Plz shout out up to 4 tributes and their name, age, district, appearance, weapon, token, skills, strategy, personality, and history


District 12: Racmany

Name Josiah Aro Violetta Gold
Age 16 17
Skills Picaxes, swords, spears. Lifting heavy things. Good with spears and tridents/pitchforks.
Strategy Team up with Violetta and run and kill when necissary. Team up with Josiah and run and kill when necissary.
Token A piece of coal. French nails.
Weapon Pickaxe Spear
Personality Very caring and can be over protective. a bit of a tomboy. always smiling and having fun. Likes to play games with people. Can hold a grudge for a little while. She takes all comments to heart and takes them all seriouslly. Can be eaily offended and if she is offended she will dislike that person for a long long time.
History Rasied by his mother and father and has 4 younger sisters. His father then died after being accused of stealing and was whipped to death infront of the whole District. His mother had to stop working to rasie children and the money stopped. Josiah was not good with hunting so he acted like he was 18 to get into the mines. Lived as the mayors daughter and partook in javelin competitions that the school hosted. She has lived an unwanted life of wealth. She likes to get down and dirty with the girls from seam and they spend hours hunting together when she is suppoedly, 'studying.' Her friend and family love her deeply
Death Drowned in mud Slashed by sword
Kills Celeste

District 11: Mockingjay5

Name Reed Bliss Thorn Stone
Age 12 16
Skills She has a very large knowledge on edible and non-edible plants. She is a very fast runner and very smart. Has a very large knowledge on edible plants, ok with a knife and spear.
Strategy Avoid the bloodbath at all costs, then find an ally. She is going to try to avoid killing but if it means winning, she will. Grab somethign near and run. Don't ally. Won't hesitate to kill, but would rather not.
Token A small bracelet that Dawn gave her for her 10th Birthday. It has her name woven into it. Picture of his brothers
Weapon Knife Knife and Spear
Personality Reed is very sweet and nice, but she is cautious. She hates to be on her own. She is very trustworthy and caregiving. Quiet, mysterious, cautious, adventurous, brave
History Reed lives a poor life on the farms. Her mother is dead and she has 3 siblings. 2 older brothers and an older sister. During the Reaping, her sister, Dawn who's 15, tried to voulenteer, but their father wouldn't let her because they needed her at home. Dawn was devestated. Thorn has two younger twin brothers. They look exactly alike, and their names are Torin and Thomas, both 10 years old. He lives with his father who cares for them and works on the farms for money.
Death Lost air in an airless pit Melted by lava

District 10: Totaldramalover

File:Janet (2).png

Jo Istheawesomestperson





adaughterandliveswithallthreeofh iswivesandhehasaverylong








willhavetocopyandpastethissobam Jr. IV

Janet Hasaveryshortlastname
Age 17.543543542353245 14
Skills He is a great singer and he is good at kissing people She is an amazing skipper and she is great at eating humans
Strategy To kiss people during his chariot ride. Then get people to ally with him during the games by kissing them. Eat everyone
Token Wedding ring Friend's ear
Weapon Voice Teeth
Personality Is cool and an amazing singer. random
History Jo has 3 wives and babies back home. He has so many friends, but they are all girls and he always kisses them. She loves to eat people. She also ate her pet cat. She only has one hand though, because she got hungry and ate her other one as a snack
Death Bit in the appendix Thrown into Cornucopia
Kills Jo

District 9: Thehungergamesrock

Name Celeste Seer Lincoln Row
Age 16 18
Skills Good with a sword and ok with a spear. Also good at running and climbing Good wtih a mace or club.
Strategy Get a sword and then hide out. If someone attacks, she will fight back. Maybe team up with her partner To get a weapon from the cornucopia, take out a few people if he has a chance and then make an alliance with his partner.
Token A clip for her hair that is from her mom a Keychain from his mother
Weapon Sword or spear Mace or club
Personality Very nice, but competitive He is big and often overlooked as a threat. He is probably the strongest tribute.
History she has no siblings but has a mother. She loved fencing back home and was a champ at it. He has 3 brothers back home, all older than him. They were all bigger than him and he was really short until he was 16, when he had a huge growth spurt and became taller than his brothers.
Death Impaled by pickaxe Hit with an arrow
Kills Silver, Josiah, Janet

District 8: Thehungergamesrock

Name Sarah June Jonah Krackle
Age 15
Skills Good with a bow and arrow and knows edible stuff Good with a sword and with snares
Strategy To get a bow and arrow and ally with her partner till the final 5. Try not to kill anyone unless they are mean or deserve it. To get some snares and/or a sword and then hide out somewhere and put snares so nobody can hurt him.
Token None Comb
Weapon Bow and Arrow Sword or snare
Personality Nice and Caring He is good at acting any personality
History She has nice older sisters back home and some kind friends He has a mom and a dad. He also has a brother. He is the only person in his school with a beard and a mustache.
Death Gemma accidentally fired an arrow in her stomach Blown up after he dropped his comb

District 7: Totaldramalover

Name Jose McDonald Taylor Rechual
Age 18 18
Skills He is a trained secret agent. He is good at everything Smart and good with a pencil....
Strategy Protect Taylor from the S.I.N.s at all costs. Don't trust anyone
Token A binder that shows how to defeat bad guys A necklace
Weapon Good with all weapons Knife
Personality Always suspicious of stuff. Thinks a lot of people are S.I.N.s Nice and shy
History He was an orphan and was found by a man named Tracy. He was trained and became an Agent of Secret Stuff. He has no friends and doesn't know much about normal life. He is in the hunger games to protect Taylor and he is pretending to be Mexican so she doesn't get suspicious, even though he is Asian Taylor is popular and good in school. She also has a mom and dad.
Death Killed in avalanche Eaten by a flower

District 6: Tacosalad1127

Name Everdeena Katnissen Grant Nelly
Age 16 14
Skills Good with a bow and arrow, a fast runner and great at climbing trees. Good with throwing knives and knows which plants are poisonous and which are edible
Strategy To grab some stuff from the cornucopia and then get away from everyone and hide. Team up with Grant. Grab some knives and then just hide and eat plants. Team up with Everdeena.
Token A necklace from Everdeeno. His family's winning lottery ticket
Weapon Bow and Arrow Throwing knives
Personality Nice, but if someone attacks her, she can be vicious He is pretty much a normal person
History Everdeena has a little 12 year old brother named Everdeeno who was reaped. She volunteered for him and hopes to win for him. Her family is pretty poor. Grant has a mom and a dad. His family was poor, but they won the lottery so now they are kinda rich, but Grant's parents don't act rich and they save their money a lot just incase...
Death Speared by Electra Suffocated from snare
Kills Gemma
Sponsor Items

Small amount of food



Throwing Knives

District 5: Tacosalad1127

Name Ezekiel Jakobs Jay Joice
Age 16 17
Skills Good with nunchucks and a knife Good with a whip and with a mace.
Strategy Pick up nunchucks at the cornucopia. Grab knives if there are none. Then just stay kinda low. Grab a whip at the cornucopia and get the heck outta there.
Token A picture of his family None
Weapon Nunchuks or knife Whip or mace
Personality Ezekiel is an awesome person. Will do anything and doesn't care what people think. Nice, but vicious at the same time.
History Ezekiel has three brothers back home. He also has a mother. His father left them at a young age Both of her parents are alive, but her dad is usually at work and her mom is in Rehab. She's trying to win it for both of her parents so that they will notice her for once.
Death Drowned in lake Burnt by radiated blue beam

District 4: Brony12

Name Ronda Grouge Dondo Grouge
Age 16 18
Skills She is strong, great with Nets and handy with snares Strong, amzing with trident and nets
Strategy Team up with Dondo, Kill Team up with Ronda (NOT CAREERS) and kill as much as possible, if nessicry he will kill his sister.
Token None One of the bullies fingers
Weapon Nets and snares Tridents and nets
Personality Strong Ruthless
History She is very strong because of years of hauling fish, she has one brother, Dondo who she loves He was bullied at school which made him decide to get strong, when he did he killed each and every bully at the school. Because of the bullying he is filled with hate.
Death Won Eaten by a horse
Kills Dondo, Trifle, Grant Brass
Sponsor Items Trident

District 3: Racmany

Name Nano Pythagorous Electra Vargas
Age 14 14
Skills Good with throwing knives, hatchets and other small prodjectile weapons. Great when creating snares. Good with spears and is very althetic and good at running.
Strategy Get some weapons and run and hide with Electra. Team up with Nano and run away. Kill when necissary.
Token Small metal orami bird Purple and Gold ring
Weapon Throwing Knives. Spear
Personality He is very kind and loving to all his friends and family. He is good with negosiating things. He can be quite violent and cruel to people he doesn't like. A very girly sort of girl. Alway worrying about her apperance and wondering what other people are thinking of her. If someone says or does something mean to her she can hold a grudge for a long time.
History His parents raised him to be an inventor. But his heart was never in inventing things. He liked to research and look at old methods and learn new things, not create new things. This was much to his parents disappointment. They began to treat him diffrently from then onwards. Often speaking to him with disrespect because they were living through him. Electa's mother was voted as possibly the dumbest person of Ditrict 3. Whilst her father is one of the head inventors of the district. Her mother obsesses with her looks and is often downing her daughter is she puts on weight or doesn't look as pretty as her.
Death Poisoned by flower Speared by Ronda
Kills Everdeena

District 2: Earth12

Name Trifle Woods Brass Sater
Age 17 18
Skills Throwing knives, running and starting fires All close range weapons, really strong and fast
Strategy Classic career, kill, be extremly careful around her district partner Career alliance, kill, fight and when its the final 6 he will kill his fellow careers
Token None None
Weapon Throwing knives Close range weapons
Personality Sly Mean, evil
History Trained for the games all her life, she has no siblings and a rich mother and father. He has trained for the games since he was little, he has 2 older brothers; Steel (19) and Iron (21) who have both won the hunger games
Death Asphixiated by caterpillar Speared by trident
Kills Ezekiel

District 1: Silveraqua16

Name Gemma Revlis Silver Selig
Age 16 17
Skills Deadly accurate with bow and arrow. Very fast, strong, and stealthy. Brutally strong with and without a sword and spear. Very fast and strong.
Strategy Stick with Careers. Be second in charge (district partner is in charge) of the Careers. IF district partner dies, take over and run at the first sign of trouble and/or mutany. Fight for her family and friends. Stick with Careers. Be in charge of them. run at the first sign of trouble and/or mutany. protect gemma.
Token A necklace with a silver chain and a rainbow gem at the end. it is always changing colors (the gem) A silver dragon pendant from his mother
Weapon Bow&Arrow, ok at throwing knives Sword, Spear
Personality Sweet, seductive, pretty but can be ruthless and aggressive if you get on her bad side and when she's in the games. Protective, aggresive, ruthless, but really nice to Gemma. slightly short-tempered
History Her mother died at child birth and was raised and trained by her father and three older siblings. (1 older sister and 2 older brothers) He was orphaned at 12 years old and has been living on the streets but he is well known and everyone likes him. He constantly visits Gemma and they recently became boyfriend/girlfriend even though Gemma's father doesn't approve.
Death Pierced by a walrus Skull was crushed
Kills Sarah, Lincoln
Sponsor Items Arrows


The Cornucopia is in the center of the arena. Right next to it is a lake with a dial near it that can freeze the top. In the upper left corner are 12 foot deep mud puddles that can suck you in when you step in it. In the lower left corner there is an extremely poisonous flower that shoots out poison that can kill anyone in a one foot radius if you get to close. The other flower is carnivorous and will eat anyone who gets within 7 inches of it. In the upper right corner there is a mountain that sets off an explosion causing an avalanche. In the moid lower part there is a pit that has no air in it. Next to the flowers is a blueberry bush that'll lure tributes. Inthe lower right corner there is a tree that spews out lava and spikes near it

File:Rsz arena4.png


Animal Mutt Abilities Picture
Caterpillar mutt Can stretch up to 20 feet and can strangle and squeeze the life out of someone and have spit that is an EXTREMELY powerful muscle relaxant
File:Caterpillar Muttt.jpg
Horse mutt Pink, have giant hooves, whip like tails, and are carnivorous
File:Horse Mutt.jpg
Walrus mutt Have sword like tusks and are very heavy
File:Walrus mutt.jpg
Alligator Mutt Tributes are made into alligators that breath blue flames and have red hot scales


Tribute and Placement Cause of Death
24th: Jonah Krackle Dropped comb and was blown up
23rd: Ezekiel Jones Drowned in lake
22nd: Trifle Woods Asphixiated by caterpillar
21st: Silver Selig Skull was crushed
20th: Violetta Gold Slashed by sword
19th: Celeste Seer Impaled by pickaxe
18th: Brass Sater Speared by trident
17th: Jo I. Bit in the appendix
16th: Everdeena Katnissa Speared in the forehead
15th: Josiah Aro Drowned in mud
14th: Reed Bliss Lost air in an airless pit
13th: Dondo Grouge Eaten by horse
12th: Jay Joice Burnt by radiated blue beam
11th: Sarah June Gemma fired an arrow in her stomach
10th: Nano Pythagorous Poisoned by flower
9th: Taylor Rechual Eaten by a flower
8th: Jose McDonald Killed in avalanche
7th: Janet H. Thrown into Cornucopia
6th: Lincoln Row Shot by an arrow
5th: Gemma Revlis Pierced by a walrus
4th: Grant Nelly Suffocated from snare
3rd: Thorn Stone Melted by lava
2nd: Electra Vargas Speared twice
1st: Ronda Grouge Won

Tribute Mutts

File:Jonah Mutt.png
File:Ezekiel Mutt.png
File:Trifle Mutt.png
File:Silver Mutt.png
File:Violetta Mutt.png
File:Celeste mutt.png
File:Brass mutt.png
File:Jo Mutt.png
File:Everdeena Mutt.png
File:Josiah Mutt.jpg
File:Reed Mutt.png
File:Dondo Mutt.png
File:Sarah Mutt.png
File:Nano Mutt.png
File:Janet Mutt 2.png

People can pay their own money to send stuff to a tribute


Mace- $400

Nightstick- $250

Harpoon- $300

Spear- $500

Club- $350

Spray Poison- $700

Sword- $800

Dagger- $150

Flail- $450

Scimitar- $550

Switchblade- $300

Swiss Army Knife- $400

Trident- $500

Pitchfork- $450

Knife- $350

Bow and Arrows- $400 and $50 for an extra arrow

Rope- $100

Axe- $800

Hatchet- $400

Choking Pear- $390

Meteor Hammer- $660

Tomahawk- $730

Shurikens- $645

Grenade- $1000

Blowgun and Poison Darts- $340 and $40 for an extra dart

Whip- $465

Glass Bottle- $100

Scythe- $780

Ninja Stars- $50 per star

Switchblade- $615

Pickaxe- $720

Sickle- $600

Rungu- $375

Defense Tools

Shield- $400

Armor- $700

Helmet- $210


Air Mattress- $850

Sleeping Bag- $500

Frying Pan- $500

Pot- $350

Hypodemal- $300

Blood Medication- $670 per effectiveness

Lung Medication- $450 per effectiveness

Kidney Medication- $ 340 per effectiveness

Liver Medication- $360 per effectiveness

Brain Medication- $500 per effectiveness

Heart Medication- $700 per effectiveness

Bowel Medication- $400 per effectiveness

Aspirin- $100

Stomach Medication- $480 per effectiveness

Urinary Medication- $510 per effectiveness

Catheders- $200

Inhaler- $230

Flint- $120

Full Meal- $700

Medium Amount of Food- $400

Small Amount of Food- $150

Gauze- $250

Backpack: $150

Sweatshirt- $150

Light Jacket- $200

Heavy Jacket- $300

T-SHirt- $150

Jeans- $150

Sweatpants- $150

Long Sleeved Shirt- $150

Shorts- $150

Sweater- $150

Shoes- $100

Socks- $50

Slippers- $75

Gloves- $65

Hat- $45

Scarf- $100

Boots- $160

Towel- $95

Ice-Pak- $85

Pillow- $240 Shovel: $295

Burn Medicine- $560

Band-aids- $15 per band-aid

Sunglasses- $30

Night Vision Googles- $210

Chariot Rides

Disrict 1

Gemma and Silver are seen holding hands. Gemma accidentally dislocates SIlver's finger and he is in pain. Silver steps on Gemma's foot and they get in a brawl. They are pulling each other's hair and Silver bites Gemma. That's when the two have to be separated and are forced out with their hands being tied behind their backs.

District 2

Trifle comes in wearing a magnificent silver and sparkly dress. Brass is seen in a tuxedo with a lot of tears in them. Triifle takes the rose out of her hair, bites part of it off and puts it back in her hair. Brass pulls out a knife, spins it around throws off and catches it but he cut his finger on the blade. They leave in a mysterious puff of smoke.

District 3

Electra is wearing a pruple dress that disappears ad reveals a drak purple partially see-through dress. She is a little embarassed even though she is wearing clothes underneath, but Nano comes out with an oragami bird throws it up and it explodes. Electra spins around and Nano grabs her hand. Electra throws up her tiara catches it ad walks away. Nano is unsure what to do so he goes away.

District 4

Ronda comes in with a cerulean dress and a cyan scarf. Donda is seen wearing cobalt sweatpants and a sky blue sweatshirt. Ronda spins around and Donda gets out a knife and puts it near Ronda's neck. But she turns around and he quickly puts the knife away. Ronda puts her brother in the spotlight. He gets nervous and she pantses him revealing blue striped boxers. He gets mad at her and they decide to leave.

District 5

Ezekiel comes in with a very cocky smile and his regular clothes. Jay comes out with a cocaine sniffer, breaks it in half, throws on the ground and steps on it. Ezekiel shows off his muscles (which is very weird since he doesnt have any). Jay is resisting the urge to yell when she uncontrolably punches him. They leave thorough forcefulness.

District 6

Grant comes in painted a greenish gray and shows off the lottery ticket. Everdeena tosses him to the ground and tried to make herself look weak by looking like a morphling. Everdeena drifts around delirious to what's going on and everyone is buying the act. Grant comes back up and accidentally trips Everdeena. Everdeena punches Grant and almost ruins her act.

District 7

Jose comes in and starts doing karate which actually looks like he's going crazy. Taylor is laughing hysterically ausing Jose to get mad at her but doesn't want to hurt her. Taylor gets very nervous and starts shaking. Jose goes tohelp her but everyone is getting bored. Before they can fall asleep two people come and take them out.

District 8

Jonah is pretending to be weak and falls over. Sarah willingly helps him up and kisses him Jonah is very confused but kinda happy. Jonah frees himself but he gets confused on what to do. Sarah goes to talk to him but gets so nervous she freezes. Before anything else can go wrong Jonah decides to leave quickly followed by Sarah.

District 9

Lincoln is seen close to Celeste but Celeste is uncomfortable. Celeste shows of her hair clip from her mm and unsure what to do Lincoln repeats her. Lincoln decides he needs to show off his strength. He pounds his fist into the ground leaving a 4-inch dent in the ground. Celste starts laughing but at the same time gets worried he will kill her.

District 10

Jo and Janet come in and they look utterly opposite. Jo kisses on the lips Janet and she bites his tongue. Jo is screaming for help but no one can understand him. Eventually, two people come out with tazers and stun Janet. When she lands on the ground she spits out part of Jo's tongue. Jo starts bleeding from his mouth and spits it out. They are forced out due to how disturbing they were being.

District 11

Thorn is wearing a gree cloak that covers his face. Reed is holding his hand tightly and is a little nervous. Thorn throws of the cloak showing a green outfit that makes him look likes a weed. Everyone start laughing and Reed tries to stand up for him but falls and she gets laughed at as well. They both leave highly embarrassed.

District 12

Violetta comes out and Josiah starts protecting her. Violetta tells him she's okay and Josiah says he is just trying to protect her. The two get in an argument which stops when someone blows their whistle. They are very angry and Violetta tries to break Josiah's finger butsomeone has to come and squeeze her hand so hard she falls to the ground.


Gemma- Gemma apologizes to Silver in her interview mentioning it was an accident and she only attacked because she hadn't gotten much sleep. Gemma mentions that Arby and Wendy humiliated District one and she and Silver need to redeem District 1. She also mentions that unlike Arby and Wendy she likes District 4 but worries that Dondo will kill Ronda and wants to protect her. She mentions that she really likes Silver and wants to protect him too. Gemma says good luck to everyone

Silver- Silver apologizes to Gemma because he too hadn't gotten much sleep. He wasn't impressed with what the tributes did except Gemma, Ronda, and Janet. He says that if he doesn't win he wants Gemma to win then maybe Janet or Ronda. He also states that he is not afraid to kill anyone except maybe Gemma. Silver has nothing else to say and leaves.

Trifle- Trifle mentions that she is extremely happy that her chariot ride went well. She also mentions the only person she fears is her DIstrict partner Brass. She says how she worries he will kill her in her sleep or worse the Cornucopia. She mentions how she is not used to being around cildren a lot younger than her. Trifle otherwise seems pretty confident.

Brass- Brass acts very rude during his interview. He mentions he is not afraid of anyone and isn't afraid to kill anyone even Trifle. He also mentions he expects to win the Hunger Games. If he could expect anyone to win other than him it's Lincoln. If he would want anyone else to win it's either Ronda or Trifle. Brass finally says for everyone to sponsor him and leaves

Electra- Electra dmits she was surprised with what happened with her dress becaused it was supposed to turn blue not turn into a partially see through dress. She expresses hope that either she or Nano wins. She knows that she didn't inherit her IQ from her mother but hopes that she inherited survival skills from a parent. Electra shows off the ring she has. She nervously leaves knowing she looked ridiculous.

Nano- Nano expresses negativity towards his parents for being mean to him. He hopes that he and/or Electra will win. He hopes to discover a way so he and Electra will make it to the final 2 and both win. He is also very angry bceause his oragami bird was taken away because it could be used to bludgeon someone. Nano is very confused by the time the interview is over. Nano nearly vomited a few times throughout the interview

Ronda- Ronda is rather calm during her interview when her heart is pounding internally. She admits that she pantsed her brother to get everyone's attention because she felt no one was paying attention. She worries her brother is still mad at her but is unsure whether or not to apologize because she is a little scared. Ronda thinks that her brother will most likely win and the only time he'll be at risk is at the Cornucopia. Ronda wishes everyone good luck.

Dondo- Dondo has some obvious anger in his interview. He is still mad that his sister pantsed him because he was embarrassed in front of 12 districts. He feel pretty confident that he might win and is unsure if he dies that he wants his sister to die. Dondo is actually worried that District 1 will be as bad as they were last year. Dondo seems actually calm by the end of the interview,

Jay- Jay's emotions switch between calm and angry during the interview. She is very annoyed by Ezekiel's attitude. If she doesn't win se says that she hopes one of the District 11 tributes win because they supported each other in their chariot ride. Jay says that she doesn't expect to win but still hopes she does. Jay seems actually kinda happy by the end of the interview.

Ezekiel- Ezekiel acts extremely cocky throughout his entire interview. He states how he is not worried at all about any of the competitors. He feels the Careers are cocky and weak. If he doesn't win (which he is sure he wont)he hopes all the other tributes will die. Ezekiel surprisingly states that the District 9 boy might have a chance.

Everdeena- Everdeena expresses some anger throughout the interview. She believes the reaping was rigged so her brother would be in. Everdeena admits that if she loses her family is suing the Capitol. She admits major fear of the fact that if she dies and her brother dies her family will be kidless. She finishes her interview by insulting the Capitol saying they are low life scum.

Grant- Grant is surprisingly kinda happy throughout his interview. He states that he doesn't need the money because his family is already rich. Grant is unsure whether or not his family will miss him if he dies but he knows they will be happy if he doesn't. He says that his parents arevery intelligent and he might have inherited inteligence. He wishes everyone luck.

Taylor- Taylor is very shy throughughout her interview. She states that she feels that District 7 should be a Career DIstrict instead of 2. She also states that she feels very uncomfortable with some of the people especially Lincoln. She states that she likes Ronda and Dondo for their chariort ride. Taylor leaves shaking like a chiuaua

Jose- Jose is very cautious throughout his interview. He says he is from a Mexican family making him Mexican. He mentions that he needed to volunteer and that this was his last year sohe has a decent chance of winning. Jose believes that he will have the same luck as his past tributes. Jose decides to say nothing else and leaves.

Sarah- Sarah acts very nice during her interview. She says she loves everyone except Janet because she bit out part of Jo's tongue and hopes to not have to face her. Sarah also mentions the person who has the best chance is Lincoln. She feels that she might not win but hopes she does. She blows and kiss, wishes everyone good luck and leaves.

Jonah- Jonah is very jumpy during his interview. Jonah believes he is the most mature of all the tributes. He knows everyone has an equal chance of winning except Jo. He is surprised ay Ronda pantsing Dondo but understands that opposite gender siblings tend to fight. Jonah leaves calmly but internally is nervous about losing.

Celeste- Celeste is very nice during her interview. She mentions that she is actually scared of Lincoln and is worried he might eat her. Another tribute she is scared of is Janet after what she did to her District partner. If she doesn't win she wants Lincoln to win, as long as he doesn't murder her. Sher leaves with a nervous smile.

Lincoln- Lincoln tries to seem nice during his interview despite his impressive size. Lincoln knows he has probably intimidated someone with his size. He is not sure who will win but thinks that it'll be a career. He would compare himself to Thresh from the 74th Hunger Games. Unlike Thresh however he has no strategy (he is lying). He walks away calm and relaxed.

Janet- Janet is in a straight jacket and wearing grind guards during her interview so she can't talk well. She says she hates her District partner and is lucky she didn't eat the rest of him. She mentions her teeth are more powerful than Enobaria's, after they were altered. Janet has to always be watched in case she eats someone's guts. She is forced out by her watchers.

Jo- Jo has trouble talking due to missing part of his tongue. He mentions even though Janet bit out some of his tongue, he still loves her. Unsurprisingly people get very protective when he is around them. Jo is feels that he will not make it far especialy with people

Reed- Reed is trying to hold back crying in her interview. She states she doesn't want her family to have one less chil. She fears Lincoln will kill her because she thinks he can toss her far. Reed is more afraid than ever in her life because at her age it is easy to lose. She leaves crying which is very noticable to those watching.

Thorn- Thorn shows absolutely no fear throught the entire interview. He states that his two brothers will probably miss him if he does lose. He states happiness that they are now allowed to eat their crops. Thorn hasn't really made friends with anyone except maybe Reed and from what he learned about the 74th Hunger Games she reminds him of Rue. He leaves the same way he was when he came in.

Violetta- Violetta shows hints of annoyance in her interview. She is shocked that she was reaped and feels that it was rigged. Violetta knows that being the mayor's daughter could give her a decent advantage or not. She hopes that Josiah or her will win and if not them one of the District 4 tributes for entertaining her. She leaves horribly confused.

Josiah- Josiah is extremely protective of himself throughout the interview. He apologizes to Violetta for being so protective he just didn't want her hurt. Josiah wants to do anything to make sure she isn't hurt at all. He mentions he is always teased for his white hair despite him being only 16. He leaves extremely fidgety.

Training Scores

Tribute Score
Gemma 11
Silver 10
Trifle 8
Brass 10
Electra 9
Nano 7
Ronda 12
Dondo 12
Jay 7
Ezekiel 1
Everdeena 9
Grant 8
Taylor 5
Jose 10
Sarah 4
Jonah 3
Celeste 4
Lincoln 12
Jo 1
Janet 11
Reed 6
Thorn 7
Violetta 6
Josiah 4


Day 1- Pain On New Levels

In only seconds the Hunger Games will begin. Everyone is extremely fidgety, Ronda is wringing her hands, Electra is looking at her ring and Jonah is using his comb. Someone gets extremely nervous and drops their token. Jonah has been blown up. He was using his comb, lost grip, dropped it, and was blown up. "Let the 4th Hunger Games begin" Milot Numbinstin screams. The gong rings and the remaining tributes run to the Cornucopia except Reed who runs away from the Cornucopia. Ezekiel runs up the hill near the water and Trifle pushes him in hard and he is underwater, Trifle turns a rock around and 5 inches of the water on top freezes and Ezekiel is stuck. Almost everyone is caught in the hustle of the Cornucopia. Lincoln is right behind Trifle and he picks her up and throws her onto the Cornucopia and she falls off. Ronda sees Trifle getting up and knows that District 2 needs to go. She finds a caterpillar and puts it on her body. Trifle starts collapsing and in only seconds is paralyzed. What happens next is unbelievable, the caterpillar stretches to at least 20 feet squeezing the life out of her. Lincoln comes in and squeezes Silver's skull and it is crushed. Celeste has her sword and slashes Violetta multiple times. Shocked by what he just witnessed, Josiah throws his pickaxe and it impales the back of Celeste's head. Brass is trying to kill Lincoln or Ronda but he is confused on who to choose because Lincoln threw Trifle into Ronda's kill and Ronda killed her. When he goes to kill Ronda he gets caught in a net and Dondo comes in and tosses his trident into Brass. Jo is extremely cautious and Janet bites him in his appendix. Once her teeth come out he starts bleeding perfusely and soon enough loses consciousness. Gemma and Electra are fighting to the death. Gemma is firing her arrows and Electra deflects them with her spear. An arrow is fired into Electra's hand she screams "That tears it" and puts her spear behind her head ready to thorow but as it goes back it stabs Everdeena right in the forehead. She decides to run off with Nano while dodging arrows from Gemma. That night after nine cannons fire Janet goes tho the Cornucopia and starts eating Celeste. She has eaten her entire abdomen when the hovercraft comes to take her body away but she still tries to eat her. Everyone is now afraid of Janet except Lincoln who witnessed what had happened and wants to kill her after Josiah for killing Celeste in the first place. Most tributes are hiding inside or around the high grass area. Dondo is currently the only tribute with their District partner remaining who is thinking of killing their District partner which is extremely shocking because Ronda is his own sister.

Day 2- In Deep Trouble

The most intimidating tribute Lincoln is out hunting for Josiah. Josiah is hiding near the mud puddles. Lincoln eventually finds him and Josiah is in trouble due to Lincoln being twice his size. Josiah is fighting back with all his might while Lincoln isn't even trying. Josiah drops his pickaxe and Lincoln slams his mace into Josiah's head. Josiah is not dead but critically wounded. Lincoln picks him up and approaches a mud puddle and throws Josiah in and he is sucked in like it's a vacuum cleaner. Josiah is uncoscious while in the puddle inhaling mud and soon enough his cannon fires. Janet is chasing Reed as she runs for her life. Reed wants to use her knife to kill Janet but is afraid she will eat her before she can kill her. While she's running she falls down into a pit. Reed gets up okay but has major problems breathing. ed is trying hard to get out but the hill is too steep to climb. Janet just watches Reed as she slowly loses air. Reed is trying so hard to get out but she can't make it up there 2 minutes after she fell in she collapses and her cannon fires. Janet begins laughing hysterically. The only reason she decides not to eat her is because of the fact that if she does she will most likely die from lack of air. Gemma is out hunting for Lincoln for killing Silver. She has her bow and arrow set to kill anyone who tries to attack her. As she approaches the mud puddles she sees a hovercraft reach deep into a mud puddle, pick up Josiah by his head, and take him away. She knows Lincoln is behind this and makes her want to kill him even more. By the Cornucopia, she finds Lincoln. She fires her arrow straight at his head and he bites it in half. Gemma gets ready to fire again when a yellow alligator comes. She switches her target from Lincoln to the yellow alligator. Gemma fires her arrow and the alligator breathes a blue blaze that turns the arrow into ashes. She decides to fire from the side and when she does it plunges into the waste of the alligator but the arrow melts off it. As it walks towards them it gets caught in a snare but it escapes when the snare is burnt off. Lincoln realizes that this is the mutt of Celeste and starts squeezing Gemma's neck hard. Right before she can be killed Celeste blows a blue flare that singes Lincoln's arms and he let's go and Gemma's life was saved. They both decide to run away before one of them is killed. A caterpillar approches the carnivorous flower and it is eaten. Electra witnesses this and knows to avoid that flower and she thinks if that flower is hazardous the other one is most likely dangerous as well.

Day 3- The Broken Bond

Dondo and Ronda are sleeping near the tall grass. Dondo wakes up and suddenly gets the delusion that he has to kill his sister Ronda. He gets his trident and prepares to spear her but Ronda wakes up and fearing for her life, she pushes Dondo away and he gets trapped in a net. Ronda apologizes and goes to free Dondo. Right before she gets to him a pink horse approaches Dondo and starts eating him. Ronda screams "Stop please don't kill him" and starts attacking the horse. The horse hits her with its tail causing her to fall down. Ronda wants to get her trident but can't without being eaten. Ronda starts crying harder and harder throughout this whole thing. She calls the horse extremely inappropriate names hoping that it will stop attacking Dondo and either she or Dondo can kill the horse. But this makes it worse and the horse eats more and more of Dondo. Dondo starts fighting back but the horse slams one of its hooves into Dondo's chest and he stops moving but he is still not dead. Ronda does everything to stop her brother from being eaten but they all end fruitlessly. After a half hour since the horse first attacked a cannon fires and the horse gallops away. The horse gets caught in a snare and Ronda grabs Dondo's trident and stabs it repeatedly. Ronda runs to her brother and holds his lifeless body in her arms and starts crying even harder while screaming "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Her brother is about to be taken away by the hovercraft but she makes sure it doesn't take him away. It takes 2 hours for the hovercraft to take Dondo away and Ronda starts crying perfusely. Gemma finds her and asks what's wrong. Ronda says while still trying to breath "My brother *gasp* tried to kill me *gasp* so I pushed him *gasp* and he got trapped in a net *gasp* then a horse came *gasp* and ate him." Gemma says "You mean like chewed up and swallowed." Ronda responds, "No *gasp* a horse ate his abdomen *gasp* and it's all my fault *gasp." Gemma goes over to her and asks "Why did you do that?" Ronda replies "I thought *gasp* he was going crazy *gasp* so I pushed him *gasp* to stop him." Gemma is unsure on whether to be sympathetic for Ronda or to kill her on the spot. She sees that Ronda is sorry for what she did and decides to let her live. Jay is walking around when a green alligator comes and breathes fire at her leg and she's on fire. Instead of doing the smart thing and stop drop and roll she runs towards the lake to extinguish the flame. She steps on a blue circle with a black out line and a giant blue beam fires out. Electra's and Nano's curiosity causes them to go see what happened. By the timee they get there the beam has stopped shining and a cannon has fired Lincoln is seen unconscious. And then they see Jay all that remains is a rock hard, pitch black, hunk of unknown material in the shape of Jay. Nano and Electra are horrified by this sight and run away.

Ronda's POV:

I am sleeping peacefully when I wake up from a nightmare that I was trapped in a snare and my brother was being slowly decapitated. I see my brother ready to spear his trident at me. Fearing for my life, I push him away at the same time hoping he'll get the sense of what he is doing and stops. Suddenly, he gets caught in a net. I apologize for I had no intention to kill him. When I come to free him a pink horse with giant hooves and a long tail comes and starts eating him. I am horrified of what I am witnessing. I go to stop the horse and it whips me with its tail. I would get my brothers trident and I can't without being eaten. I realize I have to resort to is name calling which makes it worse. I can't stop crying knowing I might lose my brother. When I see my brother moving I am relieved and ecstatic knowing he might live. Unfortunately my dreams were crushed when the horse slammed a hoof into Dondo's chest and my heart breaks. A while after this started a cannon fires, the horse gallops away and I am crying horribly. Vengeance came when the horse got stuck in a snare and I speared it. I go to Dondo's dead body crying perfusely screaming "I'm sorry." When the hovercraft comes I don't allow it to take Dondo away from my life. I hold back but eventually he disappears. I start crying even more then the District 1 girl I think Gemma comes and asks what's wrong. I explain while still trying to breath. She understands and despite me not wanting to, I ally with her. For the rest of the night I cry and vomit a few times.

Nano's POV:

I see a blue light in the distance and run with Electra to see what happened and saw a hunk of black maybe rock in the form of Jay.

Electra's POV:

I see a blue light in the distance and run with Nano to see what happened and saw a hunk of black maybe rock in the form of Jay.

Day 4- Abruption Of Them All

Nano and Electra are chasing after Gemma and Ronda. Lincoln is also chasing Gemma because of her being a Career. Sarah is out searching for food. Thorn is plotting his revenge on Janet. Janet is trying to eat Taylor and Jose. Grant is just walking around because he is bored. Surprisingly, all of them meet between the Cornucopia, beam circles, tall grass, and mud pits. Janet bites Taylor and Jose responds hammering a mace into her clavicle. Lincoln elbows Gemma in the back of the neck. Ronda sets a net that Lincoln gets trapped in. Ronda waits for the horse 5 minutes later she screams "Sure the horse comes to eat my brother but when I need it, it doesn't come." Lincoln breaks free and tosses Ronda's head into a horse. Ronda screams "Oh now you come." The horse starts chasing Ronda. Nano and Electra are fighting off Jose and Janet. Janet nearly bites Electra so Electra tries to spear her chest but misses and hit's Janet's shoulder. The horse is stil chasing Ronda. She runs into the water where it can't get there but the horse is just standing waiting for her then a red alligator touches her and part pof her clothes are burnt. Lucky for her thehorse gets caugtht in a snare and dies. Ronda gets out but the red alligator shoots a blaze setting her clothes on fire. She runs into the water and she is confused on whether or not to stay in. She looks at the alligator and starts crying, she sees her brothers eyes, hair color, and bandana on the alligator, her brother is trying to kill her again. Janet, Jose and Electra are battling each other. Janet is the prime target but she stops their attacks with her teeth without breaking her teeth. Gemma is trying to aid Ronda without getting burnt by Dondo which is nearly impossible. She pulls back her arrow but Ronda yells "No I don't want him dead again." Gemma replies "It's not Dondo just an alligator with his DNA." Ronda yells "Close enough" Lincoln throws a rock that breaks Janet's ankle. Janet falls over nd is nearly stabbed but Janet grabs it and throws it. Grant decides to escape before he is killed. Thorn just sits and waits until someone is killed and leave as soon as someone is killed or before he is. The alligator chases Ronda out of the water and Nano tries to save her by throwing 3 knives but they all melt as soon as they make contact. Taylor flees and Jose follows her leaving Electra and Janet fighting. Janet bites Electra's ankle and she and Nano run for their lives and Janet limps away with a broken ankle. Gemma screams that's it I'msaving you whether you like it or not. She pulls her arrow back starts chasing it when she trips over a rock, falls, hits the ground, and fires her arrow. The arrow hits an unintended target causing a fatal and unintended wound. Sarah screams with the arrow in her stomach. She falls to the ground gasping for air. The last words she hears is Gemma screaming "I'm sorry that wasn't meant for you." She tries to get up, falls back, and a cannon fires. Everyone but Gemma and Ronda flees. The alligator loses interest and leaves Ronda alone. That night Gemma shows remorse for killing Sarah by saying "Why did I have to kill her when I was just trying to save you?" Janet draws a picture of Lincoln in the mud with a stick ad starts slashing it. Gemma has become a target of everyone except Ronda and Janet.

Day 5- Failed Promises

While Jose is sleeping, Taylor decides to go hunting for food. She runs towards some sticky mud and hears and she nears Janet. Taylor is afraid Janet will eat her but she needs to get out or Janet will surely eat her so she carefully walks out and just in time because an avalanche almost crushed her. Taylor nervously passes a red alligator unsure whether or not it was Ronda or Dondo but either way she doesn't want to take her chances. The Cornucopia just rests Taylor is surprised because every year it was destroyed. Taylor finds a blueberry bush and enters it. Nano and Electra are staying up in fear that one of them will be eaten by Janet or sat on by Lincoln. Both of them don't want to miss a chance to kill Gemma for what she did to the nicest tribute Sarah. Or if they find Ronda kill her to drive Gemma to insanity and the get payback because they heard that she sadistically killed her brother Dondo in cold blood and felt no remorse. Like most people they hate the Career tributes. Nano thinks he heard someone scream but Electra mentions that he was probably just going crazy from sleep deprivation and Nano agrees. Nano and Electra are the only ones able to hear the scream as someone screams again. Nano convinces Electra to find out where it came from. Nano and Electra go through a blueberry bush and get stuck. Electra is unable to reach her spear but Nano uses one of his throwing knives to escape. Nano asks if Electra wants to be freed and she denies it saying she'll get out soon enough. Nano goes off without her and Electra is worried that either she or Nano will die. Within a couple of minutes of getting trapped Electra frees herself and runs out. What she stumbles upon is unbelievable. Two giant flowers are standing in front of Taylor and Nano. The giant red one is trying to eat Taylor but what is worse is that a giant lavender flower is spraying out a nearly invisible purple mist that Nano is caught in which is causing him to repetitively collapse. But when she looks closer she is more horrified when she sees that the mist is also causing Nano's skin to dissolve. She is so shocked she starts barfing. By the time she is done Nano is already 15% skeletonized. Electra goes to help him but Nano screams softly "No you'll die too." Electra starts crying right after a cannon fires. By the time the hovercraft arrives he is just a skeleton in his own clothes. Electra sees Taylor still dodging the flower but she trips and the flower gets her. Electra is forced to witness Taylor being eaten as her bones are being crushed, her blood is pouring out, her organs are being torn out, and she is being torn into pieces. Eventually, a cannon fires but the hovercraft can't come because she has been crushed and swallowed. Jose was unable to see what had happened to the person he was supposed to guard. Electra after that just loses it and has a meltdown from having to watching two people be brutally killed by flowers. She tries to be careful not to wake anyone up with her hysterical sobbing. Electra is now on her own.

Day 6- Failure Option?

Gemma and Ronda are in the tall grass in need of food they are afraid that they will be killed if they are spotted. They know they don't need to worry about Nano because they were able to see the hovercraft take him away and they know the other tributes pretty well and know that Electra is probably still crying, which she is. Gemma thinks that they can ready there weapons to attack but Ronda reminds her that someone could sneak up behind them and kill them. So Gemma gives Ronda her throwing knives and tells her not to throw unless she is sure they are being attacked. They find the blueberry bush and the two giant flowers. Ronda suggests eating the flowers but Gemma remembers that is where Nano's body was picked up. She throws one stick at each flower. One flower eats the stick and the other disentegrates one. Gemma and Ronda run away with there berries unscathed. Unfortunately Ronda dropped the throwing knives and they had to retrieve them. Jose wakes up to find that Taylor is gone and he worries that she is in danger or worse died. Jose goes searching for Taylor. He is also worried that he could be killed in the process of trying to save Taylor and if she is alive. Jose goes to the flowers and finds some of Taylor's blood and somehow he knows it is hers. With that blood Jose knows Taylor was attacked and he is nearly eaten by the flower and gets his hand stuck in the poison. His hand soon enough is skeletonized. Jose is extremely nervous because he knows that as the moments pass Taylor is in more and more danger. Jose goes into the airless pit looking for more traces of Taylor, but as he is in, he loses more and more air. Unlike Reed however, he is able to get out. Janet wakes up and sees Jose in the airless pit. When he comesout she nearly bites off part of his foot. Jose is freaking out because if Janet kill him Taylor will be killed. Jose runs into a black alligator burning his legs. When he tries to get away he steps on spikes near a tree. Jose needs to find Taylor fast and then he finds her footprint in the mud. Jose thinks that Taylor is hiding so he starts searching. where she is. It is hard for him to move but Janet just jumps in right in frotn of him. Jose starts running and Janet starts chasing him. Jose realizes something and screams "I thought your ankle broke." Janet replies "I fixed it." Jose gets out of the mud and starts running and Janet follows him. The two approach a mountain and an explosion is heard. Giant rocks start rolling down the mountain. Jose knows during an avalanche to get as far away as he can while Janet is very unsure what to do. Janet starts dodging the rocks as they come tumbling down. The sound of rocks breaking bones is heard. A cannon fires signalling one of the tributes death from the avalanche. Lincoln looks and is horrified by it. Jose is just a skin sack of crushed bones, torn tissue, and blood. Janet starts eating Jose and only one milimeter of skin remains when the hovercraft arrives. Lincoln's rage is exploding but he knows he can't kill her, yet.

Day 7- Crushed Feast

Ronda receives a trident. Gemma receives extra arrows and Grant receives armor, a helmet, throwing knives, and some food. It is time for the feast. Gemma and Ronda try to protect each other from Janet. Everyone knows that Jose was killed in an avalanche and the remaining rocks have become major obstacles. Gemma starts running with Ronda. Janet grabs both of them and Lincoln screams "That is it!" Lincoln kicks the back of her foot and she falls down. Lincoln grabs her tightly and Gemma pulls back her arrow and says "Allow me to subdue her for you after what she has done." Thorn and Electra steal District 1 and 4 they contained a wire and and throwing knives. Grant can't decide what to take. He knows what is meant for him can help but he just saw how Electra and Thorn got the weapons they need. He decides since Lincoln is the strongest tribute his would be the best so he steals his and inside he finds a mace. Janet tries to bite Lincoln but he grabs her mouth shut and he says "No I want to kill her." Ronda suggests "Hey after what she did to some of the tributes because of her sadism, maybe we should give her a terrible fate" Gemma replies "We are going to kill her what else can we do" ROnda says "Maybe we shold torture her first." Lincoln says "We should cut some of her limbs off" Gemma says "I like that idea. They start out by cutting her nose off. Janet is actually scared of what is going on. They think of cutting out her hair but they decide not to because of the fact it wouldn't hurt her in any way. They decide to cut off her feet . They cut off the toes first and they have problems cutting off her feet because of all the bones, cartilage, and muscles. Lincoln decides that it will take forever and puts her down. Janet is in no pain and screams "Prepare to die." Lincoln says "Like I'm gonna let you off the hook." Lincoln grabs her head and throws it into the Cornucopia. The front of Janet's skull breaks along with some of her teeth. Lincoln comes over and Janet asks "Why did you do this?" Lincoln says "You've had this coming." She loses consciousness and a cannon fires. Ronda spears her with a trident knowing she is dead. Ronda gets Electra's backpack that has a spear. Gemma gets Grant's that contains a lantern. Lincoln takes Janets that had a knife in it. Gemma and Ronda are ready to stop anyone who bugs them. The final 6 are the humongous Lincoln, the rich Grant, the depressed Ronda, the kindhearted Gemma, and the sly Thorn. Electra and Ronda got a decent advantage. Gemma and Lincoln got items they didn't feel they needed. Thorn and Grant didn't really care about their weapons. With Janet gone all the tributes don't need to worry that a tribute will eat them in their sleep but they still have to worry about the boa like caterpillars, carnivorous horses and red hot alligators but a more dangerous mutt is yet to come.

Day 8- Dangerous Mutts

Lincoln is out looking for food. He thinks of eating different mutts. He is actually happy that he killed Janet because he found her as a vicious, cruel, unremorseful, insensitive, heartless monster. Lincoln is able to make it to the Cornucopia and he sees a congregation of alligators. He notices that all of them resemble the dead tributes. He knows that these alligators can brun him. The alligators shoot flames one by one and Lincoln repetitively dodges them. Then the alligators all shoot their flames at the exact same time. Lincoln dodges it and the flames hit the Cornucopia. Lincoln is so busy dodging the alligators blue flames being shot out of the alligator's mouth that he doesn't realize that the Cornucopia is melting. Melted, liquid Cornucopia is going towards Lincoln. Lincoln's hands are burnt by th Cornucopia and some of the the melted Cornucopia causes his feet to get stuck to the ground and his hands are still burning. The rest of the Cornucopia floods towards the alligators and covers their mouths which is bad for them because their lips are the only thing that is not red hot or can even melt the metal. Lincoln is stuck both physically and mentally. He wants to call for help but he knows that if he does he will be killed. Gemma comes and she knows that she owes him for killing Janet and at the same time feels she needs to avenge her boyfriend. Gemma pulls back her bow she can either fire at the alligators or Lincoln. She needs to choose vengeance or owing. She lets go the arrow flies very fast, a piercing noise is heard, and Lincoln falls back. A cannon fires signalling his death and Gemma walks away. That night Grant is walking around needing to kill someone. So he walks around and he finds a big walrus. He threatens to bludgeon it with the mace if it doesn't follows ihis orders. It takes a little while to get the walrus to get where he wants it to. Ronda and Gemma are sleeping near the grass. Grant leads the walrus to him and points to Gemma and says "Sink your tusks into that nuisance." The walrus sinks its tusks and Gemma wakes up screaming. Ronda wakes up and Gemma gets out but the walrus falls on her. Ronda holds her trident to it and says "Get off or you die." The walrus doesn't get off and she spears it, and rolls it off Gemma. Grant laughs and tries to run away but Ronda spears his clavicle. She drops her trident and he runs away. Ronda goes to a bleeding Gemma saying "Are you okay?" Gemma weakly says "No I'm going to die please win this for both of us." Ronda starts cryng and says "I will I'll miss you." Gemma's head hits the ground, her eyes close, and a cannon fires. Ronda just loses it and has one main goal, kill Grant. While Electra is sleeping Ronda steals only 2% of the wire but it is still enough to make four snares.

Day 9- Last and Final

Grant is walking around proud of what he did to Gemma. Ronda goes towards the mud in plain view. Grant sees Ronda and goes to bludgeon her with his mace. He runs to kill her right when he gets there, there is a weird sound and gagging. Ronda had set a snare before she went to sleep and Grant got caught in it. Grant can hardly talk but makes out "Why did you do this?" Ronda asks "Are you blind?" Grant replies "It's happening pretty quickly." Ronda says while crying a little "You killed the only person who was there to help me when I accidentally killed my brother." Grant is losing ability to speak but he says "Wait you killed your brother and wouldn't it have been easier to spear me" Ronda replies while crying more "It was an accident I never meant to and you gave Gemma a slow and painful death so you deserve the same." Grant tries desperately to get the snare off him but it is in vain. His chance of escaping comes when he finds Ronda's spear. Ronda isn't worried because she has her trident. Grant gets to the spear goes down to get it and a cannon fires. Ronda is happy she has avenged Gemma. Thorn is out feeling confident he will win. He hides in a tree. Noting there are only 3 tributes. He notices no alligators remain in the water. He knows that if he hides in the water temporaily he can get to the tall grass. He gets out of his tree and starts running a spewing sound is heard a red goo comes out of the tree landing on Thorn. He disappears and a cannon fires. Electra and Ronda are the final 2 one of them will win the Hunger Games. Ronda knows one person remaing Electra. She remembers that she stole wire from Electra and Electra stole her backpack but she took hers. Ronda ties her spear and trident so there is at least one spear head on both sides. She finds that Electra's wire alone. She knows that Electra could be looking harmless but is a vicious killer so she steals enough wire to make a net along with some rope she found Electra is behind her with her spear and Ronda points her combined weapon at Electra and she starts running. Electra is running and a caterpillar spits on her leg making her fall over the caterpillar wraps itself around. Electra's free handgrabs the spear and cuts it killing it. Ronda gets to her and she starts running up the mountain. She is blasted off and gets caught in the net. A horse comes and starts eating her. Ronda screams "I'm gonna win." The horse turns around sees the quadspear and gallops off. Electra says "I'm safe." Ronda says "I've worked to hard and I promised Gemma I would win." She goes up to Electra spins her quadspear and stabs Electra in the gut and says "I don't want to do this but I have to." Electra says "I lost someone too." Ronda replies "I lost too." Electra says weakly "You killed one and it was your broth-" she collapses and a cannon fires and Ronda Grouge is declared winner of the 4th Hunger Games.

After The Games

Ronda is harrassed at school for accidentally killing her brother. Her father Even moved to District 1 because of that. Because she lives in Victor's Village with Splash she has become very close friends with him. Ronda has gotten richer than most victors because her quadspear idea was loved so much even the Capitol wanted to use it for the games. Ronda lives in depression because of the loss of her brother,

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