We never found out the placements and deaths of some what do u think happened me

TDR97's Theory

74th HG

23rd- District 10 Female- Stabbed by Clove

22nd- District 4 Male- Stabbed by Clove

21st- District 9 Female- Speared by Marvel

20th- District 7 Female- Cato literally ripped her head off

19th- District 5 Male- Slashed by Cato

18th- District 6 Male- Stabbed by Peeta

17th- District 8 Male- Stabbed by Cato

16th- District 3 Female- Slashed by Cato

15th-District 6 Female- Shot by Glimmer when she missed the District 7 Male

14th- District 7 Male- Cato slashed his lung

75th HG

23rd- Male Morphling- His body finally gave into the morphling

22nd- Woof- Drowned when Enobaria stabbed his belt

21st- District 9 Female- Gloss stabbed her chest

20th- District 10 Male- Killed by Brutus

19th- Seeder- Killed by Cashmere before she even made it to the water

18th- District 9 Male- Slashed by Gloss

17th- Cecelia- Killed by Cashmere and Brutus

13th- District 5 Female- Crushed by wave

9th- District 10 Male- Ripped apart by mutt

Brony's Theory

74th HG

24th- 6 Male- Choked by Cato

23rd- 5 Male- Hit by Clove's throwing knife

22nd- 9 Male- We already know

21st- 6 Female- Bludgeoned by Cato

20th- 10 female- Speared by Marvel

19th- 7 male- Stabbed by Cato

18th- 9 female- Stabbed by Cato

17th- 4 male- Neck snapped by Thresh

16th- 3 female- Stabbed by Cato

15th- 7 female- Throat slit by clove

14th- 8 male- Stabbed by all the Careers

TotalDramaRox97 Wait I just realized you could've been cleaning your litter box this whole time 01:01, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

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