Hello My name is Tothedoom and welcome to my third hunger games. I am sorry for the end of my other one because i had to deal with my problems. but let the games begin.

Tribute Signup

  • Name
  • District
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Weapon
  • Skills
  • Weakness
  • BloodBath Strategy
  • Allies


District/gender Name Age Weapon/Skills Weakness BBS Allies
1 Male

Venom Strike

17 Skills- He's good at pretty muvh evrey weapond. You name it and he'll learn how to use it within twenty minutes. He's good at hunting, swimming, running, and getting what he wants. Weakness- Due to his weight he can't climb trees but , rock wall and things in that nature he can climb. Strategy- Ally with the Careers. On the second or third day kill them all stsarting with the strongest, just in case he doesn't kill all of them, and run away. For the durration of the time hide until only a hand full of tributes. Careers

1 Female

Sunny Blares


Skills- Sexy, seductive, muliputive, bow an arrow, running, swimming, hunting, and kinves. Weakness- Used to evreybody serving her, very dependent, can't survie on her own, thinks looks are evreything,and very very conceited. Strategy- Join the Career alliance. On the second night, kill all the females in the group, and make it look like someone else did it. Then seduct all the boys, kill till the careers are left. Then make the boys fight over her, so they can kill eache other. Careers
2 Male Mason Cavitz 18 Weapons: sword, brute strength, trident, knives Strength: strong, good with weapons, is used to hunting, can swim very well, endures pain better than most people, hunting Weakness: loves his girlfriend in the games and will do anything to save her, lots of back injuries. BBS: fight with careers in bloodbath, but then take some supplies and abandon them Careers
2 Female

Shermaine Willson


Double Swords Crossbow speed in fight/running, hand-to-hand combat, edible plants

Stubborn, brute strenghts, gets really mad if set of Be a guard on the first night then when everyones asleep she takes two double swords, a crossbow, some backpacks with food and water and medicine Careers
3 Male Binder Zap 14

He is very good at anything that involves coils.

Awl; Wire Coil

? Bloodbath Stradegy- Try to run away. Careers
3 Female Isa Guard 13 Weapon: Bow and arrow, knife for close combat Strength: Bow and arrow shooting, edible plants, traps, edible animals, climbing weakness: Can't svim, no trust, brute strength Bloodplan strategy/ strategy for the games: Take stuff within 5 meters and run to woods for cover Anyone
4 Male Dustin Henderson 18 Weapons: hand to hand, sword, spear, knives, can use any weapons but prefers those Strengths: amazingly strong, extremely fast, can hit bullseyes from behind him 70 ft away, flexible, seductive, plants, hunting, survival skills (fires, knots, etc), fast swimmer, agile climber Weakness: afraid of massive spiders (like, 5x bigger than wolf spiders), arrogant, kinda loud Strategy: fight with careers, than kill 2, say one of them killed the other one, and cut yourself pretending like you were defending yourself from them. Then, pretend 2 stabbed each other to death. Careers
4 Female

Katie Sundapple

15 Sword ? Grab a pack, maybe a sword, and run into the woods. Anyone
5 Male Jason Green 14 Smart, strong, and swordsmanship Weaknesses:Impatient and unkind grab a bag and meet with/make an alliance anyone who wants to
5 Female Nina Camberlit 16 Skills: Best female sword fighter ever, edible plants, climbing, swimming Weakness: Afraid of the dark Bindy Ashton (7)
6 Male Liam Carnation 15

Weapons: Spears, Throwing Knives.

Skills: Throwing, Aim, Speed, Survival.

Weakness: Climbing, Strengths, Swimming, Cold, Death. Yes but avoid the middle Anyone
6 Female Redinda "Red" Fen 17

Weapons: scythe, sword, sickle, bow and arrow

Skills: determined, unafraid of anything, good at strategy, great with plants, can climb fast and well, strong from working in the fields, good night vision

Weaknesses: loves her family, and would do anything to save them grab on the outskirts and get out of there D12, 11, and 10.
7 Male Uncle Ruckus 18

Weapons: Nunchaku

Skills: Martial arts master,

Weaknesses: Racist Use the nunchaku to fight and beat anyone none
7 Female Bindy Ashton 15 Skills: Axes, edible plants, climbing, fast runner Weakness: swimming Nina Camberlit (5)
8 Male Victor Sun 18 Weapon:Spear,Sword,Axe,Knife,Traps,Rocks Skill:Deadily At Throwing Spears/Axes/Knifes,Treamondous Physical Stregth,Athletic,Fast,Makeing Traps,Healer,Hand to Hand,Using His Looks Weaknesses:Home Sickness,Too Picky BloodBath Strategy: Grab A Back Pack And Kill AnyOne In His Way Allies:Careers,District Partner
8 Female Silken Dimity 16 Skills: Knives, bow and arrows, climbing, swimming, edible plants, fast runner, finds good places to hide Weakness: Her family being hurt

Get weapon and run

9 Male Luis Effa 13

Weapon Sword, Dagger, Mace, Baseball bat

Strengths Skillful, Strong, Fast, Agile, Hiding, Quiet, Observant, Sly

Weaknesses Lacks Accuracy and Plant recognition Bloodbath Strategy Protect Rachel and run to the farthest perimiter in the Arena Rachel Conrad
9 Female Rachel Conrad 12

Weapon Blowgun, Darts, Small knives, Dagger,

Strengths Agile, Fast, Perfect Accuracy, Camoflauge, Hiding, Swimming, Smart

Weaknesses Lacks in strength, has no clue what nightlock berries are, a little too childish Bloodbath Strategy Stay with her boyfriend and Run to the farthest perimeter to the Arena Her boyfriend, Luis
10 Male Blade Corbin 16

Skills: Spear, Mace, Throwing Axes, Speed, Strength.

Weakness: Climbing, Dodging, Swimming, And Sneaking. Kill, Kill, Kill. Grab A Spear And Some Food. District 10 And 11 And Anyone Else.
10 Female Kora Cimella 17

Weapons: whip, knives, sword, axe

Skills: amazing with weapons, never shows remorse, swimming, powerfu, one of the fastest tributes, great hunter, very good liar, is good at reading body language and expressions, climbing

Weaknesses: Will turn on anyone if they show the slightest indication of turning, very volatile Stick with careers, but eventually turn on some. Ally with a small group within the careers, and kill the others. Don't fall asleep users fast, in case of betrayal Careers
11 Male Rocky Downhills 16

very strong, confident and smart

He is best with maces and axes

He can recognize edible plants and climb

but he is a bad swimmer no allies Kill careers
11 Female Daisy Fields 16

Weapon: Slingshot, Bow And Arrows.

Skills: Fast, Great Aim, Climbing, Athletic, Always Happy.

Weakness: Mutts, Big Weapons, Strength. BloodBath Strategy: Grab A Bow And Arrows, A Nearby Bag, And RUN! Anyone.
12 Male Mason Chance 16. Weapons: Spear, Hand-To-Hand Combat, Brute Strength. Skills: Strong, Hand-To-Hand Combat, Speed. Weakness: Swimming, Cold, Death. Bloodbath Strategy: Kill, Kill, Kill. Grab A Spear And Some Food. Alliances: Anyone
12 Female

Natasha Grey


Weapon: Throwing knife

Strengths: (besides weapon) edible plants/animals, sneaking, stealing, being unoticed when she wants to be unoticed.

Weaknesses: She will probaly not socialies herself and the only way she get an alliance is if any ask her. Also there probaly be one person in whole arena that likes and can't kill probaly someone young and friendly like her brother. Brute strength. Bloodbath Strategy: She grap the stuff ten meters away then run to a coverd area, and get far away from the cornacopia Anyone

Training scores

Name Score
Venom Strike
Sunny Blares
Mason Cavitz
Shermaine Willson 10
Binder Zap
Isa Guard 7
Dustin Henderson
Katie Sundapple
Jason Green 8
Nina Camberlit 9
Liam Carnation
Redinda "Red" Fen
Uncle Ruckus
Bindy Ashton
Victor Sun 7
Silken Dimity 9
Luis Effa
Rachel Conrad
Blade Corbin
Kora Cimella
Rocky Downhills
Daisy Fields
Mason Chance
Natasha Grey 9

Please post what your tribute will be doing in the private training.

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