Welcome to the 59th Hunger Games. For this Game we will have 24 Tributes. For this game I will just do Private training. There will be no Stylist Mentors or Chariots and Interviews or reapings>

Tribute Signup

  • Name
  • Age
  • District
  • Gender
  • Bloodbath Strategy
  • Alliances
  • Strengths
  • Weakness
  • Weapon


District Name Age Bloodbath Strategy Alliances Strengths/Weapons Weakness
Dustin Henderson 18 fight with careers, than kill 2, say one of them killed the other one, and cut yourself pretending like you were defending yourself from them. Then, pretend 2 stabbed each other to death. careers

Weapons: hand to hand, sword, spear, knives, can use any weapons but prefers those

Strengths: amazingly strong, extremely fast, can hit bullseyes from behind him 70 ft away, flexible, seductive, plants, hunting, survival skills (fires, knots, etc), fast swimmer, agile climber, very stealthy

Weakness: afraid of massive spiders (like, 5x bigger than wolf spiders)

Glisten Celestia


Strategy in the games: Stick with the careers throughout the bloodbath, dominate the bloodbath with her fellow careers and then go off with her weapons and supplies to build a camp. Later on in the games down to the last 5-6 she would go and tell the careers shes going to go and hunt but secretly run off with supplies and hideout til a the last two and wait with her supplies and food til the last dies of hunger or kills her with her bow and arrows ( Weapon).

with the Careers

Skills: Charismatic,Speed, Strength, Aim, Looks,Smart

Weapons Bow and arrow,Longsword

Weakness: Arrogance,Pride
Hephaestus Mason 18 fight with careers Careers

weapon throwing sword

skills can throw a sword exactly like a spear

weakness he is over confident
Nova Star 16 get supplies and pretend to try to kill people alliance artimis and ariannah Ariannah,Artimis

Weapon of Choice:throwing knives

Skills:amazing at throwing knives,knows what berries are poisonous

, Weaknesses:horrible with a spear,
Preston Emery 17 grab what is close to him and run away. Find a good alliance anyone

Strengths: strong, climbing, can set up land mines and stuff, very attractive, very fast, knows plants, impossible memory, Smart beyond belief, accurate

Weapons: anything techy, spear, bow and arrow

Weakness: can't swim
Mistalia "Misty" Caliden 17 Grab some knives and wait on the outskirts to kill non-careers, join with Dustin and use his strategy with him Careers

Weapon: Throwing knives, bow and arrow,spear, can use anything but mostly those

Strengths: Misty know everything water related(swimming, fishing, plants), and she has deadly accuracy. She is lightning fast, and very flexible and strong. Her mom was a nurse, so she can heal, and she can hide well. Also, she charms the other tributes into liking her. She is very smart, and can fit into tiny crevices and get out with ease. She is very light, and can do many acrobatics.

Weaknesses: If she gets too attached to someone, she startes caring for them and loving them. She's claustrophobic.
Cora Lessing 16 Kill and go to the careers Careers

Weapon: Trident

Strengths: Swimming and running

Weakness: hand to hand combat
Chad Dearing 17 Find a weapon and KILL. Ally with careers. Careers

Weapons: brute strength, mace, spear, axe, trident

Strengths: swimming, climbing, allies, plants, amazingly strong, fast, unbelievable reflexes, good survival skills (hunting, fires, rope tying, etc)

Weaknesses: isn't used to being hungry
Atlas Dunnin 16 Get an axe and run anyone

weapons axe and mace

skills H-H combat climbing

Demetria Callitor 15 Get supplies on the outskirts, find alliance, run anyone

Weapons: spear, knives, bow & arrow

Strengths: climbing, weapons, fast runner, flexible, very likable, amazingly accurate aim, knows plants well, wonderful at acrobatics, stealthy

Weaknesses: swimming complete darkness
Brann Clatch 16 Get a sword and run One or two, no careers Skills: Strength and good with all kind of swords. And he is very smart. bad swimmer scared of the edark
Laurel Dunbryll 17 fight with careers and ally with them. careers dont accept her.

Weapons: sword, knives, bow and arrow

Strengths: climbing, swimming, hiding, she knows which plants are edible or can heal, seduction, incredibly strong for a girl, accurate, flexible

Weaknesses: afraid of spiders and huge beetles
Wally Bentley 16 go in with allies, get weapons, kill if needed, help allies Careers if allowed, otherwise large alliance

Strengths: Tree climbing, edible plants, speed

Weapons: Can throw or not throw any of the following: Mace, knife, axe, spiked disk

Weaknesses: Swimming, rock climbing
Seraphina Sage 15 Evade the bloodbath and collect primary objects, kill who ever tries to kill Seraphina, collect Katana and run for cover Careers

Weapons: Katana and Numchucks

Skills: Camoflague, Stealthyness, Fast, Friendly, Climbing, Swimming, Fishing Jumping from Tree - Tree, Light, Friendly, Peace - Maker

Weakness: Snakes and Spiders.
Carl Los 14 sneek your way in. Anyone

weapon stealth

skills he can travel silently

Jennifer Davario 14 Grab nessacery items and only kill if threatened anyone Weapon:Long range none
Z 13 Try to get a supply and a weapon and run None



Not very fast
Artimis Hunt 18 stick close to ariannah and nova get weapons and supplies and then run off in a group Ariannah,nova

weapon bow and arrow

skills can shoot an arrow through a mans head while they are running

Gunner Pann 15 get a weapon and run A small one, like 4-7 people

Weapon of Choice: Sword or knives

Skills: He is smart, fast, and is strong for his small posture, He is vengful so he will never give up, and he can camoflauge but he doesnt like too.

Weaknesses: He is crazy and wants to kill all d 1 males no mateer what to avenge his brothers
Ariannah Justice 15 she will get a weapon or food and run Nova Star,Artimis Hunt

weapon throwing axe

skills can tell whether plant are edible or not

Devin Warritt 17 get a weapon and kill anyone

Strengths: Climbing, swimming, plant identification, and hunting.

Weapons: Spear, machete, knives, and brute strength.

Weakness: Hates killing little 12 year olds and doesn't trust very easily.
Hailey Turner 12 get a spear and kill the district 8 boy. Anyone but district 8

Weapons: Spear

Strengths: Fast, Climber, Swimmer, Seductive

Weakness: Doesn't like being bossed around [1]HaileyAdded by Blu3 x soldierPersonality: Seductive, Sexy, Sweet(the 3 s')
Thoren Nealy 17 Go for a bag on the outskirts of the real battle, get what you can but dont stay too long, kill anyone in his way. anyone

Weapons: Swords, Great with a bow and arrow, Throws knives

Skills: Speedy, Fearless, Knows weapons, handy with tools

Weakness: Not the best climber.
Mallory Cora Eve 18 Just get the heck out. none

Weapons: Stealth, Reflexes, knowledge, intelligence and Instincts.

Strengths: Knives, Bows and arrows, can identify which plants are edible and which are not, swimming, good reflexes, knowledgable and intelligent, good instincts.

Runs on a limp.


Careers-Dustin Henderson(1) Glisten Celestia(1) Hephaestus Mason(2) Mistalia "Misty" Caliden(3) Cora Lessing(4) Chad Dearing(4) Seraphina Sage(7) 7 total

Alliance 1-Nova Star(2) Artimis Hunt(9) Ariannah Justice(10) 3 total

Alliance 2-Brann Clatch(6) Preston Emery(3) Demetria Callitor(5) 3 total

Alliance 3-Mallory Cora Eve(12) Thoren Nealy(12) 2 total

Alliance 4-Hailey Turner(11) Devin Warritt(11) Gunner Pann(10) Laurel Dunbryll(6) Wally Bentley(7) 5 total

Alliance 5-Jennifer Davario(8) Carl Los(8) Atlas Dunnin(5) 3 total

Private Training (send me what your tributes will do in training)

Tribute Score

Dustin Henderson(1)


Glisten Celestia(1)


Hephaestus Mason(2)


Nova Star(2)


Preston Emery(3)


Mistalia "Misty" Caliden(3)


Chad Dearing(4)


Cora Lessing(4)


Atlas Dunnin(5)


Demetria Callitor(5)


Brann Clatch(6)


Laurel Dunbryll(6)


Wally Bentley(7)


Seraphina Sage(7)


Carl Los(8)


Jennifer Davario(8)




Artimis Hunt(9)


Gunner Pann(10)


Ariannah Justice(10)


Devin Warritt(11)


Hailey Turner(11)


Thoren Nealy(12)


Mallory Cora Eve(12)



Everyone gets three gift that you can sponsor.You can choose anyone but it need to be reasonable. If its something big it will cost 2 gifts(turkey dinner, First aid kit)

Dustin Henderson(1) 3

Glisten Celestia(1) 3

Hephaestus Mason(2) 3

Nova Star(2) 3

Preston Emery(3) 3

Mistalia "Misty" Caliden(3) 3

Chad Dearing(4) 3

Cora Lessing(4) 3

Atlas Dunnin(5) 3

Demetria Callitor(5) 3

Brann Clatch(6) 3

Laurel Dunbryll(6) 3

Wally Bentley(7) 3

Seraphina Sage(7) 3

Carl Los(8) 3

Jennifer Davario(8) 3

Z(9) 3

Artimis Hunt(9) 3

Gunner Pann(10) 3

Ariannah Justice(10) 3

Devin Warritt(11) 3

Hailey Turner(11) 2 Dried fruit,

Thoren Nealy(12) 3

Mallory Cora Eve(12) 3

How are the alliances doing

Alliance where they are what they have what they need
Careers Cornacopia food water weapons medicine nonthing
alliance 1 mud pit Water Sword food
alliance 2 woods food water weapons
alliance 3 desert none

food water weapon

alliance 4 wheat field food weapons water

alliance 5

woods water food weapons

Death chart

Tribute Death Killer
Laurel Dunbryll(6) Speared Dustin Henderson(1)
Thoren Nealy(12) Stabbed Ariannah Justice(10)
Ariannah Justice(10) Arrow in head Mistalia "Misty" Caliden(3)
Atlas Dunnin(5) Katana in head Z(9)
Chad Dearing (4) Stabbed in gut Seraphina Sage(7)
Seraphina Sage(7) Stabbed in neck Dustin Henderson(1)

Let the 59th games begin Day 1 (Bloodbath) I will be using

Dustin henderson POV:

I walk to my pedestal, and I am ready for the games. 3..........................2................. The time between the numbers felt like hours. 1..............................Gong! I ran to the cornacopia, I grab a spear, and stabbed Laurel (6) BOOM! I ran and I see Ariannah(10) stab Thoren(12) BOOM! I charged at her, and Misty(3) shot her before I could get to her. BOOM!


I ran to the cornacopia, I grabbed a katana, when I was pushed to da ground. I looked at the person and it was the child from 5, Atlas. He raised his axe, and I rolled out da way before he could slaughter, maul, and/or decapitate me. I punched him and he fell to da ground, I never knew how powerful my punches were. I just grabbed da katana. and stabbed him in the neck. BOOM! I didnt no if i should run into da woods, desert, or wheat fields. I decided to head into da desert, to make camp by da river.

Seraphina Sage POV:

I quickly ran into the cornacopia, and got a katana. I was lookin for a kill, and i saw soemone runnin'n toward a career. I went to stab him when he moved, and i killed chad dearing (4) BOOM! The child ran away, when I was scared, I just killed my partner. I was scared that the careers would be after me, so I ran. One of them stopped me and said: " Where are you going " and killed me. BOOM!

Day 2