Sierra is holding her locket admiring it. Gunnar is looking off to the side with an unsure look on his face. Sierra is hoping that Gunnar wins

District 6

Ivy & Jay enter with completely different aspects. Ivy is so nervous she is hiding her face from view and sobbing a little. Jay is showing no fear and is actually standing up. As he goes down he hits his head causing some minor bruising

District 7

Melaie & Dione are coming in on the chariot. Dione is giving a look that say that he is going to win because the others are weak in so many ways. Melaie is a little nervous about having to go in to the arena. They both have their hearts racing.

District 8

Justin and Krystal come in with fearless look on their faces. Justin shows that he will become a pure player and leader. Krystsal look apathetic and fearless. Neither are afraid that their lives are at risk of dying and losing their families.

District 9

Sam and Spring arrriving shaking worse then maracas. Spring knows that her family is depending on her to win these games. Sam is worried if he dies his sister will most likely die as well. Spring and Sam are making it clear they might not win.

District 10

Ice and Blaze come in looking at eachother nervously. Blaze looks off to the side. Ice looks out front to see who she would be competing against. Blaze has growing anxiety about losing his sister. While Ice is having the same problem but she doesn't want to show it

District 11

Ash and Moss are seen nervously awaiting arrival to the training center. Ash looks admiringly and Moss while Moss just smiles. After that Moss nervously plays with her hat while Ash is breathing heavily. Moss and Ash close their eyes before they go in

District 12

Liba and Luna are not afraid and seem excited. Luna is hyperventilating in so much excitement her heart's racing. Liba is calmly waiting smiling in hopes that he will have what it takes to win and is practicing how to use his weapon

Training Scores

Tributes Scores (out of 12)
Liba 3
Luna 9
Ash 6
Moss 8
Ice 9
Blaze 9
Sam 5
Spring 7
Justin 8
Krystal 9
Melaie 1
Dione 11
Jay 9
Ivy 3
Sierra 5
Gunnar 4
Watelily 9
Splash 11
Zeus 5
Katherine 7
Blair 10
Michelle 12
Arby 7
Wendy 8


Day 1- Bathed in Blood

"Let the 3rd Hunger Games begin" Holunera Jerefa shouts. Everyone starts running towards the COrnucopia. Sam gets a major head start. Unfortunately, he slips on some mud, falls over, and get trampled by 7 tributes, Luna, Sierra, Gunnar, Waterlily, Splash, and Ash. Sam is left there with his skull broken and chest plate crushed. He is bleeding perfusely internally in obvious pain but no one reacts. Waterlily and Splash are at the Cornucopia. They get their tridents and start running. Arby borrows Wendy's throwing knives and tosses one. Waterlily falls to the ground with a knife in her neck and her water breaks. Infuriated, Splash spears his trident but he misses and Liba is killed. As a huge ruckus goes on inside the Cornucopia, Krystal decides to hide near the Cornucopia but gets hit by it and her neck is pinged between the Cornucopia and the ground. Wendy is prepared to kill Gunnar when Sierra kicks Wendy in the back so hard the wind is knocked out of her. As Wendy tries to catch her breath, she throws her knives at Sierra, but Sierra repeatedly blocks them with her mace. Soon enough Wendy runs out of air and loses conciousness. Melaie and Michelle are battling for it. Michelle knocks a tooth out and Melaie grabs an axe stars swinging it but Michelle gets a bow and arrow and fires. The arrow hits, and Ivy falls dead. Jay grabs a whip and hits her on the face. Bleeding, Melaie throws her axe into Michelle's face. Blair is attacking Moss and cuts her shoulder and Ash jumps in cuts his chest open with his spear, rips some of it off and starts stepping on his lung and ribs. Splash decides to hide up in a tree but so does Spring but unlike Splash tree branch grows out and punctures her gut causing her to fall on her back. Luna takes her shoes off and washes off her face when something cuts her face and she screams. Her face is bleeding and she washes her face again and cuts her face and hands. In her hand is a glass shard. She knows they are hidden in the water. As she is trying to stop the bleeding by checking the water before she uses it a crab comes out and pinches off all the toes on her right foot. She puts her shoes on and runs away. 8 cannons fire.

Arby's POV:

"Let the 3rd Hunger Games begin" Holunera Jerefa shouts. I start running to the Cornucopia with only one thing on my mind, to kill District 4. I know me and Wendy are on the same page as we enter close to the Cornucopia. I see Splash and Waterlily running away with their tridents. I grab Wendy's throwing knives and throw it, it plunges into into her neck killing her. Splash tries to get revenge by spearing me and instead hits the DIstrict 12 boy I only know District 4 and 1 names I only know the tributes from 4, 12, and 1. As I'm running: I see this fight between these to girls and the pale one shot I think her name is Ivy. And then her District partner teams up with the other girl to kill the other girl. I am devastated to see Wendy killed by that girl with purple hair she is enemy #1. The next thing is horrific I see this girl wearing a hat get cut and a blonde haired boy with freckles jumps in and rips off his skin and step on his chest. That night 8 cannons fire

Day 2: Shocking Truth

Ash is chasing Arby so he can get a perfect range for him to throw his spear and kill him. As he starts running it starts pouring. He is also nearing a hole. Right when he gets above it a fire bursts out. But the rain puts it out. Ash was burned badly by the fire and Moss comes to his aid. Arby goes to kill him but Moss hammers her fist into his head. He starts limping and loses consciousness. Moss is worried about Ash so they go to the lagoon. Moss puts her foot in to check and the glass cuts her foot. Justin is walking around slightly disoriented. He is walking down the valley, and a hole opens up releasing steam causing his hand to melt. With his arm open and bleeding, he tries to go into the lagoon to wash out the blood but he falls tinto high grass which traps him. He struggles to get out. When a raccoon appears and glares at him. Justin begins to lose consciousnes. The raccoon pounces Justin, and bites his jubular, ten seconds later a cannon fires. The other raccoons start feasting on the dead body. Moss is extremely concerned she checks Ash to make sure he is still alive. To her relief, he still is. They run and it starts hailing. Moss goes near the hole but isnt burned because she stoped for air while. Blaze and Ice walk to a giant tree looking for food. Blaze decides to wait while Ice checks. When Ice is up in the tree Splash knows it's time he gets out of his spot and spears his trident, and Blaze falls dead and a cannon fires. Ice gets down and sees her brother dead next his killer. Splash says "I fell." Ice fires her arrow and Splash falls, narrowly avoiding the arrow. Splash slashes Ice's face with the trident but decides to let her live as long as she doesn't tell anyone about his hiding place. Knowing that if she does tell she dies, she reluctantly agrees. Splash still knows his number one enemy is Arby and hopes to kill him to avenge Waterlily. Sierra and Gunnar see a yellow bird that thy haven't seen before. The bird nearly pierces its beak into Gunnnar but Sierra saves him ad tries to kill the bird but it flies away. Gunnar knows that he will always owe him but he also knows that Sierra would do anything for him so he doesnt know whether or not she thinks he owes her. Ice mourns the loss of her brother and knows that h would want her to win so she is determined to do so

Day 3: The Assassins

Zeus and Katherine are walking in the field when a thick fog rolls in. They can barely see as they approach Jay. They know this can't be good. Sierra and Gunnar are walking near the giant tree. Splash jumps out and spears his trident. He just misses Gunnar. Sierra gets extremely angry, and starts trying to kill Spalsh but Splash fights back with his trident. Splash is able to inconspicuously get back into the tree. Ash and Moss are trying to find a way to heal Ash of his burns. A black bird catches Moss in its wing and it kidnaps her. Ash, still exhausted is able to throw his spear a minute and a half after Moss was kidnapped. The bird falls beak first and Moss lands in the tree. Spring is speared in her stomach wound. She tosses the bird out of her stomach in terrible pain. Ash goes up to see if Moss is okay. Splash tries to kill him but Ash kicks him out of the tree. Moss asks what happened. Ash explains she was stolen and that he speared the bird. Moss mentions that the wing was suffocating her and she would've died. She also asks how he speared the bird with the thick fog. Ash mentions that it was probably just luck. Zeus and Katherine start fighting Jay. They have a two to one advantage. Jay knows that he will have to use intelligence to stop them. Zeus sets a snare to capture Jay. Jay is stuck he knows that he is unable to kill both and he needs to decide. Katherine and Zeus come in to kill him with a knife and spear. Jay uses the fog to his advantage and hides and they nealry kill each other but stop before they do. Zeus decides to take matters into his own hands he ties his wire to his knife and starts swinging it. Jay knows that he is most likely doomed after he slipped on some hail. Zeus goes to kill Jay he hits a rock that flies up, deflects of the forcefield and goes into the back of his head and out of his throat, and Zeus falls dead and a cannon fires. Katherine starts chasing Jay with her spear. They go down the valley and Jay gets in a steam hole. As he is melting, Katherine throws one of her throwing knives and Jay collapses, just avoiding the knife. Jay is running for his life and gets trapped in the needle-like grass. The vicious raccons and Katherine are ready to kill him. He gets the needles out of the ground and his stomach and try to throw them at Katherine but she dodges them as they appoach a giant mud puddle Jay runs out of needles and starts running. Katherine slips on the mud allowing him to get away.

Day 4: Intense Heat

Spring receives a gauze roll and bowel medication from one of her sponsors.Melaie & Dione are walking in near the grass. Dione asks her why she got so low on her training score. Melaie says that she got extremely nervous and panicked. Jay is running and it the sun comes blaring down. Dione goes on a hunt for food while Melaie finds some decent shelter. A raccoon comes at her but she screams and tosses it into the valley, a steam pot opens and it melts. Dione comes back and asks what's wrong. Melaie respond "There are carnivorous, cannibal raccoons in that grass." Dione says that she is overreacting and a raccon tries to attsack him and he throw it into th valley and it melts. Dione and Melaie are near the tree. Splash jumps dwon and starts chasing them. As they run they are not sure whether to look back to see if Splash is still chasing them or if that will slow them down. They only get him off their back when they jump in the water. Unfortunately, the water still has the glass shards and crabs in it. Dione and Melaie are desparate to get out but they are worried Splash will kill them. Things only get worse when they get chased by 20 crabs. They still son't know what to do. They finally decide to get out when a crab nearly decapitates Melaie. When they get out they finally realize they are bleeding in many places. Dione questions why they are bleeding. Melaie scoops up some water and says "This is why." She shows the glass shard to Dione and exclaims "There are glass shards in the water." Dione says "The gamemakers are freaks." Dione and Melaie are too scared to go back to the tree because of Splash. They come up with an idea to hunt for the muttations for food. They agree that the raccoons are too risky and the crabs won't provide much help. They see a brown bird and the bird falls nearly hitting Spring but she dodges it this time. Katherine starts chasing Jay with a knife. Jay is running for his life. He finds the Cornucopia and decides to hides up there when he gets there. He approaches a hole and Katherine is getting closer so he runs faster. When he gets over the hole fire blasts out burning him severely. When Katherine gets to him a cannon fires. To make sure he isn't alive, she stabbed his unrecognizable, horribly charred body through the back of the neck. She hears no cannon so she knows the previous cannon signalled his death. As she walks away she walks over a blue line and gets covered in an ice shield. Lucky for her, the blaring sun melts the ice.

Katherine POV:

I didn't get much done all I knew was that Jay had to die. I saw Dione and Melaie running from Splash. I was thinking of killing Splash, then I saw a trident bigger than me. I see Jay and start chasing him. When I'm concerned I may never get him, Jay is fried by fire and a cannon fires. To make sure he is dead I stab the back of his neck. No cannon fires so I know he was dead.

Spring's POV:

I received a gauze roll and bowel medication from a sponsors. I know I got lucky and applied it and hoped I got lucky enough to survive.

Splash's POV:

I need to kill whoever I can to avenge Waterlily to make sure Arby pays in case they are allies. I see Dione and Melaie, I jump down and start chasing them. Before I can get them they jump in the river. Knowing I can't get them, they might drown themselves, and anyone might kill me I go back to my tree.

Day 5: Pure Revenge

Gunnar and Sierra receive a small amount of food and body armor and Gunnar receives a bow and arrow. He decides that the next person who has intentions or tries to kill him, he will kill them on the spot without hesitation. A strange noise is made behind him. He fires his arrow and it hits Ice at the exact same time Splash kills her with his trident and a cannon fires. Gunnar is too scared and runs away. Before Splash can chase him he sees Arby and Arby starts running down the valley. Splash pulls out his trident and starts chasing Arby. Near the end of the valley he gets caught in a steam pot and the skin starts melting off of his body. Due to the frying sun he is melting only faster. Splash gets to the beginning of the valley, double grasps his trident and throws it with all of his might. Arby finaly gets out of the steam pot and a trident pierces through his chest. He falls with the trident protruding out of his chest, he is dead before he hits the ground. When he does land his face lands in a crack filed with water that is actually acid. Splash runs through the vallley narrowly avoiding steam pots opening up from under him. When he does get to Arby his cannon has already fired and Arby is just a skeleton in a pool of his melted skin. When Splash pulls out the trident it is surprisingly clean. Dione & Melaie are washing out the blood from the water from the lagoon by filtering out all the glass shards. Gunnar and Sierra are walking around trying to figure out how to survive they have their food, water, and weapons, but they need shelter. Wind starts blowing and Sierra and Gunnar hit the rocks and they go flying everywhere. While Ash & Moss are hiding from the flying rocks they each receive a grenade, scythe, sickle, iodine, sunglasses, poison, food, water, armor, and night vision goggles. After everything is done Dione and Melaie find the raccoons dead which benefits them, they have found food. The flying rock hit Katherine's pelvis and she is too hurt to move. She worries that while she is partially paralyzed someone will kill her

Day 6: Not Play Time

Luna is walking dioriented around the arena. She has been seeing hallucinations all day long. While she is walking, it starts to sleet. As she approaches the freezeline she is burned by fire. Surprisingly she is still alive but disoriented. As she walks she is concerned that she will run into a dangerous tribute that will kill her on the spot. She thinks that Gunnar and Sierra are going to kill her so she decides that she has to kill them before they kill her. She is looking for Sierra & Gunnar and comes upon a light yellow bird and kill. s itShe finds Sierra and Gunnar sleeping. She prepares to kill them but Siera wasnt reallly sleeping she was just faking. Sierra gets up and starts bludgeoning Luna with her mace. Luna tries to attack in the process but she needed to defend herself from being killed by Sierra. Eventually Sierra gets tired and falls asleep. Luna wants to kill her but her arms are to weak to use her arms. She wants to find food, but the bird she shot went underwater. She tries going to the tree to eat the bark but she can't break off any off it because there is an icy coating covering the tree. Lucky for her Splash is asleep so he can't kill her. She needs to think outside the box, the raccoons were taken by Dione & Melaie and she cant find them, she is to weak to spear another bird, and the tree is covered ice. She has gone 3 days without food. She thiks of using the crabs but she's worried it might kill her by cutting open a vital organ or cut off a limb. But she gets a break when she finds an apple. She runs towards the apple and right before she gets there she is thrown back and a cannon fires. Ash & Moss are awakened by it. They go to check and tthey find a deceased Luna extremely far away from the Cornucopia. Ash supposes that the cannon was from Luna dying. Moss is wondering how she died. While she thinks Luna died of starvation, Ash thinks she froze to death. The hovercraft takes Luna away. Neither of them are able to agree on what killed her so the decide to keep that to themselves. Sierra is happy that the person who tried to kill Gunnar and her is dead.

Day 7: Broken Hearts

Sierra and Gunnar are walking near where the jagged rocks used to be. Gunnar says "Sierra if I die I want you to win it for both of us." Sierra agrees to him but she plans on keeping him alive at any cost. The entire arena is covered in a sheet of ice. The sun still hasn't melted it yet. As Sierra and Gunnar prepare to start killin so one of them can win, Gunnar sets off Zeus's snare from days ago and he gets trapped. Sierra does everthing she can to save save Gunnar. She tries ripping the snare open with her teeth, Gunnar's arrows, her fingers, and even a small rock. They are all fruitless they both know Gunnar will die. As his dying words he says "Sierra, good luck, please win I know you can do it as long as you can win it for both of us." A cannon fires. Ash and Moss are near the water when for the second time Moss is kidnapped by another bird but this one is grayish black. The bird is to high for him to get an angle on him with his spear. He decides to use his grenade. He hits it in the wing, unfortunately Moss was in their and she falls barley alive and burned. Ash apologizes multiple times and even starts crying in the process. Moss tries to calm him down by telling him she'll be okay she knows that the bomb attack on her wasn't bad enough to kill her or anything. Ash starts to calm down and tries to help her. When he least expects it the giant gray bird comes down in a corkscrew and drills into Moss's head. Ash can't blieve what had just happened. He repetitively starts spearing the bird until he is positive it is dead. Moss and himm aren't sure whether to take the bird out or not. If they do she'll bleed to death but the damage may have also already have been done. They decide to keep the bird in and use their iodine tomake sure she doesn't get infected. Moss has trouble getting up but she is able to. 5 minutes later she collapses and her mouth starts foaming. Ash is extremely concerned and tries to wake Moss up. Moss is barely conscious. Ash knows that she is going to die. As she does he decides he needs to tell her something. Ash says to her "I love you." Moss weakly replies "Me too good luck and please win" Only 7 minutes after the bird attacked her she dies and a cannon fires Ash is devastated that he has lost Moss. He decides to take down the biggest remainging threat, Splash. Sierra and Ash have both lost someone they love and care for.

Day 8: Weather Phenomenon

Spring feels lucky to be in the Final 7. She receives food and a knife from her one of her sponsors saying "Beware Splash, Sierra, and Ash." She knows Splash is up in his tree. Sierra will be hunting her down. And Ash might kill her in her sleep. She decides to go where the raccoons used to be. However she knows all the raccoons were killed in the rock blast. Katherine is walking unsure what to do. She stole some raccoon meat but she didn't know how long it would last and Dione and Melaie are protecting their food. As she is walking a tidal wave hits everyone is somewhere. Splash is in his tree, Sierra is in the other side, Ash is under Sierra but she is trapped and can't kill him, and Dione and Melaie made a protection center protecting them. Katherine is thrown against the ground. As she is walking a tornado hits and sucks the Cornucopia, Katherine and 13 birds into it. Katherine has to dodge giant birds that will sent their giant beaks into her. She decides to shelter herself inside the Cornucopia. Katherine finds herself in a multiple win situation. The birds can't fit up where she is, if the Cornucopia flies out she will be protected. Unfortunately for her, the Cornucopia is sucked out too hard leaving her behind. The Cornucopia deflecxts of the forcefieland crashes into the ground splitting it in half. The charred, two-piece, Cornucopia has been destroyed. Katherine is still avoiding giant birds. Eventually, the tornado hits the forcefield. The birds are killed but Katherine is sent flying at 300 miles per hour and crashes near the water and her body bounces of the grass and lands in the water and a cannon fires. Spring is surprised and hopes that Sierra, Ash, or Splash is the one who died. Splash saw the whole thing and even he is shocked at how Katherine died. He know knows that the biggest threat may be the inclimate weather. Splash hopes the feast is the next day because he is tired of eating very little and mostly tree. Spring got very lucky she found correct shleter, none of her food was destroyed. Dione receives shurikens and Melaie receives a meteor hammer.

Day 9: Feast On Crabs

Spring, Sierra, Ash, Splash, Dione, and Melaie prepare for the feast. There Sierra, Spalsh, and Ash are prime people to be avoided. Spring covered herself in the ashes from inside the Cornucopia and some people will mistake her for being one of the dangerous ones and leave her alone. Sierra has a crab in her hand. She says to it "You know what to do Gunnar jr." Sierra throws the crab and it attaches onto Spring. She tries to stab it with her knife but she worries that she may kill herself in the process. She tries using her bowel medication hoping it will poison the crab by splashing it on the crab. The crab is fast and tries to killl her but she tries to stop it at every place it goes. The crab goes to the back of her neck and cuts it open. Sierra grabs her and Springs backpacks and gives Spring's to her knowing she won't survive. Spring reaches for her backpack to stop the crab and the crab cuts her spinal cord and Springs stops moving and a cannon fires. Sierra steals the backpack and makes a run for it. Splash is fighting off Melaie and Dione while still trying to get his bag. He tries to kill them with his trident but struggles to move. Melaie decides she needs to kill him. She blasts her meteor hammer into Splash's back. Dione throws a shuriken into Splash's head. As they run Splash grabs onto Dione's leg and stabs it with his trident. Ash secretly takes Splash's District 4 backpack. Dione takes a District 7 backpack and Splash slams his trident into Dione's ankle and Dione trips. Splash steals a pair of leather gloves and a lantern with candle and lighter. H ealso grabs District 11 backpack because he cant steal the other ones. Dione and Melaie try to heal Dione's wounds, luckily they have a syringe and iodine. She injects Dioe and they go back to their shelter. That night Splash comes up with a plan to take out the other tributes. He uses his light and sets the grass on fire. Ash hooks on to the tree and Dione & Melaie are hit with the balze. Luckily they are close to the lagoon and they jump in. The glass shards cut open the wounds on Dione's leg. Dione is in severe pain but if he leaves he will burn to death. Sierra is concerned for her life so she rips off a branch and throws it and it hits a rock and it starts pouring putting the fire out. Melaie & Dione get out but their feet are burning because their shoes melted in the blaze. That night they go back to their shelter which is red hot and they burns their arms. Ash has the best bag full of very useful supplies.

Day 10: Treachery Killing

Dione is being chased by Ash. His horrible limp from being attacked with Splash's trident twice is putting him at a huge risk of being attacked. Dione wants to think of a way not to be killed but he worries that he will be killed during that moment. then he remembers his shurikens, tomahawk and sword. He throws his shurikens but Ash dodges every one he throws. Dione throws his tomahawk and it lands on Ash's foot. Dione uses this chance to kill him with his sword. When he goes to kill him, Ash grabs the sword and throws it at the forcefield. Ash gets his sickle and blasts his appendix. Dione and Ash get into a fist fight. Eventually Ash starts strangling Dione. Dione throws his fist into Ash's head and Dione is kicked in one of his 3 trident wounds. As day turns to night Ash puts on his night vision goggles. Ash puts poison on his scythe and gets a shield. He impales his scythe into Dione. As Dione begins to die Ash pushes him into black rocks. Multiple huge explosions happen, a cannon fires and all that remains are black and white rocks. Melaie is walking around wondering who died. From the cannon, she knew it wasn't Splash or Sierra because she had seen them alive and semi well after the cannon fired. She hopes it was Ash because she doesn't want Dione to be dead and Ash is one of the 3 biggest threats in the arena the other two, Sierra and Splash are still alive. Her arm and feet are still hurting from the fire. Ash runs by her with the weapons he has from Dione. Melaie is devastated to find out that Dione was in fact the one who was killed. She is highly concerned that she will be next considering everyone else is a major threat she hopes that she will get something to take out the other remaining tributes. She finds an oddly shaped mud puddle. Melaie hopes that she will find some decent items in their but at the same time she worries that it might be a trap set up by the gamemakers. She decides she has nothing to lose and goes on it. When she is in the center like 20 spikes pop out and she falls over when shehits the groun more spikes come out and she starts feeling light headed. She vomits and sees an animal with the face of a ferret. She gets extremely dizzy, loses consciousness, ans a cannon fires. The three most dangerous tributes are the Final 3. They each lost someone and are trying to win it for them. Sierra for Gunnar, Ash for Moss, and Splash for Waterlily.

Day 11: The Final Day

Ash approaches the tree and Splash jumps down nearly killing him. Splash sprained his ankle rendering him semi-immobile. Ash starts his showdown with Splash. He knows that from the past he needs to kill him. He starts throwing his sickles both impale Splash's back but doesn't kill him. Ash puts poison on his scythe but Splash throws his trident but Ash is wearing body armor. He throws the scytne ad the tree is impaled. Ash throws the trident and he misses. Now he believes it is time to get serious. He throws his grenade, it hits the ground, blows up singing Splash's back. In horrible pain, Splash can't move the lower half of his body. A giant burning branch falls on his back. Despite the injury Splash is still alive but in horrible pain. Ash believes he mightjust win the game he throws his scythe. Splash grabs the blade and spins the scythe and throws it. Ash is impaled clean through his head and he collapses and a cannon fires. Splash is exhausted and possibly paroplegic. he climbs up the tree trying to finish off his business. When he gets there Sierra is waiting for him. He dodges her mace and she starts ripping off branches. Splash is using his hands to stay onto the tree. Birds are flying in cutting open skin and removing branches. Splash is losing all ability to move and Sierra prepares to bludgeon him with her mace. A bird then knocks sierra to the ground. Splash is able to regain mobility in the upper portion of his body. He throws his trident and it misses Sierra by a milimeter. Sierra throws the trident but Splash catches it Sierra starts running but he can't walk so he's still stuck in the tree. Sierra grabs the bird, and throws it into Splash's back. Splash is in excruciating pain and is worried Sierra will kill him somehow. Sierra gets back up on the tree and starts attacking Splash. As his face is being broken Splash is trying to think of a way to win. He sees the branches around the tree and gets an idea. But before he can he needs to get Sierra to stop attacking him. Splash points out Gunnars mutt and trips her off the tree. He sets the trees and fallen branches on fire. Sierra is caught in the flames, but not being burnt because she is hanging onto the tree with her mace. She climbs back up. The two fight it out a scream and crash is heard and Sierra is caught in the flames. Splash can't move because of his back. Splash is very confident that he will win, but to be sure he throws his trident at Sierra, a cannon fires and Splash is declared winner of the third Hunger Games. Sierra's body is seen charred and with a trident sticking out of her chest.

After the Games: Splash is a paroplegic now. His loss of Waterlily has brought him into a slight depression. After his experience he has anxiety that they will be in to but not survive. Splash needs therapy because of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.At school bhe has psychotic episodes from the experience and needs help because he's in a wheelchair. He still is kind to others but he's more shy, distant, and laconic

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